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Cardiac Arrest, Collapses and Death of Athletes After COVID VAXXXination!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

It is extremely abnormal for so many athletes to suffer from cardiac arrest or to die while playing their sport!

What is Happening to Top Athletes Around the World Due to COVID VaXXines!

Many of the athlete sudden heart failures and deaths in 2021 and 2022 come shortly after receiving the COVID VAXXXine containing the cytotoxic, genotoxic and magnetic toxic graphene and ferric oxide.

PART 1 - A Growing Report - The First 500 of Tens of Thousands of Athletes Injured and/or Dead from Around the World!

This story is growing bigger and bigger over time, as new information is added. If you have proof of information that we don’t already have, or if you have an addition or correction, please send it to:, with as much information as possible.

Useful information would be the person’s name, age, what happened to them, if they had the COVID VAXXXine(s), date of event or death, linked to any news story.

Special thanks to our readers who have provided corrections, found errors that we missed, or provided new information we didn’t know about. It is now a real team effort as we reveal the truth concerning the "clot shot"!

For the skeptics who believe that massive injuries and deaths are normal, please repeat the following 21 words, after reading each name on the first list of 500 athletes who are now injured and/or dead.

Repeat This After Reading Each Line of Those Athletes Who Have Been Injured or NOW Dead!

“The COVID vaccine is a normal VAXXXine. The COVID VAXXXine is safe and effective. These reported injuries and deaths are normal.”

Summary of Covid VAXXXine Injuries and Deaths in Athletes Around the World!

August 2022 – (Note: reverse month sort) (Day/Month/Year)

  1. 07/08/2022 Marc Marie (2022 Malaysia Dead52), Hiker was on holiday in Malaysia and hiking with friends in the mountains, when he suddenly collapsed. A rescue team sent to the scene immediately performed CPR but he died. News Story

  2. 05/08/2022 Germany Dead Marco Memenga (38), FC Brookmerland Football player scored a goal and then died during the cup match with BW Filsum in Germany. News Story

  3. 05/08/2022 Ireland Dead Dillon Quirke (24), Clonoulty Rossmore Hurling player collapsed in a match against Kilruane McDonaghs. He received instant medical attention on the pitch, then transferred by ambulance to hospital where he later died. News Story News Story2

  4. 05/08/2022 Kentucky, USA Dead Aaron Crawford (18), Knott County Central HS American Football player and wrestler. He had a cardiac arrest and died. News Story News Story2 News Story3

  5. 04/08/2022 New Zealand Dead Unnamed school girl (12), Runner “collapsed while running in an Auckland (New Zealand) park. She died in hospital the same evening. News Story

  6. 03/08/2022 Botswana Dead Unnamed girl (15), Mexican Girls Football player collapsed during training and died at the hospital. News Story

  7. 02/08/2022 Florida, USA Dead Lars Tate (56), former Georgia Bulldogs American Football, and later for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chicago Bears. He had very recently been diagnosed with cancer and died suddenly before he was due to begin chemotherapy. News Story News Story2

  8. 02/08/2022 Ireland Dead Frank O’Dwyer (Age), Cyclist and accident & emergency (A&E) consultant at a hospital in Kilkenny, Ireland. During the Tour de Kilkenny. He had an “incident” during the event and died a few days later. News Story News Story2

  9. 02/08/2022 Arizona, USA Dead Cesar Vazquez (17), Peoria Centennial High School American Footballer died over night. News Story News Story2

  10. 01/08/2022 Mississippi, USA Dead Phillip Laster (17), American Footballer and high school student collapsed while working out with the football team, and died at the local hospital. News Story July 2022

  11. 31/07/2022 Croatia Dead Mato Matić (20), HNK Mladost Football goalkeeper for. Played a match on Saturday and died on Sunday. No further details available. News Story News Story2

  12. 31/07/2022 Italy Dead Giuseppe Fortunato (44), Cyclist and master watchmaker who had a passion for cycling. Died suddenly in his sleep. News Story News Story2

  13. 31/07/2022 France Dead Anthony Janiec (37), Lion Truck Racing champion collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and died. News Story News Story2

  14. 31/07/2022 Wyoming, USA Dead Jay Collins (41), former Idaho Stampede Basketballer who played for several clubs before moving into coaching. Died suddenly overnight. News Story News Story2

  15. 31/07/2022 New York, New York Dead Param Dhaliwal (23), former West Kelowna Warriors Ice Hockey player was found Dead in a hotel in New York. News Story News Story2

  16. 31/07/2022 Wales Dead Gareth Lewis (42), Rugby Union coach. He coached Caerphilly Rugby Club and at schools. He also served in various roles at the Welsh Rugby Union. He died “following a short illness.” News Story

  17. 31/07/2022 Germany Dead Sabine Oberdieck (55), Dressage star was a lawyer who rode and trained dressage horses in Germany very successfully. She died unexpectedly. News Story News Story2

  18. 30/07/2022 Nova Scotia, Canada Satchel Tate (12), Hammonds Plains Baseballer was playing in an U-13 baseball tournament for his team Hammonds Plains, in Canada. During the match he suffered a stroke. News Story News Story2

  19. 29/07/2022 Victoria, Australia Dead Rohan Cosgriff (17), Waubra Football Netball Club Footballer. The student with a keen interest in playing football and looking after race horses died suddenly. News Story News Story2

  20. 28/07/2022 Ontario, Canada Dead Candace Nayman (27), Triathleta and medical doctor collapsed during the swim section of a triathlon and died a few days later. She is the fifth doctor in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to die unexpectedly in July 2022. News Story News Story2

  21. 28/07/2022 Germany Dead Rok Kosir (46), successful judoka in his native Slovenia and in Germany where he took up coaching. He died suddenly and unexpectedly. News Story News Story2

  22. 27/07/2022 Iowa, USA Dead Lily Ernst (20), UNI Panthers Swimmer and student died suddenly. No further details available. News Story News Story2 News Story3

  23. 27/07/2022 Croatia Dead Maro Perak (39), Mixed Martial Arts exponent, the “world heavyweight and light heavyweight champion.” He died suddenly. News Story News Story2 News Story3

  24. 24/07/2022 Wisconsin, USA Dead Derek Gray (20), UW-Whitewater Basketballer and psychology student. collapsed due to a cardiac arrest during a training session and died suddenly. Suspected blood clot. No further information available. News Story News Story2 News Story3

  25. 23/07/2022 Italy Dead Andrea Musiu (20), Footballer was playing a football game with friends in his home town of Cagliari, Italy. He collapsed at the end of the game, received immediate attention from spectators and then ambulance staff, but died. News Story News Story2

  26. 22/07/2022 Pennsylvania, USA Dead Jerry Ward (46), well-known bodybuilder who also judged contests and ran his own training company.Died unexpectedly in bed after complaining of “rib pain.” News Story News Story2

  27. 21/07/2022 Australia Dead Justin Crawford (45), Hawthorn Australian Rules Footballer died suddenly. Further details awaited. News Story

  28. 21/07/2022 South Carolina, USA Dead Phil Petty (43), former University of South Carolina American Footballer from 1998-2001. Died after a short illness. News Story News Story2

  29. 18/07/2022 France Jonathan Castroviejo (35), Ineos Grenadiers Cyclist, one of five to quit the Tour de France due to breathing problems. Victor Lafay said “Castroviejo can’t breathe either.” News Story

  30. 18/07/2022 France Pierre Rolland (35), B&B Hotels p/b KTM Cyclist, one of five to quit the Tour de France due to breathing problems. Victor Lafay said Rolland had “no strength, and then impossible to breathe.” News Story

  31. 18/07/2022 France Oliver Naesen (31), AG2R Citroën Cyclist, one of five out of the Tour de France due to breathing problems. Victor Lafay reported Naesen had “no strength, and then impossible to breathe.” News Story

  32. 18/07/2022 British Columbia, Canada Doug Eyolfson (59), Runner and emergency physician in Manitoba, Canada. Suddenly collapsed with a cardiac arrest while marathon training in the park while visiting Vancouver. On 20th July 2022 he confirmed on Twitter that he was booked for a heart by-pass operation. In a May 11th 2021 Twitter post he treated his covid vaccination light-heartedly, saying “I think the microchip is faulty. I’m only getting basic cable.” A CBC News article reported about the former MP: “Liberal Eyolfson and New Democrat Chung-Mowat support mandatory vaccines.” News Story News Story2 News Story3

  33. 17/07/2022 Wales Ryan Jones (41), Rugby Union captain of the Wales team. Diagnosed with early-onset dementia aged 41. News Story

  34. 17/07/2022 France Alexis Renard (23), Cofidis team Cyclist. Suffered sudden onset of a heart rhythm disorder at the Tour de France. One of five to pull out of the tour. Set to have surgery. “During exercise, I have a heart rate that increases like everyone else,” Renard said. “But when I stop cycling, the intensity is always the same.” News Story

  35. 16/07/2022 Ontario, Canada Dead Paul Hannam (50’s), Runner, medical doctor, Olympic sailor and marathon runner. Was Chief of Emergency Medicine and Program Medical Director at North York General Hospital (NYGH). Collapsed and died unexpectedly while out for a run. News Story News Story2

  36. 15/07/2022 France Victor Lafay (26), Cofidis Cyclist taking part in the Tour De France. One of five to pull out of the tour. “I’m having a very hard time breathing. I feel like I don’t have enough oxygen, pain everywhere…” News Story News Story2

  37. 15/07/2022 Russia Dead Aleksandr Kozlov (29), Footballer described as one of the top football talents of a generation. He played for the Russian youth national team and played his first Champions League game at the age of 17. Suffered a blood clot during a training session and died. News Story

  38. 15/07/2022 Georgia, USA Dead Paul Duncan (35), Denver Broncos American Footballer collapsed due to a cardiac arrest after going for a run in his neighbourhood. He died. News Story News Story2

  39. 15/07/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead Anthony Joseph Zeoli (16), Skateboarder & Snowboarder and high school student. Died unexpectedly. News Story

  40. 15/07/2022 New South Wales, Australia Dead Carl Robinson (41), Surfer and realestate agent He suddenly collapsed in the sea during a morning surf. Surfers and paramedics performed CPR but were unable to save him. News Story

  41. 14/07/2022 Western Australia, Australia Dead Unnamed (50’s), Wind Surfer had been wind surfing off the coast of Shoal water, Western Australia. Found Dead in the sea. News Story News Story2

  42. 13/07/2022 Mississippi, USA Dead Rashard Anderson (45), former Carolina Panthers American Footballer was first-round pick in 2000, played in 27 games with nine starts over two seasons with the team. Died suddenly. News Story News Story2

  43. 13/07/2022 Argentina Dead Néstor Flores (37), amateur Footballer and police inspector in the town of Rivadavia. After the match, he went home, had a cardiac arrest, was taken to hospital, but died. His relatives said he had no history of heart conditions, he played sports and did not smoke or drink alcohol. Coincidentally, in a nearby city in Argentina, on the same night, a very similar story played out, (Ernesto Burgoa) with a similar result. News Story

  44. 13/07/2022 Argentina Dead Ernesto Burgoa (35), Footballer and casual labourer who played amateur football in Argentina for a local team. After a match, he went home and felt ill, suffering a cardiac arrest. He was taken to hospital but was pronounced DOA. Coincidentally, in a nearby city in Argentina, on the same night, a very similar story played out, (Néstor Flores) with a similar result. News Story

  45. 13/07/2022 Ohio, USA Dead Garrison Markins (20) former High School football and track and field athlete suffered a cardiac arrest.and died. News Story News Story2

  46. 12/07/2022 Ireland Trevor Melly (44), Na Rossa Gaelic Footballer went to a training session for the first time in a few months. Suffered a cardiac arrest at the end of it. The early arrival of a doctor saved his life and he was taken to hospital. News Story News Story2

  47. 12/07/2022 Italy Dead Mattia Ghiraldi (22), C&B Racing Powerboat Racing. He died suddenly due to “an illness.” News Story News Story2

  48. 12/07/2022 Northern Territory, Australia Dead Willie Rioli Snr (50), former Hawthorn Australian Rules Football collapsed with a cardiac arrest and died suddenly. News Story News Story2

  49. 12/07/2022 Spain Dead Maribel Ortega (38), Club Hípico de Córdoba Show Jumper, pioneer in show jumping horses. More recently she was a riding teacher. Died suddenly. News Story

  50. 11/07/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead Bryan Norton (24), Baseballer graduated from high school in New Jersey in 2016, where he played varsity baseball and football then studied sports management. Held a role related to Major League Baseball. Died suddenly. News Story

  51. 10/07/2022 El Salvador Dead Kevin Alejandro Amaya (16), Footballer was playing in a local football match when he had a sudden cardiac arrest. Resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful. News Story

  52. 10/07/2022 Argentina David Rodríguez (Age), Football referee was refereeing a football match in Argentina between Ferro and Deportivo Argentino, when he suffered a cardiac arrest and was rushed to hospital. News Story

  53. 10/07/2022 Mexico Dead Unnamed (60), Footballer in Guanajuato, Mexico, was goalkeeper in an amateur football match. Collapsed on the pitch with a cardiac arrest. Resuscitation failed. News Story

  54. 10/07/2022 El Salvador Dead Unnamed (Age), young Footballer suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and died while playing a football match in El Volcán canton in San Vicente, El Salvador. News Story

  55. 09/07/2022 Scotland Dead Adam Strachan (35), former Partick Thistle professional footballer played for a few Scottish clubs. He died suddenly. News Story

  56. 08/07/2022 Louisiana, USA Dead Jimmy Williams (43), San Francisco 49ers American Footballer played 80 games over a six-year NFL career. Died from an unknown cause. News Story News Story2

  57. 08/07/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead Jesse Boyden (33), Wrestler, one of the best in the USA. Died suddenly. News Story

  58. 07/07/2022 Sweden Robin Söderling (37), Tennis player “takes timeout as captain of the Swedish Davis Cup team in tennis” due to recurring “fatigue syndrome.” News Story

  59. 06/07/2022 Queensland, Australia Dead Summer Jade Nicholls (18), Central Queensland Capras Rugby Union player. Died suddenly. News Story

  60. 06/07/2022 Quebec, Canada Dead Bryan Marchment (53), Ice Hockey player over 17 NHL ice Hockey seasons for nine teams. Died unexpectedly. News Story

  61. 05/07/2022 Cyprus Dead Ben Woods (21), amateur Leigh East Rugby League player was on a family holiday in Cyprus. He was pulled out of the hotel swimming pool, could not be revived and later died. News Story

  62. 05/07/2022 Mexico Oscar Castellanos (54), former Halcones Rojos Veracruz Basketball player, known as “El Diablo,” hospitalized for alleged health complications. News Story

  63. 04/07/2022 Italy Dead Alessia De Nadai (17), Volleyball player finished the school year playing volleyball with friends. Then in June 2022 she felt ill and was taken to hospital for urgent surgery. Despite further intervention, she died from encephalitis – inflammation of the brain. News Story

  64. 03/07/2022 Alabama, USA Dead Awysum Harris (Age), Alabama State University American Footballer. Found Dead in his dorm room at the Montgomery campus. News Story

  65. 02/07/2022 Andhra Pradesh, India Dead Sudhakar Reddy (27), Cyclist, former serviceman, working as a software engineer in Bangalore, married for 3 months. Suffered a cardiac arrest while cycling in Andhra Pradesh, India, he never recovered. News Story

  66. 02/07/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead Justin Lore (31), Baseball player died suddenly at home. “He was an amazing baseball player from childhood and continued to play the sport teaching it to his sons.” News Story

  67. 02/07/2022 Victoria, Australia Dead Mitch Cade Williams (34), former Football player, now physical education (PE) teacher and football coach, played for a local football club then later became their very successful coach. He collapsed and died at home. News Story

  68. 01/07/2022 England Karl Newton (37), Blackburn Rovers Hiker was a scout who worked for various football clubs over the years, on the lookout for talented football players. Died suddenly while hiking in the Lake District of England. News Story

  69. 01/07/2022 Croatia Dead Mario Švigir (48), Futsal (indoor football) player for his native Croatia. He died suddenly. News Story News Story2

  70. 01/07/2022 England Dead Gary Pearson (45), former Sheffield United professional footballer, previously played for Darlington and York. He recently became manager of Billingham Town FC. Suffered a cardiac arrest on the football pitch. After surgery, he was expected to make a full recovery, but he became ill again, collapsed and died. News Story News Story2. June 2022

  71. 30/06/2022 Germany Dead Oliver Häusler (47), former Starbulls Rosenheim Ice Hockey player and then coach. Died unexpectedly. News Story

  72. 28/06/2022 Victoria, Australia Will Phillips (20), North Melbourne Australian Rules Footballer will be out of action for an indefinite period after developing glandular fever, which followed a COVID-19 diagnosis earlier in the season. News Story

  73. 28/06/2022 Spain Dead Eduardo Mena (56), Gym trainer and many celebrities trained with him. However, he died suddenly after an aortic vein (heart) problem. News Story

  74. 28/06/2022 Canada Sam Forbes (Age), Baseballer aka ‘Slammin Sammy’ was a healthy and super fit star, who wanted to travel to his baseball games, so he accepted the covid injection. Then he suffered 9 strokes and his daughter’s life came to a crashing standstill, trying to nurse her famous dad back to health. News Story

  75. 27/06/2022 Spain Dead Andrés Burgos (22), Molina Basket Basketballer and Environmental science student suffered a cardiac arrest and died. News Story News Story2

  76. 26/06/2022 Malta Dead Jack Schiavone (52), cyclist and national coach of Malta. He died suddenly of “undisclosed causes.” News Story

  77. 26/05/2022 England Dead Osahon Osawe (31), Footballer had been training for a triathlon. He was fit and healthy, with no known underlying conditions, yet he suffered a cardiac arrest and died while playing football with friends. News Story

  78. 25/06/2022 Jharkhand, India Dead Paplu Dixit (37), Gymnast was a regular gym-goer, but “while lifting weights in the gym, the young man collapsed due to a sudden cardiac arrest, and died immediately.” News Story

  79. 25/06/2022 Minnesota, USA Dead William Harding, (27), Basketballer died suddenly and unexpectedly while playing basketball. News Story News Story2

  80. 25/06/2022 Italy Dead Maicol Orlandi (36), amateur football player died unexpectedly in bed. News Story

  81. 25/06/2022 Washington, USA Dead Unnamed (Age), Cyclist was taking part in the Century Challenge cycle ride, suffered a cardiac arrest and died. News Story News Story2 News Story3

  82. 25/06/2022 Guadeloupe (Caribbean) Dead Eric Francis (36), Jet Ski world champion. He disappeared during a race in the Caribbean. Was found Dead off the coast of Guadeloupe. News Story

  83. 23/06/2022 Switzerland Dead Alessandro Salzano (48), ex-Pro Patria Footballer died suddenly with a kidney infection. News Story

  84. 23/06/2022 Hungary Anita Alvarez (25), artistic swimmer was competing in the World Aquatics Championships in Hungary. The two-time Olympic swimming champion suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in the pool and sank to the bottom of the pool. Her coach, a four-time Olympic sychronized swimming champion jumped into the pool and retrieved her body. Alvarez was resuscitated poolside before being carried away by stretcher. News Story News Story2

  85. 23/06/2022 Kentucky, USA Gareth Crouth (42), British scuba diving instructor was visiting a friend in the USA, he had a stroke and fell into a swimming pool and nearly drowned. He went to hospital with a fractured spine and unable to breathe properly. He has since had another stroke. News Story

  86. 22/06/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead Tony Siragusa (55), ex-Indianapolis Colts American Footballer for 13 years. He was found unresponsive at home. News Story News Story2

  87. 22/06/2022 England Dead Valentin Buliga (41), Cyclist was taking part in a 100 mile charity cycling event in England. He suffered a cardiac arrest around the half-way point and never recovered. News Story

  88. 22/06/2022 Ireland Dead Enda Mulvihill (43), Garrycastle GAA Gaelic Footballer from the age of 10. He died after a “short illness.” News Story News Story2 News Story3

  89. 22/06/2022 Hungary Caeleb Dressel (25), swimmer was taking part in the world swimming championships in Hungary. He pulled out of all remaining events after 5 of the 8 days on unspecified medical grounds. News Story

  90. 21/06/2022 Malaysia Dead Stephanie Sim Shu Ming (19), competitive pistol shooter for Sarawak Sukma Pistol Shooting club, Malaysia. She had a stroke, went into a coma and died. News Story

  91. 21/06/2022 Maryland, USA Dead Jaylon Ferguson (26), Baltimore Ravens Baseballer was unexpectedly found unconscious at home. There were no signs of trauma and foul play was not suspected. He did not recover. News Story

  92. 20/06/2022 Indiana, USA Dead Caleb Swanigan (25), Sacramento Kings Basketball player in the US died unexpectedly. News Story

  93. 20/06/2022 Germany Dead Frank Klemmer (51), Wuppertaler SV Footballer with many German clubs including FC Remscheid, Alemannia Aachen, Fortuna Cologne and finally Wuppertaler SV. Died suddenly and unexpectedly. News Story

  94. 19/06/2022 Victoria, Australia Dead Chris Fowler (42), Gym owner and former police officer in Echuca, Australia. He died suddenly. News Story News Story2 News Story3

  95. 18/06/2022 Philippines Dead Rafael D Sakkam (Age), Runner and police cadet suffered a cardiac arrest after a routine afternoon run and died. News Story

  96. 18/06/2022 California, USA Dead Tyler Sanders (18), Water Sports, gymnast and successful actor called the police from home to say he was struggling to breathe. He was at home alone when the police arrived, but he was already dead. News Story News Story2

  97. 18/06/2022 England Dead John Holubjowsky (58), Cyclist was cycling from Land’s End to John O’ Groats in England. South-west of England to North-east Scotland. He suffered a fatal cardiac arrest 28 miles (45km) from the finish line. News Story

  98. 18/06/2022 Germany Dead Mamadou Sylla (18), FC Brünninghausen Footballer died suddenly whilst visiting a lake near Cologne. His body was recovered from the water. News Story

  99. 17/06/2022 Spain Dead Damian Casey (29), top class Tyrone GAA Hurling player went to Spain to attend a wedding. He died in a swimming pool “incident”. Awaiting further details … News Story

  100. 17/06/2022 Ireland Dead Eoghan Moloney (Age), St Pats Gaelic Footballer died suddenly. News Story News Story2

  101. 17/06/2022 Ireland Bridget Hynes (10), Footballer and gaelic sports player and kayaker. Diagnosed with bone cancer after getting her sore knee checked. News Story

  102. 16/06/2022 Algeria Dead Billel Ben Hamouda (24), USM Alger Footballer in the Algeria national team. He had played in an international match and scored in the 3-0 victory. He was on his way home by car but died in a single-vehicle accident. No other vehicle reported to be involved. News Story News Story2

  103. 15/06/2022 Greece Dead Georgia Solanaki (22), track and field athlete trained regularly at the University Stadium running track in Komotini, Greece. She suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on the mat after completing some of the classes, and was pronounced dead at hospital. News Story News Story2

  104. 15/06/2022 South Africa Dead Jessica Matthews (18), Stellenbosch University student in South Africa, passed away while representing Western Province in an under-18 practice hockey match. No further details available. News Story

  105. 15/06/2022 Argentina Dead Fabricio Navarro (21), Atletico Tucuman Footballer died after suffering a cardiac arrest in his sleep. News Story News Story2

  106. 14/06/2022 Australia Dead Andrew Barry (35), fit and healthy footballer/cyclist and builder. While at home, he suddenly collapsed and died. News Story

  107. 14/06/2022 Kenya Dead Marvel Simiyu (21), student and Trans Nzoia Falcons Footballer (Kenya’s Women’s Premier League). She died suddenly in hospital after complaining of stomach problems. News Story

  108. 14/06/2022 England Bailey Durrant (21), Runner used to run 12.5 miles a day, but in July 2021 he had a cardiac arrest while in his mother’s car. He has had multiple cardiac arrests since then. He now has a monitor fitted inside his chest to send readings to hospital. “The hospital rings up and asks if someone is in the same room as Bailey and could we check on him after the monitor reveals his heart has stopped. Sometimes Bailey does not even know if his heart has stopped”. “It’s feeling like he is just waiting to die”. News Story

  109. 14/06/2022 Lanzarote, Spain Dead Alejandro Candela (18), Nadamás Swimmer died suddenly and unexpectedly in his bed after going to rest after lunch. News Story

  110. 13/06/2022 South Carolina, USA Ben Steele (Age), American footballer with the Citadel Bulldogs. Diagnosed with cancer for which he is receiving treatment. News Story

  111. 13/06/2022 Italy Dead Akeem Omolade (39), former Torino professional footballer previously with various Italian clubs. He died suddenly after complaining of leg pain. He died in the car that was taking him to hospital. News Story

  112. 13/06/2022 Ecuador Dead Franklin Anangono (47), CD Miguel Iturralde Football coach and previously an Ecuadorian international footballer. He died suddenly. News Story News Story2

  113. 13/06/2022 Ohio, USA Dead Mark Godale (51), top-flight ultrarunner suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and died. News Story News Story2

  114. 12/06/2022 England Dead Unnamed (51), Triathlon competitor required immediate medical attention during the swim portion of the race. He was taken to hospital but died.
 News Story News Story2

  115. 12/06/2022 Ireland Dead Daniel Burke (Age), Runner died unexpectedly while out running. News Story News Story2

  116. 12/06/2022 England Dead Andy Hey (51), Triathlete was taking part in the Ironman triathlon in Staffordshire, England when he became ill. The on-site medical team attended before transporting him to a nearby hospital where he died. News Story News Story2

  117. 11/06/2022 Milwaukee, USA Brandon Woodruff (29), professional baseball player for Milwaukee Brewers. He has not played for a few weeks and now he has been diagnosed with Raynaud’s Syndrome “that is limiting the blood flow to the index, middle and ring fingers on his right hand and causing numbness.” News Story

  118. 11/06/2022 New York, New York John Sculli (Age), Basketball referee for 40 years was refereeing a match when he suddenly began to wobble and collapsed to the floor. He is now “scheduled to have heart surgery to fix a blockage that caused him to collapse.” News Story News Story2

  119. 10/06/2022 Iowa, USA Dead Frank Howell (52), 13-year Cedar Rapids Washington girls basketball coach died “of complications from glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.” News Story

  120. 09/06/2022 Croatia Dead Robert Fulir (44), famous football player and family man died suddenly. He played the Second Croatian National Football League with Koprivnica, and in the Third Croatian National League in the Youth Sloga from Heresin, he won great successes and titles in the lower leagues. He played for Osvit from Djelekovac, Pannonia from Peteranac, Dodgeball from Legrad. After retiring, he was one of the best players in the futsal KC league, and played several seasons for News Story

  121. 09/06/2022 England Dead Kellum Thomas (13), Footballer collapsed and died after playing football with friends. News Story

  122. 09/06/2022 Colorado, USA Dead Alex Cahoy (32), healthy and experienced hiker, was hiking the Continental Divide Trail in Colorado. Died suddenly and was found in his sleeping bag in his tent at a campsite. News Story

  123. 08/06/2022 New York, New York Dead Unnamed (16), student and basketball player at Bayside High School in New York City collapsed and died during an ‘after-school conditioning’ training session. News Story

  124. 08/06/2022 Missouri, USA AJ Wishne (15), Gymnast and student at Lee’s Summit high school in Kansas City, USA. In May 2022, he suffered a stroke in the gym, requiring brain surgery. News Story

  125. 08/06/2022 Sweden Charlotta Fougberg (36), female runner last competed in the Stockholm marathon in October 2021. She reacted strongly to her first covid vaccine, with increased heart rate and night sweats for several weeks so decided to wait until after the Stockholm Marathon, to take the second dose. After the second dose, the problems returned. “My body is very tired. I can’t recover properly and I can’t fully recover. I also had other post-covid symptoms like dizziness and I had crystal disease twice. It was very uncomfortable. I lay in bed and threw up. I couldn’t go to the bathroom without my partner’s help.” She never tested positive for COVID. News Story

  126. 08/06/2022 Virginia, USA Dead Unnamed (Age), student athlete died during “conditioning” at high school in Virginia, USA. News Story News Story2

  127. 07/06/2022 Indiana, USA Dead Owen Scheele (17), quarterback American footballer at Carroll High school died of cancer. News Story

  128. 07/06/2022 Italy Gabriele Manganiello (27),Viadana Rugby Union player was forced to retire from playing owing to “heart problems.” News Story

  129. 06/06/2022 Italy Dead Pietro Tusiano (26), Atletico Vieste Footballer had been suffering from leukaemia for a few months. Recently his condition worsened and he died. News Story

  130. 06/06/2022 Wales Dead Ade Ajay (30), Hiker and trainee nurse with the rehabilitation team in Doncaster, England was hiking on Mount Snowdon in Wales when he died suddenly. News Story

  131. 05/06/2022 South Africa Dead Simiso Buthelezi (24), boxer collapsed near the end of a match. He was taken to hospital, diagnosed with internal bleeding in the brain and he died two days later. News Story

  132. 05/06/2022 Telangana, India Dead Mendu Srinivas (48), Cricket player and journalist was playing a friendly cricket match with friends. He complained of discomfort after playing 12 overs as opening batsman. “He left the ground for home, where he complained of more pain in the chest, and he was rushed to a local hospital where the doctors declared him brought dead.” News Story

  133. 05/06/2022 Columbia Dead Antonio Velasco (61), Runner collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and died, “known as sudden death,” while running in the Half Marathon of the Sea in Cartagena, Columbia. News Story

  134. 05/06/2022 Spain Dead Unnamed (Age), off-road motorcyclist died after feeling unwell while touring the Cordal de Peón, in Villaviciosa, Spain. A helicopter was used to reach him, where his travelling companion was applying CPR. The medical rescue team were unable to revive him. News Story

  135. 05/06/2022 Missouri, USA Dead Doug Whitten (Age), Cyclist and bicycle mechanic died suddenly from a cardiac arrest as reported by his fiancé on Facebook and repeated on a Telegram channel. News Story News Story2

  136. 05/06/2022 Kentucky, USA Dead Jason Blake Perry (16), American Footballer and Morgan Co. High School student died unexpectedly. News Story

  137. 04/06/2022 Nevada, USA Danielle Kang (29), professional golfer. Diagnosed with a tumour on her spine. News Story

  138. 04/06/2022 Tamil Nadu, India Dead Sri Vishnu (27), Gym member collapsed at the gym after completing a regular workout. Fellow gym members rushed him to hospital, but doctors declared him DOA. News Story

  139. 04/06/2022 Nigeria Dead Chris Edoghogho (Age), Nigerian Angels amateur footballer collapsed on-field within a few minutes of the match starting and died during a Federation Cup match. He was rushed to hospital but they were unable to save him. News Story News Story2

  140. 04/06/2022 Rhode Island, USA Dead Hayden Goodrick (38), international competitive sailor from New Zealand was competing in the Midtown Cup, In Newport, Rhode Island, USA. He complained of chest pains between races and became unconscious. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. News Story

  141. 04/06/2022 Germany Unnamed (Age), ESV Lok Seddin Footballer collapsed in the centre circle just before half-time. “He touched his heart and then lay partly motionless”. He was treated at the scene and then taken to hospital. News Story

  142. 03/06/2022 Brazil Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa (39), Santos Footballer also known as “Alex,” began his professional football career with Santos in his native Brazil, but he also played for Chelsea, PSV, PSG and AC Milan. He “suffered a heart attack while playing footvolley and had to undergo a process to unclog his veins.” News Story

  143. 03/06/2022 Alaska, USA Dead Fernando Birman (48), Mountain Climber was scaling Mount Denali (aka Mount McKinley), in Alaska, USA. He collapsed not far from the summit due to a sudden cardiac arrest. The National Park Service said his cause of death is unknown, but consistent with sudden cardiac arrest. News Story

  144. 03/06/2022 Ohio, USA Dead Jayda Grant (20), Athlete and university engineering student who spent her spare time at university athletics. She died suddenly, but cause of death was not announced. News Story News Story2 News Story3

  145. 03/06/2022 England Adam Dodd (29), FC United of Manchester Footballer suffered a cardiac arrest in bed. His girlfriend performed CPR until the ambulance arrived 16 minutes later. A defibrilator was used to restart his heart and he was taken to Blackpool Hospital for 4 days, and placed in an artificial coma. He will be fitted with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator. News Story

  146. 02/06/2022 Italy Dead Giacomo Gorenszach (25), Pradamano Footballer lived and worked in north eastern Italy and played football for the local club. He died suddenly at home. News Story

  147. 02/06/2022 Scotland Dead Andy MacKintosh (31), captain of the very successful Newtonmore shinty club. Shinty is a Scottish game played with hockey-type sticks. He died suddenly. News Story

  148. 02/06/2022 Brazil Dead Marilina Calazans (37), Americana Handball team player in Brazil collapsed due to a cardiac arrest. Her mother said “She was strong, healthy, never had a problem.” News Story

  149. 02/06/2022 Arizona, USA Dead Melanie Goodine (41), Hiker was hiking in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA. She was found in distress and attempts to resuscitate her were unsuccessful. News Story

  150. 01/06/2022 Texas, USA Dead Marion Barber (38), former Dallas Cowboys American Footballer was found dead in his apartment. Cause of death unknown. News Story May 2022

  151. 30/05/2022 England Dead Craig Farrell (39), former Carlisle United professional footballer in England, with various clubs and also played for England U-16. He died suddenly. News Story News Story2

  152. 30/05/2022 Italy Dead Stefano Russo (34), Runner, was in the “Spartan” race in Italy. The race was 5km with obstacles to overcome on the way. He collapsed after less than 2km. He was taken to hospital but died 2 days later. News Story

  153. 30/05/2022 Germany Dead Paul Poloczek (37), professional bodybuilder died suddenly, hours after competing in a championship. News Story News Story2

  154. 30/05/2022 Ontario, Canada Connor McGough (26), Calgary Stampeders American Footballer is now suffering from myocarditis after vaccination and unable to play. “Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I am retiring from football. It is very unfortunate but it’s important I take care of myself and get healthy” said McGough. News Story

  155. 30/05/2022 Victoria, Australia Peter Matera (53), Australian Rules Football legend, he had a cardiac arrest while chopping wood at home. He is recovering in hospital. News Story

  156. 30/05/2022 Massachusetts, USA Dead Aidan Kaminska (19), Lacrosse & American footballer and student who played lacrosse and American football. He died suddenly at his family home. News Story

  157. 30/05/2022 New Jersey, USA Anthony Grell (5), was playing football in New Jersey, USA when he suddenly suffered a cardiac arrest. Fortunately, his mother, an emergency room nurse was watching, and performed CPR. He was taken to a children’s hospital. News Story

  158. 30/05/2022 Portugal Dead Claudia Calcada (29), former Boavista footballer and runner was taking part in a half-marathon in Douro, Portugal on Sunday 30th May, suffered a cardiac arrest and died a few days later. News Story

  159. 29/05/2022 Missouri, USA Dead Justin Hardy (22), basketball player at Washington University, USA. He died from stomach cancer. News Story

  160. 29/05/2022 New South Wales, Australia Bobby Hill (22), Australian Rules Football for Greater Western Sydney. He played in every game so far this AFL season, but is now set for an indefinite period out of action. He is scheduled to have surgery after being diagnosed with testicular cancer. News Story

  161. 29/05/2022 California, USA Dead Jay Goldberg (53), Hiker and medical doctor was hiking on the California coast when he died suddenly. News Story

  162. 28/05/2022 Italy Dead Michele Bortignon (51), Rally Driver was taking part in a rally (driving) with his 21-year-old daughter by his side as navigator, when he suddenly suffered a cardiac arrest. He managed to stop the car, but died. News Story

  163. 28/05/2022 Italy Dead Gianmarco Verdi (21), Runner and student in Italy, who took part in the world cross country championships collapsed while having dinner with friends. He was taken to hospital, but died. News Story

  164. 26/05/2022 Victoria, Australia Will Smith (24), a talented athlete, studying in the US in March 2020, he apparently “caught covid” and has since been unable to walk. News Story

  165. 26/05/2022 France Dead Oliver Vaux (20), Canoe club captain and third year physics student in Scotland. While on a canoeing trip to France, he died suddenly in his sleep after spending the day out on a river. News Story

  166. 26/05/2022 Zimbabwe Dead Aldiglade Bhamu (34), women’s football for for various clubs and for her home country – Zimbabwe. She collapsed at her family home in Harare on Wednesday and was taken to Parirenyatwa Central Hospital where she died on Thursday. News Story News Story2

  167. 25/05/2022 England Dead Helena Ashton (48), Gymnast died after a haemorrhage due to a vaccine-induced thrombosis (according to an inquest.) She had “no history of blood clots, never smoked, and was not on medication.” She was “keen on exercise” and “extremely fit.” She received her first AstraZeneca vaccine on 10th May 2022 and died two weeks later. News Story

  168. 24/05/2022 Italy Dead Andrea Murtas (31), Volvera Rugby Rugby Union player died suddenly at home. News Story

  169. 24/05/2022 Sweden Lukas Ahlgren (22), Wrestler won his first Swedish Championship wrestling gold at the end of November 2021. One month later, he developed myocarditis and woke up feeling that he was “going to die.” News Story

  170. 23/05/2022 Indiana, USA Dead R’Mon Rowley (15), Runner and school student in first year high school in Indianapolis, USA. Rowley’s family says he was healthy and had no previous health conditions, yet during American football practice he suffered a cardiac arrest and died. News Story

  171. 23/05/2022 Italy Dead Franco Del C Pendant (58), Cyclist, collapsed due to a cardiac arrest while cycling part of a difficult mountain course. He was taken to hospital but could not be resuscitated. News Story

  172. 23/05/2022 Argentina Augusto Roux (35), Runner & Cross-fit enthusiast and lawyer in Argentina who keeps fit by running and high intensity “cross-fit” routines. He got the covid vaccine as he thought it would help protect his mother who is unwell. However, he became unwell and, using his legal training, he obtained the medical records in which a doctor stated that his condition was due to the vaccine. The authorities wanted to keep that secret. The linked articles make interesting reading. News Story News Story2

  173. 23/05/2022 Arizona, USA Dead David Shaffer (59), Real Salt Lake Football coach, previously a professional football player in Europe and in the US and went on to be a football coach in Japan and back in the USA again. He was program director for the Real Salt Lake club in Mesa, Arizona and while driving home from there, he collapsed and died. “It was very sudden. It was a heart condition. It was not a car accident.” News Story

  174. 22/05/2022 England Harvey Stocker (19), exerciser and cyclist, a fit and healthy teenager who exercised regularly and had no prior health concerns, was rushed to hospital after complaining of chest pains, shortness of breath, numbness, pins and needles to the left side of his body and pain in his neck while at work. The hospital told him and his mother he was having a heart attack and that his heart was inflamed. They transferred him to Royal Papworth specialist heart and lung hospital in Cambridge as an emergency. His troponin levels (a protein present in the bloodstream during a heart attack) were “through the roof” and his heartbeat was “all over the place” and they X-rayed his heart. Diagnosed with Perimyocarditis/Myocarditis. He experienced cough and bad throat infections and the feeling of “constantly being run down” since his second COVID injection. News Story News Story2

  175. 22/05/2022 Germany Dead Unnamed (20), Runner collapsed due to a cardiac arrest near the end of the half-marathon in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Resuscitation attempts failed. News Story

  176. 21/05/2022 New York, USA Dead David Reichman (32), Runner in the half-marathon in Brooklyn, USA. After passing the finish line at 13.1 miles, he collapsed and died. News Story News Story2 News Story3

  177. 21/05/2022 Croatia Dead Dalibor Radonić (56), HAVK Mladost Water Polo player died suddenly while in the water. News Story

  178. 20/05/2022 South Australia, Australia Dead Jason Januszke (43), Runner and personal trainer who owned a gym and was well-known among the Aussie rules football community. He went out for his regular training run, had a cardiac arrest and was unable to be revived. News Story News Story2

  179. 18/05/2022 Netherlands Pieter Bos (25), Cambuur Football goalkeeper is now struggling with heart problems, likely ending his career. News Story

  180. 17/05/2022 England Chris Kamara (64), former footballer turned commentator, was advertised as “feeling great” after getting the covid jab in March 2021 and urged others to do likewise. In May 2022, things are different. He is suffering from Apraxia – a condition which affects an area of the brain that controls how we speak. News Story News Story2

  181. 17/05/2022 Greece Unnamed (16), Panaitolikos Footballer recently had a covid19 injection, and is now being treated for acute myocarditis at the Agios Andreas Hospital in Patras. News Story

  182. 17/05/2022 Scotland Dead Ewan Hitchell (45), Runner was in training for a 100 mile run for charity, so he was quite fit, but before the start date Hitchell died suddenly at home News Story News Story2

  183. 17/05/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead Rocco Sivolella (15), Wayne Valley High School American Footballer was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia – a type of cancer. Four months later he died. News Story

  184. 16/05/2022 New Hampshire, USA Dead Bryan Caruso (42), Baseball coach, formerly player through high school and college, then moved into coaching. He died suddenly. News Story News Story2

  185. 16/05/2022 Germany Dead Musa Yamak (38), Boxer collapsed due to a cardiac arrest coming out for round 3 during a boxing match. He died. News Story

  186. 16/05/2022 Germany Dead Ademola Okulaja (46), captain of the German national basketball team. He died unexpectedly. News Story

  187. 16/05/2022 Georgia, USA Dead Brennan Johnson (Age), Runner and musician who enjoyed running near home in Georgia, USA. On a run on Sawnee Mountain, he collapsed suddenly and died. News Story

  188. 15/05/2022 Mexico Dead David Gómez Flores (Age), Judo practitioner (judoka) and university student. He was taking part in a university judo tournament and suffered a cardiac arrest. He was taken to hospital where he died. News Story

  189. 15/05/2022 Alabama, USA Dead Paddy Branagan (30), Graiguecullen GAA, talented hurler who played in Ireland, but while on a business trip to the USA he died suddenly. News Story

  190. 15/05/2022 Wales Dead Mark Davies (49), former Swansea Footballer, featured in the European Cup Winners’ Cup in the early 1990s before moving into non-league and then veterans’ football. He was playing for Llanelli in Wales, against Penybont when he collapsed and died on the pitch. News Story

  191. 15/05/2022 Italy Dead Gianluca Schettino (16), talented and promising football player but collapsed with a cardiac arrest while at home and died. News Story

  192. 14/05/2022 Queensland, Australia Dead Andrew Symonds (46), Cricket player. He died in his own in his car. The car swerved across the road and rolled. No other cars were involved. A TV news image showed tyre marks swerved across the white centre line and into trees on the opposite side. “My partner tried to get (Symonds) out of the car, to put him on to his back. He was unconscious, not responsive and had no pulse. Waylon Townson tried to help Symonds but there was nothing he could do. “He was stuck in there, so I tried to pull him out,” he told Nine News. “(I) started doing CPR and checked his pulse but I didn’t get much response.” Possible cardiac arrest. News Story News Story2

  193. 14/05/2022 Italy Dead Unnamed (60), amateur cyclist, suddenly collapsed and died while out cycling with a friend. Assistance arrived but was unable to revive him. News Story

  194. 13/05/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead Alex Luzardo (41), Baseballer and police officer who played in a few amateur leagues. He died suddenly at home. News Story

  195. 13/05/2022 England Leonard-Liddle (20), talented footballer who recently returned to England from a football scholarship at a university in the USA. This information is taken from Twitter posts by his mother. After two Moderna vaccines he developed a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) in his left lung. He was super fit and healthy but now suffers chronic fatigue and brain fog. The only treatment prescribed is rest. News Story

  196. 12/05/2022 Russia Dead Alexey Zelenin (21), Orel State University Basketballer and Physical Culture and Sports student. He collapsed due to a cardiac arrest during a training session and died. News Story

  197. 12/05/2022 Italy Dead FC (65), cyclist, initials FC was cycling with a group of friends where he lived. He said he had not felt well that morning, but decided to ride anyway. He collapsed due to a cardiac arrest during the ride. Help arrived but they were unable to revive him. News Story

  198. 10/05/2022 England Graham Thorpe (52), a top class cricketer who moved into coaching. He developed a sudden illness which might be the result of a cardiac arrest. He is seriously ill in hospital. News Story News Story2

  199. 10/05/2022 Malaysia Dead Aman Basri Muhd Rohaizi (16), Runner and school student in Malaysia collapsed and died during cross-country training. His schoolmates attempted to resuscitate him then he was taken to hospital. Police classified the case as “sudden death.” News Story

  200. 09/05/2022 Morocco Dead Ernesto Escolano (50), very keen cyclist who took part in many events. He was competing in a multi-day mountain bike event across the desert in Morocco. During day two, Ernesto needed medical treatment and he was transferred to hospital, where he died shortly afterwards. News Story News Story2

  201. 09/05/2022 Netherlands Dead Jody Lukoki (29), former Ajax professional footballer who started his senior career at Ajax in the Netherlands. He also represented DR Congo on the international stage. He died suddenly. He was involved in a fight the week before, but an autopsy proved the fight was not related to his death, which was due to a cardiac issue (but the actual cause of death was withheld). News Story News Story2

  202. 09/05/2022 Massachusetts, USA Dead Warner Ennes (38), Softballer and led an active life often in construction or landscaping. He died unexpectedly. News Story

  203. 08/05/2022 Portugal Dead Unnamed (Age), Dutch runnrt died after completing the Lisbon half marathon in Portugal. News Story

  204. 08/05/2022 Italy Dead Gregorio Pagliucoli (44), former Montevarchi Calcio Footballer and current coach, died suddenly in his sleep. News Story

  205. 07/05/2022 Italy Dead Dimitri Roveri (28), Quingentole Football team captain. He collapsed with cardiac arrest in the final minutes of a match against Casalpoglio and died in hospital. He recently announced that he was going to be a dad. News Story News Story2 News Story3

  206. 07/05/2022 England Dead Samuel Akwasi (13), FC Cavaliers U-13 Footballer in Nottinghamshire, England. During his last match against WBCY FC Rossoneri he collapsed with a cardiac arrest. He was taken to hospital within minutes by ambulance but later died. News Story News Story2 News Story3

  207. 04/05/2022 Minnesota, USA Dead Theodore “Teddy” Dowdle (22), Basketballer collapsed and died while playing basketball with his brother. News Story News Story2

  208. 01/05/2022 Italy Dead Giuseppe Costa (45), a diver who had been in the sea alone off the coast of southern Italy. He succumbed to a sudden illness and died. News Story

  209. 01/05/2022 Germany Botic van de Zandschulp (26), Dutch tennis player who reached the final of the Munich Open, but retired mid-match owing to “chest pains” after calling for the doctor. News Story April 2022

  210. 30/04/2022 England Dead Neil Campbell (45), professional footballer played for Barrow and several clubs over many years. He was unexpectedly taken ill and died suddenly. News Story News Story2

  211. 30/04/2022 Norway Dead Unnamed (30s), Marathon Runner was participating in the Bergen Marathon in Norway, collapsed shortly after passing the finish line. He was taken to hospital and pronounced dead. News Story

  212. 30/04/2022 England Dead Richard Hill (24), Rugby Union player excelled in multiple sports. He had been to the annual Ashbourne Rugby Union Football Club and Ashbourne Cricket Club ball where he was presented with the Players’ Player of the Year Award. Before the evening was out, Richard became suddenly unwell. He was pronounced dead while still at the Ashbourne Recreation Ground. News Story

  213. 30/04/2022 Italy Dead Andrea Sciarrini (40), Marotta Basket Basketballer had just played a league promotion match against Urbania Basketball. A couple of hours after the match he collapsed and could not be revived by the medics. News Story News Story2

  214. 30/04/2022 Georgia, USA Dead Barron Mann (Age), amateur boxer and student, died suddenly 5 days before his college graduation. News Story

  215. 30/04/2022 Norway Dead Ulrik Vabø (33), Runner took part in the Bergen marathon in Norway. He finished the race but at the finish line he collapsed with a cardiac arrest. He was said to be a healthy and fit young man and never had symptoms of pain or discomfort in his chest or heart. News Story

  216. 29/04/2022 New York, New York Dead Lazar LaPenna (10), Baseballer was playing in the first baseball match of the season. He had just reached first base after making contact with the ball, when he collapsed and went into a seizure. His father said his son suffered from epilepsy. News Story News Story2

  217. 29/04/2022 New Brunswick, Canada Dead Mary Frances Cronin (23), Footballer and university student in Canada and a keen football player. She died suddenly in hospital of a pulmonary embolism. News Story

  218. 29/04/2022 France Dead Unnamed (15), Footballer suffered and apparent cardiac arrest and died during football training in Contrexéville, France. He received treatment but could not be revived. News Story

  219. 28/04/2022 England Zak Hardaker (30), Leeds Rhinos Rugby League player had only just signed for the team. He had a “suspected seizure” while out walking with his young son and needed the help of a paramedic who happened to be nearby. He was taken to hospital, where he underwent tests before being discharged. News Story

  220. 28/04/2022 Tennessee, USA Linton Beck (16), Runner and school student. He was an athlete with no known medical conditions. While in school he suddenly collapsed with a cardiac arrest. He was taken to hospital and survived. News Story News Story2

  221. 28/04/2022 Italy Dead Rosario Poli (64), Cyclist lived in northern Italy but was competing in the Tour of Sardinia in the amateur category. He collapsed and died just a few kilometres from the end. News Story News Story2

  222. 28/04/2022 Florida, USA Dead Sam Bruce (24), former Miami Hurricanes American Footballer. Suffered a cardiac arrest while driving his car, which then crashed. “The Broward County Medical Examiner report confirmed the former wide receiver’s death was “natural” and caused by coronary artery disease.” News Story News Story2

  223. 27/04/2022 Ireland Dead Aoibhe Byrne (14), Magheracloone Ladies Gaelic Footballer, Carrick Cruisers basketball player, and Carrick Rovers AFC football player. She died suddenly and unexpectedly. News Story

  224. 26/04/2022 Virginia, USA Dead Lauren Bernett (20), James Madison University Dukes Softball player. She died suddenly. Cause of death was recorded as “suicide” according to the medical examiner’s office. News Story News Story2

  225. 26/04/2022 Mexico Dead Toro Bill Jr (35), wrestler collapsed due to a cardiac arrest, just hours after a wrestling match in his native Mexico. He died. News Story

  226. 25/04/2022 Spain Dead Maria Garcia Alonso (43), former Club Atlètic Palafrugell Marathon Runner, one of the most outstanding Catalan athletes, champion of Catalonia. She died suddenly. No more information available. News Story

  227. 25/04/2022 Tennessee, USA Kirk Herbstreit (52), former Ohio State Buckeyes American Footballer and now commentator. He became unwell while covering a game and was assisted by paramedics and then taken to hospital. Disagnosed with a blood clot. He posted a year ago that he had a second vaccine. News Story News Story2

  228. 24/04/2022 Denmark Dead Matthias Birkkjær Pedersen (19), played handball in Denmark for his club Bjerringbro-Silkeborg and for the national U20 team. He died suddenly. News Story

  229. 24/04/2022 France Esteban Noriega (32), Argentinian rugby union player living and playing in France for Union Rugby Gascon in a match against Marsacq XV in the Aquitaine League. he collapsed in the 70th minute. Two off-duty nurses were able to get a defibrillator from a nearby community hall and performed life-saving CPR using the defibrillator. News Story News Story2

  230. 24/04/2022 India Dead Rajesh Verma (40), former Mumbai Cricket player and member of the Ranji Trophy-winning squad of 2006-07. He died after a cardiac arrest. News Story

  231. 24/04/2022 England Dead Brazil Walsh (20), “fit and healthy” female black belt Judoka and horse rider who loved sport was out shopping in late April 2022 when she collapsed and went into a coma. She was diagnosed with encephalitis – inflammation of the brain. Several weeks later, on 3rd June, she died. News Story

  232. 23/04/2022 England Dead Mattie Maher (Age), Gaelic Football referee, originally from Ireland but based in London. He was refereeing a Gaelic football match in when he became unwell. He was tended to by emergency services but died en route to hospital. News Story

  233. 23/04/2022 Italy Stefano Tacconi (64), former Juventus Football goalkeeper. He attended an event on Friday and felt fine. On Sunday morning he felt unwell and was rushed to hospital. His condition rapidly deteriorated. It was reported that he might have suffered a brain aneurysm. News Story News Story2

  234. 23/04/2022 Bosnia & Herzegovina Rifet Kapić (26), Bosnian professional footballer who plays for Sarajevo. In the second half of the match against Tuzla City, Kapić collapsed. An ambulance took him to hospital. News Story News Story2

  235. 22/04/2022 Germany Dead Jörg Niebes (Age), SV Saar 05 Saarbrücken Footballer collapsed during a match in Köllerbach, and died. News Story

  236. 22/04/2022 Germany Dead Martin Braun (71), football referee in Germany. He collapsed 35 minutes into a match, and died. News Story

  237. 21/04/2022 Texas, USA Dead Erik Volper (41), Runner & Footballer died while running on a treadmill from an “unknown heart issue.” News Story

  238. 21/04/2022 Florida, USA Dead Adam Windsor (41), Wrestler originally from England but lived and worked as a professional wrestler and coach in the USA. He died suddenly but was known to be “suffering from heart problems at the time of his death.” News Story News Story2

  239. 20/04/2022 Texas, USA Dead Stacey Cummings (31), professional bodybuilder. She died suddenly. News Story

  240. 19/04/2022 England Ryan Campbell (50), Australian coach of the Netherlands national cricket team. He is said to be triple-vaxxed but in a critical condition and in a coma after suffering massive cardiac arrest. News Story News Story2

  241. 19/04/2022 Ireland Dead Kate Moran (20), Athenry Camogie player (Camogie is an Irish game played by women. It is a variant of hurling, which is played by men). She collapsed while played in a match against Ardrahan. Emergency services treated her at the scene before she was taken to University Hospital Galway, where she was pronounced dead the next day. News Story

  242. 18/04/2022 Germany Ricky Pinheiro (33), Homburg Footballer was playing in a football match in Germany for FC 08 Homburg, when he collapsed. He was taken to hospital. News Story

  243. 17/04/2022 Austria Milos Jovanovic (33), FC Tribuswinkel Football player suddenly collapsed during a match. The club’s masseur reacted immediately and saved his life. News Story News Story2

  244. 17/04/2022 Turkey Dead Fatih Mumcu (43), Bodrum Municipality Masters Footballer. In the final match of the Aegean Region Masters Football Federation League, the veteran goalkeeper. collapsed due to a cardiac arrest. He died. News Story

  245. 15/04/2022 Missouri, USA Dead Brian Wallace (26), former Arkansas Razorbacks American football players. He had a cardiac arrest and died. News Story

  246. 15/04/2022 England Fran Kirby (28), Chelsea and England women football player suffering from fatigue after vaccination. Has not played since February 2022. Chelsea boss Emma Hayes said there is no “definitive reason” behind the fatigue and that more investigation is needed to reach a firm diagnosis. This latest setback puts her participation at Euro 2022 this summer in doubt. News Story

  247. 15/04/2022 Japan Dead Steve Cumberland (57), former New Zealand Otago Rugby Union spent 14 years in Japan where he coached rugby. He died suddenly. News Story News Story2

  248. 15/04/2022 Philippines Dead Eric Suguitan (36), former Meralco Bolts professional basketball player in the Philippines. He died of a cardiac arrest. News Story News Story2

  249. 15/04/2022 England Dead Liam Ratcliffe (29), Leigh Miners Rangers Rugby League player. He died unexpectedly News Story News Story2

  250. 14/04/2022 Australia Matthew Lloyd (43), former Essendon Football Club Australian Rules Football superstar, linked his recent Bell’s palsy to the COVID vaccinations. He said the instances of people getting the condition had increased since Covid vaccination were administered. ‘Heart issues and Bell’s palsy have gone through the roof since the boosters and Covid issues.’ News Story

  251. 14/04/2022 Texas, USA Dead Ed Jasper (49), American Football player for 9 seasons in the NFL. He has died aged 49. No cause of death announced. News Story

  252. 13/04/2022 Belgium Tomas Van Den Spiegel (43), former international basketball player. He was briefly in the Jan Palfijn hospital with blood clots, fluid in the lungs and an enlarged heart. He has now returned home. News Story

  253. 13/04/2022 Georgia, USA Dead Jeff Klein (42), former Auburn American football player was diagnosed with cancer and died suddenly. News Story News Story2

  254. 13/04/2022 England Dead Dominyka Podziute (21), former Newcastle United women’s football team goalkeeper. She died suddenly. News Story

  255. 13/04/2022 Wisconsin, USA Dead Sarah Shulze (21), a track and cross-country star at University of Wisconsin, USA died suddenly. Her family announced that it was a case of “suicide.” News Story

  256. 12/04/2022 South Carolina, USA Dead Cedric McMillan (44), Bodybuilder has been absent from the bodybuilding circuit over the past couple of seasons due to a number of injuries and health complications. He died after a cardiac arrest. News Story News Story2

  257. 12/04/2022 Australian Capital Territory, Australia Paige Satchell (24), Sydney FC player was playing in the Australia v New Zealand football match. She was substituted early in the match against Australia with a breathing / heartbeat issue. News Story News Story2

  258. 12/04/2022 Spain Dead José Carlos Gozalbes (42), Real Murcia Football 11-a-side football coach and former AD Alquerías player died suddenly after being in hospital for a few days. One of his female friends died around February 18th, according to his facebook post, and his March 10th status update that may have given a clue to his hospitalization has been blocked from view. No more information available. News Story

  259. 12/04/2022 Switzerland Thomas Rottmeier (45), ice hockey commentator in Switzerland. During the EVZ v ZSC match, he suffered a “medical emergency,” was treated by paramedics and was then taken to hospital where he is recovering. News Story News Story2

  260. 12/04/2022 France Dead Unnamed (30), kite surfer from Strasbourg, France, drowned in Lacanau. He was rescued but he was already in cardiopulmonary arrest. Rescuers were unable to resuscitate him. News Story

  261. 11/04/2022 Italy Dead Maria Sofia Paparo (27), former professional swimmer and part of the Speedo Master Team. She died suddenly after a cardiac arrest. News Story

  262. 11/04/2022 Ontario, Canada Dead Garrett Burnett (46), former Mighty Ducks of Anaheim NHL ice hockey player. He died unexpectedly. News Story News Story2

  263. 11/04/2022 Oregon, USA Dead Wayne Cooper (65), former Denver Nuggets Basketballer played 14 seasons in the NBA league, then spent some years coaching. He died suddenly. No further details are available. News Story

  264. 10/04/2022 Ontario, Canada Dead Desai Williams (62) Runner on Canada’s 4×100-metre relay that won bronze at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. He died. Cause of death not released. News Story

  265. 10/04/2022 Romania Gabriela Ruse (24), tennis player (No. 55 in the world) announced that she suffered from inflammation of the heart as a result of pneumonia and later a positive diagnosis of COVID-19. Her vaccination status was not mentioned, but she played in Melbourne Australia and must have been at least double vaccinated. News Story

  266. 10/04/2022 Portugal Dead Kalindi Souza (28), Brazilian Académica footballer who played in Portugal for seven years. Portuguese press reported he died due to a cardiac arrest. News Story

  267. 07/04/2022 South Australia, Australia Ollie Wines (27), Port Adelaide Football Club Australian Rules Footballer and reigning Brownlow Medallist felt nauseous and dizzy during the loss to Melbourne, went to hospital for an overnight stay. Diagnosed with irregular heartbeat. Was discharged after a heart irregularity “resolved itself.” Triple vaccinated. It was reported that the hospital ward where Wines stayed overnight was “full of patients with the same symptoms.” News Story News Story2 News Story3

  268. 07/04/2022 Minnesota, USA Beau Boehne (16), Detroit Lakes Ice Hockey player was Detroit Lakes boys ice hockey senior captain, but he was unable to finish his final two seasons of high school hockey. He developed myocarditis after his first run-in with COVID-19 in his junior year; he caught COVID again in his senior year, and the risk was too great to continue playing, abruptly ending his high school hockey career. Neither Beau nor his family mentioned being vaccinated in the story. News Story

  269. 07/04/2022 Switzerland René Achterberg (27), SC Zofingen Football goalkeeper suffered a cardiac arrest during the warm-up before the second division home game against FC Grenchen. He was resuscitated. News Story

  270. 07/04/2022 USA Nike (24), Gymnast at the peak of her fitness was vaccinated with Pfizer 18th May 2021 and 24th June 2021. A month later she was unable to continue her athletic activities due to a long list of side-effects, making it difficult to do simple tasks and to study. Her doctor blamed it on “long covid” despite never having had covid. Symptoms: shortness of breath, chest pain, body aches, constant pain, constant dizziness, constant exhaustion, unexplained permanent fever, permanently inflamed mucous membranes, multiple infections, no periods, coordination problems, no functioning immune system. After 8 months of persevering with doctors who would not listen or ignored what she told them, she found a holistic doctor and her blood values are getting back to normal and inflammation values are coming down. News Story

  271. 06/04/2022 Ivory Coast Dead Abraham Sié (23), Dakar University basketball player in Senegal, originally from Ivory Coast. Died suddenly. No further details available. News Story

  272. 05/04/2022 Italy Dead Enrico Della Puppa (57), manager of Junior Basket Leoncino – a basketball team in the Venice region of Italy. He was driving his car when he had a cardiac arrest and the car went off the road and crashed. Enrico already died before the crash occurred. News Story

  273. 05/04/2022 Italy Dead Davide Piglia (44), Cyclist was on his mountain bike with a friend to reconnoitre a course in advance of a race. When they reached the top of a hill, Davide collapsed and lost consciousness. He was taken to hospital but he never recovered. News Story

  274. 04/04/2022 Sweden Emil Mattsson (19), AIK Floorball player has been missing matches owing to myocarditis. News Story

  275. 04/04/2022 Columbia Dead Edier Armero (Age), footballer warmed up with his team before the start of the match but during that time he collapsed on the pitch. Symptoms:mt severe pain in his chest. An ambulance arrived but he died. News Story

  276. 03/04/2022 Spain Dead Jorge Salmerón Mezcua (13), CF San José Obrero Footballer in Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain, who played football for his local club. He died suddenly. No further details available. News Story

  277. 03/04/2022 Singapore Dead Unnamed (57), Football goalkeeper collapsed while playing football (in goal) at the Penampang Sports Complex in Singapore. He suddenly collapsed and fell unconscious after throwing the ball to his teammates. He died later while receiving treatment. The case has been classified as sudden death. News Story

  278. 03/04/2022 Michigan, USA Dead Jayden Hill (19), Wildcat Athletics Track & Field team member at Northern Michigan University. She died suddenly. No further details available. News Story News Story2

  279. 03/04/2022 Italy Dead Giovanni Tiberi (49), former Ternana Footballer, was struck by a sudden illness in the bar he had taken over in Ostia after he stopped playing. He died. News Story

  280. 03/04/2022 France Dead Unnamed (55), Cyclist was cycling with 3 friends near Deauville in Normandy, France when he became unwell. Despite assistance arriving, they were unable to save him. News Story

  281. 02/04/2022 Ireland Dead Cora O’Grady (51), Hill Walker was walking from Kilbehenny to the top of Galtymore in Limerick, Ireland. On the way, she suddenly became ill. Emergency services were unable to resuscitate her. News Story

  282. 02/04/2022 Germany Unnamed (Age) referee of the U12 football match between Weissenbach and Sollenau in Germany collapsed during the game due to a cardiac arrest. He was revived with the help of a defibrillator. The referee is described as athletic and physically fit. News Story

  283. 01/04/2022 Ireland Dead Red Og Murphy (21), Curry GAA Irish player of Gaelic football who had played for North Melbourne in Australia and then returned to his homeland to play for his local club Curry GAA and county Sligo. Died suddenly. News Story News Story2

  284. 01/04/2022 England Dead Hannah Purvis (41), Wymondham Athletics Club (WAC) club runner who started running about 5 years ago and participated in Parkrun, 5k and 10k runs and completed half marathons. She loved being around like-minded individuals. She died unexpectedly. News Story

  285. 01/04/2022 Italy Gianmarco Garofoli (20), Astana Qazaqstan Development Team semi-professional cyclist for the Astana team, told to rest for at least three months owing to myocarditis. News Story

  286. 01/04/2022 Wales Dead Igor Jonczyk (18), Denbigh FC Football goalkeeper. His family moved to Wales from Poland when he was nine years of age. Goalkeeper for Denbigh Town’s development football team and then the reserves. He became unwell from a “heart condition” and died in hospital. News Story March 2022

  287. 31/03/2022 Germany Philipp Sander (24), Kiel footballer. Apparently had covid and recovered, but now has myocarditis, and is unable to play. News Story

  288. 30/03/2022 Florida, USA Jannik Sinner (20), Tennis player retired from his tennis match against Cerundolo, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament. News Story

  289. 30/03/2022 Florida, USA Paula Badosa Gibert (24), tennis player retired from her tennis match against Jessica Pegula, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament. News Story

  290. 30/03/2022 New York, USA Dead Luis Mazo (35), Footballer and director of coaching at DV7 football academy in New York. He died suddenly. No further details available. News Story

  291. 30/03/2022 North Carolina, USA Dead Martin Hochertz (53), American football defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins in the National Football League. He died suddenly. No further details available. News Story

  292. 30/03/2022 France Unnamed (13), Footballer was playing football in Rennes, France when he had a cardiac arrest. He was unconscious and not breathing. Two general practitioners passing by, applied CPR until the emergency services arrived a few minutes later and the boy was taken to hospital. News Story

  293. 30/03/2022 Switzerland Dead Darco Degrussa (59), Basketballer and Swiss journalist. He had a cardiac arrest whilst playing basketball and died. News Story

  294. 29/03/2022 England Dead Lee Mallinson (51), Reading Swim Club coach. He was vaccinated and encourage others to get the vaccine. He died suddenly. No further details available. News Story News Story2

  295. 29/03/2022 California, USA Dead Jackson Buresh (Age), Servite High School American football player. Died suddenly. No further details available. News Story

  296. 29/03/2022 England Dead Cameron Milton (18), Rugby Union player and student at Bolton School in England, a keen rugby player who played for the school and Bolton Rugby Club. Died unexpectedly in his sleep. News Story

  297. 29/03/2022 Germany Dead Armin Michels (56), was a JuJitsu martial arts expert in Germany and spent many years coaching. He died suddenly. News Story

  298. 29/03/2022 Spain Dead José Gabriel Jiménez (Age), Runner and sports lover, practiced walking and exercised daily, his health condition was good, his family doesn’t understand why he died of a sudden cardiac arrest. News Story

  299. 29/03/2022 Belgium Tom Van Asbroeck (31), Cyclist will miss the rest of the cycling classic races due to a blood clot in arm. News Story

  300. 28/03/2022 Massachusetts, USA Paul Michael Levesque (52), former professional wrestler using the stage name of Hunter Hearst Helmsley or “Triple H”. 15 April 2021 was his second COVID vaccination. Soon after had shortness of breath. Did not have COVID, but had inflamed lungs and “viral pneumonia,” with fluid in his lungs and around his heart. He will never wrestle again. In September 2021, he had a procedure for heart failure. He now has a defibrillator in his chest. News Story News Story2

  301. 28/03/2022 Karnataka, India Dead Vinaya Vittal (35), Gym, was working out in a health club in Bengaluru, India, when she collapsed with suspected cardiac arrest. She rushed to hospital where she died. News Story

  302. 28/03/2022 Florida, USA Anhelina Kalinina (25), tennis player retired from her tennis match against Jessica Pegula, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament. News Story

  303. 27/03/2022 England Dead Thomas Rankin (26) Redditch United midfield footballer had played there for 3 seasons and had previously played for nearby Bromsgrove Sporting. He died suddenly. Awaiting further details. News Story

  304. 27/03/2022 Romania Ovidiu Hategan (41), international football referee. Shortly after the he finished his daily physical training, he had a cardiac arrest and was rushed to hospital, where he underwent immediate surgery. News Story

  305. 27/03/2022 Germany Unnamed (23), FSV Bandelow Football player collapsed during the match with Potzlow. Emergency doctor, ambulance and helicopter were on the scene. Further details awaited. News Story

  306. 27/03/2022 Florida, USA Katerina Siniakova (25), tennis player retired from her tennis match against Daria Saville, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament. News Story

  307. 27/03/2022 Florida, USA Victoria Azarenka (32), tennis player retired from her tennis match against Linda Fruhvirtova, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament. News Story