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Lessons from the Living & the Dead

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

The Truth Will Change Lives and Save Lives!

Please share the following educational video interviews of Dr. Robert O. Young by Sacha Stone of the New Earth Project and Tina Marx at Tina Marx TV and his latest peer-reviewed scientific article with everyone you love and care about!

Here is Part 1 of Dr. Young's interview covering the pathology of SARS - COVID 2 and 19:

Sharon Fox, MD, PhD, a pathologist at Louisiana State University Health in New Orleans has been doing autopsies on patients who have died with COVID-19. She’s finished 20 cases so far, and they all share something in common: They are riddled with blood clots in the smallest vessels of the body. Lungs seem to be especially hard-hit. There, clots appear to have cut off blood flow to the small air sacs where blood cells would be exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide. Dr. Fox states, “There’s no ability for the blood to flow through and exchange oxygen like it should.”

Adam Cuker MD, a hematologist and associate professor of medicine from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania said this about SARS - COVID - 2 - 19, “Patients are making clots all over the place making management of these patients very challenging.”

Here Are New Insights into ‘Why’

Robert O. Young, DSc., PhD, Naturopathic practitioner just published two scientific papers on the pathology of oxygen deprivation and pathological blood coagulation leading to severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS - CoVID 2 - 19 that is NOW available to read at:

Part 2 of Dr. Robert O. Young's interview by Sacha Stone of the New Earth Project:

Part 1 of Dr. Robert O Young's interview with Tina Marx:

Part 2 of Dr. Robert O. Young's interview with Tina Marx:

Please share these video interviews and article with everyone that you love and care about!

All lives matter! - Robert O Young CPT, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner

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