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Dr. Robert Young at ITNJ: Powerful Testimony on Eco-Poisons, Pharma Harms, Virus Lies, True Health

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Powerful and inspiring and hugely informative heartfelt testimonial from Dr. Robert Young

Powerful and inspiring and hugely informative heartfelt testimonial from Dr. Robert Young presenting a comprehensive testimonial on the harms of Big Pharma and the poisons in environment and lifestyle which cause disease, while Germ-Theory lies and posits Germs as arbiters of disease, on the true science of Terrain-Theory presented by Antoine Bechamp, where Germs can be seen to be the consequence and effect of disease, and Dr. Young's own personal discovery of Pleomorphism through the microscope where he witnessed red blood cells transforming into bacteria and back again, based on the pH conditions of the fluid in which they are bathed, whether unhealthy and poisoned, or healthy and aligned with Nature. Much more in here, please watch and share widely!

Dr Robert Young has helped millions of people around the world live healthier and happier lives.

Dr. Young has dedicated his life to educate people about healthy lifestyle and diet.

Most of his time and. resources are spent on research and scientific proof of the origin of disease and its' prevention.

He also needs your help to defend against the mainstream entities attempting to put his life's work and research to an end.

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Tristan Rey
Tristan Rey
Apr 18, 2022

Everyone knows Sacha Stone is MI6, his father is British intelligence and he himself has been accused of being a sexual predator by his girlfriend. OK? Rob, you are being so handled by the deep state and you don't even know it. Come on, man. Clue in. This Sacha is a frontman for the DS to keep YOU in line. Judy is the same for the US. Get with it and watch who you talk to and appear with.


John Dorusinec
Apr 16, 2022

Great,Ferfulless Men,Bravoo

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