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21 Ways to Prevent or Reverse the Symptoms Associated with Coronavirus

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

pHour Salts is a cutting edge carbonaceous mineral salts formula with extraordinary antioxidant, anti-aging and energy booster properties. Your 100% natural instant energy with pHour Salts.

pHour Salts is a powerful combination of four mineral salts (sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate and magnesium chloride) whose purpose is to maintain the body’s alkaline design from the inside out with a powerful anti-aging and antioxidant effect.

These four mineral salts flow naturally throughout all our bodily fluids helping reduce metabolic acidity and acidity caused by acidic food choices and lifestyle, maintaining as well the natural alkaline design of the human body thus slowing down the aging process.

The pHour salts remineralizes your body with sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium

The phour salts increases your energy levels, improving muscle tone and vitality. pHour salts improves digestions.

The pHour salts enhances sports performance. pHour Salts helps preserve the natural alkaline design of the body.

By consuming pHour Salts, we obtain more protection against diseases, ailments, aches and pains, including health conditions due to the aging process.

The pHour Salts can not only improve our health and energy levels in general, but also can boost sports performance and endurance!

Nearly all debilitating conditions that cause low performance and/or premature aging is caused mainly by a word of four letters – ACID, which stands for;

A =Acidic lifestyle, acidic foods and drinks.

C = Crisis caused by a compromised acidic internal environment that causes inflammation.

I = Illness, aches and pain.

D = Desire to continue eating more acidic foods and making the wrong food choices repeating the cycle.

In the following list you’ll find 21 different ways to take pHour Salts.

1. To alkalize tissues and preserve the natural alkaline design of the body and prevent ailments in general. Take a scoop of pHour Salts in a liter of alkaline clean water and drink three or four times per day.

2. To prevent kidney problems. Kidneys are usually the first organs to be affected by acidity and bicarbonated mineral salts help to excrete acidic toxins from the tissues. According to Dr. Thomas P. Kennedy of the American Medical Association:

3. To reduce the excess of bacteria and fungi derived from biological transformation. Bicarbonate mineral salts are very effective against excessive bacteria and fungi without having any side effects. Take a scoop of pHour Salts in a liter of alkaline water and drink three to four per a day.

4. Store a jar with pHour Salts in the fridge to avoid bad smells.

5. pHour Salts will reduce or eliminate bloating and flatulence caused by legumes, especially white beans and garbanzos.

6. Two scoops of pHour Salts added to hot water while cooking broccoli, cauliflower or any vegetable will maintain cooked vegetables crispy and will keep their electrical potential.

7. Pet care: sprinkle pHour Salts on the animal fur and brush it to avoid bad smells, it serves as a protection between baths.

8. Brush your teeth with a scoop of pHour Salts to avoid acidic plaque and keep your breath fresh.

9. Make a paste with three parts of pHour Salts and a part of water to make an effective and easy skin scrub. Simply apply it to your skin with your hands or with a sponge during shower time and rub gently with circular movements and rinse afterwards.

10. Fungi on your plants! pHour salts keep fungi, black spots and mildew away from your precious plants by mixing pHour Salts, horticultural oil and soap, and spray it to the effected leaves. Simply add a scoop of pHour Salts and a few drops of dishwasher soap to three and a half liters of water and spray it once a week and after raining.

11. Drink a good glass of water with a scoop of pHour Salts just before having an acidic meal to buffer the acids in the food. Take a scoop of pHour Salts in a glass of alkaline water.

12. Drink a large glass of alkaline warm water with one or two scoops of pHour Salts with an empty stomach as soon as you wake up to activate and clean the alimentary canal.

13. After a hangover take a good glass of alkaline water with two scoops of pHour Salts to help eliminate

the acid residues of alcohol and help you feel much better. Nonetheless it’s recommended to eliminate or reduce alcohol consumption in order to have good health and vitality.

14. To avoid muscle pain or inflammation drink a liter or a half a liter of alkaline water with two scoops of pHour Salts.

15. To improve acne make a facial mask with pHour Salts and alkaline water and put it on. Leave it on for at least half an hour. Rinse with plenty of warm water.

16. To relax after a hard day’s work, take a warm bath with 5 or 6 scoops of pHour Salts.

17. To maintain the alkaline pH of the urine and saliva at 7.4 or above, drink a liter and a half of alkaline water with a scoop of pHour Salts 3 times per day.

18. Enhances athletic performance with one scoop of pHour Salts before, while doing sport and after, to recover from the effort with abundant water.

19. My sore throat or dry throat take 2 scoops of pHour Salts in a 4 ounce glass of alkaline water and swish around your mouth, gargle and then swallow.

20. To alkalize the blood and interstitial fluids that surround every cell to maintain the alkaline pH at 7.365 drink at least 1 liter of alkaline water with 2 to 3 scoops of pHour Salts.

21. To prevent cellular transformation or DNA mutation take 1 scoop of pHour Salts in 2 ounces of alkaline water and drink every morning and just before going to bed.

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