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Chemical & Radiation Poisoning at Ground Zero - Wuhan, China & New York City, New York

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Wuhan, China - One of Many Epicenters of the Pandemic [1-82]

Wuhan, China - One of Many Epicenters of the Pandemic [1-82]

Air Pollution - A Primary Causation for the Symptoms of SARS - CORONAVIRUS 2 and 19

NYC is among the smoggiest cities in the U.S. (AP Photo/Adam Rountree)

"Coronavirus is an invisible phantom so-called virus and therefore NOT contagious/infectious making vaccination totally useless and a contributing factor for chemical and biological poisoning!" Dr. Robert O Young
Radiation & Chemical Poisoning Creates Black Crystals in the Intravascular Fluids

Many studies find that air pollution is the primary co-factor associated with the coronavirus. Research scientists stay politically safe by avoiding the short-term environmental acid air pollution trigger (short-term air pollution). They use the terms: "virus", "co-factor", and "long-term air pollution".[1 - 13]

There are thirty-four epicenters listed below, sorted by death incidence. The table reveals that COVID-19 death incidence is proportional to the presence of fracking exhaust and an acidic poisoned earth plume. The major epicenters for acidic poisoning are at the top: Wuhan, China and the Tri-State Region (NY/NJ/CT), Louisiana, etc

All sides agree that long-term air pollution poisoning that leads to hypoxia and pathological blood coagulation is a constant background stressor and a major contributor to acidic poisoning of the epicenters population. I have suggested that we need to set aside and dismantle the viral paradigm and adopt the terrain or environmental causation theory which can then be studied deeper for all acidic contributing factors that lead to the symptoms associated with the underlying causes.

A recent Harvard study finds that those vulnerable to the symptoms of the so-called "virus" are generated by long-term chemical poisoning from air pollution. A small increase in long-term exposure to PM2.5 leads to a large increase in the symptoms and death rate claimed to be caused by the phantom virus, COVID-19 … 1 μg/m3 in PM2.5 of hydrogen cyanide air pollution poisoning is associated with an 8% increase in the COVID-19 death rate. Once again, the increase in the COVID-19 death rate is due to chemical poisoning from air pollution and NOT from an invisible phantom virus. As you can see in the chart below hydrogen cyanide poisoning and its symptoms are identical to those claimed as an infectious virus now known as COVID-19 which has never been scientifically identified, isolated and cultured under Koch's postulates, validating its existence of so-called virus. [14]

Hydrogen Cyanide Poisoning Symptoms From Fracking are Identical to the So-Called COVID - 19 Virus [82-91]

A study from Tel Aviv University, describes the long-term NO2 or nitrogen dioxide air pollution poisoning component as a "most important contributor" to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once again, showing that the invisible phantom virus is NOT the cause of the symptoms listed above but are the result of acidic air pollution and earth plumes.

[NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide)] is one of the most obvious contributors to fatality caused by the COVID-19 virus in these regions and maybe across the whole world. [15]

Are Large Populations a Contributing Factor or Risk for Viral Infection

Air pollution has already been acknowledged by many researchers as a major cofactor for COVID-19 dis-ease. It has been suggested by some scientists that incidences are high in NYC because of the higher population density, and thus, social distancing of six feet, when not maintained will lead to more cases of COVID-19 infections..

A comparison of the five NYC boroughs refutes this theory of population density and therefore social distancing is NOT a common denominator in the increased infections. The boroughs listed below are all within a small geographical area, sharing a common environment in terms of above-ground and therefore subjected to acidic air pollution and earth plume poisoning.

It is important to note that Manhattan has the highest population density with the lowest incidence of the so-called phantom COVID-19 viral infections. The Bronx has half the population density of Manhattan with nearly twice the incidences.

It is also very important to point out that Manhattan has more people located on higher floors, away from earth pollution poisoning and earth plumes whereas the Bronx has more people located on lower floors near earth plume pollution. Finally, the Bronx is nearer to the newly installed upwind electric power plants which emits excessive amounts of air and electromagnetic pollution.

New York City - A City of Toxic Air Pollution and Earth Plumes

Metaphorically speaking, New York City is a petri dish of people who are vulnerable for being poisoned to death by the application of a dye of toxic fracked-fuel exhaust and NOT some invisible phantom. This is revealed in terms of their morbidity and mortality when looking at incidences and not cases determined by inconclusive and vague antibody or RTPCR testing..

The four low stacks of the 14th Street Con Edison electric power plant (Manhattan) are across the East River and directly upwind from the Williamsburg epicenter. A few parts-per-million (ppm) chronic exposure to its exhaust components, such as Nitrogen dioxide and Hydrogen cyanide, can cause a wide variety of debilitating acidic symptoms, having nothing to do with a fake virus. "Beyond My Ken" [CC BY-SA 4.0)
The Upwind Power Plant Con Edison, 14th Street, Manhattan (in service 2005)
Invisible Toxic Acidic Poisonous Exhaust, Marked by Steam Clouds

Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable to acidic poisonous air pollution and earth plumes because children are still developing their immune systems and the elderly generally have compromised immune systems due to pre-existing conditions. "I was told by DOH officials that inspectors will NOT approve commercial day care permits near this power plant because it would be considered “co-located” and therefore “a condition that may expose children to environmental hazards”-Juan Pagán, Assembly Candidate

Aerial View of Con Edison or CONVID Edison

The four stacks of toxic acidic poisonous exhaust from the CONVID Edison power plant is rated at 736 megawatts. This approximates 85,000 carbon monoxide polluting automobiles cruising at 40 mph setting the stage for toxic acidic air pollution leading to the symptoms associated with the fake virus called COVID-19.

The following map shows the main epicenter of air pollution to the right circled (zip codes 11249, 11211), and a lesser epicenter of air pollution to the left circled (zip code 11205), both Williamsburg zip codes, where emergency vaccines and fines are mandated and a contributing factor to decompensated acidosis of the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium. Blue squares designate the location of the toxic acidic power plants.

Toxic Acidic Air Pollution and Earth Plumes are the Cause and NOT an Invisible Phantom Virus! No Need to Social Distance!

Canadian epicenters provide another contradiction for those who believe population density supports the infectious disease paradigm. Vancouver, with the highest population density has very low COVID-19 incidence. North Montreal, with its lower population density, has the highest incidence of COVID-19 incidences. The difference between Vancouver and North Montreal is North Montreal is an environmental air pollution disaster, with many oil refineries nearby creating toxic acidic air pollution. No so-called infectious disease causing virus can be found but increased levels of Nitrogen Dioxide and Hydrogen Cyanide is found.

The distinguished medical scientist, Sucharit Bhakdi, states that viral causation is dubious, the common denominator is "horrid air pollution"[16] and the medical response to the pandemic is “grotesque, absurd and very dangerous.”[94,95]

“Trump Calls Coronavirus Democrats’ ‘New Hoax’' Accessed May 5, 2020

Dr. Deborah Birx, while representing the Federal Administration, inadvertently stated that deaths and disease are diagnosed as COVID-19 largely by mere association with a positive test result. That is knowing that the RTPCR testing is NOT disease specific and only tests antibodies which could be elevated for multiple reasons.

Representing COVID-19 largely by mere association with a positive antibody test as a "Case" is misleading, because cases are not well defined. A mere positive for an already ill person is NOT enough for a COVID-19 diagnosis. "Death" is more accurate, because death is more likely to be associated with definitive symptoms like a high fever or lung damage.

Cases and deaths are misleading, for example: NY Times, "Morning Briefing" (4/23/2020):

...the US outbreak... by far the world's largest...

All public information outlets should be using the word “incidence”.

Incidence reveals disease intensity, disease per population. It reveals patterns that point to toxic acidic chemical and/or radiation poisoning sources. For example, fracked fuel exhaust of nitrogen oxide or hydrogen cyanide poisoning correlates with deaths and deaths from chemical poisoning are incidences.

Incidences vs Cases

The US may have "the largest" numbers of so-called coronavirus cases (outside of China), but would be further down the list in terms of incidences. If US refinery epicenters were subtracted out of the cases, US incidences would be “the smallest” in the World. 

New York City's so-called coronavirus incidences is much higher than US incidence. Therefore, what is different about New York City? 


Caveat: Spill maps are good for earth pollution studies, but do not always accurately indicate present active hazards. There is a political element. For assertive discussion, Example 1: The green area is high-value real-estate in Manhattan, on the east side, Stuyvesant Town, 11,000 apartment buildings. This is the former site of a manufactured gas plant (MGP), which in my opinion, should be designated a still hazardous Superfund Site (a risk if one lives near ground level). Example 2: Brooklyn Naval Yard is the former site of shipbuilders during WWI and WWII and further back in history for 400 years. It shows on the map as an area of relative non-concern. Example 3: Fifty refineries once operated near Greenpoint and Williamsburg (Brooklyn) during the pre-regulatory era. Chemical spills are the largest in US history. The map doesn’t represent the risks of that polluted earth appropriately.
Mass Acidic Chemical Poisoning from Nitrogen Oxide and Hydrogen Cyanide Coupled with Radiation Poisoning in Manhattan, New York.

The above map is a great contribution in support of death by acidic chemical and radioactive poisoning and NOT from a phantom virus called Coronavirus COVID-19. Maps of disease incidence are the best indicators of acidic chemical and radiation pollution, and for that reason, the NYC Departments of Health is not allowed to provide detailed epidemiological maps. They, however, state that the reason is patient privacy. But such data could be omitted or anonymized for the purposes of determining the actual number of incidences caused by acidic chemical and radiation poisoning or from the phantom Coronavirus COVID-19.

Epicenter for Mass Acidic 5G Radiation Poisoning in New York City, New York [94]

Even in the mainstream, the fake virus and infectious-believing World, a "case" is not necessarily the disease, and any COVID-19 disease is not necessarily due to the CORONAVIRUS-COVID-19!

Dr. Deborah Birx, inadvertently stated that deaths and disease are diagnosed as COVID-19 largely by mere association


ACIDIC toxic air pollution or 'Acid Rain' contributes to 9% of all deaths globally – this varies from 2% to 15% by country compared to the so-called phantom Coronavirus, CONVID-19 of .02% to .05% which is caused by chemical and radiation poisoning.


Thus, the advertised and media marketed plandemic is, to an unknown degree, a fraudemic of testing. Yet, from the standpoint of the chemical and radiation acidic poisoning thesis, there is a real acidic chemical and radiation pollution pandemic, of which the test(s) would be measuring residual biological matter (fragmented genetic matter) caused by radioactive and chemical exposure and an activated immune response (falsely interpreted as COVID-19 antibodies)!

In other words, real scientific evidence that can be quantified and then analyzed and does NOT require YOU to exercise your faith to believe in a phantom virus called COVID-19 - based upon a fake science called virology which only exists as a concept on a piece of paper! [96][97][98][99][100][101]

Hopefully, it is NOW clearer to you that the purpose for the Coronavirus CONVID-19 Plandemic is NOT about Public Health! So what is it about? What do YOU Think! Power? Money? Population Control?


Coronavirus Plandemic

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The US may be "the largest" (outside of China), but it is much farther down the list in terms of incidence. If US refinery epicenters were subtracted, US incidence would be “the smallest” in the world.   New York City incidence is much higher than US incidence. Therefore, what is different about New York City?   MASSIVE EARTH POLLUTION.
Mass Earth Chemical and Radiation Pollution in New York City & Brooklyn!

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Viruses, Vaccines and Infectious Disease


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