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The Corona Jabb Increases Risk for Cardiac Arrest by 25 Percent in Ages 16 to 39!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

A New Peer-Reviewed Study Published on April 28, 2022 in the Multidisciplinary British Scientific Journal Nature reveals a 25+ percent increase in emergency calls for cardiac arrest and acute coronary syndrome—an umbrella term used for coronary problems associated with sudden-onset reduced blood flow to the heart.

An Artists Cartoon Rendering of the Non-existent Fake Coronavirus Attacking an Artists Rendering of the Human Heart!

A research team analyzed data collected by the Israel’s National Emergency Medical Services between 2019 to 2021 starting with young adults at age16 and up to adults 39 years old, comparing the time period of non-coronavirus jabbed patients in 2019 and 2020 to jabbed coronavirus new heart disease patients in 2021! The published results are shocking and confirm that 1 in 4 jabbed (the risk for injury or death is 1 in 200 for the first jabb increasing to 1 in 4 after multiple jabbs) with the graphene ferrous oxide so-called CoV - 19 vaccine are at risk for severe heart injury leading to cardiac arrest and acute coronary syndrome!

Furthermore, the researchers discovered that this increase in emergency heart issues was associated specifically with the COVID-19 vaccination but not with COVID-19 infections.

They explain:

“An increase of over 25% was detected …compared with the years 2019–2020. [T]he weekly emergency call counts were significantly associated with the rates of 1st and 2nd vaccine doses administered to this age group [16 to 39] but were not with COVID‐19 infection rates. While not establishing causal relationships, the findings raise concerns regarding vaccine‐induced undetected severe cardiovascular side‐effects and underscore the already established causal relationship between vaccines and myocarditis, a frequent cause of unexpected cardiac arrest in young individuals.”

More Cause for Concern

As the three scientists themselves point out, this new peer-reviewed science dovetails with a growing body of scientific and clinical evidence that shows myriad side effects—some of which are extremely severe—from COVID-19 vaccines themselves.

The scientific community has started to document the side effects. For instance, in June of 2021 an international team of sixteen scientists published a research letter noting the temporal relationship between the onset of acute myocarditis in eight adult men, between the ages of 21 and 56.

These scientists, writing in the journal Circulation, underscored that “…the real incidence of acute myocarditis after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination … appears to be extremely rare,” given the millions of people who had been vaccinated seemingly without incident. Still, they wrote, “providers should be vigilant for myocarditis after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination, and further research is required to understand the long-term cardiovascular risks.”

The link between inflammation of the heart (myocarditis) and inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart (pericarditis) was further explored in a detailed article published in the British Medical Journal that same month: “Covid-19: Should we be worried about reports of myocarditis and pericarditis after mRNA vaccines?”

Now For the Truth and Nothing But the Truth!

That article quoted Dr. Vinay Prasad, a hematologist-oncologist and associate professor in the department of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California San Francisco, who expressed deep reservations about giving COVID-19 vaccines to young people, given the early reports of heart damage.

“There is a clear and large safety signal in young men and a clear but small signal in young women as well,” Prasad said. Given the risk of cardiac damage, Prasad said, the safest way forward would be to suspend all vaccination in children under eighteen and give only one vaccine dose to men under 25.

More recently, in February 2022, three scientists (a researcher based in Germany, a physicist also based in Germany, and an independent data and pattern scientist based in the Netherlands) published a letter to the editor in the journal Clinical and Translational Discovery, “The risk-benefit ration of Covid-19 vaccines: Publication policy by reattraction does nothing to improve it.”

This letter also analyzed the data from Israel. As stated, the data is shocking and disturbing. These scientists concluded that “as we vaccinate 100 000 persons, we might save five lives but risk two to four deaths”.

Among other things, they pointed out that the CDC’s own passive and unde-reporting system, VAERS, which is now showing several very concerning signals—as of the under-reported April 22, 2022, 27,532 deaths post-vaccination have been published, as well as the under-reported 14,096 heart attacks, and 39,639 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis—is known for underestimating and NOW deleting from the records both deaths and adverse effects from vaccines.

Who are the people behind these numbers?

The young people who were eager to get vaccinated so they could theoretically be protected against COVID -19 and also theoretically protect others but instead lost their lives or had their health severely compromised as a result of vaccine-induced myocarditis?

Check Out These Shocking Numbers From a Single CoVid -19 Jabb to Increased Risk For Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis with Multiple Jabbs!

TOTAL DEATHS From the CoVid - 19 Vaccine From January 21st, 2020 to February 6, 2022

The CDC Stays Silent While Providing Inaccurate and Possibly Fraudulent Information to the American People!

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention is the nation’s so-called “health protection ageny.” According to their website, the CDC “saves lives and protects people from health threats.” To accomplish this mission, the CDC “conducts critical science and provides health information that protects our nation against expensive and dangerous health threats, and responds when these arise.”

However, when it comes to severe adverse events following the COVID-19 vaccines, however, the CDC has greatly downplayed the risks. Check out the following graph on CoVid - 19 Vaccine Induced Vascular System Injuries!

The COV -19 Vaccine Attack on the Human Heart from All COV - 19 Jabs Containing Graphene & Ferrous Oxide vs. ALL Other So-Called Vaccines Combined for 29 Years!

When our team accessed the public material on their website about vaccine-induced myocarditis had not been updated since November 12, 2021. That information, already six months out of date, mentions that cases of myocarditis reported to VAERS “have occurred,” especially in adolescent men and young adults. The CDC details that myocarditis has been seen “more often” with the second dose, and “usually within a week of vaccination.”

Perhaps even more misleading, there is no mention of any kind of heart attacks, acute coronary syndrome, myocarditis or pericarditis by the CDC in their web article, “Possible Side Effects After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine.” This article, too, is grossly out of date.

Last updated on January 12, 2022, the negative effects that the CDC mention include only pain, redness, and swelling “on the arm where you got the shot,” and tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever, and nausea “throughout the rest of your body.” Handouts available in PDF form that are shared with people considering the vaccine also make no mention of heart damage.

The following link to an Informative discussion and presentation of CDC VAERS (vaccine adverse events reporting system) data recording anomalies with long-term medical biller and data analyst Albert Benavides who describes how data is being delayed, withheld, and wrongly reported by health professionals and CDC, as evinced in the records themselves, giving rise to mass discrepancies in the number of deaths, severe injuries, women's reproductive-health issues and other damages being reported.

General under-reporting of vaccine injury as revealed by the Harvard Pilgrim Study of 2010 in addition means the numbers of deaths (over 27,000 so far in CDC VAERS) and severe events being reported errs very much on the conservative side.

1) Since only initial reports are made public, later reports on death or recovery are missing in each case, skewing the number of deaths being reported;

2) Data input entry errors and irregularities means the data on deaths or severe events is not being accurately tallied, the same with lot numbers and vaccine maker attribution. Many other aspects are pointed out to me by Albert in this detailed presentation at:

I have personally questioned the administering of the CoV - 19 so-called vaccine in face of such overwhelming evidence of harm and discuss the nature of New-Clearer radiation sickness--an actual translation of coronavirus being radiation poisoning--now being passed off as COVID, while vaccine damage is also being passed off as a virus called the Coronavirus even though it has NEVER been isolated by anyone, anywhere in the world!

I also discuss the actual nature of New-Clearer-dis-ease, what vaccines do to the human body, and what true health is in the following 3 Interviews!

Contrary to the propaganda issuing forth from Big-Harma and the medical establishment, vaccines are not feel-good healthcare treatments, they are deadly acidic toxins known and seen now to cause major injury and harm; in the case of the COVID vaccine, I have found by electron and optical microscopy and energy spectroscopy to be loaded with New-Clearer toxins, even graphene and ferrous oxide, they are deadly dangerous and now causing embolisms, clots, aneurysms, palsy, paralysis, heart attacks, miscarriages, and sudden death!

Indeed the phenomenon of graphene-induced radiation sickness being passed off as COVID and a gene-modifying graphene-loaded substance being passed off as the COVID vaccine has now led to the complete exposure of ALL New-Clearer vaccines: none is harmless, benign, and "safe and effective" as virulently advertised, all cause damage to brain and body, while the COVID vaccine compounds and exceeds the harm caused by all other vaccines over 29 years of their administration, as verified by the figures--the astronomical numbers of deaths and injuries recorded post COVID-vaccine points to this catastrophe, which will not stop until Peo-ple say Stop!

Since governments and regulatory bodies are not heeding the alarm signals and halting the New-Clearer A-tomic vaccine bio-weapon, it is up to us, to decline this deadly CoVid - 19 injection and bring this rollout and mandate madness to a halt and to an END!

So What Are the Real Questions and Answers to this Manufactured Nu-Clear Ra-dia-tion Chem-i-cal Mass Poisonings of the Hu-man Race?

The human or animal response to the exposure of ra-dia-tion and graph-ene and fer-rous oxide Nu-Clear At-omic Poisoning is vascular, respiratory and cardiovascular dis-ease!

Pathological blood coagulation is seen throughout the body of the injured and dead as an alarming response to the Nu-Clear Ra-dia-tion and Chem-i-cal Mass Systemic Poisoning initiated by 4 and 5G exposure amplified by Graph-ene and Fer-rous Oxide found in the CoVid - 19 vaccines, in drinking water, food and air!

How Much More Scientific Evidence of What is Really Going ON Do YOU NEED?

From a NCBI study into nanomaterials titled – The Puzzling Potential of Carbon Nanomaterials: General Properties, Application, and Toxicity, dated August 2020, seemed to have a sobering conclusion:

‘In order to let the carbon nanomaterials use outweigh their toxicity effects, these powerful materials first ought to be widely assessed for safety in different conditions, doses, and on numerous models.’

Need More?

‘The new corona vaccine contains graphene oxide, carnosine, CpG and new corona virus RBD; binding carnosine, CpG and neocoronavirus RBD on the backbone of graphene oxide’ Application filed by Shanghai National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology Co Ltd

Wake Up Before It is TOO Late!


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David Howard
David Howard
08 mag 2022

Coming soon: "Polygraph Justice" - FBI polygraphers know that undetectable deception is impossible when using a Stoelting Ultrascribe polygraph.

Mi piace

08 mag 2022

COVID vaccines kill more people than they save

I've been asking everyone: Show me the all-cause mortality data proving the vaccines are safe. I finally got some data. It's from the UK government and it's devastating. REALLY devastating.

Steve Kirsch

May 7


New UK government data allows us to analyze the data in a way we couldn’t before. This new analysis shows clearly that the COVID vaccines kill more people than they save for all age groups. In other words, they shouldn’t be used by anyone. The younger you are, the less sense it makes.

Anyone can validate the data and methodology. The results make it clear that the COVID vaccines should be halted immediately.

Not a…

Mi piace
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