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The Use of Nanobot Technology (NT) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a Vaccine Carrier and Adjuvant

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Endogenous Crowning and Protein Spiking of the Red Blood Cells After Vaccination

Programmable magnetic nanobots injected into the vascular and interstitial fluids of a human or animal body are found to be deposited into the connective and fatty tissues and then into the organs and glands potentially causing biological transformation of the cell membrane (crowning and protein spiking), genetic mutation, and the death of the cell.[1][2]

Programmable Magnetic Nanobots

Nanobots can be injected using an ordinary hypodermic syringe. The nanobots are microscopic functioning robots with the ability to walk and withstand harsh environments. Each robot is 70-nm in length and up to a million can be produced from a single 4-inch silicon composite wafer as seen above. The original nanofabrication techniques were developed by Marc Miskin and colleagues at Cornell University. The research was presented at the American Physical Society in March of 2017. According to a release from EurekAlert, the team spent years developing a nanofabrication process that can produce a million nanobots from a specialized 4-inch silicon wafer in the span of weeks.

These micro-robots shown above feature four legs and are composed of hexagonal graphene oxide which are highly magnetic, flexible and super strong.[1][2]

The following is the link for a video showing their activation triggered by electromagnetic (EMF) pulsating microwave frequencies: [] [3]

Nanoparticulates of Graphene Oxide -

This enables the nanobots to carry a body weighing about 8,000 times more than each leg. As well, each leg measures only 100 atoms and even down to 1 atom thick, and they can carry bodies 1,000 to 100,000 times thicker.

Researchers have now developed ‘smart’ versions of these graphene nanobots. These versions feature controllers, sensors, transmitters and clocks.

The graphene oxide nanobots are powered by using magnetic fields (EMF) or ultrasound, making it possible for them to travel deeply into the human body tissues, organs and glands (such as the reproductive organs,[4] bone marrow, across the blood-brain barrier and the air-blood barrier of the lungs via the interstitial fluids - the largest organ of the human and animal body called the Interstitium[5]

The following flow-chart below is an example how nanobots and EMF technology can affect YOUR physical and mental health once you have been inoculated with the graphene oxide nanobot programmable technology or so-called 'vaccine' for protection from a phantom virus![6][7][8][9][10]

Please also read the following article on current vaccines and their contents/adjuvants, "Facts or VAXX" at the following link:

Graphene Oxide [GO] resonants with all generations of EMG and especially magnetic fields of 41.3 gHz.

The following link is an interview of a former Pfizer employee and whistle blower concerning the contents/adjuvants of the CoV - 19 inoculation:

["Graphene Oxide Detection in Aqueous Solutions" Global Research, July 08, 2021]

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Freedom of Information responses from 81 institutions (including Public Health Agency of Canada, US CDC, UK Depart of Health and Social Care, Indian Council of Medical Research) in 20 countries/jurisdictions show that health/science institutions have NO RECORD of "SARS-COV-2" isolation/purification from ANY patient sample, by ANYONE, ANYWHERE, EVER! - HERE IS THE LINK:


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