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Autopsies Prove Death by Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation or Pulmonary Thrombosis!

Urgent! Read This NOW! It Will Save Lives!

Autopsies are showing the cause of deaths caused by disseminated Intravascular coagulation (DIC) or Pathological Blood Coagulation! and NOT Viral or from SARS Coronavirus COVID -19!

Check out my peer-reviewed paper published in 2016 in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccinations!

I have attached my peer-reviewed article below for FREE to START SAVING LIVES!

From Gods Mouth to my ears to YOU, Please get this information to everyone and anyone!

Your loved ones!

Your friends!

Your co-workers!

Your neighbors!

Your doctors!

Your hospitals!

Share this with the World! NOW!

You can change lives and save lives NOW! We can ALL go back to work! We can put an end to the fear and death of this so-called phantom virus!

The diagnosis and treatments are with your health care professionals. They have the anticoagulants and anti-inflammatories for cytokine pro-inflammatories that can reverse these symptoms of hypoxia from blood clotting NOW!

The condition is called Pulmonary Thrombosis!

It is clear that the Whole World has been treating the wrong condition due to a serious pathophysiological diagnostic error!

You can also order a hard copy of this peer-reviewed life-saving article at:

For more insights on Pathological Blood Coagulation go to:

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