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Proof Rothchild's & Other 'Bad Actors' Planned the Plandemic & The Great World Reset! - Updated

Updated: Jun 30, 2022


Proof That Rothschilds Provisional Application for a Patented Covid-19 Wireless Biometric Implant Were First Filed In 2015 Then In 2016, Again In 2017, Then 2019 and Finally Approved On September 3rd, 2020! - Just In Time For Implantation Via the Flu and Corona VAXXine VAXXed Into Millions of Asymptomatic, Unknowing, Unsuspecting, Innocent Humans!

Both were filed and updated years ago, but they were SCHEDULED to be made public in September 2020.

There was zero disclosure by the CDC, WHO, World Economic Forum, United Nations, FDA, AMA, Governments, President Trump, President O'Biden and Big 'Harma' of the CORONA VAXXine secret ingredients to the world's population when they ALL knew beginning in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and September 2020 that the Coronavirus VAXXine contained a nano graphene based biosensor system which would be injected into ALL humans and animals for transmitting and receiving individual health, medical, financial and legal information to a super computer remotely controlled by the Rothchild's and other 'Bad Actors' and 'Luciferians'!

Rothchild's, Trump's, and Big Harma's Warp-speed Delivery of the CORONA VAZZine in 2020 was a Planned Directed Assault on the Agency, Free-will and Sovientry of Every Living Soul on Earth!

An Inplanted Human Operating System for Contact Tracing & Population Control of ALL Living Souls and Things

Proof That Rothschilds Patented Covid-19 Biometric Tests beginning in 2015 with a plan to inject all of humanity with a non-disclosed magnetic biosensor or nano bio-chip, built on a multi-dimensional nano graphene and ferric oxide platform for the purpose of connecting the human body, mind and spirit to the "Internet of Things"[IoT]!

Download PDF • 979KB

A Multi-Dimensional Platform of Magnetic Reduced Graphene with Attached Nano Particulates of Ferric Oxide, Aluminum Oxide, Silicon, and Gold. -

Both patents were filed and updated years ago, but they were SCHEDULED to be made public in September, 2020 after the announcement by WHO, CDC, FDA and the Central Bankers of the fake CoVid-19 pandemic in March, 2020.

This is sufficient evidence that they knew and planned even as early as 2011 what was going to happen in 2020 with the release of a remote human operating system for real-time physical and cognitive monitoring, which could also be used on the World's human and animal population for contact tracing, population control or a directed bioweapon which was NEVER intended to provide ANY protection or so-called immunity against any so-called named virus which do NOT even exist!

This is a New World Order Healthcare System Reset which incorporates all humans and animals on earth being connected to the Internet of Things[IoT] if these 'Bad Actors' and 'Luciferians' achieve their dark and evil outcomes!

The World's Great Reset to Evil and Godlessness!

Dozens of implants will be connected to your brain, heart, lungs and other organs to an AI Super Computer. Your every motion, your position in space, your thoughts and senses will be recorded by these 'Bad Actors' outside and inside their New World Order Government!

There Will Be NO More Privacy!

These 'Bad Actors' and the 'New World Order Government Luciferians' will know when you use the bathroom or have sex!

Do you want 20 to 200 graphene oxide implants in your body, in your new born babies, children and grandchildren?

Did you ask for a smart meter to be put on your house?

You have NOT been asked if you want a Body Area Network injected or ingested into your body by 'Bad Actors' and governments and other corrupt corporations!

Contact Tracking Graphene BioChip in Pills or Tablets Albert Bourla Pfizer CEO

A New So-Called New World Order Medical Healthcare System!

The New World Order Medical Healthcare System is called a 'Wireless Body Area Network' (“WBAN”), a system of VAXXed or ingested 'Big Harma' drugs with multiple implants of graphene based electronic biosensors which relay the electronic signals of the body, including brainwaves, to remote super computers.[1]

Everything Living Emits Frequencies.[2]

The WBAN is a two-way radio system which can send radio frequencies to an implanted system to ask it (called a “query”) to send back the recorded biological activity it is monitoring.[3]

Implants can transmit continuously or “wake up” when queried. This system uses cell phones,[4] towers, drones, planes, satellites and graphene based transmitters embedded in the environment (buildings, vehicles, furniture and clothing).[5]

This allows a person’s electrical signals from their brain and body[6] to be sent to a remote super computer which can interpret what a person is thinking, seeing, hearing and feeling, and can monitor the functions of their heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and other organs, including the biochemistry.[7]

The human brain and body have been hacked!

The two-way system can also send frequencies to stimulate nerves, muscles and body organs to cause pain, vibrate, heat up or die and perform torture as if a person was being suffocated, choked, cramped, burned and electronically raped or cause heart attacks and strokes. It can be used for health monitoring[8] or depending on intentions of the user – torture and cause immediate or a slow and painful death!

How is the system operated?

The 2G/3G/4G cellphone network can monitor one person at a time, but 5G will monitor a 1,000 people at a time.[9] 5G will operate this system of VAXXed or tablet/capsule ingested implants in the ubiquitous Internet of Things (“IoT”).[10]

People will be just “Things” or "Transhuman" in the IoT

Persons now being called Targeted Individuals [TI's] are already implanted with the WBAN and are being tortured and killed. It is being used to “punish”.

Instead of being used as a medical tool for helping the aged and sick, the WBAN is being used to track, torture, burn, vibrate and destroy innocent humans around the world.

Their bodies are literally being disassembled with radio and microwave radiation NOT viruses!

Victims are controlled with multiple facets of this technology which is being VAXXED or put in 'Big Harma' drug tablets or pills and capsules.[11]

The World Economic Forum Meeting on Delivering the Graphene Biochip in 'Big Harma' Pills

Targeted Individuals[TI's]



Radios in the brain are being used to talk to people so only they can hear these voices (“V2K”). [12]

Stalkers who follow the Targeted Individual operate the implants to cause pain.

Most stalkers belong to Infragard (stalkers working for businesses) or Volunteer Organizations, and coordinate attacks through the local first responders.

Emotions including moods, thoughts and dreams can be artificially induced.

Sensors can relay whether you are using the bathroom or having sex. Implants can cause uncontrollable elimination.

Implants can perform electronic rape, or unwanted sexual stimulation.

Neurostimulators can cause pain all day long.

Thoughts Can Be Put Into Your Mind

One person’s brain frequencies can be analyzed, interpreted and sent to someone else’s brain to create unwanted experiences and dreams. One person’s implants can communicate with another person’s implants. Thoughts can be controlled on a continual basis. Whole communities can be controlled with frequencies.[13]

Who is Operating This?

Many agencies are involved. The Department of Justice is at the top and uses the Fusion Centers to coordinate an offensive assault on targeted citizens.[14]

US Special Operations Command has a program called “Continuous Clandestine Tagging, Tracking and Locating” (“CTTL”).[15] They are using new technologies to silently enter the homes of people while they are asleep or to put people to sleep with pulsating frequencies above 8.4gHz which are cytotoxic and genotoxic to cells and their genetics.

The Number of Implants Are Endless!

The implantation and injections continue from time to time to terrorize the victim. Perpetrators do this silently and unseen.

This is what is so alarming!

The whole human race could be under this electronic surveillance and controlled before they know it. The medical community is in full cooperation and are injecting victims when they get blood tests or other medical procedures or inoculations for the Flu or Corona just like Nazi collaborators did.

What kind of people would do this? Luciferians! and People who would do anything for money!

There are NO vaccines needed because there are NO Viruses and NO Pandemic - But There Is a VAXXed or Pill Program for Connecting ALL Humans and Animals to the IoT!

The rest is now happening in real time and the result is hundreds of millions of souls have been connected and linked to the "Internet of Things"[IoT] to be completely controlled, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially! and and

What Are the NON-DISCLOSED Ingredients in the Coronavirus Vaccine That Makes This All REAL and NOT a Conspiracy Theory but a Conspiracy FACT?

Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Nano Graphene, Parasites & Biosensors in CoV-19 Vaccines


0D, 1D, 2D & 3D Nano Graphene Biosensors Found in the Blood of the Coronavirus VAXXinated!

View the Micrographs of Graphene Based Biosensors in the Blood and VAXXine Vials!!

These Graphene Based Biosensors were identified in the vaxxines by using different instrumentation including, Optical Microscopy, Bright-Field Microscopy, pHase Contrast Microscopy, Dark-Field Microscopy, UV absorbance and Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy, X-ray Diffractometer, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, a Tri-field meter and GQ EMF-390 Multi EMF Radiation Meter to verify morphologies and electro-magnetic radiation emissions.

Scientific Peer-Reviewed Evidence for the Use of Graphene Carbon Nanotubes in Hacking the Human Body and Brain and Its Cytotoxic, Genotoxic and Magnetic Toxic Properties!

1. Electrical and Thermal Properties of Conductive Polymer Nanocomposites - Dr. Christopher Igwe Idumah

2. The increasing importance of carbon nanotubes and nanostructured conducting polymers in biosensors - Dermot Diamond

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materials_Graphene_Gold_Nanoparticles_Hy (4)
Download PDF • 1.02MB

14. Biosensing using nanomaterial - Arben Merkoçi

Biosensing_using_nanomaterial_by_Arben_M (3)
Download PDF • 25.93MB

15. 4 Biosensors and Their Principles - sarinporn visitsattapongse

Download PDF • 20.24MB

16. Accepted Manuscript Nanomaterial-based biosensors for detection of pathogenic virus -

Murat Atayev

Accepted_Manuscript_Nanomaterial_based_b (3)
Download PDF • 3.49MB

17. Layer-by-layer self-assembly and electrochemistry: Applications in biosensing and bioelectronics -

Rodrigo Iost

Download PDF • 888KB

Very Important Published Articles for Understanding Hybid Hydrogels for Delivering Magnetic Graphene to Specific Organs, Glands and Tissues!

18. Carbon Nanotubes Hybrid Hydrogels in Drug Delivery: A Perspective Review

Nevio Picci, Umile Spizzirri

Carbon_Nanotubes_Hybrid_Hydrogels_in_Dru (2)
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19. Electrochemical immunosensors and their recent nanomaterial-based signal amplification strategies: a review - MINHAZ UDDIN AHMED

Electrochemical_immunosensors_and_their (1)
Download PDF • 1.18MB

20. Methods and Systems of Prioritizing Treatments, Vaccinations, Testing and/or Activities While Protecting the Privacy of Individuals

Here is the link to the patent abstract and detail:

21. Multifunctional Nanotechnology-Enabled Sensors for Rapid Capture and Detection of Pathogens -

Rabeay Hassan, Fatima Mustafa

Download PDF • 1.38MB

22. Molecular diagnostic and drug delivery agents based on aptamer-nanomaterial conjugates -

mehmet yiğit

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24. Biodistribution and pulmonary toxicity of intratracheally instilled graphene oxide in mice

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am20137 (2)
Download PDF • 2.76MB

25. Can nanomaterials induce reproductive toxicity in male mammals? A historical and critical review

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28. Synthesis and Toxicity of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles: A Literature Review of In Vitro and In Vivo Studies - Kanakia S, Toussaint JD, Mullick Chowdhury S, et al.

[29] Nanowire patent:

Download PDF • 867KB

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Download PDF • 206KB

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Nanowires of Nickel Taken From the Blood Vessels

Scanning electron micrograph of nickel nanowires after dissolving the alumina Rtemplate.

NanoWires of Graphene and Ferric Oxide Taken From Capillary Blood

Nanowires Found in Clotted Capillary Blood of a 51 year VAXXinated Female

Multifunctional_Nanotechnology_Enabled_S (1)
Download PDF • 1.38MB

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NanoWires of Gold Taken From the Blood Vessels

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[46] Ferrocene-functionalized graphene electrode for biosensing applications

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Download PDF • 769KB

[47] COVID UPDATE: What is the TRUTH? [2022]

Russell L. Blaylock

Download PDF • 294KB

Corona Vaccine - an acronym which stands for: Co = COordinated Ro = ROuting Na = NAno operating system and the word Virus in Latine means = POISON!

The real reason for the so-called CORONAvirus and the inoculation of ALL Humans and Animals

The technology contained in the nano lipid capsule is the CORONA or the COordinated ROuting NAno Operating System for connecting all humans and animals to the Cloud or super computer for physical, emotional and mental or cognitive connectivity to the internet of things (IoT) and the Internet of Humans (IoH)! The biosensor material being used is MNGT or multi-nano graphene tubes, threads and/or bubbles delivered in a nano lipid capsid of hydrosol by specific proteins of mRNA or mmRNA from animal and/or human brains, hearts, ovaries and gonads.

The VaXXine technology contained in the nano lipid capsule is the CORONA or the COordinated ROuting NAno Operating System for the purpose of connecting All humans and animals to the super computer and the Internet of things (IoT) and the Internet of Humans (IoH) for complete physical, emotional, mental and financial control. The bio-sensory material being used ranges from Zero to 3D SWNGT or single-walled nano graphene sheets, tubes, threads and/or bubbles to MWNGT or multi-walled nano graphene sheets, tubes, threads and/or bubbles as seen below:

Additional Scientific Peer-Reviewed Evidence for the Use of Graphene Nano Carbon sheets and tubes in Hacking the Human Body and Brain!

1. CORONA: A Coordinate and Routing System for Nanonetworks. Proceedings of the Second Annual International Conference on Nanoscale Computing and Communication. - Tsioliaridou, A., Liaskos, C.K., Ioannidis, S., & Pitsillides, A. (2015).

2. CORONA: A Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetworks

3. The Increasing Importance of Carbon Nanotubes and Nanostructured Conducting Polymers in Biosensors - Lahiff, Emer et al.

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7. A Review: Nanomaterials Applied in Graphene-Based Electrochemical Biosensors - Xiaorong Gan and Huimin Zhao*(2019)

Download PDF • 865KB

8. Electron Microscopy Micrographs of Graphene Structures and Sizes Found in the CORONA VAXXines! - Young, RO (2021)



Go to DARPA's Website and READ For YOURSELF ALL ABOUT Obama's 'BRAIN INITIATIVE' Which Was Activated by a False Flag in 2013 and Funded in 2016 - The Corona SARS CoVid -19 Plandemic Inoculation - A So-called VAXXine To Inject the World's Human Population With Graphene Oxide for Transhumanism, AI, Human Connection to the Super Computer for Contact Tracing and Population Control!


YOU Need OUR Help and WE Need YOUR Help

We need the voice of those who have a voice in this world. Targeted individuals or TI’s have no voice!

TI’s are deliberately infected using entomological warfare (insects, worms and spiders) and authorities say they have “delusional parasitosis.”[16]

TI’s report the surveillance and harassment and authorities say they have “delusional persecutory complex.”[17]

TI’s report being tortured and suffering from microwave radiation, and authorities say they are “delusional and mentally ill”.

Emergency Hospitalization for Evaluation[18] acts are being misused in every state to illegally arrest, drug and implant people who are not mentally ill. Then they use the same “mentally ill” for human experimentation, using laws enacted specifically for this purpose declaring this legal.[19]

Very Very Important!

The system of denial is integral to the system of oppression.

It is a pre-planned negative response to the victim’s cry for help, recognition and treatment. Their pleas for help are denied. They are helpless to protect themselves against an enemy they cannot identify. It is an unfair war with the whole nation against one individual. The nation has every offensive weapon invented and the individual does not have knowledge or access to this technology.

The War on Terror is a War on the Populations of the Earth – terrorizing actors, school teachers and their students, artists, writers, scientists, attorneys, natural healers, athletes – anyone selected for elimination, including innocent people sleeping in their beds, who are being burned alive with directed energy laser attacks in the California fires.[20]

Their deaths are made to look like they resulted from other causes, such as lightening or a downed powerlines. Some are being forced to commit suicide.[21] Some are being hung in their closets.[22] Some are being radiated to death with directed energy weapons. [DEW's][23]

Please go to and to learn more and donate to this cause in any way you can at:[24][25]


Set Yourself Free From Financial, Physical, Mental and Spiritual Bondage NOW! -

PPT affidavit against corruption Part 1
Download PDF • 9.14MB

The Constitution That Never Was! -

The Constitution That Never Was
Download PDF • 25.00MB

Treason! -

TREASON _ Ralph Borysewski
Download PDF • 7.92MB

The Havana Cuba Syndrome Caused by Directed Pulsating EMF Microwaves The Next Plandemic Coming Soon!




Graphene, 5G and the Human Bio-Operating System Implanted Into the Interstitial Fluids of the Interstitium for the Purpose of Connecting All Humans to the "Internet of Things"

All Disease is an Outfection Not an Infection –

Vaccine Nano is Graphene Based Bioweapon!

Stay Tuned for More of the Truth Coming to YOU! Always FREEdom!

Help Dr. Robert O. Young -


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24. Robert O. Young MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner at: and to help the research and legal expenses of Dr. Young.

25. Citizens Against Harmful Technology. “Handbook: Are

You a Targeted Individual? Military Directed Energy (Microwave, Acoustic and Lasers), Psychological, Chemical, Biological and Weather Weapons Are Being Used to Attack Citizens.” 2017 Edition

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