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A Message of Thanks Living & Gratitude!

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Thank YOU ALL for YOUR Constant LOVE and Support!

I am certain that many of you feel a great concern about financial and/or healthcare issues whether it is the daily budget, dwindling savings, credit card bills, money for college bills, mileage and gas prices for the aging family automobiles, a acute or chronic health issue, loss of healthcare insurance, loss of hope, and so on and so on. . .

It is the same for me!

I am always trying to figure out where I can save money so I can use that money to reach more people around the world with the New Biology and The pH Miracle lifestyle and live-it (not a die-it) message of hope, health, and physical and emotional well-being.

If you read my email letters, scientific blog or Facebook on a regular basis, you will know that I am quite positive that following a healthy, organic, alkaline life with many raw, green vegetables will save you money over time and best of all preserve your life from sickness and disease. The pH Miracle lifestyle and live-it plan is the ultimate healthcare protection plan that pays you with good health and fitness.

Whether you have 19 to 99 more years to live, most medical expenses have traditionally occurred in the later years of life. And, the best news is medical expenses can be a thing of the past.

Once your body fluids (interstitial fluids) are alkaline at a pH of 8.4 to 9.0, and once you have rebuilt your blood with my C.O.W.S. program, and once the pH of your urine is around 8.4 or greater on a consistent basis, you are well on your way to permanently increased health, fitness and vigor as well as huge financial savings.

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Remember, the #1 reason for bankruptcy in America for many years has been medical bills!

That will not happen to you?

I hear from people all the time that pretty much the only reason they visit the doctor anymore is to gloat a bit, to follow-up on some old ailment now in the rear-view mirror, to lecture the poor old besieged medical doctor on the importance of nutrition in health, or to give him a copy of The pH Miracle book.

By the way, if you write to me and tell me that you really did get your doctor to read, The pH Miracle book, I’ll send you a free copy to replace the one you gave to your physician. I will also be fascinated to hear your story. In fact, I may share it with everybody in one of these emails.

Many people who have been following a balanced pH Miracle alkaline live-it for many years tell me about all the different ways they save money. Some people have replaced their health insurance with a combination of self-insurance, accident insurance, a hospital indemnity policy, and disability programs.

Some people on Medicare have not purchased the Obiden care supplemental insurance because they have not visited the former family physician for several years and are hoping not to for the rest of their lives. Besides, they tell me, they aren’t likely to go the 'acidic drug route' anyway now that they know the cucumber, avocado and green drink route. (The pH Miracle Live-it Path)

Many have told us that they have saved money because they no longer have doctor visits, co-pays, pharmaceutical drugs, deductibles, tests, clinic and lab fees, medical gadgets, lost time and sick days, and so on. Not to mention the increased energy, creativity, and productivity.

Now lets Talk About Emotional Stress

About four years ago, I emailed you an article about Mother Theresa whose level of consciousness allowed her to function in love, joy, peace and enlightenment. Many of you said that you enjoyed that article. Such states of mind–whether they are linked to experiences that are primarily sensory, emotional, psychological, intellectual or spiritual–can only be accompanied by an absence of stress at the physiological or body level.

I started hearing the world psychosomatic at least 40 or 50 years ago. The mind can cause the body to suffer and the body (the bowel is the first or primary brain) can cause the mind to suffer. Therefore, it makes good sense to take care of both because the bowels do affect the health of the brain because you have more brain cells in your bowels then you have in your head.

I have discussed from time to time the importance of minimizing emotional stress in our lives.

When our minds are filled with thoughts and feelings that include the negative perceptions and experiences of fear, anger and sadness, we are vulnerable to the creation of excessive bodily acid.

Toxic acids are actually secreted from various parts of the body directly into the bloodstream and then into the largest organ of the body called the Interstitium when we are in a negative emotional state. It is important to understand that every thought produces an acidic waste product called lactic and/or citric acid and if NOT eliminated through the four channels (urination, perspiration, defecation and respiration) of elimination can make you sick, tired and fat.

On the other hand, leading a life that includes more experiences in what I call the ‘love zone’ can be a challenge. I forget who coined the word ‘love zone’, but this state of being includes feelings of affection, joy, compassion, empathy, kindness, happiness, peace and bliss.

But living in this zone – you may have noticed–is easier said than done. The world seems so often to pull mightily at the most vulnerable areas of our lives. Our preoccupation with the outer world and things over which we have no control can keep us from entering into those precious moments or hours in the stress-free ‘love zone’.

There is one thing in particular that we can do to help us frequent this zone as much as possible. And I will back into this concept with a little story which I enjoy.

I call this story The 1,000 Avocados for God and It goes like this:

A plantation owner, somewhat foolishly accustomed to bartering with God, prayed for a good harvest. He pleaded thusly: “Dear God, if You would please bring me a great avocado harvest, as a service I will give You 1,000 avocados from the harvest.” God granted him a great harvest.

Thus, the plantation owner loaded up a thousand avocados in his wagon and had his foreman deliver them to the temple. Along the way, the foreman was pestered by two little beggar boys who pleaded for an avocado to ward off their hunger. “Shoo, shoo, go away,” said the foreman, knowing that the plantation owner had loaded exactly 1,000 avocados.

The hungry little boys ran alongside the wagon and continued to beg. Finally, the hired hand relented and gave each of them an avocado. He thought to himself, who would count all these avocados and know that two are missing from a thousand?

But the plantation owner had warned the chief overseer of the temple to count the avocados to make sure that the foreman had not sold some along the way. He found out that two were missing and had been given to beggars and the plantation owner fired the foreman. That night the plantation owner had a dream.

In his dream, God came to him and said, "I have granted your prayer for a great harvest, but you have not kept your agreement."

The plantation owner pleaded his case, "But God, I took the avocados to you just as I said." God replied, "Well, I am sorry that you are in error my friend, because so far, I have received only two."

I think you can see why I enjoy this story. And it has many implications far beyond the simple notion that Divine Providence and charity are related. In fact, we might say that Divine Providence resonates to charity.

There is a great deal of emerging evidence and a wonderful new area of study which says that there is a human field of energy which is very subtle, yet powerful, pervasive and immortal.

There is a field of energy which connects every one of us to every one of us. Some refer to this energy as levels of consciousness–and the study of this energy focuses especially on various states of higher consciousness.

Regardless of our personal level of consciousness, we are not only connected to this field of energy, but we are influencing it just as it influences us in return. There is emerging evidence, both experiential and research, that says that as our level of consciousness rises, our body has an increasing ability or tendency to heal itself. There are increasing numbers of prayer studies that show that healing is affected by prayer.

In Dr. David Hawkins book, Power Vs. Force, he designates and describes our levels of consciousness from low to high levels. In the pathological area, he lists (low to high) shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, and false pride. The ascending corresponding emotions at those lower levels are humiliation, blame, despair, regret, anxiety, craving, hate, and scorn. As we pass from pathological states into higher states of health and well-being, Hawkins designates and defines (low to high) courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment.

The ascending corresponding emotions at these higher levels are affirmation, trust, optimism, forgiveness, understanding, reverence, serenity, bliss and ineffable.

By contemplating upon these two hierarchies of human levels of consciousness and corresponding emotions, you can easily see the beauty that unfolds as we achieve higher and higher levels of consciousness. Higher levels mean less stress, of course, which means less acid in our body.

The simple question then becomes, what is it that I can do to help myself achieve an increasing degree of health, happiness and serenity in my own life?

As I have written before, a healthy and peaceful lifestyle includes choosing an alkaline and nutritional diet, exercise, rest and relaxation, good company, doing work which you enjoy, body massage, meditation, living in faith, sincere gratitude, a reverence for all life, and so on.

Some will argue that these conditions are difficult to achieve in a world of disarray. I must let you all know I struggle too because of the constant attacks on myself and my family because of what we believe and what I teach.

Just viewing the problems of hunger, homelessness, VAIDS or VaXXXine Acquired Immune Deficiency and the increased injuries and deaths in the world from these so-called vaxxxines, is frightening.

In America, we are told that more than 5 million people are now losing or have lost their healthcare insurance due to a faulty Obiden care or sickness care. And, millions of Americans have suffered injury and death due to an inoculation that contains cytotoxic, genototoxic and megnetictotoxic graphene combined to 4 and 5G microwave pulsating radiation that destroys the human blood causing 'blood clots'!

And so, how can we ascend to levels of peace in such a world with so much apparent negativity?

What else is it that we can do to ascend our own levels of consciousness and somehow feel a greater sense of love, the absence of fear, and more acceptance of so many people with whom we seem to have nothing in common, little understanding, a different set of values, and with whom we perceive ourselves to operate from a completely different belief system about the world?

How do we come to a sense of peace and diminish our reflexive stress – the same emotional stress that causes acidic reactions in our body – to the many seemingly unacceptable political, economic, unhappy human elements that surround us?

I believe that my New Biology and eating natural organic food, drinking alkaline water, exercising daily, and taking alkalizing supplements will soon confirm what some have known over the millennia.

Virtually all Holy Scripture from all the major religions are in accordance with the idea that the highest devotion to God – man’s greatest gift to the energy field of the world in which we are all encompassed – is SERVICE TO MANKIND.

Research into higher consciousness tells us that the energy of loving service is recorded in the universe on into infinity.

Thank you GOD for this personal precious revelation and its clarity!

Thus, this Thanksliving and Holiday Season from past problematic plandemic years of 2020, 2021 and the fast approaching end of 2022 with the New Year 2023 around the corner, one of the greatest stress-releasing gifts we can give to ourselves is to give the gift of service to others.

And nothing fosters charitable feelings like charitable actions!

Nothing fosters more the acceptance of other people than lending a helping hand. Nothing will bring forth the peace and wisdom that we need to create within ourselves more than providing service to the poor, the needy, the uneducated, the downtrodden, and the sick and afflicted.

This is what I have always done even for a woman who came into my life in 2010 who was very sick and needing help with no hope, no money and who was diagnosed and treated unsuccesfully by medical savants for a cancerous condition. The following is her story told 3 years later in her own words in the following 3 videos as she shares the truth about her new found health and cancer reversal!

Dawn was given love, care, education and employment because she was in need and we cared enough to help!

Dawn Shares the Truth About the pH Miracle Lifestyle & How She Reversed Her Cancerous Condition!

Look for service projects in your area and take your family into the world to help others. And over time, nothing will help you to diminish the stress inside your own body more than helping to diminish the stress in those around us.

What goes round comes round, and to whatever degree your load of avocados means abundant energy, creativity, intelligence, leadership, money, or time for everyone in the world, I know that you can figure out how to deliver more than just two avocados.

With so much Love, Gratitude and Thanks-living (know as Thanksgiving),

Robert Young

Your Friend and Humble Servant

PS May I kindly suggest that you and your family consider celebrating Thanks Living with a healthy Thanksgiving substitute:

1) Sprouted lentil soup with green pea, celery and carrot.

2) Coconut curry soup with broccoli and squash.

3) Baby organic kale salad with dried organic cranberries topped with avocado, sea salt, lemon and cold-pressed olive oil.

4) Mixed salad greens with sun flower seed sprouts, avocado, heirloom tomato, sea salt, lemon and cold-pressed olive oil.

5) Wheat and egg-free bow-tie pasta with sesame seeds, olive oil and sea salt.

6) Mixed cabbage salad with sea salt, lemon and cold-pressed avocado oil from the Rancho del Sol organic farm.

7) Sliced prisomme fruit from the Rancho del Sol organic farm.

Green beans with onion, lemon, olive oil and sea salt.

9) Steamed organic Brussel sprouts with onion, sea salt, olive oil and lemon.

10) Fresh Young Coconut juice.

11) Fresh pressed juice from organic spinach, cucumber, celery and some ginger.

12) Fresh Young Coconut Nog.

13) My Mother's homemade pumpkin pie without eggs topped with whipped organic coconut cream.

14) Fresh organic RAW seeds and nuts to sprinkle on the food.

15) VEGAN seasoned stuffing with vegan mashed potatoes.

My Oldest Son Adam Young and his Wife Simone Young

Adam Redford Young, Simone Young with Robert Young

The best part of Thanksgiving dinner was sharing this time last year and past years with my oldest son Adam and his beautiful wife Simone at the Rancho del Sol, in Valley Center, California. A beautiful Garden of Eden that we called home for over 20 years!

As I think about all my many blessings I am most grateful for the love, support and strength I receive from God, loyal family members and friends who truly care about me.

No donation is too small and will be appreciated and used for continuous research, publications and public education!

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After your donation, please email me at:

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John Hanek
John Hanek
Nov 28, 2022

Nice! IMO one of your very best posts!

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