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Saving Humanity & Our Planet Earth!

Updated: Jun 14

Dr. Robert Young and Tom Ballantyne the co-author of his TRUTH VS. DECEPTION book series is here to expose the systemic global plan to gut humanity via mRNA bioweapons masquerading as "vaccines" and hidden nanotechnology poisons in our water, food, air, personal care products and the so-called nuetraceuticals and pharmaceuticals leading to a human and animal transfection of chemical and radiation poisoning leading to symptoms of imbalances or what medical savants refer to as sickness and disease.

The Covid-19 bioweapon was just the tip of the iceberg if humanity complies with what's coming. The good news is, we can OPT OUT and we can cleanse our bodies of the toxic nano-tech, poisons and transfected biochips that are already in all of us.

💉 Chemical & Radiation Detox Products and Protocols:

MasterPeace is changing lives and saving lives by removing heavy metals like aluminum, micro-plastics AND graphene from the bodies of those who take it. Dr. Robert O. Young has stated, "You should be taking it every day as long as they're running their extermination program."

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Master Peace Nano Colloidal Hexagonal Product of Colloidal Zeolite in Marine Plasma at a pH of 8.8 and an ORP of -120mV.

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The Effects of EMF Radiation on the

Human Blood Cells Researched by

Dr. Robert O. Young - 1998

The video above summarizes research on the effects of microwave radiation on human blood was carried out by Dr. Robert O. Young using pHase Contrast and Brightfield Microscopy.

The research was published in the International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2001 by Dr. Beverly Rubik in 2001. The article is called "The Effects of Electromagnetic Frequency {EMF) on the Human Biofield." The study contained two groups - Group A and Group B. One group was given the Qlink with the SRT technology and the other group was given the Qlink without the SRT technology. Both groups were exposed to EMF in the edit bay of BBC in London, England.

You will find information on EMF 3G, 4G, & 5G Protection with the Quantum Link Pendant by clicking Here

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One of my latest scientific articles, "Harnessing Light-Driven Graphene For Nanoscale Electrical Currents to Propel Emerging Technologies" can be found at the following link:

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THANK YOU CHRISTINE! You are a shining example of "being bold as lions, but harmless as doves". Reminds me of a good quote I found a while back. The spirit of faith will cause a tadpole to slap a whale. LOL. It's a big whale alright, isn't it? But there's a lot of us tadpoles willing to speak up. Thanks for being one of them. Bless you!



So for Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" the "Father Of Vaccines" ordered the "US Army" to purchase the vaccines which the Military supplied, for your vaccination needs - timeline below - look up my substack for further "Covid vaccines information 2019-2024"

Trump's Secret, US Army Vaccine Delivery, Pfizer Contract

Why would the US Army purchase and supply Covid vaccines for a "WHO Medical emergency", if it were not a "WHO US Army, Military Operation," instead,for $1,950,097,500.00

You will find Operation Warp Speed mentioned in that contract, in the 3rd paragraph down -

What was the sum paid, translated into words, as my educational ability does not stretch that far - but the US Army apparently, supplied the World, as well…

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