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Amoeba's, Spirochetes, Streptococcus, Bacilli, Candida & Graphene Are Now Part of ALL Body Fluids

Think twice and then think again before sharing body fluids!

Especially from those who have been graphenated with the Jibby Jabb or Jim's Juice including Aresols, Ticks, Mosquitoes and the interstitial fluids from Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish, Just to Name a Few Transvectors!

Gingival Crevicular Fluid Showing Pleomorphic Activity of Amoeba's. Borrelia Spirochetes, Streptococcus mutan bacteria, Candida albicans and Graphene hydrogel nano bots revealed under pHase contrast and Darkfield Microscopy - Copyright Hikari Omni Media Publishing and Dr. Robert O. Young, 2023

Watch the video of ameoba's, spirochetes and graphenated hydrosol by clicking on the following link:

The saliva, sweat, urine, vaginal fluids and semen of animals and humans may all contain Amoeba's, Borrelia Spirochetes, Streptococcus mutan bacteria, Candida albicans and Graphene nano bots which are easily transfected to YOU!

Gingival Crevicular Fluid Showing Pleomorphic Activity of Borrelia Spirochetes and Graphene Hydrosol Nano Bots Revealed Under pHase and Darkfield Microscopy - Copyright Hikari Omni Media and Dr. Robert O. Young, 2023

You Can Watch and Share the Video the Spriochetes and Graphene Nano Dots at the Following Link:

Kissing Dogs or Cats & Most Humans is

NOT Advisable!

The eating and drinking the juices or interstitial fluids from the flesh of beef, chicken, pork, duck and especially fish is even more of a health risk and a major contributing factor for transfection of foreign nano and micro particulates, including parasites like Graphenated Borrelia Spirohetes and Trypanosoma Cruzi causing sickness, dis-ease, inflammation, organ injury and death!

The sunlight and vitamin D3 is critical in maintaining optimal health. A deficiency in vitamin D3 can lead to various health challenges, including fatigue and immune deficiencies, and how this deficiency is often misattributed to the influenza virus. Taking higher levels of vitamin D3 to prevent and reverse these deficiencies, particularly in areas with low sunlight exposure.

Dr. Robert Young in the article on Vitamin D3 the importance of maintaining a delicate pH balance and electromagnetic balance in the body, and suggested using products like "pHour Salts" and purified alkaline water to achieve this.

He warned against the dangers of consuming meat that may contain graphene oxide, which can cause pathological blood coagulation or blood clots.

The need for education and understanding the truth, can be found in "Truth versus Deception" Part 1 and Part 2, including "The pH MIracle Revised and Updated books.

Part 1

Part 2

Please check out the correlation between EMF radio and microwave frequencies and disease, and the need to bring this information to the whole of humanity.

The Mindset of Dr. Robert O. Young on Non-Disclosed Ingredients in the VAXXXines Activated by Wirelesss Microwave Radiation



Dr. Young's major seminal peer-reviewed article reporting his and other scientists' findings in the 4 major COVID vaccines:

ASMS-06-1351 (6) (1)
Download PDF • 1.19MB


1918 Influenza Pandemic Survivor Interview: Mrs. Edna Boone, Interviewed

Report 255 | Dr. Robert Young: All Disease is Outfection Not Infection--Vaccine Nano is Bioweapon!

Newsbreak 135--BREAKING: Immense Harm from Crystallizing Blood Cells/Graphene Poisoning Post-Vaccine

Newsbreak 133: Team of Scientists Confirm Presence of Toxins Graphene, Aluminum, Cadmium Selenide, Stainless Steel, LNP-GO Capsids, Parasites, Other Toxins Variously in 4 COVID Vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson

For the Carnicom Disclosure Project on Magnetism, Trans-humanism, Synthetic Biology, Vaccine Poisons, Bio Surveillance, Neuromodulation, Electromagnetic Bio-Human Effects, Virus Confusions, Terrain and Blood Health and the Secret Elixir of Life -

Scientific Articles -

Want to learn more?

Special guest Dr. Robert Young makes his first appearance on the show to speak with Liberty Man about his microscopy and spectroscopy findings in the gene juice injections.

Dr. Young and Liberty Man talk about FDA corruption and share perspectives on the nanotechnology aspects of the shots, including topics such as RNA interference, toxicity, shedding, blood clots, and electromagnetic frequencies, and how all of this plays into the larger agenda of a digital ID social-credit prison system.

Extraordinary and riveting account of healing from terminal lung cancer and recovering from COVID symptoms on the pH Miracle Lifestyle healing program of alkaline diet, exercise, and healing foods from Dr. Robert Young, who describes the healing power of the right foods and actions to maintain the right pH balance in the interstitial fluids of the body, and encourages all to learn more about how disease is not transmitted by germs—as Virology would have it—but cultured in acidic environments, and how switching our diets and lifestyles from acidic to alkaline can transform our lives.

Pathological Blood Coagulation Book proof-2
Download PDF • 2.53MB

Peer-reviewed and Published June 20th, 2016 in the Journal of Vaccines and Vaccinations

[1] Young RO (2016) Second Thoughts about Viruses, Vaccines, and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis - Part 1. Int J Vaccines Vaccin 2(3): 00032. DOI: 10.15406/ijvv.2016.02.00032

Download PDF • 509KB

[2] Young RO (2016) Second Thoughts Concerning Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis - Part 2. Int J Vaccines Vaccin 2(3): 00034. DOI: 10.15406/ijvv.2016.02.00034

[3] Young RO (2016) Second Thoughts Concerning Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis - Part 3 HIV/AIDS and the Monomorphic Disease Model. Int J Vaccines Vaccin 2(3): 00035. DOI: 10.15406/ijvv.2016.02.00035

Published in the Early 90's One Sickness, One Disease, One Treatment

One Sickness, One Disease, One Treatment First Edition Published in1996 - OUT of PRINT

"There is only one treatment, restore the alkaline design of the body fluids with an alkaline lifestyle and diet." Dr. Robert O. Young - 1996

Robert O. Young MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner -

Follow Dr Robert O Young on his Scientific Blog, Twitter and Telegram

Robert Young DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner -

Twitter: @phmiraclelife



Commissioner International Tribunal of Natural Justice:

Editorial Board Member of ACTA Scientific Medical Sciences:

Fellow at the New Earth University:


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Twitter: @phmiraclelife



Help Support the Research of Dr. Robert O. Young:

"My People Perish From Ignorance" - Hosea

"Protect the blood and you will protect against any sickness or dis-ease" - Dr. Robert O. Young

"For the Life of ALL Flesh is the Blood" - Moses was with one million souls who all perished wandering in ignorance in the wilderness!

Nothing Has Changed!

NOW, we have 5 billion VAXXinated men, women and children worldwide wandering and wondering about the truth that would set them free from the corruption and lies if they would just listen, watch, read, learn and JUST BELIEVE!

Truth vs Deception

Liberty vs Tyranny

COVID - 19

Fact vs Fiction

Science vs Scientism

Dr. Robert O. Young and T. M. Ballantyne, Jr. New Book is NOW Available in Hard or Soft Book Cover and Kindle on

Number 1 in New Book Releases!

Number 1 in Medical Ethics!

Number 1 in Human Physician & Patient Medical Ethics

Number 1 in Human Rights Law

Number 19 in Human Rights

Number 80 in Politics and Government

Number 2,396 In ALL Books

Being Sold Worldwide by Amazon!

"Our past covidiocy history will some day acknowledge Dr. Robert O. Young as being one of the seminal medical-science icons responsible for redeeming humanity from an unfathomable abyss.

Despite systematically targeted by a quadrillion dollar medical science establishment for decades, he continues to resurrect and claim ever higher ground in his understanding of human health and planetary welfare.

In so doing he elevates the mind and heart of millions of souls who cherish him as a Godly man and a brilliant scholar.

The coupling of Dr Young with the remarkable T.M. Ballantyne Jr. ignites a most inspired and formidable vanguard in truth and disclosure”. Sacha Stone -

Canada Loves YOU Dr. Robert Young

"Thank-you Dr. Robert Young for being the Camelot of our Time in these days where the balance of the Earth is at stake against the fight of this Dark Regime.

"The Fall of the Olden Ones is finally at hand, and your message to the world brings a desperately needed repose to all the voices that have been silenced.

"Your voice resonates through our hearts as your sound words reassures us and heals our wounds of despair & distraught endure these

many years & life times for those who have walked this Earth since it’s beginning.

"Thank you for bringing in the love of humanity as a messenger of hope and deliverance for the many awakening from the grip of falsehood in this duality of reality we call life.

"Perception has many signs of deceit by the spoken word of what we call the English language.

"Perhaps the reversal of this language will finally be exposed and the Rosetta Stone of Truth will finally allow us to walk this elevation of New Earth in peace and harmony with all of humanity.

"We thank you Dr. Robert Young for being our Anchor in the worst of storms, for being our light in our darkest hour.

"Your support is your true crown of loyalty to Source and it is recognized with such admiration.

"We thank you for every word spoken which brings upon a smile on humanities heart & soul.

"You are a true soldier of our days!!!

"As we watch our loved ones decay in these precious times of hope, YOU have brought comfort in knowing that even if the battle is lost that what is coming will finally bring an end to this life we call war!" - George Boulet - Canada

Solutions to Pollutions

You can NOW purchase "The pH Miracle Revised and Updated" with our NEW book, "Truth vs Deception - Liberty vs Tyranny - COVID - 19 Fact vs Fiction" at a reduced price! Check it out at the following link:

Please support our work, reasearch and findings by purchasing "The pH Miracle Revised and Updated" & "Truth vs Deception - Liberty vs Tyranny - COVID - 19 Facts vs Fiction" and Science vs Scientism by donating at:

"This is the year, 2023, to return to God, truth, intelligence, faith, peace, freedom, forgiveness of self and others, health, hope, love and charity! before it is too late" Dr. Robert O. Young

"Now is the time to prepare to meet OUR CREATOR" -

You must be the Health and Fitness YOU Want to See!


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Wayne Lusvardi
Wayne Lusvardi
Jun 27, 2023

My friend, as we are painfully learning, the world is driven by illusions and lies, not the least of which is science. Ho hum, there is no "truth" to Mormonism. Nothing new here. You are seeking certainty in a world where the signals we receive do not come pre-interpreted and are often contradictory. For sure we lack enough information to understand the human body but we also lack clear information about life in general. Faith and doubt are two sides of the same coin. Read Erasmus In Praise of Folly - where he writes that our happiness is predicated on illusions and the illusion makers are irresponsible for the consequences. Biologist Harold Hillman found that much of what is con…


Wayne Lusvardi
Wayne Lusvardi
Jun 27, 2023

Thanks for all the reporting of observations. The article excerpted below infers that spirochetes are natural and derived from pleomorphism. Moreover, it is S-Adenosylmethionine (SAM-e) that is the independent variable that controls spirochete formation if I understand this correctly. SAM-e is made from amino acids found in food. So, are the spirochetes an anomaly or not? Just asking.

A new class of protein sensor links spirochete pleomorphism, persistence, and chemotaxis

View ORCID ProfileA.R. Muok, K. Kurniyati, View ORCID ProfileD.R. Ortega, View ORCID ProfileF.A. Olsthoorn, View ORCID ProfileA. Sidi Mabrouk, C. Li, View ORCID ProfileA. Briegel


This article is a preprint and has not been certified by peer review [what does this mean?].


Pathogenic spirochetes can alter…


Jun 23, 2023

Dr. Young, I'm impressed with your medical work and your determined and diligent search for further truth in this area. I've followed you for many years and have often bought your products and read your books. You are quite a puzzle to me in one way, however. I also grew up in the LDS church and believed it for much of my life. When I finally did some research on, I realized the LDS church is not true. I do still believe in God though. It seems to me that you must not have researched the church origins or that you are just strongly indoctrinated. It could cause me to question the credibility of your health views,…

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