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RAMOLA D REPORTS | REPORT 265 -- PART 2 - October 1st, 2021

Further informative discussion with Dr. Robert Young, Rainetta Jones, and Melinda Czarnyszka on the secrets of the blood, how DNA encodes ancestral memory and personality, motivation and drive, how pleomorphism as taught by Antoine BeChamp offers insight into a new way of thinking about healthy blood platelets in healthy alkaline environments versus germ formation and dissolution in unhealthy contaminated environments within plasma and the interstitium, how Germ Theory appears to be built on lies about viruses when no virus has ever really been isolated in separateness, how toxic chemical poisoning over time has been mistaken for infectious viral disease, and how vaccines have been used and are being used as a vehicle for bio-domination, transfer of disease, and currently as well, sterility and nanotech delivery with intent to electromagetically colonize the human body and make it susceptible to external wireless radiation manipulation.

Discussed as well are the targeting violations suffered by all being unlawfully bio and neuro-trafficked today with bio-hacking weapons such as RFID and nanotech implants, WBANs, BCI-CBIs, permitting the grossly invasive and persecutory experimentations of neurostimulation, synthetic telepathy, mind-hiving, EEG Cloning, EEG Heterodyning, retinal implants permitting piped-in images, and various other neuro invasions--all illegal, unlawful, Nazi atrocities being practiced today and for decades by criminal scientists and security professionals in military and intelligence agencies with the help of academic institutions and research bodies who are performing unethical and inhumane operations on Americans and other citizens worldwide under cover of surveillance and counter-terrorism.

Solutions are discussed by Dr. Young and the group--including the difficulty of finding doctors to remove implants; ethical surgeons are needed to come to the aid of all bio-hacking and neuro-trafficked victims.

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