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CDC Admits NO DOCUMENTATION For the Existence of the Monkey Pox Virus!

On August 11, 2022:

Roger Andoh acting as FOIA Officer confessed that the men and women at U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (CDC/ATSDR) have absolutely no documentation whatsoever regarding the origin of the so-called "monkeypox virus" image posted on their website, or the methodology used to obtain said image.

Since Roger couldn't provide any documentation, he instead quoted claims that were allegedly made to him by some unidentified man or woman at the National Center for Emerging Zoonotic and Infectious Diseases. Roger would not disclose whether or not the skin tissue used in the image had been stored in "virus transport medium" (containing fetal bovine serum, etc.) prior to imaging, or who performed the imaging....

Download PDF • 541KB

August 11, 2022:

Some anonymous man or woman working in the Legal Services department at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control confessed that no one there has any record of any alleged "monkeypox virus" being found in the bodily fluid/tissue of any alleged host and purified… in order for “it” to be sequenced, characterized and studied with controlled experiments (aka “science”). They suggested that my colleague "explore many resources available on PubMed and Google Scholar".

Download PDF • 183KB

August 15, 2022:

Grey Bruce Health Unit (Ontario) confessed to Jess Clark that, despite announcing to the community in July that a case of "monkeypox virus" had been "confirmed", they actually have no proof of this at all, they don't even have any record of anyone on Earth finding the alleged virus in any bodily fluid/tissue and purifying it so that any science could actually take place:

Read The Response by clicking on the following PDF file:

Download PDF • 580KB

September 7, 2022:

The folks at both Health Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada conducted thorough searches and had to confess that they have no record of anyone on Earth finding any alleged "monkeypox virus" in the bodily fluid/tissue/excrement of any diseased "host" (animal or human) and then purifying this alleged "virus"… which would have been necessary in order for this alleged thing to have been sequenced, characterized and studied with fully controlled experiments. In other words, they have no scientific evidence that this alleged "virus" even exists in alleged hosts, let alone causes any disease whatsoever.

HC-PHAC-monkeypox-PACKAGE-redacted (1)
Download PDF • 1.15MB


Updated September, 27th, 2022

A Cartoon of the Non-Existent Corona Virus!

September 9, 2022:

Dr. Eileen "conflict of interest" de Villa and the City Toronto ignored both of my FOIs filed on May 22, 2022... let's face it, because they have no record of anyone on Earth finding and purifying any alleged monkeypox virus from any bodily fluid/tissue of any sick person, ever. And no record of any monkeypox virus test that they administer ever being validated against a gold standard:

Download PDF • 167KB


August 17, 2022:

New Zealand’s Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) has previously failed to provide or cite: - any record of SARS-COV-2 being found and purified from any bodily fluid/tissue by anyone on the planet, anywhere, ever, (more than once, see here, here, here and here also), - any record that scientifically proves the existence of the alleged “SARS-COV-2”.

ESR also insisted that Michael S. pay $2964 for important details regarding the invalid “SARS-COV-2 genome sequencing” that were omitted from the publication “Transmission of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 during Border Quarantine and Air Travel, New Zealand (Aotearoa)”.

Michael has been busy again, this time obtaining ESR's admission that they have no record showing that the in silico "virus" causes the alleged "COVID-19":

Download PDF • 316KB

August 18, 2022:

Annabel Kent, acting as Legal Counsel for “Australia’s national science research agency”, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization aka CSIRO has confessed to my colleague Michael S. that no one at CSIRO has any records that scientifically demonstrate the existence of "SARS-COV-2". We find this especially interesting given that CSIRO has a so-called dangerous pathogens research team ( and people at CSIRO are complicit in so-called “COVID-19 vaccine" trials using the fake “SARS-COV-2 isolate” from Doherty Institute. Pdf:

Download PDF • 338KB

August 19, 2022:

Claire O'Connell, acting as Information Compliance Officer at University of Canterbury, New Zealand, confessed to Michael S. that they have no scientific proof of the existence of SARS-COV-2

Download PDF • 360KB

August 19, 2022:

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (CDC/ATSDR) confessed that they have no record of anyone on Earth finding any alleged henipavirus or lentivirus in any bodily fluid/tissue of any alleged host and purifying "it" so that any science could actually take place:

Download PDF • 620KB

August 2022:

Taiwan's CDC failed to provide or cite for Michael S. any scientific proof of the existence of the alleged - but let's face it, strictly in silico and therefore imaginary - SARS-COV-2:

Download PDF • 381KB

August 20, 2022:

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention was asked for records of the alleged SARS-COV-2 being found in and purified from any clinical sample on Earth, and responded with useless manufacturers' instructions for 2 fraudulent PCR "tests" that have no gold standard since the virus has never been shown to exist.

Download PDF • 161KB

August 25, 2022:

People acting for the University of Otago, New Zealand have previously confessed to my colleague Michael S. that no one there has any record of any SARS-COV-2 being found in and purified from any bodily fluid/tissue on the planet, by anyone, anywhere, ever.

Kelsey Kennard, acting in the Office of the Registrar, later confessed that the so-called "isolation" paper by Otago researcher Miguel Quiñones-Mateu is merely descriptive, has no hypothesis and nothing to prove or disprove. Yet Kelsey later insisted that the exact same descriptive paper - that has no hypothesis to test - is scientific proof of the imaginary virus.

Michael has attempted to obtain further details from Otago about the invalid/insufficient "controls" used in this unscientific descriptive paper. They are clearly insufficient because they were not treated in the same way as the experimental group, minus the fake virus. But Otago has been extremely uncooperative with Michael, vexatious even.

Kelsey has now responded to a new and distinct FOI from Michael for scientific proof that the (imaginary) SARS-COV-2 causes "covid-19" (which is "confirmed" with fraudulent, meaningless "tests" that have no gold standard). Kelsey has rejected Michael's FOI based on the following false claims and insinuations:

- that his FOI is frivolous or vexatious,

- that it's Michael's fault that Quiñones-Mateu has not managed to provide a shred of "covid" science thus far, - that Michael's FOIs constitute improper pressure or harassment, and - that nonexistent covid records are publicly available.

Download PDF • 588KB

September 13, 2022:

Some anonymous man or woman in the Public Records Office at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provided unhelpful documents that do not contain scientific evidence of the alleged SARS-COV-2, and confessed that they have no other documents relevant to the request. In other words they have absolutely no "SARS-COV-2" or "COVID-19" science whatsoever:

Download PDF • 13.32MB

September 14, 2022:

The U.S. CDC and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry confessed that a search of their records failed to find any that describe anyone on Earth finding any alleged "HTLV1" or "HTLV-III/LAV" in the bodily fluid/tissue/excrement of any diseased diseased host and then purifying either of these alleged "viruses"… which would be necessary in order for them to be sequenced, characterized and studied with fully controlled experiments. In other words, they have no scientific evidence that these particles even exist in their alleged hosts, let alone cause any disease.

Download PDF • 302KB


Mark Sexton (retired police officer involved in providing covid-19 fraud evidence to the Metropolitan Police, file number 6029679/21) recently reminded me of...

December 2020:

Regarding “BNT162b2” - Pfizer-BioNTech's “Covid-19 vaccine” mRNA ingredient that was transcribed from a genetic template that allegedly encodes the spike protein of the imaginary “SARS-COV-2 virus” - U.K. Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency admitted to investigative journalist Frances Leader that the genetic template “does not come directly from an isolated virus from an infected person“, rather it “was generated via a combination of gene synthesis and recombinant DNA technology“.


Download PDF • 97KB


Important update from our friends in South Africa and comments re controlled opposition:

SHOW US THE VIRUS - Leave to Appeal 4th MAY 2022 Pray for Ricard's safety and success.

Contrary to the propaganda issuing forth from the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment, vaccines are not feel-good healthcare treatments to enhance immunity, they are deadly toxins known and seen now to cause major injury and harm; in the case of the COVID vaccine, found by electron and optical microscopy and energy spectroscopy to be loaded with toxins, which are deadly dangerous and now causing embolisms, clots, aneurysms, palsy, paralysis, heart attacks, miscarriages, and sudden death.

The Following Graphs are a Data Analysis for Deaths Caused by the Coronavirus Vaccine!

The Placebo Had Greater Benefit and Protection Then the VaXXXine!

Electron Microscopy Expert Dr. Robert O. Young Demolishes "Virus" Micrographs - Ramola D.'s report 282:

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Robert Young, a 40-year electron microscopy expert and biochemist and nutrition scientist examines the "virus" micrographs published by governments and health "authorities" and describes what they really are: exosomes or repair proteins which are a by-product of cell membrane breakdown in the presence of chemical toxins or radiation assault, dispatched by the body's innate intelligence system to prevent internal bleeding and activate a protective clotting mechanism in the process of removal of toxins and self-healing, wrongfully identified by many in Science, Microbiology, and Public Health as viruses.

(Keep an eye on Ramola, as she has been exposing massive fraud for years, has extensively covered the unscientific nature of virology and was recently forcibly held in a psychiatric ward for almost a week. Her website:

Informative conversation with Dr. Robert Young who shares new findings of self-assembling "graphene micro bubbles" in the Pfizer vaccine as well as evidence of the same kind of graphene bubbles in the blood of a Moderna-vaccinated individual.


Dr. Robert Young and Dr. Andy Kaufman discuss their discoveries of Antoine Bechamp's groundbreaking Terrain Theory after he examined cells at the molecular level and found that disease and ill-health stems from unhealthy and acidic internal environments, uncovering specks of granular life beyond cellular, nuclear, and DNA structures he termed microzymas--later or seemingly coincidentally named protits, somatids, bions by other scientists, historically, similar in fact, says Dr. Andy Kaufman to stem cells--which scientists like Gunther Enderlein and Marie Bleker found have the capacity to form life into healthy cells or bacteria and yeast of different kinds in acidic environments, which form primarily to try to clean up the acids and toxins, and can be returned to the shape of healthy cells after toxic-waste-clean-up in the right alkaline environment, in an extraordinary and fascinating process heretofore hidden from larger awareness by the Germologists of Modern Pharmaceutically-Shaped Science: Pleomorphism.

FOI responses and court documents from 208 institutions (and counting) in >35 countries: Every institution failed to cite any record re purification of the imaginary "covid-19 virus" from any patient sample, by anyone, anywhere, or proof of "its" existence:

Excel list of the institutions:

SARS-COV-2 FOIs grouped by country in compilation pdfs: Growing collection of FOI responses regarding other imaginary viruses (HIV, HPV, Influenza, Measles, etc., etc., etc.):

Because "they" (viruses) don't exist and Virology is NOT a science.

Robert O Young MSc., DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner has devoted his life to researching the true causes of "disease," subsequently developing "The New Biology™" to help people around the World with the understanding on how to balance their lifestyle and diet to prevent serious health challenges.

Dr. Young spends most of his time researching, lecturing, educating, helping people around the World.

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