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Is Acid Raining On Our Planet and On Us?

Updated: May 3, 2020

Could This Be the Cause of the 'Corona Effect' of the Red Blood Cells?

The Negative Effects of Climate Change

The negative effects of climate change caused by greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide) are familiar, however many people don't understand the impacts of ocean acidification, which is often called the “evil twin” of climate change.[1]

Awareness among scientists and the public is relatively recent, but this issue has the potential to become one of the most pressing and dangerous consequences of fossil fuel emissions.

Carbon Dioxide is Emitted Through Burning Fossil Fuels

Ocean acidification is essentially the rapid reduction of pH in seawater caused by the ocean’s absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.[2] CO2 occurs naturally in the atmosphere but is also a manmade greenhouse gas that’s produced by burning fossil fuels like coal and natural gas from factories and transportation.

The Prediction

Ocean acidification began in the industrial era in the 18th century and is quickly accelerating. Before the Industrial Revolution, the average pH of surface seawater was 8.2 and the current surface seawater pH is about 8.1.[3]

Only a 0.1 drop may not seem concerning, however, the pH scale is logarithmic with each increment actually representing a tenfold change. Therefore, this 0.1 drop represents a 25% increase in ocean acidity.[3]

Predicted Change in Ocean pH by NOAA[4]

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Administration (NOAA), if we don’t take any CO2 emission-limiting steps, our ocean’s surface is predicted to drop to a pH level of 7.67 by the year 2100.[4] Currently, the pH of the ocean’s surface is about 8.1. This drastic 0.43 drop has never occurred in approximately 21 million years and it has potential to become a huge acidic problem; scientists are unsure if ocean life is able to adapt that quickly to the change in acidity. The truth is that ocean life will cease to exist![4] Putting the predicted 0.43 drop in pH into perspective, it could result in a 165% increase in surface ocean acidity and the death of all marine life.

Human Impact

Today the ideal pH of the human body fluids, which include intracellular, interstitial and intravascular are at 7.365. With the increase of acid rain our body is exposed to from air, food, and radiation pollution added to the exposure of acid rain from metabolic acids, dietary acids and acidic drugs, the pH of our body fluids are becoming over-acidic causing an epidemic in sickness and disease. This includes epidemics in external and internal generated infections and outfections, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autism, dementia and stroke.[5] A change in the pH of the body fluids, especially the interstitial fluids of 0.1 or a decrease of 25% is the cause of all sickness and disease. At a decrease in alkalinity of 0.2 will result in coma and then death!

The most important factor in prevention of ALL sickness and disease is the test the urine pH daily. The pH of the urine for sustaining life is at 7.2 or greater.[5]

The Degeneration of the Lung Caused by Decompensated Acidosis of the Interstitial Fluids of the Lungs[6]

The Cause? & The Answer to The Cause!

Acid rain from our external environment and our internal environment include:

1. Carbon Dioxide and Monoxide Poisoning

2. Glyphosate Acid Poisoning from non-organic fruit and vegetables

3. Lactic Acid Poisoning from diet and metabolism

4. Uric, Nitric, Sulphuric and Phosphoric Acid Poisoning from eating the flesh and blood of animals

5. Genetically Modified Organisms in our food supply and vaccines

6. Aluminum Oxide Poisoning from vaccination

7. Antibiotic Poisoning

8. Acidic Water, Alcohol, Coffee, Black tea, Soda drinks, Sport drinks

9. Sugar in all of its form or any word that ends in 'ose'.

10. Electro-Magnetic Frequency Poisoning from pulsating frequencies of 1.5GHz up to 300GHz.

These are the Ten Top causes of sickness, disease and death.[5][6]

We are the ONLY ONES that can STOP the systemic Worldwide Poisoning that is going on with how we live, what we eat, what we drink, what we breathe, what we think, what we feel and what we believe.

The Treatment - STOP IT!

"YOU are the one who needs to be the change YOU want to see"

The pH Miracle Lifestyle is a self-care to a self-cure protocol outlined in The pH Miracle revised and updated -

Healthy Oxygenated Red Blood Cells - Even in Color - Even in Size - Even in Shape!

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