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Do You Want to Be in the First Group for Receiving the Coronavirus Vaccine?

An artist's depiction of the 2019-nCov novel coronavirus. Coronaviruses get their name for the spikey projections on their surface that resemble the prongs of a crown. (Image: © Shutterstock)

The following is a letter that you can send or give to any government official or authoritarian before YOU accept any inoculation of a foreign toxic/acidic biological and/or chemical micro and nano particulates into YOUR body which is highly likely to cause negative affects on YOUR health, YOUR body and YOUR life! Given the nature of this so-called pandemic and the first of its kind RNA vaccine containing fragmented genetic matter from a 14 week old male aborted fetus and other toxic acidic chemical micro and nano particulates such as luciferase dye and aluminum oxide for the purpose of connecting us all to the cloud with are own personal barcode identification for contact tracing, biomedical tracing and record keeping and digital currency accounting.

Please send these 14 foundational questions when necessary to your government official or authoritarian to answer before you are forced to receive any acidic toxic inoculation that may have severe negative effects on your body fluid chemistry including decompensated acidosis of the Interstitial fluids of the Insterstitium leading to pathological blood coagulation, hypoxia, sepsis and death.

To Whom It May Concern, 1) Please send me the government guidelines for the requirement of regular testing of asymptomatic patients.

2) Please send me the scientific proof that asymptomatic patients can spread this so-called virus known as the coronavirus from human to human. 3) Please send me all research studies that prove antibody and RTPCR testing asymptomatic patients slows the spread of any virus. 4) Please send me all scientific evidence of the accuracy of any testing for any virus including the coronavirus.

5) Please send me all scientific evidence that the SARS coVID -2-19 virus has been isolated using Koch's 4 stage postulates or Rivers 6 stage postulates which are considered the gold standard methods for isolating and identifying any virulent microorganism, including the SARS CoVID-2-19 virus.

6) Please send me scientific evidence of a pandemic form the coronavirus using cases of people that have actually died of SARS CoVID-2-19 not with SARS CoVID-12-19. 7) Please send me scientific evidence of the death rate due to pneumonia for the Year-end 2019 to Year-end 2020 compared with all previous years beginning from 1964 when the coronavirus was first identified. 8) Please send me any protocols you intend to carry out should I refuse antibody, antigen or RT-PCR testing. 9) Please send me a statement as to why you see these protocols for the treatment of SARS-CoVID-2-19 should be enforced while taking away my God-given free-will to control my own body and my life. 10) Please explain what it means to isolate the SARS-CoV-2-19? Please review the method and state your scientific method for isolating the SARS CoVID - 2-19 for identification efficacy?

11) Please share any published peer-reviewed scientific papers on the isolation/purification of the SARS CoVid-2-19 and if not, to which scientific publications do you reference validating the existence of the so-called invisible coronavirus?

12) Please share ANY key scientific publication(s) describing that a viral structure or molecules attributed to the HIV, Ebola, HBV, Hepatitis, Zika and/or SARS-CoV-2-19, virus have been isolated in the sense of the word "isolation"? (See illustration above)

13) Please share the "control" experiments documented that prove that the nucleic acids used to align the genome of the HIV, Ebola, Zika, SARS-CoVid-2-19 viruses are actually viral in nature and do not have other tissue characteristics?

In case the "control" experiments mentioned in question 13 have not yet been performed please answer the final question:

14. If such a "control" experiment has been conducted (the isolation of RNA from uninfected cell cultures, sequencing and alignment to the SARS-CoVid-2-19 genome), would you send me this data from one of the major peer-reviewed scientific publications such as, Nature, The New England Journal of Medicine, or the Lancet?

Please put ALL of YOUR answers in writing, have your answers notarized and then sent by certified/registered mail to the address below.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Robert O. Young

16390 Dia del Sol

Valley Center, California 92082


PS The following is a micrograph of live blood from a patient exhibiting the 'corona effect' on the membranes of the red blood cells.

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