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Surviving the Plague of Corruption

Here is the link for viewing the entire 90 minute interview on Surviving the Plague of Corruption with Dr. Robert O Young and Dr. Judy Mikovits -

Please share this interview with everyone you love and care about - It is a matter of life and death. The following are the under-reported (representing between 1 to 10 percent of actual injury events, including death) CDC vaccine adverse effects reporting system from the experimental corona vaccine.

To learn the truth about viruses, vaccines and the viral theory read the published scientific work of Dr. Robert O. Young, A Second Thought About Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis.

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Here is the link for the interview of Dr. Robert O Young and Dr. Andrew Rallis -

The Letter To The Parliament of India

Dear Members of Parliament representing the Free Citizens of India,

Currently, a consortium of hundreds of Lawyers and Medical experts/Doctors are in the process of initiating multiple lawsuits against the CDC, WHO and the Davos Group for fraud and infliction of damage on the health and economy of the world’s population. The inappropriate use of the RT PCR test to designate healthy/asymptomatic individuals as covid-19 cases (which is known to generate 90% false positives due to the high amplification rate – [1-2]) and the order for Doctors to confirm any comorbidity death as a Covid death on an individual’s death certificate is being exposed as fraudulent malpractice, which could lead to prosecution. In fact, a recent study demonstrated that the use of nasopharyngeal samples, which tested positive for SARS-Cov2/Covid19 using a 30 cycle PCR amplification protocol contained no virus-like particles when analysed with a scanning electron microscope [3]. Despite this WHO which advocates the Real-time RT PCR assay for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 recommends a 40-50 cycle amplification protocol to be used on a nationwide level by the CDC in China; Pasteur Institute, Paris, France; CDC, USA; National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan; Charité Germany; HKU, Hong Kong SAR and the National Institute of Health, Thailand [4].

An excerpt from the coronavirus investigative committee (led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich) below substantiates the fact that the RT PCR test is not appropriate for diagnosing Covid19 viral infection.

“Dr. Michael Yeadon writes, in a piece called “Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics: The Deadly Danger of False Positives”, dated September 20, 2020, and I quote “The likelihood of an apparently positive case being a false positive is between 89 to 94 per cent, or near certainty.” Dr. Yeadon, in agreement with the professors of immunology Kamera from Germany, Kappel from the Netherlands, and Cahill from Ireland, as well as the microbiologist Dr. Arve from Austria, all of whom testified before the German Corona Committee, explicitly points out that a positive test does not mean that an intact virus has been found. The authors explain that what the PCR test actually measures is – and I quote: “Simply the presence of partial RNA sequences present in the intact virus, which could be a piece of dead virus, which cannot make the subject sick, and cannot be transmitted, and cannot make anyone else sick.” Oxford Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, writes that the Covid virus would never disappear if this test practice were to be continued, but would always be falsely detected in much of what is tested. Lockdowns, as Yeadon and his colleagues found out, do not work. Sweden, with its laissez-faire approach, and Great Britain, with its strict lockdown, for example, have completely comparable disease and mortality statistics. The same was found by US scientists concerning the different US States”. (please see attached transcript of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Page 8).

Furthermore, the global rollout of the experimental covid19 injection for emergency use contravenes Article 32 of the Geneva convention, which states that “mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not required for the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited [5]. The administering of these experimental Covid19/SARS-COV2 jabs produced by pharmaceutical multinationals such as AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnsons and Pfeizer/Moderna on a global basis violates multiple Nuremberg codes [6-7, see summary] and those complicit in propagating and administering these experimental covid-19 jabs/injections face imprisonment and prosecution according to the 1947 Nuremberg Code.

Those Accountable Under the Nuremberg Codes Include:

•Media, political and non-medical people which on a daily basis espouse the mantra that the experimental Covid19 injections are “safe and effective”, without long-term animal studies and advanced clinical trials to substantiate their claims, nor providing the evidence of the number of death and adverse injuries that have resulted from the administration of the covid-19 experimental injection.

• In fact, pharmaceutical companies who have developed the covid-19 experimental jab and health practitioners, have not outlined the risk associated with taking the covid-19 injection nor disseminated all the contents of the covid-19 shot. The CDC Vaccine Adverse Reaction Database (VAERS) as of April 17, 2021 and the EudraVigilance database up until 22 May, 2021 has documented over 4300 deaths and 200000 “vaccine/injection” injuries in the United States and over 7700 deaths and 463000 “vaccine/injection” injuries in the EU respectively, since the advent of the Covid19/SARS-Cov2 experimental jab [12a-b]

• Previous multiple and replicated animal studies in mice, ferrets and non-human primates confirmed that immunisation with SARS/Cov (coronavirus) vaccines induced an immunopathological lung disease upon challenge with SARS/Cov [8-11]. This was the case in all 4 types of vaccines tested, including two which contained the SARS/Cov spike protein and the other two which were inactivated forms of the SARS/Cov virus [8]. The authors of these studies conclude that “This combined experience provides concern for trials with SARS-CoV vaccines in humans… The concern arising from the present report is for an immunopathologic reaction occurring among vaccinated individuals on exposure to infectious SARS-CoV” [8]. Therefore, it is more than plausible that future infection with SARS/Cov2 (covid 19) in millions of vaccinated individuals may result in the equivalent lung pathology and morbidity in humans.

• Doctors, Nurses and health practitioners who have administered the Covid19/SARS-Cov2 experimental jab to individuals without providing sufficient information and a risk assessment of the potential dangers of taking this experimental covid19/SARS-Cov2 jab, who have therefore not enabled informed consent to the recipient of the experimental Covid19/SARS-Cov2 jab.

• Doctors, Nurses, and health professionals who have failed to inform their patients and the general public of the existence of alternative safer therapies which have been proven effective in the early treatment of Covid19 such as such as Ivermectin, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and hydroxychloroquine in multiple studies [13-20]. These Covid-19 therapies have been concealed/undermined in the mainstream media by non-medical/scientific personnel and vested interests [21].

•In fact in June 2020, Surgisphere a newly created corporation, had two papers retracted in an attempt to invalidate the use of hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for covid-19 by providing fraudulent data [22]. As a result of this fraudulent study “Within days, public health bodies including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) instructed organizers of clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment or prophylaxis to suspend recruitment, while the French government reversed an earlier decree allowing the drug to be prescribed to patients hospitalized with the virus” [22]. These actions of WHO, MHRA and French government based on fraudulent data prevented the use of hydroxychloroquine for covid-19 patients and helped to increase Covid-19 deaths and enable the implementation of emergency administration of the experimental covid19/SARS-Cov-2 injection.

•Just for the record this e-mail has been transmitted to all members of the Indian, British, Canadian, Parliaments as well as the US senate members, representatives, and state governors, so they are now privy to the Nuremberg Code and the multiple lawsuits being initiated. I have attached a summary of the Nuremberg codes currently being violated by the WHO, CDC, mainstream media, National Governments, and health practitioners as well as a transcript testimony from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich detailing the covid19 PCR test fraud.

Those individuals held responsible for propagating and administering the experimental Covid-19/SARS COV2 injection on a local, national, and global level can therefore be held liable for crimes against humanity under the Geneva convention/Nuremberg code.

Kindest regards


Dr Andrew Rallis

(BSc: Biomedical Science -Kings College London) & Associate of Kings College London

MSc: Molecular Biology and Pathology of Viruses – Imperial College London

PhD: Neurobiology – Kings College London

Postdoctoral Diploma: Pathology - Stanford


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Cheryl Herke
Cheryl Herke
May 28, 2021

I adore your simple presentations Dr. Young, that any person can understand.

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