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Experience the Healing Light & Sound Frequencies of Crystal Bowl Meditation

The Road to Gandolph

I am so pleased to have this opportunity to introduce you to my son, Alex Redford Young who will share with you the sounds and light beings of 18 of his crystal bowls that he prayerfully selected for this meditation of

reGENERATion and enLIGHTenment!

of Many Frequencies
Light Beings From Many Different Frequencies

To Learn & Experience More Check out Alex's website at,

Sound & Stone Co. –

Sound & Stone Co.

Some additional links we share on Facebook, Twitch and Rumble @medbedsco are:

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"This is the year, 2024, to return to God, truth, intelligence, faith, peace, freedom, forgiveness of self and others, health, hope, love and charity! before it is too late"  -

Dr. Robert O. Young

"Now is the time to prepare to meet OUR CREATOR" -

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