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Please Help the People of Ukraine

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Link to Help the People of Ukraine

My name is Dr. Galina Migalko. I am a a proud Ukrainian. I was born in Uzhgorod, a very beautiful City in West Ukraine. At that time, Ukraine was one of 15 republics in the former Soviet Union. For centuries Uzhgorod has been an important cultural, educational, religious, and economic center of the Carpathian region. I was blessed to have amazing parents and the best brother I loved so much. The beauty of Ukraine is breathtaking, with gorgeous mountains, rivers and golden fields of sunflowers.

I had a happy, peaceful childhood and was dreaming of helping people to be healthy and happy. After graduating from Uzhgorod Medical University in Ukraine, I worked as a medical doctor in several hospitals and wellness centers as a physician, medical practitioner, international consultant in nutrition, stress management, naturopathic treatment, hospital and clinical supervision, healthcare management focusing on prevention, detection and treatment and was passionate about changing the current disease-centered view that dominates medical care to integrative health care, optimizing wellness rather than traditional disease management. For the last 28 years I have leaved and worked in Los Angeles, California. I developed my expertise in the alternative healing field of whole-body medical diagnostics and was privileged to work with the best doctors and professors to serve people around the word and especially in Ukraine and US.

The beautiful people of Ukraine love their families, love their culture, and love their Country. We all have had dreams, goals, and hopes for our children and us, but on February 24, 2022, families in multiple Ukrainian cities—including the capital, Kyiv—woke up to the terrifying sounds of Russian missiles and rockets. As the invasion continued, many shaken residents had to shelter for their safety in subway stations and underground parking structures. Leaving their homes behind, some families had no option but to flee to neighboring Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and other countries.

Most devastatingly, this attack has resulted in multiple lives lost. Ukrainian families are being torn apart by an unprovoked Russian invasion of blood and horror!

Ukrainians have lost their homes, their belongings and their peaceful lives.

Ukrainian women, children and babies have been wounded, maimed and killed by Russian bombs and bullets.

Many Ukrainians have no financial means to help themselves with very low monthly salaries and retirement benefits, which run between 50 to 100 dollars.

Ukrainian families have been separated from their fathers, sons and even daughters who have picked up arms to fight for their freedom and way of life.

Russians have bombed and destroyed hospitals, maternity centers, emergency care clinics and schools without regard to innocent human life and the international rule of law!

My heart hurts, and tears have been running down my cheeks daily as I watch the news or talk with my family, friends and patients in Ukraine who are suffering from this terrible unprovoked war. It’s beyond my understanding how humans can treat other humans in inhuman ways for their own personal gain.

The impact of Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has been devastating to all of us in Ukraine and around the World. And while the situation continues to escalate, so does the need for financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual help.

Ukrainians are proud and brave people who deserve our help in their time of need. This unjust attack on the people of Ukraine and humanity at large is devastating, and the Ukrainian people need our support now.

While we are witnessing the bravery of Ukrainians, we are also bearing witness to the unimaginable burden of those who have chosen safety. Countless amounts of Ukrainians have left everything they know and love behind to seek refuge in neighboring countries. With nothing but what they can carry, millions of Ukrainian refugees are in need of housing, food, water and love right away.

Ukrainian people have shown incredible courage and strength in resisting this unprovoked Russian invasion.

Hundreds of thousands of ordinary men and women are trying to protect their families, their future and freedom by taking up arms in every town of Ukraine, which are being carpet-bombed by the Russian army!

Millions of people in Ukraine are facing an imminent humanitarian crisis. They are in urgent need of medical supplies, food, clean water, housing, and all the simple things we use daily for personal hygiene.

All donations of money raised will be distributed to Ukrainian families and soldiers directly as well as to verified nonprofit organizations supporting vulnerable communities to help obtain access to shelter, food, medical services, education, and psychosocial support.

I will continue to evaluate this ever-shifting dynamic situation, add recipient charities to confirm that funds can be sent where needed and reach ALL those who need our support NOW!

Please join me NOW with my Ukrainian brothers and sisters in providing needed help to impacted men, women, children, babies and even the unborn.

No donation is too small!

Every Dollar Matters and Counts in changing and saving a Ukrainian life!

Please Help Ukraine and its Beautiful People and Culture!!!

Please Don't Stand Aside. Ukrainians need YOUR Help NOW!

Make your impact NOW with whatever YOU can GIVE!

The Ukrainian soldiers of men and women show the World what bravery looks like, and ordinary citizens fighting for their freedom backed up against cruelty with patriotic courage that will define their nation and the World for years to come.

Please share this campaign through Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

May God bless YOU and Your Family with Safety and Protection for your Generosity!

May God bless the People of Ukraine with Safety, Protection, and the Means for their Survival!

Glory to God and Glory to The Beautiful People of Ukraine. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dr. Galina Migalko #drgalinamigalko

PS - Please Read the Following Article:

‘The Second World War was easier than this’: Families flee ruins of Mariupol with shattered lives - Refugees leave everything behind as they escape ‘apocalyptic’ conditions in the encircled Ukrainian city!

This is Ludmilla Rodichkina. She has lived in Mariupol, Ukraine all her entire life – now she has seen it destroyed!

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko says he's ready to give his life to save Ukraine

Klitschko said he had no hatred for Russia, noting that his mother was Russian and he spoke the language, but that his people would fight.

“Go away from Ukraine, go back home, you have nothing to find in our country,” Klitschko told the Russian people in the interview. “It’s our home, it’s our hometown, it’s our home country, and we will fight. You send your sons or husbands, your men to Ukraine, and huge chance you’ll never see your sons, husbands or men again because they also in the war will die. Stop the war. Go away from Ukraine.

“We are peaceful nation, we don’t have another choice except to fighting right now,” he continued. “I don’t see another choice. To bring hands up and be a part of Russia? No, no, no. We don’t have another choice. If Russia doesn’t go back to home, we just have point. We have to fight and defend.

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13 abr 2022

I am disappointed that Dr. Young falls for the globalist propaganda, we know how media has been using emotion to sway the public into giving money to Ukraine, that falls in the pockets of the globalists and not in the hands of the Ukrainian people; this post is no exception. Many headlines of destruction have been nothing more than recycled content from other conflicts years past, don't be deceived. The Ukrainian citizens stand with the Russians in freeing them of the clutches of the globalist stronghold in Ukraine. Russians are fighting the Azov Nazis in which Zelenskyy represents. The Azov continue to terrorize and use the civilians as human shields, so as to blame the Russians.

Me gusta

13 abr 2022

Look at Zelenskyy’s recent past. We are being lied to once again by the media. He is a puppet of the globalists that like our nation have infiltrated the government of Ukraine in order to hide biological laboratories and launder money. Zelenskyy is a satanist and an actor. It is he that has been killing and torturing the innocent Ukrainian citizens and posting propaganda in order to pin it on Putin. Don’t buy the bs. Do your own research and you will realize this.

Me gusta

05 abr 2022

You failed to mention that you let the Nazis take over much of your country and is murdering your people that resist them. Many parts of the Ukraine are happy to see the Russians help them fight the Nazi Tyranny...

Me gusta

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pure natural organic cosmetic seiryudo
01 abr 2022


Me gusta

19 mar 2022

why can't I see any previous comments anymore, nor the new ones?

Me gusta
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