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Is EMF Exposure From 4G, 4G Plus, 5G Microwave Frequencies Harmful? How Can I Protect Myself?

Dr. Robert Young sits down and talks with David "Nino" Rodriquez to discuss the harmful effects of 4G, 4G Plus and 5G Basic electromagnetic microwave radiation and nanotechnolgy on humans, animals, birds, bees, and OUR PLANET!

In addition, Dr. Robert Young talks with Anders Brunstad from Norway as a second witness to the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies and nanotechnology on human, animal, birds, bees, insects, fish, and plant health!

They highlighted the evidence of excess mortality and the loss of insects and bees, which could have devastating consequences for pollination. 

They called for the discontinuation of this technology and emphasized the need for dissemination of information on this topic to the whole of humanity.

Dark-field Microscopy Showing Graphene Based Biochips in the Live Blood

They also discussed the importance of understanding the connection between electromagnetic frequencies and nanotechnology.

Darkfield Microscopy Showing Self-Assembling Graphene Ferric Oxide in the Live Blood

Where Does Spike Protein Come From & How is it Created?

Spike Protein is Caused by WiFi Radio, Microwave and Gammawave Radiation Poisoning Amplified by Magnetic Graphene Ferric Oxide Acting as a Receiving and Transmitting Antenea to Pulsating Modulating Frequencies Coming From Cell Towers That Can Cause Serious Injury and Death to Insects, Plants, Animals and Humans!

Spike Protein is an OutFection NOT an Infection of Graphene Ferric Oxide Delivered by a PEGulated Hydrosol Lipid Capsid & Directed To Specific Organs and Glands with mRNA/DNA from Animal and/or Human Sources!

The pHase Contrast Optical Microscopy Micrograph and Video Below Reveals Vesicles of Protein Spiking Out of the Red Blood Cell Membrane Caused by Radiation and Chemical Poisoning!

Spike Protein is Born In Us and From Us!

Anders Brunstad presented several studies that showed a correlation between the launch of 3G, 4G, and 5G technologies and increased mortality rates, particularly in certain age groups.


The studies also revealed that the radiation from these technologies may be causing harm to people in higher age groups, regardless of whether they use the technology or not.

The speakers emphasized the need to consider the impact of EMF launches, nanotechnology, and parasites on human health and to make informed decisions based on the available information.

The speakers also discussed the importance of sunlight and vitamin D3 in maintaining optimal health. They explained how a deficiency in vitamin D3 can lead to various health challenges, including fatigue and immune deficiencies, and how this deficiency is often misattributed to the influenza virus. They emphasized the importance of taking higher levels of vitamin D3 to combat these deficiencies, particularly in areas with low sunlight exposure.

Dr. Robert Young also discussed the importance of maintaining a delicate pH balance and electromagnetic balance in the body, and suggested using products like "pHour Salts" and purified alkaline water to achieve this.

He warned against the dangers of consuming meat that and dairy products that may contain graphene ferric oxide, which can cause pathological blood coagulation or blood clots.

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You can learn more about EMF protection by clicking on the links below and watching the video and reading Dr. Robert O. Young's Scientific Peer-reviewed Article

 "The Effects of EMF Radiation on the

Human Blood Cells" Researched by

Dr. Robert O. Young in 1998 - Research Peer-Reviewed and Published in 2001

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The speakers also emphasized the need for education and understanding the truth, and recommended the book Truth versus Deception.

Part 1

Part II

They also discussed the correlation between EMF frequencies and disease, and the need to bring this information to the public.

More Solutions to EMF Pollutions

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Feb 04

The biggest problem w/teaching people about EM Radiation impacts, is when the terminology gets overwhelming. If you can stick to Electro Magentic RADIATION and focus on MicroWatts as the measurement that affects our health - it will help.

Some frequencies are GOOD. So describing the problem as EMF or ElectroMagnetic Frequencies - confuses people who know that there are good frequencies. It isn't the frequency that harms us - it's the POWER in combination with the frequency - which is measured in MicroWatts.

Another way the powers that shouldn't be have fostered this confusion, is to use magnetic field measurements in gauss or milligauss - as if that is all that is important, or blithely calling everything related to this…

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