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Breaking! Blood Clots and Embolisms Caused by Graphene Oxide & 5G Affecting The VAXXXed & UNVAXXXed

Updated: May 20, 2023


Paul Middleton is a vascular imaging expert from Perth, Australia. He specializes in identifying vascular clots and other inclusions. He has seen an increase in unusual cases of blockages, particularly in athletes, and believes there are other contributing factors to blood clotting, such as the introduction of nanotechnology. He has observed marbling demarcation in the subclavian vein, which he has never seen before, and believes it could be related to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones.

Paul Middleton and Dr Robert Young discussed the potential dangers of electromagnetic frequencies and the use of graphene in medical treatments, with Paul Middleton noting that he is a problem solver and wants to find ways to wake people up to the dangers. They discussed the use of contrast dyes in X-rays and the potential dangers of MRI scans, with Dr Robert Young noting that ultrasound is a non-EMF approach.

Dr Robert Young and Paul Middleton discussed the risk factors of blood clotting in the blood vessels of people under 40, and the solutions to prevent it. They also discussed the use of a micro toxic oxidative stress test to evaluate the clots, and the use of different light frequencies to visualize them. Lastly, they discussed the use of natural approaches to deal with the issue.

Chapters & Topics Chapter Description

Increase in Unusual Vascular Pathologies in Younger Age Group0:27

Vascular Imaging

Investigating the Cause of Subclavian Vein Occlusions in Young Patients7:31

Synthetic Material Injections

The use of graphene self-assembly in the presence of pulsating frequencies to form particulates that are seen in embolisms or clots in the veins.

Action Items

Show pictorial picks of common denominators with subclavian vein occlusions.9:43 Investigate the effects of magnetic fields in MRI scans.34:05 Contact Dr. Robert Young for more information on Pathological Blood Coagulation53:24

Key Questions

Are we seeing an increase in unusual cases of blockages and particularly with some athletes, some case studies that you've evaluated?2:08

What contrast dye was used to create contrasts to view the clots?34:36

Why does blood coagulate inside the blood vessels?48:55


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Paul Middleton (53%)

Increase in Unusual Vascular Pathologies in Younger Age Group

DY Dr Robert Young0:27 All right. So uh, I'm joined here with uh, Paul Middleton, he's from uh, down under. Australia, what, what city are you? You in all I see and uh.

Increased Engagement

PM Paul Middleton0:40 Perth, Perth in Western Australia.

DY Dr Robert Young0:47 You're in the medical field and your ex,

PM Paul Middleton0:50 I am, yep.

DY Dr Robert Young0:51 your expert, vascular imaging using various techniques. Do you, do you specialize in, vascular clots, is that your specialty, you know, to identify where those clocks may be, or inclusions.

PM Paul Middleton1:17 anything to do with the vascular system and interventional It can be balloons, stents, in fact, embolization, structural heart disease, putting in valves. And then of course patients having heart attacks, having to put a stent in, in a, in an acute situation and some other really cool stuff is the heart arrhythmias, the patient selection there, the type of arrhythmias that we get, the type of results that we get with the heart ablations, It's, there's, yeah, there's some.

DY Dr Robert Young1:59 I have a I have a question. Because you're in that field, and, and I haven't done any injury and excess death. Analysis, are you seeing more cases? I know just speaking to you off record that You've been seeing unusual cases of blockages and particularly with some athletes, some case studies that you've evaluated. Are you seeing an increase in this? Are you viewing more cases that are extraordinary, that are rare? I think that's probably the word to use rare.

PM Paul Middleton2:42 Absolutely, You know, you look at, you look at the, the pathologies, the, the patient, the age population. Pre rollout versus now. And that's how I put together. My best stuff is because you're seeing multiple pathologies, whether it be cardiac arrhythmias We call it premature ventricular contractions. So you're getting this irregular heartbeat just all of a sudden, just going off and that's what precipitates cardiac arrest. In fact, we had. I had a guy who went into cardiac arrest during the ablation and But just it never, it never happens, you know, like in 20 years I've never seen it.

And it happens, you know, to a guy who's most certainly got, you know, something from one of these vaccines and you know, there's, there's your Sads right there. And then, of course,

DY Dr Robert Young3:46 So could it,

PM Paul Middleton3:46 with the B.

DY Dr Robert Young3:47 could it be something other, could it be something other than the vaccines? I mean, could there be, be other contributing factors, based on what you're seeing?

PM Paul Middleton3:57 Of course, you know, if we're talking specifically about the, the arrhythmias, you know, you could have, it could be something genetic. You know, it's a, it can be a chemical thing as well. Definitely, I would never point the finger, but again it's, it's building up this, you know. Correlation, unusual pathologies, especially in the younger generation. And I work in the private system, so have to, you have to have top private health care to be having these sorts of procedures at a young age.

So I'm mainly sort of taking note of the younger population because they're the real outliers. And like I was telling you before in our previous conversation, I'd look for these sorts of pathologies pre rollout and I just can't find them. I just, I just can't find them. And now.

DY Dr Robert Young5:03 And and the, the age groups you're speaking of, are, are what?

PM Paul Middleton5:12 Age groups, you know, sub, sub, 40, I sort of, you know, I use that bracket. I'm not really going to see anyone. In the hospitals I work at, younger than maybe 16. We just spoke about a 17 year old before, so I use that. The bracket of sub 40. However, I've spoken to many people who have children as young as twelve. I'm sure there's, there's younger than that as well and then, you know, then there's, there's young children who are just sort of putting up with what's likely, what we refer to as an inappropriate sinus tachycardia, where the, the sinus node just goes bananas.

You know, they have a fast heart rate to start with, you know, being being younger, high metabolism and all that and you know, these things go, I notice, but you know, I've had concerned parents talk to me about that, you know, I, I just provide them with, with as much information I can, whether or not I, I mean, I'm not going to tell them probably. Because of that and that, you know, there's always correlation with that. If you If I'm talking to someone who's concerned about, you know, their child, you know, that's something that's always sort of disclosed.

Less than 40. But you know, this, this deep hop plan, it's, it's all about, you know, there, that's almost like a bonus. Do you know what I mean? It's, it's the older generation who needs it, who needs it. 1st the older patients and the immunosuppressed, immunocompromised patients. So.

DY Dr Robert Young7:02 in this particular age group you just have never seen these types of cases and you mentioned that you look let's say pre uh uh twenty twenty before a lot of maybe some of these transacting contributing factors to blood clotting. What about the the medical history of some of these Sub 40 patients that you've been looking at?

Investigating the Cause of Subclavian Vein Occlusions in Young Patients

PM Paul Middleton7:31 Well, let's lift. let's talk about, yeah, well that's a good question. We'll talk about the, just the, the blood clots, well, we'll keep the arrhythmia sort of stuff, the cardiac stuff on the side. So, presenting histories with these young patients You know, this guy, the 17 year old, school kid who's, you know, playing rugby, he, he had no underlying conditions, no acute trauma or anything like that. I find it really interesting. Correlation with subclavian vein occlusions when we're talking about an Emb.

A blood clot in, you know, sort of the younger population. It's just Remarkable that it really seems to be in that location.

DY Dr Robert Young8:35 Paul can you, can you, show uh, some of those uh, pictorial picks that you, you have, I'm, you know, I've just. Made it so you can go ahead and share some of the, the micrographs that you have. It and it, it's your feeling that we're, you know, The hypothesis here is that there's other factors involved that need to be considered. In one of those, as it relates to the the occlusions and the clotting. That this could be from introduction of nanotechnology is that is that W Is that something that you would, would agree with, in your own investigations and your own hypothesis of what's going on here?

PM Paul Middleton9:35 Absolutely. And and of course, this is what my presentation is about. You know, what I've got up here tabulated is these common denominators with these subclavian vein occlusions. So if I can just show you some images now.

DY Dr Robert Young9:53 Yeah, can you go, can you just go through that again? Just, I know, I know we, we did a, a walk through on this. Earlier. But I, I'd like to, just have you go through this again so we can look at this, because there's a, there's a huge question in people's minds. Of what is the material? I mean, why is this happening, why are these clots showing up? Athletes in Sub 40 You know, age groups, why are we seeing healthy with no medical history, no family preconditions that could be a risk factor.

And all of a sudden, we're seeing this technology that I don't want to put words in your mouth, but, Paul, are we talking about the appearance of something that you've never seen before?

Increased Sentiment


Paul Middleton10:49 Absolutely, You know, if I if I take us through to image here so. For those that are watching, you know, the contrast, that's being the X ray dat that's been injected here, it's working its way around this blockage right here. As the Xx ray dye starts to infiltrate this area, we start to get an image appear. And this is it here, I'll just do a bit of labeling there. Actually, I take that back. I was telling Door Young, and I refer to this like the the wgu beef, you know, as terrible as that sounds, but you can see this marbling demarcation here. Throughout this area. Now this is where the occlusion is sort of like it's like, got a plug, you know, plugged up a pipe or something like that. But of course, attached to that plug, it's like a tentacles, you know, which is allowing contrast to. Slip in until such time that it's completely blocked. So you've got Xx ray ya coming in on all angles here. But this marbling appearance is like something I've never seen before, and I was about to show before Dr. Young Some videos of some really funky stuff. I can move to that now if you like,

DY Dr Robert Young12:31 Yeah, go ahead,

PM Paul Middleton12:40 sorry about that. I'll just. Take us through to these other examples. So this area here You know, there's this extensive collateralization of the Venus network and then we have this marbling appearance here. I mean, it's all throughout. I'm not going to, to sort of identify, you know, this is something, you know, I've looked at this for 20 years now and you know, to the untrained eye, someone who I'm showing for the 1st time, who is or, or may not be medical, you know, I can sort of, I can cue your eyes to look here, but there's a lot of other elements to this, which is very atypical We're talking just visually here, of course, looking at the patient as a whole, you know, we've got their response to blood thinning medications.

That's something else which is correlated with all of these patients. They don't respond well to aspirin, they don't respond well to super blood thinners such as Aclas, and I have case studies of that. Giving a patient directly into the vessel a strong blood thinning agent and watching the lack of dissemination of the blood clot. And in fact, what it does is that actually it removes the blood clot which is there, and it then shows a more discreet image of this macro technology. You know, there's some interesting ways in which we can get more information about what's going on and these are people that are living. Here's another one. I'm just magnified.

DY Dr Robert Young14:35 So we're not look, we're not looking at corpse here, we're looking at a, you know, but there are, there are symptoms, there is, bulging of the veins. I think you mentioned a little bit about that earlier. This wire that's coming through, just just describe that.

PM Paul Middleton14:57 So this is a guide wire. The origin of this wire is the patient's brachial vein. In their elbow joint and we navigate this wire up the the veins in the arm under Xx ray guidance, which you can see here. This is your your classic Xx ray image. Inject puffs. X ray dye to give us a bit of terrain so we know where to go. And they are these images here. All this black stuff here is the X ray dye going into the lumen of the veins or the arteries. In this case, it's the veins what you should get here. So this red Perimeter here is basically the collarbone area and we should just be seeing two three discrete vessels. Flowing and joining up to form a singular vessel here and then draining down here and into the right heart. So the fact that you're seeing all of these vessels now, it looks, it looks very macro tech. This, these black, The appearance of these lines in fact need to be careful that they are actually the collateralization of normal vessels. There is definitely macro technology within these tin vessels, but it's this area here that we're particularly interested in because it is A wag of appearance is not normal, and knowing what we know about these vax We know what's in them.

We know what they can do. You were talking before Dr. Young about, you know, why does this happen, especially in the younger generation? And I had, I had my hypotheses for this as well. I mean, if if we talk about the self assembly, what does it need? It needs electromagnetic radiation, right

DY Dr Robert Young17:19 exactly self assembly based on. One g two g three g four g so running anywhere from four hundred megahertz up to four g four g plus two point four gigahertz up to a frequency in five g at eight point four gigahertz and just to put a you know some sort of relationship and a relationship understanding of what that would represent at for two point four gigahertz we're talking microwave radiation identical to that that is being produced from your kitchen Admi.

PM Paul Middleton17:38 All.

DY Dr Robert Young18:03 Away.

PM Paul Middleton18:05 Exactly. The subclavian vein. So just, just in underneath your, your clavicle, your collar bone. Superficial, very superficial. You're an athlete. You lean. You have very little fat. Superficial vascular charm. I mean, you think about, you know, your, your athletes, they would have veins popping out anyways, you know, pre rollout and now they're so close. They're almost completely unobstructed from your phone. Here, your heart rate monitor whilst your training right here in the middle of your chest.

You've got, of course, your cell antenna could be omnidirectional, could be directed, many opportunities, but you know, we talk about the athletes. If you go cardiac, you, you talk about, well, of course they're constantly stressing their heart so they're going to be at a higher risk, you know, you can look at that, But when it comes to emboli events. Among the athletes, you need the self assembly, you need the Emr, where you gonna get it from Fine.

DY Dr Robert Young19:35 So, Paul, I showed you some material that I viewed in in vascular fluids, and it's right behind me here, you can see these black threads. It kind of loops around and then you see these little bulbs,

PM Paul Middleton19:53 This one here.

DY Dr Robert Young19:54 I call those little clusters. There seems to be more electrical activity coming around these, but this is This is in vascular blood and uh, behind it, that's in the shadows is. You know, aggregated red blood cells that. So I'm viewing this technology that I would suggest is the same. Material that you're seeing in these venous clots, clavicle clots. I just wanted to show you the the similarity of the material. And of course this is, this is synthetic, it's, it's a combination of Well, the basic material is.

Decreased Engagement

The base of this is graphene. Graphene assembly, self assembly As we mentioned before, this is, this is a phenomenon that's happening, in the presence, it activates, in the presence of pulsating. Frequencies that are being transmitted cell towers, by cell phones, by computers, by Wifi. Specifically, This causing this elongation of graphing dots to form. These larger particulates that are then were seen in. Embolisms or clots in the various veins. You had now identified.

So um, this is what's happening and this, this is also in a living person. This person is female.

PM Paul Middleton21:47 That's right.

DY Dr Robert Young21:49 But this person has been inoculated. With the this material that I evaluated and identified. Using electron microscopy as far as its signature using directed energy for spectroscopy This is, we know what the material is. We've identified that and now we're seeing it in live, in the blood, in the blood clots. This stuff is very, very difficult to break down. And so there's those who have been inoculated, There's other ways I mean to look at this, not just under a microscope, I mean you can, using techniques there, or Xx rays, one of the masses in larger forms, in many times, in many cases, that's, that's.

Increased Engagement

That's gonna be maybe too late to do something about this. So there are, there are tools to demagnetize, there are ways to demagnetize this, but you have to be aware of it. The unfortunate thing is, and I don't know if you agree with this. Paul But uh, is the current medical system. Are they up on this? Are they? Do they have the the understanding? Do they have? The acceptance of the possibility of this hypothesis. These clots are being generated from various vectors The material that we're talking about is is a platform material, a biosensing material which is cytotoxic, genotoxic and also magnetic, and thus that is activated.

Electromagnetic frequencies, our cell phones, our computers, you know, the exposure that we currently have in and around us. You know, electromagnetic smog that's causing these clots and these sudden deaths and that, that's been my theory of what happened in Wuhan. There was an inoculation of this material into the bodies of millions of people in wuhan and of course then they flipped the switch november thirtieth of two thousand nineteen and people dropped over debt my intelligence is that this was in excess of five million people.

PM Paul Middleton24:42 Yep. Yeah, right, I didn't know numbers. I always just think of The activation of the Ph. I, you know, off of just a number of patients with atypical pneumonia from Wuhan, China, but 5 million is well, not surprising.

DY Dr Robert Young25:09 Well, the atypical pneumonia is just a symptom of the body trying to do something about this. It's the symptoms. The symptoms are identical to radiation poisoning, so you can associate it with influenza or flu. But the flu symptoms are actually the body in a desperate situation trying to restore homeostasis, to restore blood flow. And to get ridd of this material that's causing, pathological coagulation and that's what is leading to the embolisms, that you're showing. And I think that's really critical.

PM Paul Middleton25:52 Yes.

DY Dr Robert Young25:53 And I, and, and I applaud you for doing this. I, I have to ask, you know, what hass inspired you to do this? I mean there must be Is it just? From an intellectual point of view or is it from a spiritual point of view? I mean, what is motivating you to, to share this information as it relates to this embolism. These Oc cults that that are taking place within healthy healthy athletes, you know, that we see in the news, or at least the Media is not mainstream media but alternative media that are showing, you know, these sudden deaths on, on football fields and that was,

PM Paul Middleton26:43 Yep,

DY Dr Robert Young26:44 that was one of your case studies.

PM Paul Middleton26:46 yep, yeah.

DY Dr Robert Young26:47 So what, what has motivated you for, you know, to, to start investigating the cause of this? Paul Middleton's mission to wake people up and create a resistance.

PM Paul Middleton26:55 Well, like you, I'm aware of the agenda, you know, you do your research, you keep going down that rabbit hole, you realize that you've been lied to, you try and wake people up and I'm, I'm a problem solver and You know, I've heard it a lot. What do we needed to do? We need to wake people up. Well, I've got some ideas there. That's something that we can talk about afterwards, but that's how it all started. It was wanting to wake people up. So I started taking notes from listening to interviews and I'm thinking to myself, I work with all these, you know.

Medical professionals and I listen to them. I'm a good listener. The things that they would say, you know, the hook, lion, and sink, are sold into everything. And so I think to myself, well, I mean I I don't want anything bad to happen to them. You know, the, the deeper you go down this rabbit hole, you realize that, well, you sort of, you're all in this together and we need to create a resistance. We need to find the right angle, the right pressure point so that we can wake people up. So, like I said, I'm a problem and And this is, you know, the case study, a 17 year old kid.

And I didn't even know he had been back three weeks later after I had 1st been part of his procedure and he's had two more procedures, he's had a rib taken out. Everything is related until proven otherwise. You know, that's just the way, just like, you know what Peter Mccaul says, until proven up and tool proven otherwise. You know, you have a family, we have a family, we have, you know, a wonderful planet. So I want to, I want to, I want to keep that, I want to keep all of it. And I think.

DY Dr Robert Young29:05 Needing.

PM Paul Middleton29:09 I have, I have some ideas. This is, this is the 1st one. I'm really thankful that you you saw the, you know the value and I think the intrigue as well in what I had to present. I think yeah, of course people need to collaborate, you know, multidisciplinary sort of images like we've shown and you know, it's um, It's really good, you know, to see, you know, the, especially the stuff that you've showed me today. I've seen a lot of your work, but this in particular, you know, it seems to really visually.

Match up with, with what I have, and you know, that's, it's promising and it just once wants to make me and, you know, to do more, to do more work, to find as much time as I can look. Yeah, that's, that's, that's my answer. But um, you know, I'm, I'm not going to stop, I'm not going to stop.

DY Dr Robert Young30:10 That's W that's wonderful. And Paul You, you are, you, you have other case studies that you're working with, at this time. So I mean, this is, this is a, this is a work in process. So maybe uh, as these, these cases start to mature where you get more and more information. As well as, you know, seeing a pattern, that's that, that's what I've looked at. I see a pattern and I look at these patterns and these patterns, you know, because I'm curious. These patterns, you know, starting asking more and more questions and seeing exactly what's going on here.

The Risks of Nanotechnology in Food, Water, Air, and Inoculation

DY Dr Robert Young30:54 It's become more and more clear that contents, the non disclosed contents that were, that we're seen in wall that were seen in flu food. The nanotechnology in food, water, Air. Here again is is And of course, in the inoculation and this where for, for me, that's where where this all started. That it's, it's refreshing to see someone like yourself and others that have stepped forward with their research and of course, Laquinta Columna and their work from Sevilla University in Spain.

Increased Sentiment

It just corroborates the fact that we're dealing with manmade material. Is carbon based. Has various layers to it that contain other contributing factors that for whatever reason, biosensing, whatever the good intention is, this material doesn't not belong, it's for it does not belong in the human body. So whatever the good intention is, is, well, you know, we can do wi Fi medicine and we can track You know blood sugars and insulin, and you know blood pressure, et cetera. Those are all good thoughts, I mean.

And we can direct, let's say, specific medicines, a specific area of the body, so that we're not doing a gunshot approach, but we can actually have directed drug therapy. That can go to a specific area of the body or a specific tumor to do something about that, that's all good, but in order for that to happen, it involves also the risk of doing harm. A lot of these patients don't understand those risks related to this. And so here again there may be good intentions. Here there may be some dark intentions as it relates to not just Trying to deal with a health challenge that doesn't have a good ending result, but to begin a process of somehow using artificial intelligence to control and uh,

PM Paul Middleton33:11 No.

DY Dr Robert Young33:18 you know, the masses. Or to even reduce the surplus population. Here again, these have been talked about by many people around the world. As a scientist and Paul, I would suggest that's You know the inquiry begins even with you as a scientist is in the medical profession, medical diagnostics. Which is your background? And you've been in this for what, 20 years, so this is, this is not new to you. Medical diagnostics using a multiplicity of techniques, from ultrasound to X ray, you know, to Mri et cetera, et cetera, some invasive, some non invasive

Discussion of the Effects of Magnetic Fields on Human Cells

DY Dr Robert Young34:05 Than, you know, I still, I don't know if you've questioned this or not. I still question the effects of the magnetic fields on Mris and their impact on human cells. You know?

PM Paul Middleton34:15 Yes.

DY Dr Robert Young34:15 So, you know, so they say, well, it's not, it's not radioactive. And I'm going, well, wait a minute. You know, there's two parts of that, that equation, there's the electrical field and the magnetic field, and you're saying, okay, you know, this is magnetics, but magnetics in the presence of graphene is a death sentence.

PM Paul Middleton34:34 Yeah, yeah.

DY Dr Robert Young34:36 Because it's, it's, it's highly, magnetic. And so, you know, using, you know, contrasts and what, by the way, what contrast by name were you using to create those contrasts to view? The clots.

PM Paul Middleton34:55 So that's uh, an X ray die with iodine. You want specific names of the

DY Dr Robert Young35:02 Well, is that iodine radioactive.

PM Paul Middleton35:07 I donated solution. That's the, that's the active element, that, that gives you that opacity, the radio opacity, so that you can visualize the, you know, the vessels.

DY Dr Robert Young35:24 Yes, exactly, Yeah, okay, I just, that was just a question in my mind what I, I know they use uh, dyes and, and whether these dyes, you know, have any sort of, You know, electromagnetics or you know.

PM Paul Middleton35:44 very good questions and the E the Mri. Certainly I have an understanding of Mri and the radio waves that are used and the mechanism of They get the images with the constant, you know, jolting of the atoms in line, which is why you get the clicking sounds if you've actually ever been in the tube. But I certainly I don't have any involvement and I wouldn't, I would not be recommending an Mri to, well, to anyone these days.

DY Dr Robert Young36:25 Especially if you've been inoculated and of course, that's, that's been my position. There are non radioactive or non Emf approaches. Ultrasound is one of those that can be used. Those techniques can be used so I appreciate. Is there anything else you wanted to share or should we wait till, till another uh, session to, to review some of your results, as you, as you continue your research,

Paul Middleton and Dr Robert Young Discuss Risk Factors of Blood Flow in the Upper Arm

PM Paul Middleton37:01 Let's go out with the bang.

DY Dr Robert Young37:03 Okay,

PM Paul Middleton37:04 Let me show you.

DY Dr Robert Young37:04 all right. Let's let. I, I mean I wanna seee what you've got. I'm, I'm very curious,

PM Paul Middleton37:12 I will show you. Maybe not that one. I didn't get the audio out of that, you can see. Now I'll pause it. You can see this appearance here if you you can see my mouse, can't you? Dr. Yeah.

DY Dr Robert Young37:40 Yes.

PM Paul Middleton37:42 You can see this appearance here, it's sort of, it's not, it's not dark, it's not black like this area here. And a normal vessel you'd be, you know, this, this X ray, ye, this iodine would go straight up, it would be swift, it would be black, it would be the same density.

DY Dr Robert Young38:04 Then.

PM Paul Middleton38:09 you could have swirling of it because there was a slow flow within the vessel. You know someone who has a bad cardiac output, their hearts not going to be pumping, as well as someone who doesn't have a bad cardiac output. So there's things to consider If you follow the peculiar outlines of these lightly grade areas, you know I call it.

DY Dr Robert Young38:41 Then.

PM Paul Middleton38:43 it's like the algae on a seabed when you see it just floating around like that. So let's, let's have a look at another one. So this one in particular, I'll let it keep running. And you see these little white things here?

DY Dr Robert Young39:03 Yes.

PM Paul Middleton39:06 you just you start to wonder when you see those ones you like, are they assembling as we speak, Are they flying around, Are they buy the sensors there? But certainly the whole thing, the whole things atypical you know like if this image was taken with a a three dd rotation You'd have a lot more information that would be a lot more conclusive.

DY Dr Robert Young39:36 You have?

PM Paul Middleton39:36 This is,

DY Dr Robert Young39:36 Do you have access to three Dd?

PM Paul Middleton39:39 oh yes, we do, we do. We do have accesss to three Dd, just needed to convince the right people to use it on their patients, so you know, one one step at a time. But yeah, absolutely. I mean, it's, it's easy, I mean you. You have a an Xx ray tuba, gantry which can rotate angular, crane or cordal, left right. These images are just taken with the Xx ray tube or the detector in the same position the whole time. But you can, you can take it, you can take that. I and you can swing the tube or you can do a full three Dd Ct rotational angiography as well.

So We'll get there. That's, that's a bit of a waking out process. Need to work on that. But certainly. With my experience in my eyes, there's enough information here to, you know, to say that we're barking up the right tree.

DY Dr Robert Young40:54 Le Let's say in plain English, for those who might be listening, you know, what are you actually seeing? You're, you're, you're seeing uh, unusual activity within the blood vessel, you're seeing uh, formations. And I don't want to put words in your mouth, if you could just kind of describe, just describe in, in plain English what you're seeing in the blood vessels of, of this uh, age group of 40 or less, that are active and healthy with no family history of, of, cardiac or vascular problems.

PM Paul Middleton41:39 Well, if if I was, if I was going to present again, I would certainly have, the contrast of a normal, a normal patient and so you could see and decide for yourself, you know, rather than have me try and explain. What it what it looks like if I just go back.

DY Dr Robert Young42:03 I like the comparison approach, yeah.

PM Paul Middleton42:06 absolutely.

DY Dr Robert Young42:06 Actually.

PM Paul Middleton42:07 I mean, we started off, just the two of us, but we're sort of moving potentially to a larger population. This image here, this is the Balloon inflating in the stent as it expands. And the contrast leaks out. You don't normally see that. And that's just another sort of, you know, incidental finding. Curious. I'll add that one to the list. Um trying to answer your question on um let me see if I can get a a good go back here. I mean it should all be black. Dr. Young It should all be black. You know, you wouldn't be able to unless you had an understanding.

And you can see in the top right hand corner, that's the collarbone, the clavicle, and then in the top left of the image is the, the head of the humerus. Just to try and orientate your So you've got this sub clothing in vein coming underneath and it should just be basically a black line with maybe one or two vessels draining into it and you've got this whole network going on here. But it's really this area down here where the main occlusion and the very atypical. Wgu marbling, that's, that's, that's what I'm seeing in these, in these patients.

DY Dr Robert Young43:49 And for this patient that you're looking at, what are, what are the risk factors if nothing is done or corrected as it relates to the flow of, of the, of the blood in the upper arm.

PM Paul Middleton44:01 Well, these, this comes back to the, you know, the common denominators here, which, which, I, you know, I, I don't know if you call it a luxury, but I had so many different cases to look at, you know, I was able to keep everything under the age of 40. I mean, they mainly were for these presentations. The risks for this patient, I mean time will tell, but they're coming back, they're coming back for multiple interventions. And these are the patients that have, that are young, they have top private health, which is often, which is very uncommon.

Discussion of Pathological Blood Coagulation and Embolisms

PM Paul Middleton44:47 And so they're, they're getting this sort of, this sort of care, you know, within the hospital system where they're able to get these procedures done, but they're coming back multiple times. I can see that their anti coagulation, the blood thinning therapies do not work, they will not protect them.

DY Dr Robert Young45:08 W What would be some of those, anticoagulation or would you rather not say?

PM Paul Middleton45:15 aspirins just, you know, I mean, I don't trust anything these days. I wouldn't be I wouldn't be taking any pharmaceuticals,

DY Dr Robert Young45:20 Okay.

PM Paul Middleton45:23 unfortunately, I mean. You know, if I was in the cabal, you know, aspirin, wouldn't that be a perfect one to uh, to taint? It's the blood thinning properties that you need to try and break up. The real blood cop because you're going to have real blood clot formation. But of course the part that you know about is, you just, you can't get rid of the other stuff, you know, you've just got those The protocols with the Nac, Glut Thon and all the other goodies, you know, nutraceutical bundle, you know, for someone like this, honestly. I don't be seeing them soon. I I don't know.

DY Dr Robert Young46:15 Well, you, you, you mentioned, at, at a later time, possibly talking about maybe some solutions to this, these uh,

PM Paul Middleton46:25 Yeah.

DY Dr Robert Young46:27 blood clots. That are, that are restricting the flow of blood, which is our life force. Particularly for the, you know. The athlete. But it does answer, at least in my own mind, why, when the body's up, During exercise, exercise could be very hazardous to one's health. They could create a, an incident that could lead to uh, you know, death, injury and death, injury and then death. There are solutions to these pollutions and uh, is there anything else you would like to, to share? At this time.

PM Paul Middleton47:17 Well, in um. For today? No, I don't think so, certainly. I'm privileged and happy that you know, you've an interest in this and you know, we can work together and I can share some more information with you in terms of you know, sharing ideas. Prevent blood clots. I think I was talking about something else. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to to help anyone in these situations, whether it be prophylactic or or otherwise. We just got to, we got to work together on that one But yeah, look, I will certainly tailor a presentation towards all my stuff.

Dr. Young It's, it's all about targeting the layman, it's all about, because I I understand, I listen to how you know what people say, to how people respond to certain things. I try and cater for that, and so I'll make sure that if I present something else, it will be something which they'll be able to understand and appreciate.

DY Dr Robert Young48:43 So the main question, that I asked, you is, is, is in my student days. In fact, it was the question for one of my doctors is why does blood coagulate inside the blood vessels, you know? So this is This question continues to go on. You know, pathological blood coagulation within the blood vessels normally should not coagulate should be free flowing. And yet we're getting these unusual these unusual phenomenons that taking are taking place. And of course, that was one of the questions that I answered in one of my papers.

I'm happy to provide that paper to anyone who is interested in learning more about pathological blood coagulation and a technique called the Most technique, which is micro toxic oxidative stress test to evaluate these types of clots, there is other technology to be able to view these using. Different types of light frequencies. To be able to visualize some of these clots, is available now. So um, that's totally, totally not invasive. Which is a good thing. But I'm, I'm grateful, Paul, that you're doing this.

I look forward to talking with you again. Why the blood is is clotting within the blood, blood vessels and the material that uses it looks very, very similar by visually at atomically.

Graphene that we found in all of the inoculations is being that has now been injected into over 5 million, excuse me, 5 billion with the be 5 billion people, over 13 billion inoculations.

PM Paul Middleton51:02 Hello

DY Dr Robert Young51:02 So the risk is there. There are other, there are other vectors to to move this type of material that does create a an environment within the blood vessels that can lead to pathological blood coagulation, but this should not. Would you agree this should not be happening to that age group of 40 and less? I mean that that is definitely something that's rare.

PM Paul Middleton51:30 Absolute.

DY Dr Robert Young51:32 You would agree that you're seeing more of this in that particular group now.

PM Paul Middleton51:37 Hundred percent, Absolutely,

DY Dr Robert Young51:40 all right. Well, let's,

PM Paul Middleton51:41 yeah.

DY Dr Robert Young51:41 let's, let's keep in touch, you know, is there a way that, I mean, would you want to be contacted or is there a way to contact you by email or if somebody is interested in.

PM Paul Middleton51:52 I don't have anything, Yeah. I don't have anything set up. I didn't actually think about that one.

DY Dr Robert Young51:57 Okay, well, if people want, if people want more information on pathological blood coagulation and embolisms and this strange material that Embalmers are finding and pulling out of the not only the large vessels, but the small vessels as well, the stringy material. Has a variety of different components to it, some of them blood, some of them synthetic I believe that we're getting closer to the solution to this and of course, understanding what to do about it is only going to get better.

More and more people are trying to move more to nature rather than You know, synthetic drugs to deal with this because they and themselves have side effects. But a natural approach with that, you can contact me, Robert Young, that's my website. You can you can actually uh go to dr Robert young dot com Uh, put your email uh in the the on on the 1st page and I will definitely send you information on. This subject pathological blood coagulation and maybe give you some additional ideas.

There'll be other information there related to the subject that'll help you understand what is going on If you want more information, there's no charge for this, it's free. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You just have to take your time and and listen, learn. You know and care enough to share this material with everyone that you love and and care about, because it's important that all of us understand what is going on and what we can do about it. With that. Paul Thanks again for your time and for,

PM Paul Middleton54:13 Go out and do it.

DY Dr Robert Young54:14 speaking out and uh, for your work. I encourage you to continue with it and uh, it sounds like that's what you're gonna do. So.

PM Paul Middleton54:25 Indeed, indeed, thank you. All right.

DY Dr Robert Young54:28 All right. All the all the best. Take care.

PM Paul Middleton54:31 Okay, Bye bye, now.

DY Dr Robert Young54:33 Bye bye.

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1. "Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene & Parasites in CoV-19 Vaccines", peer-reviewed and reviewed by millions around the World:

The following are the pdf files in English and in Spanish for the above scientific article for which you can share with everyone you love and care about:

Scanning and Tranmission Electron Microscopy in the Identificaiton of the Non-disclosed In
Download • 1.00MB

scn-es (3)
Download PDF • 2.31MB

2. "Nano and Micro Graphene & Parasites Causing Blood Clots Seen in the Blood of the VAXXed & UNVAXXed!"

This 28-page PDF attachment below by Dr. Robert Young is very impressive.

Dr. Young has presented the facts in his research and included microscopic photos of visible particles and able to identify them. Things that should never ever be injected into the human body. Just look at the non-disclosed ingredients on the list he compiled that is within this document.

Nano and Micro Graphene - Dr Robert Young-1-232
Download PDF • 3.48MB

These falsely claimed so-called vaccines from the four major pharmaceutical companies were analyzed by Dr. Young:

Pfizer/BioNTech (“Pfizer”); Moderna/Lonza mRNA-1273 (“Moderna”); Vaxzevria by AstraZeneca (“AstraZeneca”); and Janssen by Johnson & Johnson (“Janssen”).

If humanity had known what was being injected into their bodies and even their children’s body they would had never taken this toxic COVID bioweapon?

I would think not unless they were a “few bricks shy a full load” or wanted themselves suicided, sacrificing themselves and their children on the altar of Big Pharma.

Forcing or coercion of a child into taking this injection is absolute child abuse and unintentional or intentional attempted murder.

Some are saying there is no graphene oxide in the weaponized COVID-19 injections of the vial and blood. Following in the steps of the government funded “FACT CHECKERS”, with their propaganda of the real “Misinformation.”

You will see actual microscopy pictures captured in that article published on August 20, 2021, and republished again on January 19, 2023. Nothing has changed in the past 17 months.

4. "Dr. Young’s research will prove to you that there is indeed “graphene oxide” and "parasites" in the COVID serum."

It seems since the rollout of these injections, some well-intended doctors and scientist are far behind of the research by Dr. Young and other true deep researchers like La Quinta Columna. La Ouinta Columa researchers, for whom I have also been following three years, found toxic nanometallic content which are magneticotoxic, cytotoxic and genotoxic to plants, insects, birds, animals, and humans, all life on the planet, which was confirmed by Dr. Young and his team of researchers. Even life-threatening parasites were discovered in one of the “vaccines”.

The “vaccine” components including graphene oxide among many others are which influenced by radiation sources external to us can create a toxic chemical and radiative soup inside our bodies (Published By The Liberty Beacon) from the Covid bioweapon has put people’s lives at risk.

Many will, as I have been saying in my opinion, will die from radiation poison by this injection with graphene oxide, the hydrogel with the insertion of Cesium-137 for the individuals bodies injected with these ingredients to absorb the microwave radiation 5G communications frequencies for tracking, manipulating the mind, and even transmit the frequencies of diseases of compromised destroyed immune systems leading to permanent disability and death.

To go into more detail, you need to understand something very important in this discussion of graphene oxide. Then you will understand why it was so important to produce this warp speed COVID-19 bioweapon, and its connection with the lightning speed of installing 5G cell towers on school roofs, cell towers on grounds in city and rual areas, and 5G weaponized streetlights with 5G WIFI transmitters.

Besides using this bioweapon injected to cause mass permanently disabilities and even maximize the death potential, graphene oxide which has an electrical charge and hydrogel with the insertion of cesium-137 as revealed by Todd Callender, and the self-replicating and self-construction of nano particles and nanotubes to construct an internal WIFI system to communicate with the individual’s body with 5G microwave radiation frequencies. Without the ingredients of graphene oxide, the hydrogel, and the Cesium-137 this would not be possible. This is exactly one of the many ingredients that have been undeclared in the bioweapon COVID-19 serum injections.

5. Detox From the Cyctotoxic, Genotoxic and Magnetic Toxic Graphene

This is the very reason these 'bad actors' were introducing this new, experimental injection, that was never about viral protection, but as Moderna’s website said they were injecting the software of life like a computer system with “plug and play” capabilities like in a computer system. They have or are setting up a way to track those who have been injected who can be controlled by AI with the microwave radiation frequencies.

About 6 years ago, I learned that they have the frequencies of various viruses, as I have already mentioned, for which they can transmit into those that have the injection with the “software of life” any virus frequency to incapacitate or kill one. A cause of death that would be very hard to identify.

Many of these frequencies were discovered by Royal Rife years ago and were no doubt confiscated by the government military, and no doubt also involving DARPA, as was Tesla’s inventions that would have made it possible for US energy independence. FREE ENERGY!

It is my assumption that once the 5G cell towers are fully installed and activated in large, metropolitan areas, that due to the powerful microwave beams coming from every direction possible, will lead to death by radiation poisoning from the microwave oven everyone will be living in. But there again, it will also be covered up as death by a COVID to pacify those wearing their tin foil hats and mask.

With every COVID inoculation injection going in, the toxic substances keep accumulating in the body, gradually destroying the natural innate immune system leading to an early death of what the globalist consider them, as Henry Kissinger called them, “Useless Eaters.”

Part of Bill Gates TED conference talk in 2011 was where he alluded to the decreasing world population and said: “Now if we do a real good job with healthcare and vaccines, we could reduce the population by 10 to 15 percent.” Well, if you take 8-billion people times 15% you get 1-billion, 2 hundred million eliminated by the healthcare system and vaccines.

But, Bill Gates plan appears that it will exceed his expectations as scientist are predicting the deaths of 2 billion in the next two years and more billions following. A prediction of millions dying from myocarditis and pericarditis alone is projected. All being planned as part of the globalist depopulation agenda to come to fruition by 2025 per funded as in a screen capture on their website pictured here:

The Deagel corporation is a minor branch of US military intelligence, one of the many secretive organizations which collects data for high-level decision-making purposes and prepares confidential briefing documents for agencies like the National Security Agency, the United Nations, and the World Bank.

It is known, for example, to have contributed to a Stratfor report on North Korea. With this kind of pedigree, Deagel should be seen as a legitimate player in the intelligence community and not merely a disinformation asset.

If so, then it must be assumed that its population predictions for 2025, as well as its industrial output predictions on a nation-by-nation basis, are based on strategic assumptions which are shared and well understood by other players in the intelligence community.’s [infamous] 2025 forecast was removed from their website sometime in 2020. The content is reproduced here for your reference and educational purposes.

Robert O Young MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner

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What-Causes-Oxygen-Deprivation-of-the-Blood-DIC-and-Then-Lungs-SARS-CoV2and12 (1)
Download PDF • 1.32MB

Download PDF • 336KB

Download PDF • 1.19MB

Here are two links to learn more on how to protect your organs, glands, tissues, including your heart, liver, lungs, brain and reproductive organs from lipo nano graphene with Spike Protein attached.

The following links will take you to the peer reviewed article for CBDA and CBGA and the protection you need against the VAXXXed Spike Protein from foreign animal and human sources.

"According to the American Heart Association over 50 percent vaxxed will die within the next 5 years!"

The link below will take you to the Peer- Reviewed article of the American Heart Association published in Circulation - Circulating Spike Protein Detected in Post COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Myocarditis!

CIRCULATIONAHA.122.061025 (1)
Download PDF • 1.11MB

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May 14, 2023

The whole “vaccines are safe” narrative for the past 200 years is actually based on an assumption that all the vaccines are safe.

There is actually no credible large-scale post-marketing study for any vaccine used in the US today that actually backs up this claim.

It’s all based on faith in seriously flawed studies.

There isn’t a credible post-marketing objective epidemiological study for any vaccine in the US. That’s right. Not a single one.

The whole “vaccines are safe” narrative is built on belief and seriously flawed studies, and not on proper objective epidemiological studies which could have been easily done but were not.

If we cannot prove safety at the level of <1 death per 10M doses in children,…

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