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Have you had YOUR COVID-19 Meal Today?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Artiist Rendering of the Fake Corona Virus

Dr. Robert O Young's Micrograph of the "Corona Effect" on the Red Blood Cells Using pHase Contrast Microscopy at 20,000x Magnification

The 19 really stands for 19 acidic poisonous foods and drinks YOU Should Never Ingest unless YOU want to contract the real dis-ease -"I Eat & Drink TOO MUCH Sh-T DISEASE" and therefore "I AM" sick!

The following are the COVID-19 Acidic Foods That Should Never Be Ingested by Humans Unless YOU want to put your life at risk:

  1. 1) Bat live or dead - Corona flu

  2. 2) Dog live or dead - Corona flu

  3. 3) Cat live or dead - Corona flu

  4. 4) Frog live or dead - Frog Flu

  5. 5) Snake live or dead - Snake flu

  6. 6) Chicken live or dead - Avian flu

  7. 7) Pork live or dead - Swine flu

  8. 8) Beef live or dead - Mad Cow flu

  9. 9) Fish live or dead - Fish flu

  10. 10) Turkey live or dead - Avian flu

  11. 11) Duck live or dead - Avian flu

  12. 12) Fish eggs - Fish flu

  13. 13) Bird eggs - Avian flu

  14. 14) Cow Tongue - Ebola flu

  15. 15) Rocky Mountain Oysters - Balls flu

  16. 16) Chitlins or Soul Food - Not Good for the Soul flu

  17. 17) Lamb live or dead - Lamb flu

  18. 18) Alcohol - Drunk flu

  19. 19) Vinegar - Urine flu

Of course there are many more acidic poisonous foods that I have provided at the end of this article with a list of alkalizing foods you can eat freely.

Finally, it is important to understand that the flu is nothing more then the body's forced expulsion of acidic waste from the interstitial fluids of the Interstitum via the lymphatic system. The flu is the body's way of saving your life from ingesting highly acidic or poisonous foods and liquids which were never meant for human consumption.

The "Flu Season"

I find it interesting that the "flu season" or "I eat too much sh-t disease" begins just after a season of over-eating acidic poisonous foods starting with Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and to top off the acidic holiday season, New Years Eve. Is it any wonder that anyone survives! So what do we do? We blame our sickness and disease on a non-existent invisible virus rather than taking responsibility for our own acidic poisonous lifestyle choices.

It is a fact that over 80,000 people die Worldwide from the expulsion of acids, called the Flu, every year and most of them are from the current anti-life treatments that are administered. In the words of the great ancient prophet Moses, "My people perish from lack of knowledge".

The number 1 killer in the World today is ignorance NOT COVID-19!

To learn more read Dr. Robert O. Young's books,

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  9. 9) The Possible Cause of Polio . . .

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The Lists of Foods That Kill and the Foods that Heal

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David McDougall
David McDougall
05 nov 2021

"In the words of the great ancient prophet Moses, "My people perish from lack of knowledge"." I think you meant Hosea 4:6. Not quite as ancient as Moses, but still wise in that both are inspired prophets of God (the Creator whose amazing creation you are endeavoring to understand).

Honestly, a deciding factor in considering your conclusions came from another verse ...which also has implications beyond the physical (like Moses or Hosea): Leviticus 17:11 For the life of the flesh is in the blood ...

Mi piace
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