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Alkalize and Energize for Life - A pH Miracle Testimony

I started my pH Miracle journey in the early part of 2020. I was very familiar with the importance of alkalinity and had been taking supplements, mostly coral calcium, to help me stay well. I had purchased Doctor Young’s book “The PH Miracle” many years ago and just put it a bookcase without reading it or learning much about his work. Well, as chance would have it a video of Dr. Young being interviewed popped up on my Youtube channel. I watched the entire interview and quickly did some internet searching. I found all of Dr. Young’s websites, facebook groups, etc. I emailed the phmiracle products website to get a list of recommended products and purchased based on their suggestions. Through using primarily the phoursalts, L-argenine, chlorophyl, greens powder, and Prime ph I have been amazed at the quick results. My skin has cleared up dramatically, my joint pain from years of tennis and martial arts has been eliminated, I had a very bad shoulder injury that has become pain free and my energy has been fantastic. My only regret is that I didn’t get started sooner.

I have also twice done a phone consultation with Dr. Young, and I believe this is very important for people to do. He really helped me with a lot of questions and concerns, but more importantly he went over the best protocol for ME with the PhMiracle products. He was genuinely concerned with my questions and helping me to find my way to optimal health.

On top of all this the service from the websites is terrific. Every question I ask gets answered and products are shipped incredibly quickly. I am very happy I found Dr. Young and the PhMiracle products. I hope more people will find their way to better health through Dr. Young’s work. Thank you!!

Sincerely, Jonathan Frost

PS You can set up a consultation with Dr. Young by clicking on the following link:

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