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The Cause and the Cure for Corona

The "Corona Effect"

What Do Healthy Cells Look Like?

What are “Acanthocytes” or “Echinocytes or Corona Cells

"Crown-Like", “Bottle Caps”; “Sputnik-like, Berry-like cells”, they have pronounced spines/thorns that are bulbous toward the ends looking much like a crown): This is a more significant indication of latent tissue acidosis in the extra cellular matrix (or the spaces of the connective tissue of the schade or what we have discovered and described as decompensated acidosis of the interstitial fluids of Interstitium organ - the largest organ of the human body) and the body’s inability to remove acidic waste through the four channels of elimination - respiration, defecation perspiration and urination. [1][2]

The Fluid Filled Space is Called the Interstitial Fluids of the Interstium

The Corona Effect From Excess Acidic Waste Build Up

Therefore, metabolic, dietary, respiratory and environmental acidic waste builds up in the compartments of the Interstitium fluids that surrounds every cell in the human body, passing through every organ and organ system causing cellular membrane and genetic mutation and pleomorphism.[3][4]

Why Are Metabolic Wastes Building Up In the Intersttium

There is congestion in the filter organs (small and large intestine, skin, liver, kidney, and lung). The red blood cells which are the life (red blood cell biologically transform into new body cells) of every body cell begin their biological membrane transformation or pleomorphism (many formism or change) into corona or crown-like cells giving birth to bacteria, yeast and mold.

The Cause of the "Corona Effect"

Bacteria, yeast and mold are born in us and from us. This phenomenon is known as pleomorphism.The germs of the air can only be contributing factors and NOT the cause of the "Corona Effect".

The cause of the "Corona Effect" is the result of an acidic environment in the interstitial fluids of the Intersttium and the resultant decompensated acidosis quantified by our patent-pending L.I.F.E. test or the Living Interstititial Fluid Environmental Test. [5]

This L.I.F.E. Test(TM) quantifies the biochemistry, including the pH of the interstitial fluids in order to determine compensated alkalosis or decompensated acidosis of these fluids. This quantitative test provides critical information is critical for determining the organs and organ systems effected by the build up of acids and the efficacy of the chosen treatment protocol.

The "Corona Effect" is the pleomorphic manifestations of the membranes of body cells and directly caused by individual acidic lifestyle choices. These lifestyle choices include what one eats, what one drinks, what one breathes, where one lives (exposure to radiation, air pollution and pesticide poisoning), what one thinks, what one feels and what one believes. All of the symptoms of the "Corona Effect" are the result of personal choice and NOT caused by a phantom virus!

Immunity for the "Corona Effect"

Since the "Corona Effect" is the result of personal lifestyle, including dietary choice then true immunity against the "Corona Effect" is to make different lifestyle and dietary choices. The choices have to be directed towards an alkaline lifestyle and an alkaline diet that will restore the alkaline design of the body fluids, especially when the genesis of the "Corona Effect" is in the interstitial fluids of Interstitium organ.

The green cyrstal is lactic acid and the white crystal is acetic and citric acid

Decompensated acidosis of the interstitial fluids, especially the interstitial fluids of the lung needs to be hyper-perfused with alkaline compounds to reduce the increase of hydrogen or protons(H+ causing interstitial fluid acidity of the lungs.

The Symptoms of the "Corona Effect" is Pure Acid

Acids cause paralysis of the neutrophils (the garbage collectors of cellular breakdown products or fragments) and the lymphatic cells (they secrete alkaline compounds to buffer metabolic, respiratory, dietary and environmental acids or protons) making them useless in restoring alkalinity and subsequent health and vitality to the organs and organ systems.

The Symptoms

The Methodology of Classification of the "Corona Effect" Symptoms is as follows:

Inhaled substances Inorganic:

  1. Silicosis

  2. Asbestosis

  3. Berylliosis

  4. Industrial printing chemicals (eg. carbon black, ink mist)

Inhaled substances Organic:

  1. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis


  1. Antibiotics

  2. Chemotherapeutic drugs

  3. Antiarrhythmic agents

  4. Vaccines

Connective tissue and Autoimmune diseases

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis

  2. Systemic lupus erythematosus

  3. Systemic sclerosis

  4. Polymyositis

  5. Dermatomyositis Infection

  6. Outfection due to decompensated acidosis of the Interstitium

  7. A Typical pneumonia Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP)

  8. Tuberculosis

  9. Chlamydia

  10. trachomatis


  1. Sarcoidosis

  2. Pulmonary fibrosis


  1. Lymphangitic carcinomatosis

  2. Inflammatory Ductal Cell Cardinoma

Predominately in children

  1. Diffuse developmental disorders

  2. Growth abnormalities deficient

  3. Alveolarization Infant conditions of undefined cause ILD related to alveolar surfactant region

The BioChemistry of ALL the Body Fluids

The following are quantitative measurements in healthy patients, without the "Cprona Effect" and interstitial lung disease (ILD) or malignancy of the lung, comparing blood fluids with intracellular and interstitial fluids of the body compartments as a benchmark to determine deficiencies in alkalizing minerals, protein, and whether or not the patient is in decompensated acidosis of the interstitial fluids, a pre-malignancy, or malignant condition (Note: all ILD and cancer patients are in decompensated interstitial acidosis, low in interstitial sodium and high in interstitial calcium and potassium): [6]

  1. 1) Sodium: Na+ mEq/l Venous blood: 130, Arterial blood: 137, Capillary blood: 135, Intracellular fluid: 10 and Interstitial fluid: 135

  2. 2) Potassium: K+ mEq/l Venous blood: 3.2, Arterial blood: 3.5, Capillary blood: 4, Intracellular fluid: 140 and Interstitial fluid: 3.17

  3. 3) Calcium: Ca++ mEq/l Venous blood: 2.5, Arterial blood: 2.2, Capillary blood: 2.3, Intracellular fluid: 0.0001 and Interstitial fluid: 1.55

  4. 4) Magnesium: Mg mEq/l Venous blood: 0.64, Arterial blood: 0.62, Capillary blood: 0.60, Intracellular fluid: 58 and Interstitial fluid: 0.50

  5. 5) Chloride: Cl- mEq/l Venous blood: 104, Arterial blood: 101, Capillary blood: 103, Intracellular fluid: 4 and Interstitial fluid: 106

  6. 6) Bicarbonate: HCO3 mEq/l Venous blood: 22, Arterial blood: 24, Capillary blood: 23, Intracellular fluid: 10 and Interstitial fluid: 24

  7. 7) Phosphorus: P mE/l Venous blood: 2.5, Arterial blood: 2.3, Capillary blood: 2, Intracellular fluid: 75 and Interstitial fluid: 0.70

  8. 8) Sulfate: SO4 mEq/l Venous blood: 0.8, Arterial blood: 0.6, Capillary blood: 0.5, Intracellular fluid: 2 and Interstitial fluid: 0

  9. 9) Glycemia mg/dl Venous blood: 1, Arterial blood: 1, Capillary blood: 1.01, Intracellular fluid: 0.20 and Interstitial fluid: 0.90

  10. 10) Cholesterol mg/dl Venous blood: 0.66, Arterial blood: 0.630, Capillary blood: 0.676, Intracellular fluid: 0.2 and Interstitial fluid: 0.188

  11. 11) Partial Pressure of Oxygen or PO2 mmHg Venous blood: 80, Arterial blood: 90, Capillary blood: 89, Intracellular fluid: 20 and Interstitial fluid: 87.2

  12. 12) Carbon Dioxide or PCO2 Venous blood: 46, Arterial blood: 40, Capillary blood: 42, Intracellular fluid: 50 and Interstitial fluid: 46

  13. 13) pH or potential of hydrogen Venous blood: 7.36, Arterial blood: 7.4, Capillary blood: 7.38, Intracellular fluid: 7.2 and Interstitial fluid: 7.36

  14. 14) Protein g/dl Venous blood: 72, Arterial blood: 74, Capillary blood: 73.7, Intracellular fluid: 68 and interstitial fluid: 20.6[6]

True Immunity Against the "Corona Effect"

True immunity comes when you are conscious of the problem and understand the need to hyper-alkalize the blood and interstitial fluids with an alkaline lifestyle and diet we call the pH Miracle lifestyle and diet.[7]

To restore the alkaline internal fluid environment, especially to the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium requires a specific alkaline protocol that will support the immune system and will NOT poison or increase acidosis of these critical fluids of the Interstitum organ that surround every cell in the human body.

The Results

Using non-invasive L.I.F.E. testing(TM) for determining the chemistry of the interstitial fluids of the whole body, including the lungs is notonly a test for determining decompensated acidosis or compensated alkalosis (a pre-condition of ILD) of the ALL interstitial fluids of the body, including the lungs, but is an effective way to determine efficacy of any medical or natural alkalizing therapy in prevention and treatment of ANY sickness or disease. The results of the using L.I.F.E. testing(TM) combined with conventional medical blood tests and/or the Non-Invasive Blood Tests [NIBT] covering over 170 parameters of the blood, including blood counts, chemistry, pH of the blood, stomach and most important quantifying acid loads, such as lactic acid with a 98 percent accuracy for determining the "Corona Effect" pre-interstitial fluid lung disease and ILD and its many symptomologies as listed above.[8]

How Can I Be Tested for the "Corona Effect"

Testing is critical for the prevention and successful treatment for the symptoms associated with the "Corona Effect" or what is being called COVID 19. There are over 50 symptoms of the "Corona Effect" and all of these symptoms are preventable and reversible once you understand the true cause and efficacy of non-invasive and non-chemical treatments.

To learn more about L.I.F.E Testing and the alkalizing lifestyle and diet or to set up an appointment email, phmiraclelife@gmail.com. or www.phmiracleproducts.com

You can also set up a consultation with Dr. Robert O Young by going to: www.drrobertyoung.com

What can I read to learn more: www.phmiracleproducts.com

Watch the following youtube.com videos to understand how the white blood cells work and witness the validaiton of pleomorphism. www.drrobertyoung.com


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