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Dr. Mark Steele, Dr. Robert Young & Anders Brunstad Speak Truth to Power & to the Whole of Humanity!

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Scientists Dr. Robert O. Young and Dr. Mark Steele with Statistician Anders Brunstad Discuss the Major Contributing Factors for ALL - Cause Mortality!


The recorded and transcribed meeting discussed the potential impact of electromagnetic pollution on all-cause mortality, with Mark Steele expressing concerns about the deployment of 5G and its impact on people's health.

Dr. Mark Steele also discussed the presence of nano particulates and tungsten contamination in flu vaccines and their potential to increase radiation burden on people.

The meeting also highlighted the potential harm caused by electromagnetic radiation on human health, with Andrews presenting his findings on all-cause mortality in Denmark related to the launch of 3G, 4G, and 5G technologies. The speakers emphasized the need for increased awareness and education around these issues, and the importance of taking steps to mitigate potential risks associated with electromagnetic fields and vaccines.

The conversation also touched on the challenges of obtaining accurate data in the midst of a public health crisis and the potential for political interference in the reporting of data.

The speakers discussed the potential manipulation of mortality data by funeral directors and the lack of trust in government data.

They also discussed the potential dangers of satellite technology and the need for solutions to deal with the worldwide problem of electromagnetic pollution.

Dr Robert Young and Dr. Mark Steele discussed their approach of invoicing local authorities and government agencies for taxes paid since 2019, claiming that they are domestic terrorist organizations working for the World Economic Forum.

They suggest that people should also put in a claim against these characters and highlight the low risk of doing so. They believe that this strategy will bring more light into the darkness and stop the authorities from shutting down their movement.

They also mention the potential risk of vaccines being connected to 5G and the need to highlight this in the public domain.

Finally, Anders Brunstad discussed 'The Independent Narrative Research Initiative' (INRI), a non-profit organization focused on funding independent research into 5G and related issues, including vaccination damage.

The organization aims to inform the public and media about the dangers of electromagnetic frequency pollution and to hold those responsible accountable.

Dr. Young emphasized the importance of sharing this information with everyone around the world and highlights the main contributing factors to excess deaths, including contamination in water, food, and air, as well as electromagnetic frequency pollution.

The speakers expressed their commitment to speaking truth to power and sharing this information with all those who need it which is the whole of humanity!

Chapters & Topics Chapter descriptions

Discussion on Electromagnetic Pollution and All Cause Mortality 0:05

Concerns about 5G, Vaccines, and Street Furniture 8:05

Discussion on Carbon Nanotubes, Nano Particulates, and LED Lights 17:15

Discussion on the Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Human Health 26:30

Analysis of All-Cause Mortality in Denmark 36:28

Mortality rates in Denmark, specifically in Copenhagen

Effects of Radiation on Mental Health and Immune System1:01:20

Radiation levels from handsets due to not being close enough to an antenna

Obtaining Data for England1:03:41

Obtaining data sets for England

Mortality Data and Nefarious Activities1:08:10

Invoicing Local Authorities and Government Agencies1:19:19

The Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields and Vaccines1:24:03

The Independent Narrative Research Initiative and the Importance of Sharing Information1:30:06

Key Questions Answered!

1. What is the statistical evidence linking electromagnetic pollution to all cause mortality? 7:25

2. Why do some rural areas in Denmark have lower excess mortality rates compared to urban areas? 48:52

3. What is the cut off point between extremely dangerous and not so dangerous radiation levels? 1:02:06

4. Do you have any information on Ireland's data? 1:06:55

5. What is the connection between the use of nano particulates in vaccines and the depopulation agenda?

Discussion on Electromagnetic Pollution and All Cause Mortality

DY Dr Robert Young0:05 So I would like to, I would like to invite, you know. God Spirit to be with us as we talk together. Being a God fearing man, you know, and really a truth seeker, as I believe All of us that are here today seeking truth to not only for ourselves and our families, but for for all of humanity. So it's it's Once again, my honor, introduce a couple of our guests here, Mark Steele. You're you're in London, England? Mark.

MS Mark Steele0:54 I'm in the northeast of England, not far from the Scottish border.

DY Dr Robert Young1:00 Okay, well, I mean, I I've been I've been enthralled with England for so many years. I lived there for for a couple of years in in Chelsea and and then in Southampton and And so, my, I have family connections there and, and businesss connections and, and I was trying the other day, I was trying to, to think about, you know, this mad cows disease.

That took place I don't know if it was two thousand five two thousand six two thousand seven but the solution, as I remember, because I was invited by the government to participate in that, and the solution was just a slaughter millions of cattles based upon You know, a so called, and I say that you know, not infection but infection, and that was the solution to that.

And of course the other day I was watching, Programm, you know, series on Victoria. Part of one of the episodes was on an outbreak of cholera. One of the doctors there, of course, was talking with one of the nurses in one of the hospitals there and trying to get information, and of course They were portraying Florence Nightingale. I was, I was listening to Florence Nightingale, and they were trying to find the location based upon, let's say, some sort of infection, and she just rolled her eyes.

You know, I don't know if you know her position on germs and the germ theory, but she was, she's expressed openly that, that you'll see one disease evolve out of another disease. And the bottom line is they located the source of the problem and it was pollution of water and it was in a localized area where people were getting getting sick and dying, and it had everything to do with what they were drinking. It was the water And the reason I say that is because that's been pretty much the, the thought processes.

Decreased Engagement

When something happens, it must be associated some sort of term. The viral theory came into being.

MS Mark Steele3:27 That's.

DY Dr Robert Young3:33 in the 60 s. The, the use of that word virus and prior to that, you know, I don't know if you knew this or not. Mark But the viral theory was based upon what they would call filterable bacteria. Fuch, who You know, I hate to even mention, but I mentioned that I wrote a paper on bacterial pneumonia as as being the cause of massive death for the Spanish flu epidemic. So there's always been this desire to, to attach. The germ theory, the so called outbreaks or epidemics or pandemics that they're calling and you know, when it comes down to it.

And we start investigating these things and especially now and, and you're the expert in this area in relationship to Electromagnetic frequency and pollution. And now have, you know, geoengineering and and fires throughout Canada. And as a farmer in Southern California or previous farmer We had three major fires that were all man made. They were all started from other sources and I know you have some understanding about that as it relates to, you know, environmental contributing factors, electromagnetic frequency factors.

You were on Presentation with Uh Stephen Foster's group, Uh doctors, Uh medical doctors for, for Covid. Truth, but it's so I, I'm always fascinated with, with folks like yourself, because you have such deep experience in what I was saying early and it was, and it looks like it's, it's becoming more of an issue of electromagnetic frequencies, and so I ask Andres,and I don't know if Andrews is there or not, but I ask Andres to participate in. Providing statistical evidence that would actually demonstrate, you know, these spikes that are showing up on the introduction of all cause mortality related to you know, spikes that we're seeing in all cause mortality and we can associate that with I don't.

Increased Engagement

I don't think it's a casual association. The spikes prove out themselves. In certain areas, and of course Andrews has looked at Sweden We did it. In fact, I sent that to you. Mark for, for your information, the statistics on on Sweden, because we were talking to another scientist is as well.

There's no, there's no excess mortality in Sweden. And of course Andrews can speak for himself as it relates to those numbers. But I'm sure you've got some thoughts along those lines would love to hear.

You know your perspective on on this and Andrews. Has prepared a presentation on all cause mortality Denmark. He's done this for parts of the United States, he's done this for Norway, he's done it for Switzerland, and he's also done this for.

MS Mark Steele7:22 Ed.

DY Dr Robert Young7:25 Canada. And so it it appears, based upon the statistical information that he's gathered on all cause mortality, that electromagnetic pollution is a major contributing factor. It's kind of like the elephant in the room as it relates to what we're seeing and it's, it's not viral based, but it's, it's,

MS Mark Steele7:52 Yes.

DY Dr Robert Young7:52 it's radiation. Radio and microwave radiation, I mean what, what's say you mark on this? I, I know you have a lot to say about it, but what's say you on this?

Concerns about 5G, Vaccines, and Street Furniture

MS Mark Steele8:05 Totally agree. We followed this early on I watched the you know the the switch on a five g in south korea where there was a major problem with the electrical grid and Ovi She South Korea. I'm pretty sure that picked South Korea because they've got an advanced electrical grid infrastructure far more advanced than what you'll find in the West. We've got a lot of older, degraded grid where a lot of it's very, very old, and unfortunately it was never built to take large amounts of electromagnetic radiation in air, and some of the equipment If you push it into Rova burden,

DY Dr Robert Young8:50 You.

MS Mark Steele8:51 you're going to start seeing fires where you'll see transformer boxes in particular, due to the dialectic properties of the transformer boxes actually burst into flames. That's exactly what happened in South Korea. Oh, I knew that the, you know, the elector. Net radius and deployment of five G Deployment in particular, was basically the trigger for this depopulation agenda.

DY Dr Robert Young9:11 Oh.

MS Mark Steele9:17 and that would cause a major problem to the people who are driving this mass extermination agenda, because the weapon needs the grid. You have to have electrical power to drive the grid. Consequent It was a problem. I then started to look at vaccinations, flu vaccines, contamination and flu vaccines and discovered that there was significant amounts of nano particulates in flu vaccines, and tungsten in particular. There was no pharmacological reason why you would want to have tungsten Nan will form inside uh, flu vaccines unless you wanted to do some serious damage, sterilization, but also to interconnect to increase the radiation burden on your on a, on a person.

So that was why when they came up with a covid one nineteen vaccine I already worked out that what it was interconnector with the five g weapon the nano materials the antennas the target acquisition capability of it it all tied in with what their real ultimate goal if you look at the goal the goal is to depopulate the goals to control manage and exterminate so if you take that as their end goal then you can start to look for the specifics of how they're to achieve that so that's what I would this is where I came along in t sixteen when they installed the led street furniture pretty problematic the were bear elements the four hundred fifty nanometers in and around that part of the spectrum very problematic no diffuse a significant increase in kelvin so we had led street lights that were being installed at six and seven kelvin six and seven thousand kelvin where you have had high pressure sodium at two thousand two hundred however they're not safe but you have a diffuser to mitigate what's called point light source so basically scatter the light emission and and reduce its impact its direct impact and we didn't see that so so basically what I was recognized as a wetton system though one of the things I was extremely concerned about was the control management system on street furniture that could then modulate the light frequency so you could actually weaponize it so you could weaponize the late emit a by pulse modulate and a certain frequencies renew about that so that was part of just part of the multitude of weaponry that they bring together and also the new lighting equipment facilitated the installation of these micro antennas on top of the street lights the equipment that I got extremely concerned about in the Area Aro of the Councils explained that this would be extremely dangerous.

DY Dr Robert Young11:30 Oh.

MS Mark Steele12:15 The levels of radiation were problematic and breach of the Council of 15 resolution and therefore should have never been installed when actually got, got called off the actual equipment. I found that there were high gain antennas, there was sub gigahertz range. So the industry narrative was we'll have to have these transmitters on every single street light or every other street light, every 3rd street light, due to them operate in the millimeter wave. They don't do that. These are sub gig that are long range red or Not what the industry was saying and the main blanket coverage for Five G was sub gig. Now the sub gig has gott four. Better penetration through the build up of the environment for target acquisition and for spy. And so I can basically, yeah, people, but I can see them and it's extremely problematic. For anybody to try and get away from that particular blanket coverage. So we'll have an example. We've got a Burnham City Council who in twenty nineteen switched on one hundred and seven thousand uh microwave transmit as on every single street light a sub gigahertz each one hass ten mile minimum footprint that's non line a site in the built up urban environment now the company says it's one hundred milliwatt I know that that can't be the case because you wouldn't be able to non line a site through a built up urban environment for over ten miles so it has to be a little bit larger than that we have had some whispers it's quite a bit higher than that but what we do see in the birmingham maa is a large increase in sickness and death now the two hundred nineteen I'll just put a an image up there on the on the chart this was the official national statistics in the Uk.

And you'll see the morbidity rates. So sickness people claim and sickness benefit as of twenty nineteen it went up by over twenty five percent so and it this was pre covid one nineteen is a pre day pandemic narrative so it started then we'll also see the large increase in mortality rates and I mean the catastrophic the conspiracy is the fact that nobody's saying anything or doing anything about it so when we've got regulatory bodies directors for public health authorities, they basically just totally staying silent over this catastrophic health issue.

There's no reference of it in the mainstream. There is some about, you know, large increases in mortality in the not well, not in the mainstream, but in So, which confirms the major conspiracy. There's a conspiracy. The Highness data and the reason for that is because it predates pandemic. It predates the pandemic. I always stated and have done for a number of years that the whole coronavirus symptoms or electromagnetic radiation pollution.

DY Dr Robert Young15:26 What about?

MS Mark Steele15:27 However, I think the electromagnetic radiation pollution in the connect of the contaminated vaccines, that was the 1st part of the coal. I don't believe they hit their goal the expectation was switch on two hundred nineteen that have massive increases in death that had a very small number of deaths so obviously the annual particulates and the contamination and the flu vaccines even though they will have affected a number of people that didn't affect enough so the terrorizing tactic of a large number of people dropping down dead actually just didn't it didn't occur consequently there was an awful lot more people didn't participate and weren't terrified in Axi.

Take the uh, the real uh piece of hardware, which is the Covid 19 vaccine, which we now know has these graphite oxide manual particulates, which can come together there's a lot of very nast so I mean i've read some of the work that you did Robert and I followed a lot of the stu you know I followed a lot of your videos which all interconnect and and one hundred percentage concur that everything you said from the get core was correct. The post mortems in Italy all confirmed. You know, flu vaccine contamination increases the radiation footprint and consequently get more oxidative stress and more, more morbidity and more mortality.

So that the, the vaccines were just a contamination and it was so that the radiation levels could be kept to a degree where the wouldn't affect the electrical grid. Enough so that they would actually, you know, take it down. So I'm pretty sure the other element of the, the kill Is these the Pc or test? We now know that the The hydrogel had carbon nanotubes. I was very fortunate. I worked on the nano particulates very early on in New Cut and not far from an office where I worked. Swans Chemicals was one of the 1st manufacturers in the world commercially for carbon nanotubes.

Discussion on Carbon Nanotubes, Nano Particulates, and LED Lights

MS Mark Steele17:47 I actually had a meeting with them. I was working for Shell at the time. We were very, very interested in nano particles for Co and annular. So the internals of pipes just stop wearing tear to create some sort of, some sort of protection in the pipelines. Very expensive cutting out pipelines and especially transmission lines as you've got reduction in production so nano particulate seem to be a very, very interesting development in relation to mitigate this wear and tear in annual as a pipelines.

However, one of the 1st international conferences already knew about nano particulates and contamination after in troops and soldiers after high explosives. So where people develop cancer where poor smalls have been carried out at the Eby center of this identified as a cancerous growth. We could see nano particulates. So nano particulates, to me, will never see if and asked this particular question at this international conference at the Gosforth Par in Newcastle. The organizations was Durham University,

DY Dr Robert Young19:02 Oh.

MS Mark Steele19:04 Manchester University, who supposedly developed this graphene, which basically a p sell. Tap onto a graphite block. Spell tap on a graphite block and nod graphene at tall book more of e I think they call it reduced graphene now even though it's just graphite but I believe that's the reason for that is so that there was I think the British government put two hundred fifty million into a pot for people to research graphene so it was quite interesting to change the uh the narrative around uh to say that you were researching graphene when what point of fact was what they call reduced graphene where you have multiple uh atomic and molecular structures of carbon So that was a bit that, that to me was a bit interesting, but I wrote a report on this, these carbon nanotubes and these nano particulates and the fact that from a biological perspective, they are toxic.

So the report that I did for the oil and gas industry, there was absolutely no way that we were going to get involved in putting something potentially lethal into an annular that you wouldn't possibly be able to filter it out and it would come through in someone's, you know, gas coupa gas fire in that in other area. So we just didn't want to get involved at all. And I believe the government went ahead with large amounts of funding in relation to this. But also the defense in the telecommunications industries, they're pushed on these contaminants in air.

And I believe it was all poor. E to, it's all, they're all interconnected. It's all interconnected with the defense industry. The, because they're the ones that are driving this, these contaminated vaccines that are interconnected with the, the five G weapons program and the five G weapons that they eventually want to get them all in place, create this massive cool. And I'm pretty sure the Led street lights in fact I'm not sure I know they are the four fifty nanometers frequency which is interesting enough six six six terahertz i've been speaking about four fifty nanometers and there was a scientist from France pierre who contacted me I did a talk at the ev nine conference on g was well before I realized about the spiritual aspect of what we're actually up against and I spoke about this four hundred fifty nanometers frequency and per contact me said mark why do you talk about four hundred fifty nanometers and I said well it's in there somewhere and I haven't measured it but it's uh I don't know I don't know why I fifteen eoms but where does anything where does any of that actually come from but I was intrigued when he said it was six six six raids so I calculated it up and I came up with six six eight but i've made a mistake and it was actually six six six rods and that's the first time.

DY Dr Robert Young21:30 W box. Hey.

MS Mark Steele22:12 I actually understood there was something more. Let's see a spiritual going on in relation to this. When I, then because I mean the Led lights or any, any lighting, expert will tell you that you know, artificial light must have a diffuse and what you don't want is to get point light source. These four hundred fifty nanometers frequencies are extremely toxic to all biological life the local authorities had already been worn by public health england professor John o hagen had said there was a risk You had the medical and said there was a risk.

Ansys, the French regulatory body, said there was a risk. So it was a major risk to this particular type of light. However, local authorities just went on with this climate reductionist co two without any care and the fact that the equipments uninsurable for harm told me there was some. Serious this was early on in about two sixteen seventy in fact what the duchy the the the the category too light emit as the maximum that exposed a human to is zero point two five a second and it install this equipment and the rationale even though they're that dangerous the rationale is that's so bright and that's so problematic and would give you a bad head and sore eyes. You can't physically look at them. So therefore they're safe. That physic, they're safe because you can't look at them because of that problematic that you can't look at them. That's the rationale which just totally blows. Runs a Coach and horses through all the product development. Safe D everything that was ever written down in the past,

DY Dr Robert Young 23:54 Oh.

MS Mark Steele 23:57 all the laws in relation to regulatory standards across the world that just ran a Coach and Horses through it. And what I came across was this hydrogel with the carbon nanotubes that would be listed in the Pc or test. These small Fibrous look like type of like a nylon needle typee. Piece of equipment where you can stick it up into the, the up part of the nasal passage, squirt it around, pull it out, and it deposited these this hybrid Gl into the nasal passage. Those carbon nanotubes what we now know the the carrier whatever they whatever they have they will eject the the uh the payload specifically at four hdd fifty nanometers I read this peer and it just bounced out it was about the four hundred nanometers how it activates the carbon nanotubes to release whatever payload they have in them I believe the payloads some sort of neural link type technology but all in the connected with the five g network.

It's, it's, it's very, very problematic. They, they have polluted an awful lot of people. There's an awful lot of victims out there who are basically walking around with a target on the back and the don't understand. One of the parts the weapon is the pulse modulated light. You pulse it at A, at a square wave at a 2nd interval, so you straw B it and that's what activates and I can quite easily see how that transmission through the optic nerve. Into the into the brain, at the central nervous system.

We'll be able to aggravate these carbon nanotubes to release whatever payload they oc. Curry.

DY Dr Robert Young 25:59 Yeah, I noticed in San Diego, these, these probe lights, they, they've got them in San Diego as one of the smart cities, one of the initial smart cities in the United States, they've gott this technology. It's really weird. You cannot look at this, in fact, they actually go in and out. And that must be the modulation that you're talking about, because you can see the light, then you can't see the light. You'll notice it, it, it's coming and going and it's, it's, it's pulsating, it's been modulated and This is, this has been, you know.

Discussion on the Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Human Health

MS Mark Steele 26:42 50 A

DY Dr Robert Young 26:42 instigated in this city and and they're preparing it, as I guess, as one of the smart cities. Here in California. Are you familiar with the bills that are being presented in California as it relates to You know, regulation of electromagnetic pollutions and frequencies. There's two major bills right now before the state Senate in California Congress, and that's up there, But people are becoming more and more concerned.

About the effects of radiation poisoning uh and particularly the effects of four g and five g I had no idea you know I mean I did have an idea as it relates to the frequency of 4G and affecting human health because in nineteen ninety eight when I was working with Dr. Beverly Rubik on a study that took place in London.

In fact, the people that participated in the study were were from the BBC that worked in the Edit bay. The effects on the human blood. Were significant. Being exposed to radiation poisoning coming from electrical equipment that, you know, that they were, you know, in a closed, confined environment proved out that two and 3G was was harmful to the body.

So, I mean, this was the question, I asked the other day, is What is what is the tolerance of of of these frequencies?

On the human body.

I mean, what is it, what is acceptable, what, what can be, basically what can the human body, you know, maintain its own integrity without being being affected by by these various uh, pulsating frequencies. I mean.

MS Mark Steele28:39 I don't think it can, Robert. I think the these are Wes symbiotic with natural occurring radiation emissions and what we not symbiotic with his man made. So we'll have a number of different uh waveforms, square wave, Z waves, cross waves. There's lots of different waveforms that create a major issue. If you look at the obviously dependent on the spectrum, dependent on the spectrum and dependent on the modulated frequency, we could let's cac.

DY Dr Robert Young29:13 Hope.

MS Mark Steele29:17 structure, an electromagnetic radiation structure. Just pop the biology off to one side for a minute. If we just look at this structure and I pour enough energy into a structure where I can create an expansion E release an expansion by modulate that frequency.

DY Dr Robert Young29:31 Yes.

MS Mark Steele29:38 So I've got the right spectrum. So I create this energy field within this sphere or the electromagnetic Ren sphere. So let it A, it could be molecular, it could be an atomic, it could be a cell, it could be the A orbital, it can be what a really interesting experiment is to watch the, some guys put some grapes into w of oven as you cut them in half.

DY Dr Robert Young30:02 Oh.

MS Mark Steele30:05 And what you're trying to create is is an energy capture when the dielectric properties of the grap skin, so you start to see ionization in a microwave radiation fields the ionization, you see plasma start to pour off. It's really interesting experiment and it actually shows how These depend on frequency and pulse modulation, and the spectrum in particular is how you can capture in a dielectric. Property of a structure. So any orbital structure, you can create this expansion and contraction.

If you look at son amines, like where I use ultrasound and the collapse of the bubble, so as the bubble collapse, as you see in a Stella temperature emission, you see light emission in sonar luminescence and that's just using ultrasounds. So there is the potential for that using microwave radiation in a very, very similar way. And that's what it's an extremely. Let's say that there are several parameters, which are extremely difficult to to monitor unless you were in a laboratory.

So in the real world, let's say you've got a, you've got a structure that's already been affected by the natural occurring radiation emission, but obviously it's symbiotic. I then pour a man made emission into that create the the pressure within that spherical. So whether it be, you know, an eye orbital, su that, so it's why a lot of people get joined, pian et cetera, or it's at a molecular level or at a quantum level and create this energy build up. Even though I've got small amounts of, small amounts of energy pour in in that and get a capture within that sphere and therefore it's, the damage is unquantifiable and there are several other factors, so.

Like I said, it's an extremely difficult, I mean the proof in the pudding. Well, what we're saying is large increases in all cause mortality and all cause morbidity. This uh, blanket coverage. I radiation, It is deleterious to all life and What we'll see is we'll just see an accumulation of this, this sickness over time. Now one of the things that we do have is this we have a natural magnetic field that will protect to a degree and this is where some of the stop stared emissions.

So let's say a small, there was a study done, it's called a reflex study and it showed where rats that were exposed to radiation levels over time while less, less biologically damaged than rats that were exposed to the same amount of radiation, but it was stop.

Couple of minutes later, start again so that if the electromagnetic radiation feel the protection field, wasn't in play you know what I mean it sort of caught you out and this is why these modulated let lights I did a video of people traveling in some country in asia where as you're travel into the led street furniture they've got red on the top it sees a vehicle coming toward it as the vehicle comes toward it it flashes up the light they're lethal that's absolute lethal because it's catching you don't actually have an ability to protect yourself from this and also the other thing with the four hundred fifty nanometers like these are blue phosphate codd la days the fact that it's not really white light, that eye your pupil opens up, to, to gather more of this, let's say a bastardized optical radiation which you don't actually see it. It's more of an illusion of white light, not the reality of white light. Consequently, the The pupil opens up significantly so you can imagine you're driving along a motorway. Your pupils are pretty wide because you're screening to see this.

DY Dr Robert Young34:38 Ok.

MS Mark Steele34:39 you know, the, this lack of light that's actually there because you're not seeing, it's mono chromic, you're not seeing full spectrum and you travel along. So all of a sudden and then Hit you with this flash. I've just put a post up there of the modulated weapons. Let where they modulate the Og Pce. You've got the red, green and blue Lets modulated that causes the pressure and the cranium.

DY Dr Robert Young35:05 Z.

MS Mark Steele35:07 I can do exactly the same with the phosphor Cod. In fact, I'm pretty sure they will prove to be even more toxic in relation to Puting pressure into the in the brain, and this is what I believe that go to aggravate these carbon nanotubes going forward.

DY Dr Robert Young35:28 we're seeing these nanotubes these nano threads you can see them behind me in the picture uh in in live blood uh so they are they are appearing in in ninety nine percent of the people they're uh they're they're picking up these uh these nano particulates uh they're organizing themselves and uh this is some of the effects of that organization and they do put out fields of energy. It's like, it's like a Christmas light with bulbs in it and it's lighting up periodically down the line.

It's actually illuminating, giving off light. And it's, it's quite unusual to see this in in live blood, to see this in in human blood. And here again, these are people that are in many cases either vaccinated, but I'm also seeing it in unvaccinated people. I wanted to include Andrews in this discussion here andrews has put together mark some information on Denmark as it relates to all cause mortality and andrews uh I i've opened this up so that you can share this information uh with us and I'm glad marks here too because maybe some of the questions that you have within your own mind as it relates to the information that you've put together maybe he's gott some thoughts on this that he can comment so andrews why you go ahead and present your information on uh the excess mortality during the launch of three g four g et cetera et cetera all cause mortality study.

Analysis of All-Cause Mortality in Denmark

AB Anders Brunstad36:53 I sure can't be God. Okay, thank you for that. So. I've done all course mortality studies for six countries Norway, Us A, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark. I have been observing or planning my studies to include earlier years back to the 90 s to look into possible effects relating to the launch of Reg as well. So what I did now for Denmark this last few days is that I made a four elena study first the three g launch period two thousand one two thousand four which were roughly two years later than in Sweden and Norway but they used partly a different technology in Denmark which were available then the four g launch were coming from two thousand nine to twelve where they combine two frequencies and higher frequencies to get more output. Then there is this four G Lte Advanced launch, which is kind of launched partly in rural areas or metro areas with the Four G Plus. So you have two different technologies 1st the Four G Lte Advance and then the Four G class,

DY Dr Robert Young38:46 Yep.

AB Anders Brunstad38:51 which came a few years later. And then finally we have the five g micro antenna and also the five g micro cell antenna which came in twenty twenty twenty twenty two the the real new technology came with four g with two frequencies and I think four g plus uses three frequencies in synchro partly higher frequencies and partly lower for better reach and the five g micro antenna is also using the same two or three frequencies but the microcell antennas they use typically sixty four adaptive antennas in these lights, typically in the street, which Mark referred to and according to information I have from Rix on a Oia, The macro cell antenna typically uses two or three 40 watt of sending effect, while the microcell antenna uses twenty watts each time sixty four which is sixteen times more energy than the four g plus or five g base also call So the source of for Denmark I got from a statistical official database and I published this Powerpoint, So everything is there for verification.

Started to study with the baseline for the three g ninety four to ninety eight to establish an average mortality in each age group and I kind of gathered for three age groups forty to fifty nine sixty to seventy nine and eighty plus and then I used the five year period to create the average the mean of those years and to compare with the Subsequent years. In Sweden in Denmark nothing really happened in ninety nine and two thousand because they launched three g later in Sweden and we see that the eighty plus age group they got the two point four percent all cause mortality in two thousand one and four point nine in two thousand two and three point seven in two thousand three and went on and on So it got more than 15 % all cost mortality increase in the 80 plus age group.

Okay, that was three g. And this is some of the data I used to get to study the Here we see the g in the timeline from two thousand one into two thousand seven how it gradually goes up in this age group of eight plus.

DY Dr Robert Young41:47 Ox.

AB Anders Brunstad42:02 It goes. Stable at the other age group or with negative growth. There is a trend line negative growth in younger ages In Denmark, that trend line is not there for the 80 plus when I did this I worked into the time line baseline to established the baseline for the four g lte launch which was two thousand 15 to 19, which partly in the same period was also launched time for the four G plus In the later part of those, then, we can see, there is a 5 % increase of excess mortality into sixty to seventy nine and almost ten percent in the eighty plus in this four g period but I initially I didn't find much going on at the initial launch of the four g in twenty nine ten but due to the excess mortality in the two three g period which went on til two thousand seven eight.

MS Mark Steele42:54 On what?

AB Anders Brunstad43:27 Recreated the baseline by taking out some of the excess mortality which was observed in two thousand five six and seven The baseline for the Four G was partly based on the Three G launch period. So I, when I reduced that out, I got to. About three point four percent excess mortality in twenty nine ten Yeah, this is all of the country. So the 1st part of analysis is not geography, it's all of Denmark. So this is. Let's say that he will see that in the graph. What? The mathematical study would show if based on an adjusted baseline, which is kind of fair, I would say. This is uh.

MS Mark Steele44:23 Oh.

AB Anders Brunstad44:25 all cause mortality of the g lte and g plus between twenty fifteen and twenty eighteen in the age group was sixty to seventy nine and eight g plus which shows five percent to ten percent excess mortality over four years and we seee there is something in the beginning and it is more to twenty seventy eighteen. I don't really know one hundred percent but at those years, they started to upgrade the Four G into what we now call Four G Plus with. They went from, let's say Four G started with twelve about megabit per 2nd.

It went to about twenty forty eight in four g lte and it is up to about two hundred megabits per second in the four g plus. Here we see this analyzed for. Various part of the country and we see there is a big variation and what is the biggest surprise is the yellow line which shows a negative excess mortality in copenhagen during the four g lte launch for the sixty to seventy nine year age group the region of the capital all have a very low mortality, and we see that meet land, which is On the western part of Denmark, there are many medium sized cities.

They score very high. I'm not able to explain. I just this is the data and Further studies needed to go to find out more about the differences or what they launched when. The sixty to seventy nine hs group we see it here in eastern Denmark and we see that this is still the four g lte four g plus and we see that there is a twenty five percent increase of mortality the region of shell land which is basically the whole eastern part and we see again that copenhagen is below zero,

MS Mark Steele46:36 Rem.

AB Anders Brunstad46:55 which is quite extraordinary explained here. And we see that the the same age group this is in Ng, the western part of Denmark, they have over this period. The Mid land and New Year land. They have about seven 8 % increased mortality. While the mid you land with the densely populated with smaller cities, they are about 20 % in this. Lte g plus launch period and this is very different than from for example copenhagen so but let's say newland it's quite rural. Cd Laan Sandra is also quite rural, so see, in this age group they are rather better off.

In the older age group in this period 80 plus, we see also a big variation again Copenhagen is has negative excess mortality and we see others are up to more than 60 %, which is it's a huge variation on the excess mortality which don't didn't come out in the average of the whole country.

MS Mark Steele48:31 You help me.

AB Anders Brunstad48:32 So when we go deeper into these to look at We see again this is Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen, with modest excess mortality, and this shell long, which is than all of the east of Denmark. They have a very a high increase in mortality On the West and Denmark we see also a big variation, and this along with the biggest rural or more rural population they have. Less than half the mortality in the five year period than those who are in this more city based minor cities in the middle of Denmark, in the Western Denmark and again in this age group we see also Seed Denmark.

The southern part of West Denmark has suffered a very high excess mortality and we see on the graph that years twenty seventeen eighteen nineteen which is most likely Timing of the launch of Four G Plus Where You Go from About 50 e to two hundred megabits per second. These are data sets which I put into quarters to look at all of the country so you can see all of the country beginning of twenty twenty till the end of twenty two and you see something happens in the third and fourth quarter of twenty twenty that was the continued launch correlated to the continued launch of Four G Plus plus the start of Five G the first the highest top we see the fourth quarter of twenty one coincides with the third covet shot which we know had much more graphene oxide than the first two and we see it goes up Again.

To a new similar top at the fourth quarter of twenty two which correlates again to the fort shops which had even more a graphene upside, but was most likely taken by much fewer volunteers. Let's say So this is a data sets for looking at these. It is different analyzes for different time periods and I create data sets. And we see here the data sets which were used. What you just saw. It is here we see the regions. Period sixty to seventy nine year old and we see that shell land has this very high mortality of twenty five percent and it is less than ten in.

The bigger parts of Copenhagen and only five in copenhagen city itself in this sixty to seventy nine h group in west and Denmark it is much higher all of for all the groups.

MS Mark Steele52:14 Dog.

AB Anders Brunstad52:16 Eastern Denmark, we see again there is no excess mortality in 80 plus Copenhagen, and rather much in the whole area in total, which is S challenged all of the east. We can see. Eighty plus in western Denmark they also have quite high mortality of twenty two to thirty eight percent again it is new year long which has the most rural population And last five G who comes bast out? Here we see a big mass, so I tried to clean it out, so I put it into subgroups 80 plus. Where you see many different parts of the country and we see Copenhagen is in the total of three years twenty twenty to twenty two has no excess mortality in eighty plus and The three top they are Ur s chalan, which is the the one closest to Sweden by the sea.

And it is Shal on, which is east. North southeast of Copenhagen, and we see the whole country at about 15 % or so. He will see it a bit clearer with fewer parts of it. And this is a Western. Westland in red, and we see in Wo Shand again in blue. In this sixty five to seventy nine so they have suffered they have a much different experience than the two other areas and it is quite big differences. But we see again that the tops for the yellow and red coincide with the 3rd Covid shot and the fort covet shock which came let's say in quarter three four twenty twenty two.

This is 80 plus, and we see. Copenhagen and Bohle. That's an island, small island. They have no excess mortality in total of the three year period in 80 plus. While these Chalan and Launch suffer much more or excess mortality but let's say this is ten fifteen percent we had new york city with fifty sixty seventy percent so this is in the proportion of that and then finally I made a weekly analysis based on weekly data from twenty fifteen to twenty twenty three into the first part of this year and I started with the weeks and I moved four weeks into.

Four week periods and I went from four week period to make quarters so this way I could have a timeline of quarters. And this timeline I then used, as I saw earlier. Here, this is the timeline data which came from This data I created from retail sources. What I can say at the end here is that this is a data analytics of what I found and there is a need to go deeper to find more information on Different technologies were launched and technical data on them and to look into geography when it came where?

MS Mark Steele56:37 Hey.

AB Anders Brunstad56:49 When. There is more data to connect But the big hussle is clearly that we have a correlation from three G to. Rather big excess mortality in 80, plus a bit less for four g. And rather much more for four g plus twenty seventeen eighteen nineteen and a huge increase than in twenty twenty to twenty two connected to partly four g plus and more five g the correlation or whatever was inside the shops, which coincided. But it's kind of interesting to see that the, in Denmark like in us, in Canada, like in Norway, the rural places, there is vaccination.

Some of them do not suffer any excess mortality at all. There seems to be a connection between excess. Mainly may be caused only by the shots but combination of the shots and four g four g plus and five g together there is no single correlation just to the shots it is at least not strong, and it is much stronger correlated to the combination of the shop plus four G plus and five G. So this is my suggestion of what we see. But of course this is a data and we see the correlation and we would like to welcome anyone to take part in to make studies, deeper studies.

And this is, let's say, very similar to the other studies. But what is highly surprise is the very weak correlation. Go to the beginning and check three D. We see from three G. There is lesss mortality. Let's see again. I need to find the proper.

DY Dr Robert Young59:37 I guess,

AB Anders Brunstad59:38 I think I had.

DY Dr Robert Young59:38 I guess the question that come comes up and maybe, mark you, has some thoughts on this and and as it relates to Copenhagen. And while we're seeing a reduction in in excess mortality in a metro area versus the urban areas. That are being affected. And and is this part of the protocol to keep things somewhat confused, taking into the fact that the other countries in metros and urban areas that we've seen characteristics in that the metro areas tend to have higher excess mortality on all cause mortality and the urban, where there's not as much exposure. Electromagnetic fields seems to be less, other than the fact that I guesss Copenhagen breaks that mold.

AB Anders Brunstad1:00:39 Well, it's not really only Copenhagen, but they are strongly different, but also Olo had lower mortality than some other places like Bergen. At the one time Switzerland had a relatively low and I didn't go into Geneva or to these special places, but I also was told, I haven't checked it up that Brussel hass a a very, very low mortality rate. Which is exceptional. So, so most I don't know enough yet, but there are some surprises which I don't know the answer yet.

Effects of Radiation on Mental Health and Immune System

MS Mark Steele1:01:20 I might have a, I might have a bit of an answerer for that guys. The The further you're away from a mast, the more the handset has to emit radiation. So where you have some anomalies. Farmers, for instance, suffered serious Psychological problems of massive suicide rate in people who work on farms, which has really come intuitive. You know, they're living on the land. You know, they're connected with the earth, you know, that grown, obviously some people will suffer, you know, mental health problems. But one of the things that we found the radiation levels from handsets due to not being close enough to an antenna.

There's a cut off point between this being extremely dangerous. Not so dangerous in the city, even though you've got that blanket coverage. Go an increase in the blanket coverage in the It would be very simple to measure the radiation levels in Copenhagen to assess what the O these things. If they're at a distance away from an antenna, they will emit significantly higher amounts of radiation. And if you're oriented through the head against the mast, which there's a high probability that's what's going to happen if you're in a, in a forming area and a less, less polluted area. This is a, this is a potential issue that has to be taken in conservation. These things in connected the contamination in the vaccines, the and this what makes it extremely difficult to put your finger on exactly what the the main causal fact is, what we do know, electromagnetic radiation is, it affects the immune system, it's an immune sys suppressant.

So it's an irrelevance of the specifics of it caused we not caused coronavirus. We know that trying to get that across to the general public's a little bit of a a larger jump.

However, the fact that it's the immune system suppressor, it hass to be in the connected with any illness.

Obtaining Data for England

DY Dr Robert Young1:03:41 Agreed agreed. One of the things that I I wa wanted and I'm glad you're here, Mark is is to see if we can. Obtain some data for creating data data sets for England. Being able to source that data and I've asked Andrews about that. Do you have any suggestions on how we can obtain data? For, for not just metro areas like London or Liverpool, but also for, the urban areas Southampton or,

MS Mark Steele1:04:17 Yes, there's a

DY Dr Robert Young1:04:20 or Brighton etc.

MS Mark Steele1:04:26 Platform that local authorities use, I think it's called is a trigger. It's, I'll find out what the, I'll find out what the platform is called. I mean, I obviously just use, I use the Ns we know that boris Johnson when he got into position as the prime minister he tried to shut down the official national statistics this was prior to what we're going through now now I'm not saying that that dat as one hundred percent correct it isn't and I'm pretty sure due and the nefarious activity that we've discovered these, you know, where we're gathered in the data from, there's gott to be some gerrymandering going on, you know, that they're not going to just allow us.

I mean, I did, I did a video on this study in it was Health Protection Scotland. Now the interesting thing was Scotland got a very small Ali. About 5 million I think at the time they knew exactly how many people are being vaccinated, how many women getting vaccinated, they knew exactly how many people are dying. So the data coming out, Health Protection Scotland was absolutely dynamite in our, in our favor. And what happened? The Stop report, so that. That data just stopped because they said these anti vax are used the anti vax are used in it because I I did a video on it and I think I got about fifty or sixty thousand views just on one on more on one platform and it went out it went viral and they then stopped so this also confirms the conspiracy Why would a regulatory body as the, and I mean I admitted it that we're going to stop reporting it because the information was being used by people concerned about the actual data and the implications.

Of what the potential causes were, and that's why they shot it down because they were terrified. As things become decidedly worse, we were going to gather more and more scientific data and put together our theory to see that number one, the vaccines were absolutely not safe and definitely not effective, but were, as a matter of fact, killer.

DY Dr Robert Young1:06:45 I'm also curious,

AB Anders Brunstad1:06:46 Course.

DY Dr Robert Young1:06:47 you know, for, for those, for the areas that, that you're looking at, I think Scotland would be be perfect. I, I don't know what they did in Ireland if that's similar to Scotland being a lower populated area. Do you have any information on Ireland?

MS Mark Steele1:07:07 I don't, no, I didn't, I didn't, I just followed this. The Scottish data was absolutely horrific. It was basically identifying numbers of people. Vaccinated who was significantly higher risk and the more, the more tilted risk was stratospheric. And it was, it was specifically in the, in the vaccinated people. And that data, like I said, got tooked down. I will have the video somewhere and it was from their pages, but unfortunately they just shut that down and I'm not. I wouldn't be surprised if the official national statistics data now due to this, this is warfare and National security.

They could very, very easily go. We've got to stop them from seeing. So we need to modify this data cannot rely on official data and that can it? Because when it was no, it was an aimable warfare attack on the populations. They will just state it. It's not the, it's not the national in for people to find out.

Mortality Data and Nefarious Activities

DY Dr Robert Young1:08:10 Well, with that being said. Mark uh, would that be uh, would that be uh, maybe the, the cause of the uh, low cause mortality. Denmark, specifically in Copenhagen.

MS Mark Steele1:08:24 Absolutely, I would. I would fall. Better half data. From, you know, local funeral directors, speak to lo, local funeral directors and local funeral director businesses in that area. Because I'm, you know, I'm pretty sure it would be very, very easy for we've seen it here. Robert Who had had, you know, coroners, there was the several people contacted us, one in particular, well, two in particular, same, same, same story, different. Coroners the had family members who took the vaccine become severely ill, were hospitalized.

The hospital said it was vaccine injury. The then went on to die within two or three days after visiting the hospital. The coroners Then after there was a, there was pros mortem carried out where the show there was damaged to the hot tissue, there was no, the never put down any mechanism that just said the hot was damaged. There was scoring in the heart tissue. These people that died, they never referenced the medical records. The fact that they collapsed after having the shot, they never referenced that.

The hospitals it said it was vaccine injury and what they put on the on the death certificate. It was hot, their death from scorn of the heart, heart attack type of uh, you know, so We've seen this with coroners,

DY Dr Robert Young1:09:50 Hello.

MS Mark Steele1:09:54 so it's not,

DY Dr Robert Young1:09:54 That sure.

MS Mark Steele1:09:55 it wouldn't be a surprise to me because obviously they're going to be the key guys to create this data, to go into these. Databases. I wouldn't be surprised at all, in fact. Gate Council The Open Funeral Director. The facility is adjacent the incinerator. And we had people At night go down and see them take bodies and burn in bodies at night. Possibly people who, you know pop B burial type things where you know people have got no family members. These people are disposed of Did the end up on the records?

We're not sure, we don't know, but it's very nefarious. You know, using incinerate in the middle of the night. And actually the way that went about this. In fact, there was a, there was a detective inspector I know, and he was actually talking to a coroner who was just totally, he said, I mean, what's what is going on with Gates that comes? So the Vt funeral directors They've installed this equipment. There's all this nonsense going on about G, the Led street lights and they have went along and warm then funeral directors, which is to him he felt it was extremely problematic.

It was the 1st Council. In the country to have a two and funeral directors. Now what are they up to? You know, unfortunately it's it's one of those How can we say and can we really trust the data that's coming out of, out of government? Now one will understand the real nefarious activities. And the conspiracy to cover this information up. I mean none of the directors for public health in the United Kingdom, Directors of public Health have a duty to protect the population from non ionizing and ionizing radiation.

I haven't done that. The other element, if there is or could be sure, a large increase in all cause morbidity and mortality, than they have a duty to remedy, not only if they're not remedied. Birmingham City Council have applied for a 4 million 4 million stolen amount of money to build out the incineration capacity. No mention about the increasing in death, no mention about the increase in sickness. It's like as if they've just forgot about it. Well, that confirms to me that a Boody has to have had spoke to these people to go, you know.

Increased Engagement Whatever you say, keep your head down. It's you know, it's just it beggars belief.

DY Dr Robert Young1:12:41 Keep your head down and your powder dry. I think that's the the same.

MS Mark Steele1:12:45 Yeah, yeah.

DY Dr Robert Young1:12:46 But I, Andrews, do you have uh, something to add to this as it relates to uh, Welles or, or England in general?

AB Anders Brunstad1:12:59 Don't. Done. I haven't done any study myself. I saw the other day a presentation by John Campbell of of Uk, but he just uses the public information so If you really want to get some good information, you need to deep dive and to analyze it like I have done my studies. You don't find what I have found easily, it's not in your face.

DY Dr Robert Young1:13:33 Okay, okay, well, that's, that's something that, that, you know. I hope we can focus on, I hope we can take a look at. I think it's important that, that we do so, especially based on what Mark said about Scotland. I don't know how you get the right information or the accurate information going forward if they're controlling those, those numbers. With that with that being said, you know the question that comes from my to my mind. Other than the, the obvious is if you want to protect yourself against this technology, you just have to stop using it, but stop using it doesn't necessarily protect you.

If you're living in what is perceived based on the statistics in the metro, metro areas, you're still being exposed to the electromagnetic fields. Yes, there are people out there that, that oppose the inoculation for various reasons, but they're still being exposed and still their friends and family members are using this technology which can expose those. And so the word rather than uh transfection would be transmitting uh harmful frequencies, particularly for those who have been inoculated with graphene, ferric oxide, whether it be in flu shots or any other types of shots.

And and what we're finding as well is is these particular Nano particulates are being found in in water. They're being found in in the the soot from fires. That is getting into our soil, that is getting into our waters. For those who are not aware of what happened to East Palestine and the dumping of vinyl diene dichloride and then putting that on fire, creating phosphine. These are all contributing factors. To pollute our water, to pollute our soils, to pollute our air, to pollute, these are all contributing factors.

And so it's a multiplicity of contributing factors, ie. I would still say very, very strongly, the two major contributors. Number one is what we've been dealing with, with The various generations of electromagnetic smog or pollution and how that is amplified by the technology of Led lights, you know. Pulsating modulated lights to traffic lights, to street lights. If you want to see it, you just drive to San Diego. You can see it if you want to. Measure it, you can measure it, as it relates to the, the Milly Gus exposure, but my, my question here for those who may be listening to this conversation, Mark, I can start with you.

What are solutions to dealing with this?

MS Mark Steele1:16:53 Yeah.

DY Dr Robert Young1:16:57 this huge worldwide problem of this matrix that not only is on earth now, but in heaven. You know, through satellite directed energy weapons that are very specific. What are the solutions to any of this other than just taking the whole system down?

MS Mark Steele1:17:21 Well, it's the the satellites. I've just stuck the, the mortality, put the data in specifically to the gated area and the organizations call Fingertips. This is what Noble authorities use. It's Public Health Englands, it's change its name, not the Uk Health Security, Health Security Agency. So, and as if you have a, that's the, that's a specific, you can actually pick out areas and you can look at different, illnesses, cancers, heart attacks, all that sort of stuff. So that might be a very, very interesting source if it's still available.

It's called Fingertips. I couldn't remember what its name was before. Let's go to satellites. Satellites require Brown Base Toray. They're basically reflectors in the sky that can be extremely dangerous, but they require of grown Bes to Rae to be extremely potent and they've got very little power themselves. So they're not exactly prob, a lot. People get worried about satellites because as if you can't get to them, if you know what I mean. However, remember the real weapon that's actually on the ground.

So Power I believe that the lack of engineering that's being done in relation to this technology and the rush to install this technology, what's possibly going to happen? It's going to burn itself out when they start to turn it up. You'll start to see fire increase if you start to seee fires in the summer. We've seen massive amounts of this technology being deployed right across the West major cities, New York, New York looks pretty horrific at the minute. That all orange glow. I'm pretty co.

I'm pretty concerned about that. I'm absolutely sure it's interconnected with the blank It coverage. This massive blanket coverage of radiation that I have in New York. How do we mitigate it? I've got a few ideas in relation to that. We're right. Until local authorities now government agencies and basically putting them on notice that we will not be governed by terrorists or criminals

Invoicing Local Authorities and Government Agencies

DY Dr Robert Young1:19:25 Football.

MS Mark Steele1:19:29 And not only that, we've already, we've already carried this out. The councils run for the hills, The Bacs just shut things down. Don't want to engage your government won't engage. The government won't engage me I tried on several occasions we give them all the evidence I mean after me they had tried to tried to shut me down tried to arrested us on several occasions etc now that the field in that what they do was to just put this blank at the p of to it the blanket down and just ignore everything so anybody who brings the correct knowledge and evidence to these characters they would just shut in or shut in your democracies or shut everything in the weight the way around that is what we are now doing is invoicing them since twenty nineteen going back to local authorities saying I've paid these taxes over this period of time and now realize that you were a domestic terrorist organization working for an international terrorist group, the World Economic Forum.

All the net zero, all that. If it's all coming from divorce, it's all coming from cloud swab and the Wf. We not. It's terrorism, we not. It's a political agenda, the whole climate change issue, all organized by the defense industry using stratospheric aerosol injections and ionospheric radiate us. So the whole thing's made up. And that's to cause you significant harm in detriment. That's the definition of terrorism. Because it's terrorism. You're right. Them and you tell them you want payment back.

Because what happened 1st, we just, we had a lot of people send them the documents, just stop paying them, They just never come back. They don't want to fight it in a court because we're far too early. Well, this way we can still get them into a court because you send them a small invoice is very little risk just to return the money since two thousand nineteen when the we to roger was in the telegraph per operation far they appued operation fear the political agenda to lock down to harm us so therefore that's terrorism the right them and say can I I want the money back from the since two thousand nineteen and you send them an invoice you give them thirty days to pay the door and peer you send them a reminder the door and peer you send them another reminder and then you take them to the small claims court and they're going to have to come into court They're going to try and explain why you can't pay them and you want to return on that money and why the A don't want to have to pay you that.

Well, that's going to then end up in the public domain. It's going to end up in front of a judge. And not only that, he's going to read the documents that we've already prepared, that the vaccine that he possibly had. Tegan of thinks a high probability is in the connect with five G so that he can be exterminated. So it's a problem for these current As, but it brings a bit more light into the darkness if you know what I mean because it's it's actually it's stopping them from trying to shut the whole thing down so the courts are still available the small claims court very simply do doesn't cost a lot of money I think in the uk if you're on benefits you can basically file a claim and it can be free if if you're not on benefits I think it costs something the reason about seventy five pounds there's very very s little risk to putting an invoice in as someone for non and not getting paid for it and then being able to highlight this in the public doman.

DY Dr Robert Young1:23:04 Oh. So where can, where can one get those documents? The skeleton. The skeleton type documents that they could just plug in their name. In order to file these types of of legal documents with a small claims court,

MS Mark Steele1:23:31 We've got them. At the serves our website. So if you go to the website, there's several documents there. You can invoice your Mp, your local police, your local authority, in fact, if you've had any fines, paid any taxes. I'll suggest everybody over the last two or three years is to put a clear in against these characters. And let's just see, see how it, how it, how it pans out. But we have all of the prima facey evidence. This is a terrorist attack on the country. It is being orchestrated by international terrorists, namely the World Economic Forum.

The Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields and Vaccines

MS Mark Steele1:24:07 Obviously, it goes into the whole cult agenda. We don't even have to get into that. What we have to do is wake up the people. A lot of these Poms at the bottom are going along doing this without having the knowledge that, I mean I was, I was in a meeting in Newcastle City Council, and I explained about You know, they've got this concern about temperature increase in cities. I said, Well, you've just allowed this massive deployment of energy and energy hungry technology where it takes energy out of the grid in breach of Ya carbon reduction policies and then pause this radiation in massive amounts of Waage into an environment which increases the temperature.

So therefore, if in a nice hot summer's day, if I add another two or three degrees centigrade on top of this, absolutely what they say is a climate emergency.

DY Dr Robert Young1:25:07 Hop.

MS Mark Steele1:25:09 I'm going to kill people because the indoor how dangerous temperature increases. That's why that pos that climate emergency. So on a hot day and the can say that that isn't the case because if I take watts out of an electrical And I put it into an antenna and pour it into an environment. I'm gonna increase the temperature and I'm increase the temperature and people. And that could be that added one or two or three degree centigrade that could kill somebody.

DY Dr Robert Young1:25:39 you're, you're probably aware, so I'm gonna ask not a rhetorical question because I, I know the answer, but I'm gonna ask you this question when you, when you increase the temperature, okay, that you're being exposed to, the human body is being exposed to, that has been graphene. What's gonna happen. So you had an athlete playing football on a You know, not American football, but English football, soccer we call it here. If you have a, if you have an athlete on a football field that is playing all out. Agreed. His body temperature is going to go up if this athlete has been inoculated. Considering the amount of electromagnetic frequencies and the cell phones that are in the audience, and also The, the, the Wifi that has been wired up, What would happen to an athlete play at a high level? Okay, you know of competition, what are the risks of that?

MS Mark Steele1:26:50 Regulation of the blood, Pul, edema, flooding in the lung, You've the whole, everything that you've spoke about in the past. Robot All of those symptoms he's gonna suffer.

DY Dr Robert Young1:27:03 So what if, what if you are on an airplane that offers, four G plus five G technology? Let's say half of the people on that plane have been graphene with the vaccine, the so called vaccine. And half of them have not been vaccinated except all of them are being exposed to a magnetic field that's over let's say one hundred mille maybe if they're sitting next to the engines maybe up to one hundred fifty to two hundred millas the pilots who are being exposed to electrical fields a lot of radiation there.

What are the risks when they flip on 5G?

MS Mark Steele1:27:54 Absolutely, it's, it's catastrophic. It doesn't, they're thinking about and even people who are reflecting these, these, these antenna structures, people are taking in the taking in the radiation, then reflecting it back out onto others. So people who, who aren't even vaccinated, they are also a major risk being in the, in the environment with people who have been vaccinated because they become localized antennas, theyre remitted radiation back out.

DY Dr Robert Young1:28:26 Well, I, I, I think, you're the 1st one that, that I know of, that's actually what I've been saying or even thought. And then actually pronounced. This pathology of electromagnetic fields and the risk of who are vexed or untaxed as a form of trans. This is a huge problem, I think. Just recently last week, we had a huge catastrophe on a on a a love boat, a cruise ship, where many of them were affected by They would blame it maybe on the transmission, not the transmitting of electromagnetic frequencies, but the transmission of a virus. And yet there were multiple deaths on this, on this cruise ship. Of course, had five G technology.

MS Mark Steele1:29:28 I just, I've just attach the video there, root of a girl, a test with electric. I know, I know's been vaccinated because with, with Tesla, with the near them magnet and it gets a very, a strong attachment, so there's a magnetic field there. But actually I did a video and I tested here with an electric meter, just a basic electric meter that you check for, you know, where you've got cables behind the Plaus Star board and you can see the effect where I actually got an electrical charge enough to strike up the strike up the meter.

The Independent Narrative Research Initiative and the Importance of Sharing Information

MS Mark Steele1:30:06 Now it's horrific.

DY Dr Robert Young1:30:09 If you video tape that, I hope, I hope you uh, can share with us where we could maybe see that or access the link for that.

MS Mark Steele1:30:16 I've just put it.

DY Dr Robert Young1:30:17 or if you.

MS Mark Steele1:30:18 I've just put it in the chat there, you can see it there.

DY Dr Robert Young1:30:22 All right, thank you, thank you for sharing that. Andrews Uh, I want to come back to you. You, you have authored uh, a non profit organization. Could you just say 1 min about that so that, Mark knows about it and is aware of it.

AB Anders Brunstad1:30:42 Yes, couple of weeks ago I took the initiative to to found a so called non profit. The name is The Inri The Independent Narrative Research Initiative. It has a charter, statutes of the purpose, and it has been, it's about to be registered in Norway and to get, let's say, organization number. It's a membership organization. The purpose is to. Gather funds to be funded. Independent sources and by members in order to conduct research into Five G and related issues, including Vac ination, damage and the correlation between them. And to publish research,

DY Dr Robert Young1:31:45 I wh.

AB Anders Brunstad1:31:45 and to have a website to accumulate our own and other research in this field and to try to inform the public and then social and mainstream and alternative media about it.

MS Mark Steele1:31:54 All right.

AB Anders Brunstad1:32:03 Try to achieve such information. Awareness that the authorities must have The strong changes to their policies of what is allowed reject radio magnetic fields and frequencies and power. And to achieve that, to also seek to have accountability for those who have done this to us. And they knew exactly, they've been warned, they knew what they did and As you said, this is terrorism, it is war against humanity, and we need to get into that. And I have a side project to get when we have enough information to try to take this case to the Tribunal in Hog Icc.

So that's the next step down the road. There is a 2nd Part of the Ry, which is related to the Truth, what I call the Narrative of the Solar Variation. Which is then the 2nd leg of Ry, and it is to Put that story of the solar variation narrative into light. The truth of the of it, which is the evidence that the Se narrative co two narrative is globally lie and it needs be exposed because they use it. As part of the tools which will be given to V Who to include these digital passports so that if you emit so so much, three or two, you will be locked and you cannot go.

So these are the two types of activities we to focus on. Yeah, we hope to get some good scientists and specialists on board to work into those two areas and the main focus is the Emf Narrative 1st. Then an alternative narrative to the so called virus narrative, which needs to be exposed for the lie. It is

DY Dr Robert Young1:34:29 Anders. Thank you for those who are interested. We will share this information to anyone who wants to be part of this mark. I want to thank you for being part of our conversation today, your wealth of information, we're grateful for your, your work and, and Uh, want to promote it, not promote but to share it worldwide. This is information that every soul on the planet should have so they can make an informed decision about how they're going to live their life and, and

This information is critical in in getting to the down to. To the truth, getting to the truth as it relates to what is, what is taking our quality and quantity of our life and what is causing uh, these excess deaths. We have found, the main two contributing factors is, the contaminations in our water, in our food, in our air, especially the contaminations in our inoculations, in our medicines that are being given and, and of course, coupled with that, the primary activator of this is Wi Fi electromagnetic frequent pollution that has a zero tolerance as it relates to sustaining normal quality of life.

And so if you want to improve the quality of life, you have to begin to decide, you know, lifestyle choices and the risks associated with that. We're going to continue this conversation. We hope that, mark you, you'll participate in other discussions as it relates to this. We want this information to get out to every soul on the planet. God bless you. God bless Andrews. For your efforts and your courage to share. Sharing is caring, I believe. With that, with all my heart, I hope that you'll continue to do so.

Thank you from the legal also aspects of providing information for not just who have resources, but for those who, who are struggling but you know, need help, this information is available at no charge. And I know that Mark is providing information. And documentation to help people to try to advance this on the local level. And it doesn't where you are, what city, what county, what state, what territory, what country, this is, this is a worldwide issue. Everyone needs to be concerned about this.

That you have been warned. I would suggest that you warn your neighbor and realize that there is help And there is hope. And so we need to keep on this course of, of speaking out truth to power. And this is my commitment, and I know Mark is there. I know Andrews is there, and so I I applaud you and thank you for your your uh, your soul, your spirit uh, that motivates you to to to to speak truth to power and to share this to to all those who you you love and care for, and all our brothers and sisters around the world.

So with that I'll conclude our discussions, and uh. God bless each and every one of you and your families, and those who you love and care about, and for all souls who have the beautiful experience to be able to to be on this planet and enjoy what we should be. All because God Himself said, Men are that they might be, that they might have joy. And may joy be a greater part of your life as you embrace these truths and conduct yourself accordingly. All the best.

MS Mark Steele1:38:40 God bless everybody.

DY Dr Robert Young1:38:43 God bless

The Mindset of Dr. Robert O. Young on Non-Disclosed Ingredients in the VAXXXines Activated by Wirelesss Microwave Radiation



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