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Are We Making Ourselves Sick? A Story About Toxicity, Sickness and Recovery from the 'Corona Effect'

Updated: Apr 15

Are we making ourselves sick? A story about toxicity, sickness and a pH Miracle recovery.

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April 12, 2020

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A toxic mindset and diet causes dis-ease. When one introduces additional forms of toxicity into their life, seen and unseen toxicity, known and unknown toxicity, their immune system is compromised. Meaning the healthy balance of their body, alkalinity of their body, is compromised. They fall from a state of ease to one of dis-ease.

To thwart this imbalance, or fall from ease into dis-ease, the pH balance of the body must return to an ideal state. In order to do so, the body desperately tries to maintain the alkaline fluid pH at 7.365. To do so one must remove the toxicity from their life and find a way to improve the alkalinity of the body.

On Sunday, March 15th I felt myself falling from a state of ease. At 1:00pm that afternoon I met my brother for coffee (Yes, I admit coffee is one of the most acidic beverages and something I should not consume.) at a local coffee shop in Media, PA. This was just before fear robbed us of our common sense and began to wreak havoc on the community and the world. The pandemic shutdown was happening. I never thought I would feel like an outsider, a criminal, for going to the store, for going for a walk or a nice Sunday drive.

In the blink of an eye we allowed our freedoms to be taken hostage. Over the years we allowed our health to be taken hostage by the toxic foods that are so easily accessible and toxic thoughts which are chock-full of fear and dread among a long list of other dis-ease producing culprits.

After hearing all of the news about this apparent virus, how seemingly contagious it was and the rising death toll (inflated because deaths from other causes were, and still are, being chalked up to the Coronavirus), this was fuel added to the growing fire of fear. And we sat idly by allowing it to feed our irrational fears.

Despite knowing better, I still found myself falling for the bullshit the media was spewing out wreaking havoc on peoples’ lives and our common sense, so much so that I even believed I was getting sick. Each time I left my house my throat began to feel scratchy. I allowed the fear filled toxic news headlines, as well as members of the community lead me to believe I was getting sick!

Once I left the coffee shop while on my drive home I convinced myself I was going to be sick. I felt it in my throat and my body. The moment I arrived at home I spent the remainder of the afternoon laying in bed resting as I felt this sickness coming on. At that point I knew I had to take the proper steps to return to a state of ease, i.e. health.

On a daily basis I typically drink anywhere from four to seven liters of alkaline water with liquid chlorophyll and powdered greens. I knew I was going to have to ramp-up my water intake and bring additional supplements into the mix to stave off any sickness.

That afternoon I initiated my recovery by drinking a glass of alkaline water with two scoops of carbonate salts and one scoop of oxygen & magnesium powder and drank another one before bed.

When I awoke the following morning I definitely knew something was off. I had a throbbing headache, my body ached, I had the chills and the sweats. Immediately I drank a glass of alkaline water with two scoops of carbonate salts and one scoop of oxygen & magnesium powder.

My wife even suggested I go to the doctor. If I in fact did have the flu, an extreme cold, the Coronavirus or whatever new label we create for dis-ease I was not going anywhere near a doctor’s office or hospital knowing how crazy things were.

As an aside, a couple of my wife’s tennis friends happen to be nurses. They were becoming increasingly frustrated with all of the fu*cking headlines pumping society full of fear while the hospital beds are EMPTY! How could this be possible? But, I digress.

My wife suggested I take Advil to help mitigate the pain. I reluctantly heeded her advice because I hadn’t taken Advil for nearly a decade ever since I changed my lifestyle. The good news was that it did help relieve my body aches and headache. In order to help reduce my body aches, chills, headache and cough I did end up taking DayQuil and NyQuil as well. All that did was help to cover-up the pain, not cure the sickness.

I knew I had to handle this apparent sickness myself by rebalancing my body, something I had previously done on many occasions. It was time I reintroduced carbonate salts with oxygen & magnesium powder into my diet. On top of that I was going to increase my intake of alkaline water with chlorophyll and powdered greens by up to an additional three liters a day.

On the fifth day my temperature returned to normal and I started feeling better. No more body aches, no more chills, no more sweats. But, my headache still remained for a couple days longer and my pesky cough lingered for two more weeks. I resumed my four to seven liters of alkaline water daily. During the two weeks that followed I continued drinking two glasses of alkaline water with two scoops of bicarbonate salts and one scoop of oxygen & magnesium powder each day; one in the morning and one in the evening.

As I write this article on Easter Sunday I am happy to say I am back to feeling great! I am so very grateful for being shown another way by friends and loved ones.

So, why am I sharing this with you? For many reasons, but I will leave you with one: First, instead of relying on traditional medicine by using antibiotics and medications to help me return to a state of ease I know of another way to heal, a New Biology. Second, what if it were true that I in fact had Coronavirus or Flu? Think about it! My family has been exposed to this apparent virus which is highly contagious. How in the world could this be?

Maybe one day people will awaken to the truth, that they (this means you!) have a choice. They can consider other alternatives and ways to cure dis-ease versus cover it up with a pill. Plus, in an ever increasing toxic world many people just might have no other choice but to awaken to a ‘New Biology.’

My body tells me when I am misaligned and illness is impending. When this occurs I increase my intake of Alkaline water, carbonate salts and oxygen & magnesium powder to combat illness. On a daily basis I drink anywhere from four to seven liters of alkaline water, liquid chlorophyll, and powdered greens.

Once I began feeling better, like boiling a frog I jumped right back into the acidic bowl of waste by drinking coffee! Ugh! When is was feeling sick I kept track if my daily intake. At the end of this article you will find a copy of that list to give you an idea what my daily regimen looked like.

Before I changed my lifestyle in 2007 I weighed around 210 pounds (my height is 5’8”). One year later I weighed in around 171 pounds. Today, in 2020 I currently weigh in around 174 pounds. Considering all of the things I have removed from my diet over the years I am doing okay, yet there are still many areas of improvement for me.

When I made the change, my body transformed and my taste buds seemed to awaken allowing me to taste foods like never before. My energy increased, even my stamina and strength. It is clear that I am still perfecting my alkaline lifestyle, but over the past decade I have personally experienced a transformation in my health.

I know from personal experience that a toxic, negative, mindset is just as bad as a toxic diet and the combination of the two can result in disaster. The good news is that we have absolute control over both. But, there are other toxins in the environment that may not be so easy to control or mitigate.

I thank you for reading this article and I honor you for your curiosity and willingness to find another way.

I wish you love and happiness!

T.E. Corner http://www.tomcorner.net

Summary of Daily Regimen (Detailed list is below):

Day #1:

Day #2:

9 liters of alkaline water with a combination of iJuice Chlorophyll, pH Miracle powdered greens (heaping scoop), Innerlight Prime pH drops and pH Miracle puripHy drops.

Day #3:

Day #4: 

Once my temperature returned to normal and I was feeling better my attention to details in chronicling my liquid intake lessened. With that being said, day #4 is not a full reflection of my intake.


The following two weeks:

Ingredients for success:

Daily Regimen:

Sun., March 15

DAY #1 — Mon., March 16:

DAY #2 — Tue., March 17

Note: Body aches, head throbbing, chills, slight nausea.

  • Note: I love You God. I am feeling better on many levels. All is well.

DAY #3 — Wed., Mar 18, 2020

DAY #4—Thur., Mar 19

Note: Awoke @ 9am The night before I had difficult time sleeping because knees ached. Didn’t fall asleep until around 1:00am. This is my usual sign of being acidic when my knees hurt.

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