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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

PLUS: A Life of Public Service in Education to Help Heal Humanity!

Detailed reporting (second half of video presentation) of new findings of blood clots of different sizes, nano and micro, along with nanowires, sheets, ribbons, tubes, dots, clusters, bubbles, apparent parasites, symplasts and jagged shards and coils of graphene in the live blood of vaccinated and unvaccinated people taken from capillaries (which means the nano graphene in the COVID vaccines has spread everywhere throughout the body via the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium organ) revealing that all who have taken the graphene vaxxine, pill, capsule, aerosol or swab are in great danger of harm of different kinds including paralysis, strokes, heart attacks, sudden death, unless they wake up and start detoxing at lightening speed.

Dr. Young takes us down through his new article which has posted many of his new micrographs--which he has since updated, since the time of recording of this video on Friday June 17 to include further images of parasites and graphene found in live capillary blood--and comments also on the recent findings of fibrous blood clots reported in the veins of deceased people by pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, saying that such findings are not uncommon, and can be caused by a variety of factors, although in this case it appears the toxic catalysts to such pathological blood coagulation are the undisclosed elements (found via microscopic and spectroscopic analysis by numerous separate teams of medical researchers) of graphene, parasites, other metallic oxides, and self-assembling nano circuitry.

Graphene self-assembling nano circuitry!

The great value of Dr. Young's work of course is that he is examining the blood of living people and is able to advise them on the nature of what is occurring inside their bodies post vaxxination which in turn helps guide their next actions toward detoxing, health and healing, and thereby changing and saving their lives from graphene poisoning.

Interestingly Dr. Young notes that a certain amount of blood clotting is to be found in all blood, even unvaccinated, given the toxin load we get everyday from sources other than vaccines, such as aerosols, water and soil contamination, etc.

Dr. Young also reflects on a lifetime of public service through educating all on his close-to-Nobel-Prize-winning discoveries in Biology which focus on the primacy of the interstitial fluid, and the need to keep it alkaline for optimal health.

Indeed his books, seminars, and many talks point to a paradigm of disease and health which is easy to grasp and easy to follow in terms of logic and sense--There is One Disease and One Health, he has often said, and the key to it all is keeping the body alkaline for health and preventing acidosis through an acidifying lifestyle and toxin overload.

Dr. Robert also offers a glimpse into his past encounters with the famous and fabulous, and the Beatles' song Dr. Robert was sung for him as he shares an early passion for music in guitar, bass, drums, and singing and offers an exclusive rendition of his original, "Who Am I", written he reports at 19 on the stages of London, England.


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David Howard
David Howard
Jul 07, 2022

Covid is a smoke screen for radiation sickness (5G)


Jun 23, 2022

Thank You Dr. Young, from your body of life’s work I am learning understanding of the more complicated and technical aspects of human chemistry and pathology, gladitude. While seemingly you have been displaced as Joseph by friends and family, I have with admiration gained an astute and learned teacher’s valuable guidance. Appreciation for your sacred reminders, and lyrics. Rhonda

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