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The Elephant in the Room - Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) & Graphene Ferric Oxide

Updated: Jun 3, 2023


Dr Robert O Young and Anders Brunstad discussed the effects of a grand solar minimum on global temperatures, the research of Valentina Sarkar, and the potential for a targeted bio weapon using DNA or mRNA.

They also discussed the Better Way Conference and the potential for people to refer to Anders' research on 5G and mortality. Finally, they discussed the potential for artificial intelligence to be used in the hacking of the human body.

Dr Robert Young and Per Halle discussed the environmental factors that are impacting human health, such as aluminum, glyphosate, fluoride, WiFi, plastics, and EMF.

They discussed the effects of these factors on the pineal gland, which is responsible for regulating life force energy, and how it can be calcified by aluminum. They also discussed the effects of these environmental factors on the body, such as the choppy pulse and lever quality, which are new pulse qualities observed in Chinese medicine.

Anders Brunstad presented data showing that in Montana, the age group with the least exposure to EMF (85+) had the least excess mortality, while the younger age groups (65-74) had higher excess mortality. This suggests that EMF exposure is linked to higher mortality rates, and that the cumulative effect of EMF exposure is more dangerous than initially thought.

The data from five metro states and Montana show that there is a significant difference in mortality rates between rural and metro areas, with the metro areas having a 24% increase in mortality in the 85+ age group and a 66% increase in the 65-74 age group. In Montana, the 85+ age group had a 16% decrease in mortality and the 65-74 age group had the same mortality rate as the metro areas. This suggests that the combination of vaccinations and 4G/5G exposure is contributing to the increased mortality in metro areas.

Dr Robert Young and Anders Brunstad discussed the dangers of living in cities with 5G technology and the benefits of living in rural areas with 4G or 4G+ technology. They also discussed the long-term effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body and the need to reduce all wireless technology.

Per Halle added that the world needs to take out 4G and 5G, as well as all other wireless technology, in order to protect humanity in the long run.

Dr Robert Young and Anders Brunstad discussed the importance of focusing on the EMF narrative rather than the virus narrative, and the need to bring more voices to the conversation to help protect humanity from the technology of doom.

They discussed the importance of understanding the contributing factors of environmental, metabolic, medical, and respiratory factors, as well as the protective mechanisms of green plants, chlorophyll, germanium, and vitamin D.

They also discussed the need to protect cell membranes with glutathione and N-acetyl cysteine, and the need to reduce lactic and citric acid to prevent cancer.

Lastly, they discussed the need to work together to spread the message and to bring more people on board to help protect humanity.

Look around you, you are surrounded by Towers and transmitters that emit dangerous and possibly deadly radiation. One flip of a switch and these Towers can be weaponized to cook everyone with microwaves. Do we really need 5G at the cost of our lives?

The Elephant in the Room - Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) & Graphene Ferric Oxide

Discussion of Solar Research and 5G Narrative

AB Anders Brunstad0:05 Good morning, good morning.

DY Dr Robert Young0:08 Good morning, good evening for you, right

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AB Anders Brunstad0:12 Afternoon before five. So.

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DY Dr Robert Young0:16 All right. Well, good afternoon.

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AB Anders Brunstad0:19 So. How is things in California?

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DY Dr Robert Young0:23 well, the weather's been very strange here. It's, it's over, been overcast, rainy usually, You know, sometime in May or June we have, sunny, but it's, it's been unusually cloudy, unusually, colder than normal.

AB Anders Brunstad0:46 it is cold. Yes, in the climate is getting colder. I've been telling it for a long time. In some places of Norway it was record cold. Now in May, while most of Norway.

DY Dr Robert Young1:01 Yeah, yell.

AB Anders Brunstad1:03 It's predicted. I know it's for a long time. It's it is the solar. Grand solar minimum approaching.

DY Dr Robert Young1:17 I see.

AB Anders Brunstad1:19 So that's going to have a big effect. It will be last c or two. Soon it will return to the oceans.

DY Dr Robert Young1:28 Well, what was the, the global warmest?

AB Anders Brunstad1:38 Well, the son was guilty. It's been like that for millions and millions of years. Found this. She is born in Ukraine. Valentina. In Sarco and there are some good guys at Nasa tooo, they were good let's say solar research. So basically there are two huge well gigantic internal dynamo in the sun and that they goes up and down north itself and it's up ten point four or five six seven years And they change polarization and they change every well they have a, they don't, they're not synchronized, so. So she created a mathematical model to define the historical, let's say, changes linked to the mathematics of that synchronized. Effect of both dynamos. Then, she found a perfect, let's say, correlation to the changes in temperature both in the short term and longer term. So basically, she found it.

DY Dr Robert Young3:21 And what was her name?

AB Anders Brunstad3:23 Valentine Sarkar. She lives in England in the Uk.

DY Dr Robert Young3:32 Pretty good. We have a pair here today. Good morning, P We wanna recognize you and

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PH Per Halle3:41 I'm doing fine, thank you. It's a really nicee summer weather. Now, I guess on the in pool and I, I'm actually in in Norway. So uh, enjoying the sun, I was just walking for a short walk, enjoying the sun, getting some sun, sun on my body. Yeah, well. On this.

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AB Anders Brunstad4:15 I'm fine. So yeah, I have a nice, rather nice weather here in Poland, it was exceptionally cold in March and rather cold in April and March of May, but the last few days is kind of more normal. So I got really some good sun in the weekend and Sunday, so I talked about Valentine Sarco, the leading solar research specialist, and and she predicted about. Tenn years ago that we are heading to a grand solar minimum, and we are into it now, so we will be expecting a cold temperature until the mid twenty fifties she predicts a global cooling by about one degree centigrade in this period, and and I just told Robert that will mean that we will see a fall in the co two levels like it was after the forty two top prior prior we had the same co two level in one thousand nine hundred early one thousand nine hundred seconds like now Following a hot period in the 30 s, this corrupted United Nations I Ptc. So called researchers, they have deleted all that data. They don't want to deal with the reality, so, so they will be surprised when they see the co two starts go down soon, I think.

DY Dr Robert Young6:07 Well, we need to, probably get a marine biologists opinion on this too, because. If the ocean is absorbing more Co two, what does that mean to the uh, to the chemistry of the, of the Bo of the ocean? And the loss of reef.

AB Anders Brunstad6:25 You know, it's normally up and down, it goes up and down. It's the law of Henry, thermodynamics law. Balancing it. And let's say it's a sea temperature which is the driver of the Co. Two When it is getting heated, then it releases Co two and when it gets colder, it absorbs Co two. It's not more complicated than that.

DY Dr Robert Young6:59 Okay, do you, For a few other people will be joining us.

AB Anders Brunstad7:07 I'm not quite sure what time they are coming on, and There's been kind of conflicting stories. If they are coming, some have some appointments. I'm not a hundred percent sure who they, who will be able to. To manage to. Online, I don't, don't really know that yet. So I was preparing a Word document now on this foundation. It doesn't really matter how many we are who go through it, we just need to formalize it. And so I sent out these um, statutes before the weekend. And I hope that we can Let's say good. Well, I have to assume that you have read it. If not, we need to maybe schedule another meeting. So what is not perfect maybe is that I have not included fully information regarding the the 2nd. Segment, which is I wanted to have this, I call it the solar narrative research and but it's not important at the moment at all. So It's not not good to hope to chew too much, so I would rather focus on the Five G narrative. I'm not sure you've seen it, but I sent to you an email an hour and a half ago, which is a filed presentation of who is taking part in in a very interesting conference in The Uk It's a Better Way Conference and Ruby Rubik and many others,

DY Dr Robert Young8:55 Oh.

AB Anders Brunstad9:13 full Mes etc. Will be there. And it's a kind of event which will be.

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DY Dr Robert Young9:17 Goodbye.

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AB Anders Brunstad9:23 Hopefully, viewed by a lot of people. So it is a possibility some of these people who are there might refer to this my research of the five G access mortality and that would be a great thing to get it out. So, and I have started to send a few emails and messenger information to some of those who are attending. So, so it doesn't start before on Friday. It will be online event and there is possibility to watch it there and it's a lot of, I think it's seven, eight different conversations they call it, and one of these is the Emf five G related one and

DY Dr Robert Young10:16 I think the, the challenge with those who I, I hear speaking about this subject, you know, have a An alpha alphabetic soup of what's going on. The problem is that I see is they can't get their mind wrapped around the fact that there are no viruses. When I tested the, the vials, there's very little or no mrna. And I've tried to get this point across to people that mrna is only, you know, would be analogous to the paint on the building, you know, it's It's well, it colorized it, it targets it, it gives it purpose and direction.

Discussion of environmental factors contributing to health issues.

DY Dr Robert Young11:14 And that's why I've referred to. What I've referred to as as a targeted bio weapon. I don't think, I think it goes over the top of their heads or they don't really understand what I'm saying, but but when I say that, what I mean, you know. They are targeting. Package that's being delivered to specific areas of the body with intention. And that's the only purpose of Emma. Rn A If you read the work Antoine van, you realize that genetics is altered. Continuously based upon what one eats, what it's subject to epigenetics, it's subject to environmental changes. It's never, it's not consistent. The only consistency within the organization of a cell or its genetics is its experience. And those experiences can change. And so when we're talking about Mr. Mrna, you know, as being One of the contributing factors to excess Desk I think it has a, it's not a major player, it's not a major player. Than directing.

AB Anders Brunstad12:51 I'm not sure. they just interfere a little bit. So there was research recently.

PH Per Halle12:58 Yes.

AB Anders Brunstad12:59 I saw the presentation about a week or so ago and it was a Swedish team or a specialist. I think they were on the children health defense. But the main point is There is a real research by someone I don't remember who, but they had really analyzed this vial and They found that maybe most of the biological material was was Dna from various sources and as I use can indicate,

DY Dr Robert Young13:34 Yeah, I,

AB Anders Brunstad13:35 they may use Dna.

DY Dr Robert Young13:35 I, I find that hard.

AB Anders Brunstad13:37 Yeah, they may use a Dna to direct it as well, so it may be more stable to use a Dna than mrna.

DY Dr Robert Young13:42 Well, you can use R, Anda or Dna from, yeah, I mean you, you, you can use those as bad as how, how much, I mean what it does, it, it basically is a false flag to drive people off the real issue. And the real. I mean, I don't know if these people are being paid to say what they are saying or they make up these stories because they are getting paid to, to actually put this stuff out there. But the bottom line, if you run You know, a spectroscopy in combination with transmission or scanning electron microscopy. You're going to find that Rn A is is or Dna is not a factor in what they're delivering. What is the factor and what I've seen. Is the electrical devices that are self organizing, the, the, the biosensors. And I'm finding that in vaccinated and vacated, it doesn't really matter if you have the vaccine or not. I mean, I te, I, I tested two people yesterday and I'm not, I'm not testing the vials, I'm testing their blood. And I'm finding. These organizations. I mean, if you, if you look at this You know, I mean, I can show you in the background. I mean this is one of them right here. This is a self organizing graphing thread with clusters along the way that actually illuminate. I mean it's like It's and I, that's just one pattern.

AB Anders Brunstad15:29 I've seen I've seen those illuminating you. I've seen several researchers, even in Spain, showing this illumination of it. You need a special light sometimes to get.

DY Dr Robert Young15:40 I Yeah, the this is not just seeing them, it's seeing them in the unvaccinated. That's the point I'm trying to make, the point I'm trying to make. You know, if we get too many voices, what we do, yes, we may learn something here and there, but that conference, you're gonna hear it all through there. You know, you know the, the virus. Virology theory takes us off the mark that what is going on here, and if you look at the paper that published that I added to this last report on Six G, it it's literally an a game changer, it's, it's game over. I mean either these people are just insane thinking that they can actually introduce this technology. Or they have their safe places figured out where they can run and hide while they kill everybody else on the planet. So while everybody is talking about, you know, Dna and Rn A and You know, I don't mean to be, you know, I'm very, very concerned. That the narrative with others that are talking about this, they can't seem to disconnect themselves. Concerning the real issue, the issue here. The hacking of the human body. Using graphing as a base and five g four g five g god forbid six g I mean it's totally insane You know, and, and we're seeing people dropping like flies and these people they say, Dr., Young, I'm following. You know, a good diet. I'm, I, I'm following this, I'm taking this, I'm taking an acetyl cysteine, I'm taking vitamin Dd. It doesn't matter. The key here is it's healthful, but it's But the direction this is going is unsustainable for human life, for animal life, for insect life, for plant life. I have some very strong feelings about this because I'm actually, I'm actually studying where most people don't even go. And so the issue of the blood clots. In my mind it's solved. You proved that. With excess deaths, that was just another piece of the puzzle, puzzle that said, okay, we know what's going on here, they're poisoning us, not with venoms, it's totally off the subject. Okay, I mean, they've been doing that for thousands of years. That's nothing new, you know, what's new is they're hacking the human body, taking over the, the literal. Physicality emotionality mentality and spirituality they're literally hacking and their goal is and and and our government just funded another four or five billion dollars on the brain connection I mean and Elon Musk is involved in this I mean, these guys want to literally take over our brains, and they found a material to do that, it's graphene oxide. Not venom. Venom kills you. Graphene oxide controls you. Do they want to control 8 billion people? No. So this huge experiment that's going on and all these excess desks are specifically related the hacking of the human. Construct all aspects of it, turning us into who knows what. It's un survivable, so people will die. And we've only got a couple of years left. That's it. Well, people are going to conferences talking about genetic material and viruses.

PH Per Halle20:21 Yep. if I can follow up on you. Robert Um, could, could I share the screen? This is just a personal.

DY Dr Robert Young20:34 Yeah, let me, let me, let me show this, share the screen with everybody. I don't mean to be so passionate about this. There's a lot of people out there saying a lot of things, but they don't have it right. You have it right, okay, You know, I If you got it right, there's no, there's you just, you just keep piling on the evidence which you're already doing. So I, I don't know how Paras fears about this, but you know, we can have discussions till we're blue in the face. You know, but now, now they've got artificial intelligence. You know, genetic, not genetically, but anatomically altered parasites and everybody's got them. I mean, it's like robots, go ahead, pair.

PH Per Halle21:28 Okay, yeah, one moment to see what I find it. Here it is, you, you're talking about, Fighting the narratives that we are getting in different ways. Going directions that not many do. I'm trying to collect things myself and and this is a part of what I have have found If you I guesss you're familiar with cling ot.

DY Dr Robert Young22:06 I'm familiar with the The subject he's talking about.

AB Anders Brunstad22:10 Even would be at the at the conference.

DY Dr Robert Young22:13 That's great.

PH Per Halle22:13 Well,

DY Dr Robert Young22:14 Yeah.

PH Per Halle22:16 In a video he says he talks about a nied aluminum organo phosphates. That's in our body,

DY Dr Robert Young22:27 Okay.

PH Per Halle22:29 and he has found this through a method called e phoresis. Take the blood out of the body into a machine and and filter it, and then you find this huge amount of canonized aluminum. Organo phosphates. From from from The use of the round round up It's in in every human Every American he has tested, so, so. Regarding your, your, what you are measuring in the blood, that, that they are getting stuff. Both vaccinated and un vaccinated. So,

DY Dr Robert Young23:21 When Kim trail,

PH Per Halle23:22 so where it is coming from,

DY Dr Robert Young23:22 Yeah, yeah, Environment.

PH Per Halle23:26 it's the environment.

DY Dr Robert Young23:26 Yeah, he says it up here. Geo engineering. Kim trails, you know, from our dentists, from, you know, I mean, there are so many vectors.

PH Per Halle23:37 That is so, so that that's to um, to, to um. And the, it compares to aluminum with, with uh, mercury and Cadman and lead. And the amount of alumin is wayy more, way bigger. He talks about hundreds times I This is a discussion we could go into to say, well, what about metallized mercury, which is very poisonous and and such things? So it It's not just just the amount, it's also the toxicity of the, the special. Metal. But anyway, aluminum and agana phosphates are very much in our blood, everybody from the spraying. So that's two environmental factors that that's not addressed and, and there are more to this You're talking about hacking, bio hacking, and, and you're probably familiar with Rule Steiner talking about. In our time, in in the end of last century and in the beginning of this century. We will have big corporation trying to take the soul away from us. How do they do that? There are four that are white. Here you have the alumin and in the spring and then you have the glyphosate. Big, monsoons and so on, and and then you have the the flur,

DY Dr Robert Young25:29 Not sh of yeah,

PH Per Halle25:34 it's, it's in the water,

DY Dr Robert Young25:36 yes,

PH Per Halle25:36 and, many and, and, and in the toothpaste, of course.

DY Dr Robert Young25:41 yes.

PH Per Halle25:41 And today I figure out another shocking news. It's, you know, do you know, the research of Marvin Hand on the coal ash that are used for the spraying.

DY Dr Robert Young25:56 Yes.

PH Per Halle25:59 A Read an article that floor a component in the, in this stuff they are spraying, so we also get the flur into our bodies through the spraying. And I remember from my homeopath There's a rendered called fluor acid one of the one of them, I mean. I don't know if you know Hanuman and and his, his work in homeopathy, but he, he did, His 1st trial was on Kin Cha officals. China bark it's called in China bark in Nor region, but in Latin and Sint and E. Officinalis. Anyway, it's like curse likes. And and he, he used to test it in, in. Larger doses, physical doses, and the developed symptoms. And then he discovered these symptoms are very Unlike with the malaria symptoms, so so it, it can be used to treat malaria. Well, I'm, I'm just speculated today when I read about fluoride also in the spraying in our sky, could this make us making aving on on fluoride because. We see a lot of deceive around and, and Making lives and such things and and I mean. One of the, the mental symptoms that is, Fluoro Dit is making, is, is, it's just these things. So, for instance, if I'm a liar. A homeopath could give me fluor fluidic acid and and in in that way. Inspiring my a vital force to to cure this symptom. So but but what I'm I'm just wondering now with with all this flur light as a speculation is, could it contribute to our our mental. What should say we are we are less human less kind people. Further here on these three fluor, aluminium and gly glyphosate. According to. Cling Hot. He used this combination, he used, it took him 20 years to understand this. That together with these three, with the Wi Fi, that opened the blood brain barrier, then go into the brain and, and to the penal gland, which is considered as as center for our higher energies. We are. One thing is the subtle. Energies like thoughts and emotion and such things. I mean, we just it has to be processed in some way into the physical and and Pinal gladness is is a very central part in this process. So. Adding the floor to the environment and b. The Wifi get access to the brain and opinion. Gland, the pinal glands is getting calcified and when the gland is getting calcified, we have. Less we get, we lose contact. Contact with our higher self, with with what we are receiving from from from the from the cosmic. These are some factors that are playing a role in this big game. And you see is also with the Pcr test. Where did I put it? In the area close up to the brain and and you can for instance put into the nose, you know, and, and in the pictu ay gland when they do cancer. Removing on that gland, they go through the nose up in this area. Here pretty close to the to the central part of the brain. That they used specifically this area here in in the nasal cavern, putting the the Pcr test is they. They want to target the Pinel gland as much as possible, and to destroy our connection with the higher spirits. That's a part of this. And another thing here, it's about the plastics. There's research now telling us that it's neurotoxic, and Mr Cola wrote in an article We eat five gram of plastics every week. And that's the same amount as a credit card or or a bank card. That's pretty much and I have no idea what this do to us in the long run, but the research says it has definite neurotoxic abilities, so and, and it, it's also a part of this mixture that, that the body has to fight. I came across a long time ago. This is very Special, see here, if you can find it there. I haven't it here, but it's um, acupuncturist. Did do pulse diagnosis be probably familiar with putting the the finger here on the on the wrist and measuring the pulse. Of the patient. This is all Chinese medicine. I have very high respect for for, for those kind of disciplines. They're so unique and and go so deep in the understanding of human life. Well, what This acupuncturist discovered, and it's it's written in an article. You can get it if you like, Is that 90 S? They discovered a new quality of the pulse. It was called the choppy pulse and and this they connected to the plastics that people were, were getting exposed to more and more and so. Started to be observed in in patients in the ninety seconds and then there goes about ten more years or so two thousand two thousand seven they start to, they discovered a new quality in the pulse by, by measuring the pulse diagnosis and and and that's called the lever quality and and that's connected to the, to the liver and blood stagnation. And they interest. They consider this as a reaction, the body symptoms on electromagnetic pollution, electro pollution or or whatever, you understand? So, so you have, 1st, the plastics that, stresses our body. And then you have later the, the Emf that's coming in and make a new change, a new quality of the pulse that's not been observed earlier. So So these are, I mean, these environmental changes are already profound because uh. Chinese medicine start to discover such new pulse qualities that, that the net not have. Absurd before that tells us that we have totally new environmental changes to handle so well. I'm just specialists about Of course, both the plastics and, and the Emf is kind of stressing the whole organism, so it's adding up with this.

Discussion on the Bigger Picture of the Narrative and the Pineal Gland Attack

PH Per Halle36:04 War against, especially our soul through the penal gland attack. Well, these are some things I just like to mention when we, yeah, a few and, and, and uh, I have a discussion on the, on the bigger picture which, which is very important. You're talking about the narrative, we and, and, and we are fooled uh, all the time by all these uh, kind of different narratives and uh, it's funny you're talking about the virus narrative because I was reading an article by John Rap put he wrote it last year anyway and he is saying. Should we, should we go into this discussion? I mean, and he pointed out, it's very important that we go. Into the discussion and and because this is a central part of revealing the truth and and we really have to fight this virus narrative as well. Understand that they have to go look, look that that's another trick they have to To cheat us. The, the virus narrative Well, so, so some thoughts I just came across, thanks.

DY Dr Robert Young37:35 no pair. That's uh, that's excellent. Association, I call, I call the, just to add to what you're saying, I want, I, I want to agree with everything that you said. The pineal gland ax as a light meter, you know, when we're talking about vitamin D. You know, the best source of that, that vitamin, that light vitamin is, is the sun, and the pineal gland acts as a light meter that transforms. Light into electrical energy So this is the way the body energizes itself through the pineal gland, and there's a lot of speculation about that particular gland and what it really is for. And it regulates life force, energy, light into our body, so our eyes become become the focal point. Of that light being taken up to that area of the brain where the pineal gland is, and that light is transformed into electrical energy which powers our body If the pineal gland is being, is being, calcified, if it's being calcified, which it is. Aluminum is one of the elements that we're finding in these. You can see how You know the graphing here and you can see. That alumin is a major factor. These things, I don't know what to call them. You know, Frankenstein and organizations. I'm finding in the body. One thing that, that I want you to look at and whether you've seen these or not. Because when I when I 1st discovered. The actual additional ingredients that were in these vials, aluminum, aluminum actually being one of them. I noticed that I was seeing not only graphing, but I was seeing as we, as we, they were being measured, as we measured them, that we're seeing increased of graph. With aluminum. And that's what this creature is. This creature I'm finding in the blood of humans, vaccinated or not vaccinated. The composite of this, a carbon based parasite. You can see around it. All this black and then you can see the body here as you see a break in that graphing. But it's an aluminum based graphing parasite. It's not, it's, you know, of uniqueness. So it's, it's part carbon and part artificial intelligence, part part metal. This is what's swimming around and it, it acts as. And it accumulates, it actually grows. And around it, these are all red blood cells. So, in relationship to the red blood cell Which is about seven, and five microns you're looking at. You know, a thing. That's not, you know, found in nature. It's but yeah, it's in the human body and it's, it's alive and it's moving and it's accumulating and it is growing and it activates specifically. Theory. Thank you, Andrews, and your work thing is just part of Artificial Intelligence is hacking of the human body. I found it. I found this thing in two. A woman of eighty eight years total totally non vaccinated and the first thing she said you know I don't feel well these are my symptoms and I said well those are all radioactive poisoning symptoms, and I've not been vaccinated. In fact, I lost a real estate listing for over a million dollars because one of the criterias are you vaccinated? And do you have the evidence of your vaccination? And then, so she didn't get the job and that's what she does for a living. I mean, she's been my patient for over 20 years, so I know her blood, I know the history of this is not a new patient and her daughter was with her and so we had an opport, you know, opportunity. I took last night. I was up late looking at this and basically in shock. One of the things, key things that she said, said Dr.. Young. I can't believe what they're doing to our skies. They're painting our skies. These are not clouds. I said I, you know, she knows a little bit about chem traps when I evaluate these. Through not just microscopy but spectroscopy. When we analyze the makeup of these things, you know, they're metallic. And they contain a high level of aluminum, and they contain a high level of graphene, and they're swimming around in our bodies. So yes, you're right, pair, you're absolutely what right about about chem trails. It's like taboo to talk about chem trails, it's taboo to talk about graphene, and it's ultimate ultra ta taboo to talk about electromagnetic frequencies. So what? So that's why, you know, you know, I want to be part. I don't want to be. The main actor, I mean, we need lots of voices and more and more people need to come this way. I mean on their own because you can't convince anyone against their own opinion. I mean, you can't make a horse drink, you can take it to water, but you can say, here's the water, you know, you gonna, you know, if you're thirsty, drink on this. I got an invitation from a gentleman up in in Sweden to have a debate. He wants me to debate debate, It's it's it's called bodily research out of out of Stockholm, and he wants me to debate venom issue. So graphene versus venom on that. I mean, you know, venom use has been. Going on. This venom. But these people aren't scientists. They don't have. Or others who don't. And articles, I mean. You have to read them, you know. Based on your background and, and so it makes it very difficult. So I find opinions are like noses. Opinions are like noses because everyone hass one and they all smell. But the facts are the facts. So when when Andrews came in, he's taking the right information based on total mortality without saying Oh, these are Covid deaths, these are cancer deaths, No It's, it's, it's actually perfect. You cannot argue excess deaths. All you can argue is what is the cause? We know that they've gone up, we know they're significant. And what delineates us even more is the fact That this must be a very special targeted virus that has specific habits. It doesn't like the suburbs, it only likes the metro areas. Which is totally insane.

AB Anders Brunstad47:55 I'd like to comment on it,

DY Dr Robert Young47:56 The only please comment on that.

Discussion of the Correlation Between Chem Trails, Five G, and Excess Mortality

AB Anders Brunstad47:56 okay. So I am kind of logic guy. So I, if I don't get to the logic, my, I don't feel good. Let's say so. I know I've been listening to you and I know about chancel and I know a lot about it, but let's say I know also something of geography and let's say what relates to Cham Trail, what relates to Metro. I mean if you go to the rural countryside or Norway, you will not have a lot of planes spreading out chem trails there and you will not do that in rural part of Canada etc. You will go to the bigger cities. So, so what combines here is that you have pollution of chem trails which are definitely going to be much more in metro places. You will have the same with that five G. So you have a correlation of different things. And the five G basically will not be in the countryside unless you put it into your own house through a fiber network. Okay, And so what I see in statistics is that those who are dying At least initially, they don't, live those who die in Metro. And in a metro you have both five G and you will have much more pollution from many sources. And to me. What I found. If you go to different, let's say geography comparison, you will find that in the three year period there was almost no excess mortality. Many of the rural places over And it is also subject to rich age groups. What I know personally is family members and friends. I think they have lost their soul and I think it's not the Cham trail because they live in a rural place, so it's most likely for in those cases, jams. Plus the five G or four G. So this I see and note this, and let's say to me this logic that if we turn off G, these things will not work very efficiently. The this is high technology and it is needing the rather high frequencies you refer to two point four giga there and I think It might be lower as well. It is not just a Giga heart,

DY Dr Robert Young50:59 It is.

AB Anders Brunstad51:01 but it's how the power of it and as you also referred to, from Flea. It can be smaller amount, but let's say I made a double dive into this data. I found and when you see uh, New York City and if you restart in New York City, you will find fort percent, 50 % excess mortality the 1st year. So it is a high frequency and it is maybe much more challenging. So they go very fast if you go to lower frequency places or yeah, like Switzerland. You have maybe 15 20 % excess death per year, but it adds up every year. So instead of dying immediately, they get almost to the same warrant, let's say still a high mortality after three years, So a lower frequency or intensity.

DY Dr Robert Young51:54 Okay, stop right? Andrews, I think that's Andrews, that's very, a very important point that you're making. Just to emphasize that again, the compounding effect, lower frequency And the buildup. I think that I I don't want people to miss this. I don't want us to miss this, but I I I agree with you wholeheartedly.

AB Anders Brunstad52:19 let's say a closer look at my data will find that those who got the highest frequency like in new york city you have an extremely high mortality the first year and then it goes down rather much to ten twenty percent per year but those who have the much lower frequency like in Switzerland or in the rural countryside start with a lower one but it's consistently higher so if you go down the road they may end up almost at the same total excess after three years, So I think slower frequencies are killing you slower it's like a microwave you can put it on five hundred watt a thousand watch you know it takes langage longer to cook if you use five hundred watch it's an analogy.

DY Dr Robert Young53:13 So do So does our group,

PH Per Halle53:15 Could I comment?

DY Dr Robert Young53:16 agree with the fact that that those who are controlling this, I mean you can use a, you know, a meter to measure this, which I have. And it's, it's alternating, some times of the day it's higher, some other times of the day it's lower, in some areas it's higher, in some areas it's lower. I find it higher in cities on some cars, you know, electrical cars. Specifically, as a contributing factor, their magnetic fields and Milly Gus are excessive. You know, and a gasoline cart is not putting out the same energy field. So I mean, there's lots of, as Pair mentioned, there's, there's lots of vectors that are contributing to this problem and what keeps this together? What I believe is, is the actual reality of what's happening is the combination of of metals, aluminum, graphene. Aluminum has been used. I mean, add mercury in there too. We already know the toxicities of that, but these in combination with this, the release of graphene oxide and the combination of that with five Gs isn't that what we need to bolster up and get out that message to the world,

AB Anders Brunstad54:48 Decision. I need you.

DY Dr Robert Young54:55 to wake up to.

AB Anders Brunstad54:58 Yeah, I think the message must be to try to explain, let's say the best way we can. Hass happened with the excess deus mortality as it relates to almost one hundred percent The presence of four G plus five G, that's one factor, overlaps the geography metro versus rural, which can be a proxy for how much ten trail it was. In the area. If you are in a very far away place for service in Mur, you don't have these chin trail planes over your all the time. You agree there?

Increased Sentiment

Man-Made Fires in Rural Areas of California and Montana

DY Dr Robert Young55:45 I live in a place. I live in a rural place. And I've always looked up to the skies and they're painting the skies. That's our farmland. If you go, if you go to Valley Center, which is a very large area in California. There's, there's food growing everywhere. In fact, my, my next door neighbor hass his helicopter and he goes and crops, you know, dust. With glyphosate and other, you know, chemicals. And yet you know my small 40 acres. Was designated organic. Organic farming and we haven't used any pesticides or insecticides. On that property and we were growing. We're not now, but we were growing avocados and grape foods. Other plant foods Broccoli and spinach and cucumbers and et cetera, et cetera. We were growing food and I know what they're doing in the sky. They're literally kim trolling all the farms. So what are we finding in the food now? And where's that going,

AB Anders Brunstad57:13 Yeah, but let's say California,

DY Dr Robert Young57:14 where, where's and that's.

AB Anders Brunstad57:16 California is. It's a lot of people in California and if you go to you have. It's 30 million people or so. It's almost eight times the population of Norway. So what I referer to as rural is not really Southern California. It is more like Montana and places like that. These are real rural places. You are more suburbs to.

DY Dr Robert Young57:39 Would you, would you, would you, can you put up the information on Mo Montana? Do you have that there?

AB Anders Brunstad57:46 Just a moment.

DY Dr Robert Young57:47 Or do you have, are we getting off the, what we really want to do here? I just, you know, I, I, I don't think I've seen the information on Montana or that that's part of the rural states compared to the metro. I don't know. I think Montana is a great source. You know why I say Montana? Because there's a place in Montana called Billionaire Acres. It's an exclusive place in Montana where all the billionaires, you can name them. Have their homes have their ranches there, have their private Landing airports We have the same in in Valley Center, it's now polluted. And the way they've been clearing the land off is by setting fires when the Santa Ana winds come up. Devastating, devastating. These are all man created fires. We've gone through two fires that's enough. To take, you know, the the love of the land and the love of farming right out of you. When you see all your hard work go up and smoke, and you see the death of thousands and Thousands Next to Me A hundred and 60 acre ranch totally Devastated. By these man made fires. I've experienced this 1st hand.

PH Per Halle59:52 Could you say something about fires created by a direct energy weapon?

DY Dr Robert Young59:59 We have the pictures of it. These fires that are, that are being started are definitely directed. They're man made. These are not, these are not naturally occurring fires and they're directed at specific areas, specific groups, speci specific political have been targeted.

PH Per Halle1:00:25 under taking For instance, metal is melting, but but woods are not burning.

DY Dr Robert Young1:00:38 I mean the pattern is, is un unbelievable. Yeah, I mean there's nothing left of these, of these homes. And you think the trees around them would all be gone, would be all stick. But yes, we were attacked like this, twice. Here is Montana, big metro states. Did you want to talk about this? Andrews?

Discussion of the Correlation Between EMF Exposure and Mortality Rates

PH Per Halle1:01:37 On this show. Mdy.

DY Dr Robert Young1:01:41 Here's Main.

AB Anders Brunstad1:01:45 Okay, so now I have some data for you guys. These are the initially, I call it the raw data. So you see here. Montana. It's not actually that fantastic, but what you see is that you need to look at the age groups.

DY Dr Robert Young1:02:08 Un.

AB Anders Brunstad1:02:15 Um if you look at the last one eighty five plus which is the one which should have the highest risk for a virus,

DY Dr Robert Young1:02:17 Oh.

AB Anders Brunstad1:02:24 and it has it has less than average excess death over the three years two thousand twent twenty twenty one twenty two.

DY Dr Robert Young1:02:37 It sounds to me, sounds to me, Andrews, you should have been speaking this weekend in the Uk. I just.

Increased Sentiment

AB Anders Brunstad1:02:46 I will share. I will try to find some diplomats or ambassadors there who can go through this. The question is who wants to go into this narrative at all? Those guys who were in from Stockholm talked about Dna in Als. You know, the last 5 min of the meeting they talked about it was definitely a Wuhan virus. This is.

Increased Sentiment

DY Dr Robert Young1:03:18 What? That's the point I'm trying to make. Wuhan was was the theater, I mean here again, orchestrated by the Americans, the Russians, the Chinese, and anybody else that you know. The committee of three hundred whoever is behind all this wuhan was was the perfect stage What is it? The most polluted city in the world? Like I say,

AB Anders Brunstad1:03:50 You go to.

DY Dr Robert Young1:03:52 these viruses. You know love specific cities and specific countries.

AB Anders Brunstad1:04:00 And special specific age groups so the eighty five plus.

DY Dr Robert Young1:04:03 And specific yeah eighty five plus go ahead.

AB Anders Brunstad1:04:08 The eighty five plus I would say those are definitely the age group which uses five g or four g the least. The seventy five to eighty four they are second and the sixty five to seventy four they use it much more and what we see here is the inverted expected excess death even in montana so so they die. Much more in the younger ages less than seventy five than the eighty five plus and so this is and the immune system is not good in any of these groups they are after sixty five so, but it is exposure to Emf which is higher in the younger age group than the older age group. And I'm not sure in Montana, but I, I don't think they have the worst Champ Trail exposure. They will have food exposure, maybe water exposure, but not so much as the most populated areas like the East Coast and West Coast and Texas.

DY Dr Robert Young1:05:23 Well, there's, there's really I I mean,

AB Anders Brunstad1:05:23 So so this is.

DY Dr Robert Young1:05:25 I mean, what is the capital, Bozeman, Montana, or Helena, Montana? Excuse me, I should know this.

AB Anders Brunstad1:05:31 One of those, Helen.

PH Per Halle1:05:33 excuse me and there's one thing you needed to explain to me I'm not familiar with statistics but I'm thinking for instance what you're showing now uh the age is between sixty five to to seventy four and and you have age seventy five to eighty four and and eighty five plus when you comparing the um number of of living people in this group I mean uh you would I assume that there are much more there are in the first group sixty five to seventy four there are for instance ten thousand persons in an area and and then in the next seventy five to eighty four you have let's say five thousand and and in the oldest group eighty five plus you may have maybe just thousand.

AB Anders Brunstad1:06:37 Yeah, but it is not about how many it is, it is that this is a history of death, how many died each year? And the average. So you see that the highest death is between seventy five and eighty four normally more people die there and and this is the case also here it's just that it's not it's not a big increase it's almost zero increase and it is less than zero it's negative in the eighty five plus and it's a huge increase in the sixty five to seventy four And all of these groups have been exposed to jobs like in Norway and Canada, but the oldest they have much less death if they happen to live in a non five g rural area.

DY Dr Robert Young1:07:33 are they not, let's say, contained to uh, to uh, you know, a rest home, you know, where they're being cared for, they're actually receiving an inoculation, maybe without their their understanding.

AB Anders Brunstad1:07:52 Yeah, so for the in the jobs seems to have a limited effect on death if they live in a low Emf area.

DY Dr Robert Young1:08:06 There's the connection right there.

AB Anders Brunstad1:08:09 Yes,

PH Per Halle1:08:10 Yeah, I totally agree about the,

AB Anders Brunstad1:08:11 but if you go.

PH Per Halle1:08:13 the barrier with Emf and, and the, the the rural with less Emf. That's, that's the basic of the research, but I'm just trying to understand the statistics, how it works, because Cos.

AB Anders Brunstad1:08:31 Let's say statistic, it works. We have the average death per year per age group and let's say it's a probability to die. The audio gaps and it's not so many people who die. Before the seventy four and most people die after seventy five to enough so so these are the average number per year it's pretty stable normally until you get to twenty twenty then there is an explosion in the growth of it. Sixty five to seventy four and it is more stable in the other groups the no.

PH Per Halle1:09:09 I got it.

DY Dr Robert Young1:09:11 You got it great.

AB Anders Brunstad1:09:15 So so basically this is my argument that If you go macro and say okay, the rural, the real rural states have much lower mortality that rural municipalities of Norway has much lower. Mortality and as I said it it is correlates to both the lack of strong four g five g well as the possibility of the Uh amount of Cham trail you're exposed to in those places. You have less collusion in the real rural places compared to the more densely populated area. So, and this is for scientists to go dig deeper into.

Discussion of the Correlation Between Chem Trails and Five G

AB Anders Brunstad1:10:05 But the correlation is very strong. This is, let's say, combining both the, let's say, the Chem Trail narrative to the Five G narrative to be. Expressed in geographical terms.

PH Per Halle1:10:25 Well, I'd like to comment a bit on the Kent Trail part. When they are spraying, these are. What's the word in English? There's. They're spreading out in, in the sky and and cover a large area, so, so it's widening out the, in a large area. Each trail. So. It's getting. O my English It's getting spread out on large area so. That they are pretty when they are in lower. Flying lower. Then they Then they covers a smaller area. Just just mentioning, I've been in a Polish city where remember as as in Gdn scans and and I saw they were flying pretty low above the city spreading the Cam traps so so I've They can, can do it in, in, in low altitude too, but but usually they, they are pretty, pretty high and, and it spreads out so, area is pop densely populated or lesss dense and it doesn't matter that much and and they. My point is it's getting spread out on, on whatever area there is. The wind is moving the the stuff around, so it's, it's falling down. Often I saw a map about. It was about the nuclear waste in in the nuclear the Manhattan Project and and Explosion of nuclear bombs in Nevada, I think it was. And and this spread all over us, east direction. It's, it's, it's the same way with the can trails. They do criss cross, sometimes to to satellite, mark where they have been, and such things. But the main point it is spreading all over. I made a bigg arrear, yeah.

AB Anders Brunstad1:13:39 But I'm not quite sure that as often above Montana like,

DY Dr Robert Young1:13:45 He.

AB Anders Brunstad1:13:45 Over La like Stavanger and and since uh. It is not logical that they go so much into the rural places, but okay, can find it. But I get back to the statistics. So here you seee that the rural montano have a minus sixteen percent excess death over three years in eighty five plus while the metro states including new york state new jersey Illinois state maryland they have a twenty four percent increase over three years so so that's forty percent uh variation Uh, if you live in the metro or rural, so that relates to, let's say definitely the Emf exposure and probably some additional pollution. For instance so I don't need to argue about that but the focus here is a five g or ems and and the data very clearly present that There is such a difference between rural and metro.

DY Dr Robert Young1:15:03 Andrews Uh, for pairs, where he's talking about chem trails. And your Dat data here as it relates to excess desks, when you're comparing prior years to 15 to 19, these numbers they're evaluating here years twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty one and twenty twenty two indicate an increase significant increase within the metro areas of a positive of twenty four percent where in the rural areas billionaire acres montana They have their own little private jet airport and properties as they, you know, run from the metro areas to their sanctuary areas that are, that are free of This technology, this, this Wi Fi, the way I look at these numbers is that it's, it's pointing us directly to the major contributing factor. To why we have an increase in mortality and that increase did not take place.

AB Anders Brunstad1:16:32 I need to take.

DY Dr Robert Young1:16:33 I mean we have an increase. If we went back years because we have different events. The introduction of four G, you know, four G plus, you know, now we're low five G We haven't even gone to moderate five G. Maybe in some areas, but they have control on this. Based on Do they want to dial this up? When do they want to dial this up? When are we going to schedule the next pandemic? They schedule that not on Kem Trails. Kem Trails is just to, from my opinion, is just to You know,

AB Anders Brunstad1:17:14 Oh, well.

DY Dr Robert Young1:17:14 create an environment where you're suppressing the body's ability. To maintain the alkaline design of the body fluids. And so we'll find, you know, a lot of different metals and people are going out and doing Edta chelation therapy. Thinking, Well, it's aluminum or maybe it's graphy.

AB Anders Brunstad1:17:39 if a comment, yeah, if a comment on this. So what you really see is that there is no historical sudden fact of the chan tras they've been going on for thirty forty years so what you see is yes so it's enormous.

DY Dr Robert Young1:17:51 That's what I that was the point I was getting to the point of the excess desk and the elephant in the room.

AB Anders Brunstad1:18:00 It's a five g.

DY Dr Robert Young1:18:02 bingo i've been saying this for twenty five years.

AB Anders Brunstad1:18:10 But but here we have the data across many countries. I can make more. So, so this is the evidence that, okay, you may load the gun with a Chm trail, your body has been polluted and you have all these aluminium and stuff in there, but you need the four G plus five G to kind of activate the poison.

DY Dr Robert Young1:18:32 Ingo.

PH Per Halle1:18:34 I agree totally.

DY Dr Robert Young1:18:37 Okay, we're having our own little conference here pre conference, to the confusion. The data matches the hypothesis. And the methodology behind the data matches the methodology. You know. The contributing factors. The amplification going from megahertz to gigahertz to terahertz is the graphene. It's unsustainable. So if people don't wake up to this. And you may be thinking. Well, what can people do? Run around and have conferences, you know, I think that's good as they debate. But I believe it's settled, isn't settled is empowering and educating people with this knowledge. To protect themselves, and the best way to protect themselves is dismantle completely the four and five G network Both on land, in air, and at sea. But the Russians aren't going to do that. The Chinese aren't going to do that. So what we have is we have an arms race going on right now. And you can interpret this however you want to with The war that is going on between Russia and the Us, with the playground where it's taking place in the country of Ukraine.

Excess Mortality in Ukraine and Montana

DY Dr Robert Young1:20:51 There is excess deaths which are off the chart in Ukraine. And there is excess death off the chart, which are,

AB Anders Brunstad1:21:01 which are.

DY Dr Robert Young1:21:04 you know, the Russian youth and the Ukrainian. Youth. It's being decimated.

AB Anders Brunstad1:21:14 So I want you to have a look again something which is kind of strange on the day. In the sum of these five metro states uh you had twenty four percent excess mortality in the eighty five plus you have sixty five or sixty six in the seventy five to eighty four and you eighty two and a half percent in the sixty five to seventy four which is enormous and and this is twice the level in Canada and Norway and Switzerland, or more than that. But if you go to the metro, down to Montana, look again. You will have you have fifteen or so excess mortality in the seventy five eighty four over the three year period again sixty five percent in the metro state which is a different of fifty percent units however on the sixty five to seventy four you have about the same level of excess mortality both places. So what happens You will see that uh, data, if you go to uh, metro states, you will see. Highest data. For the 1st year. And it goes down eighty six eighty five eighty two in the montana it is going up. At the level of the same level, so, so they have probably not much five g, real five g, they've got four g plus. They get after three years about the same excess mortality, but it happens more gradually. In the age group which use it most sixty five to seventy four and this is the age group who is getting into an age where the normal immune system is being biologically reduced unless they do something like taking vitamin D to improve it. This is my observations. If I go to the younger, we see the same they have after three years about the same excess mortality in Montana like in the Metro the biggest difference of all of these age groups and the eighty five plus in montana they have let's say they have the lowest exposure or or use of five g or four g.

PH Per Halle1:24:27 on the Sure, I have a question. We You are talking about excess test that's uh, total for a group was. For the sixty five to seventy four it is was going up to eighty two percent and that's a very high increase and Have you uh, been into thoughts about much these, mortals are Um connected to Um specific targeting Specific. After special people with this technology that they We Have you any thoughts there?

AB Anders Brunstad1:25:31 I understand. Yes, so when I did the Norwegian research 1st, these different municipalities and sit this and I had those who had five G or late G or not five G. And then I was comparing, let's say that the group, the control group, which had No five G, but they had the vaccination so as a rule of tongue, in a way I could say that about half the excess death was probably related to the vaccination. Half was uh connected to the combined effect of the vaccination and four g five g So the targeting, if you wish, is that. And it is kind of strange that there is no clear let's say you need to be splitting what I said into age groups because it looks like this eighty eighty five plus consistently had a very low access mortality. Rural places. But you saw New York. They were going up at once. In order to, you need a bigger sample, let's say. Data, not just Montana. So if we took the rural group as a bigger sample, that's a factor data and then you would see that there is a small excess death in that group. Of 15 % if you combine all the rural worms, so, so it means that, and this is consistent with what I saw in Norway, because there is variations in small samples or data. So you needed a bigger sample of data to find the better average, and that's le the statistical matter you need. In Norway, I got F the three smaller municipalities as a good control group and they were inside variations but the average of that group was I would say the solid and what you see here in the rural group you see that after three years in the eighty five plus they have fifteen or so excess mortality while it is sixty five. It's twenty four percent so the difference is then only ten percent so the eighty five plus in the bigger metro space. They have twenty four percent while the rural ones in the big sample or they have fifteen percent but it's still significant ten percent difference so Initially, if you enough big enough control groups, I find that you are. Kind of about half excess death in that age group but when you go to younger age group who uses five g four g plus.

Discussion of the Impact of Technology on Health and Well-Being

DY Dr Robert Young1:29:09 Andres Before, before you go, yeah, before you go off this, you've highlighted something very important here and that's the state of Mo, of Montana, is that correct or is it Maine?

AB Anders Brunstad1:29:24 The one you see down there is, no,

DY Dr Robert Young1:29:29 Where you're looking at.

AB Anders Brunstad1:29:29 it's just the yellow, it's not so. Is something happening there? And I don't know what happened.

DY Dr Robert Young1:29:36 Wallet.

AB Anders Brunstad1:29:37 So this is New Hampshire,

DY Dr Robert Young1:29:38 But look at,

AB Anders Brunstad1:29:39 Nebraska.

DY Dr Robert Young1:29:41 look at Montana, and also Maine. Have you got this highlighted? Line five Well stay down on those red numbers because the numbers are coming down. The reason, the reason I wanna bring your attention to Montana is that that's a safe, that's a safe sanctuary for the elite.

AB Anders Brunstad1:30:14 yeah it's a real rural place let's say and it's a lot of mountains so it's not a good place for five g four g definitely not five g.

DY Dr Robert Young1:30:21 That's, that's the point I'm making, but it's also correlates with the behaviors of the elite and where they have to ask them questions. Where are we going to live? Considering the devastation that we've created, the matrix which we've created is our sanctuary.

AB Anders Brunstad1:30:50 In Europee, it's Switzerland. So the rich are moving out of Norway to Switzerland and all the rich go there and

DY Dr Robert Young1:30:55 Okay, And the rich are moving out of California, New York, and Florida, and they're going to Montana,

AB Anders Brunstad1:31:07 Yoa, Maybe, or some.

DY Dr Robert Young1:31:12 went to Iowa.

AB Anders Brunstad1:31:13 Basically what I'm saying, the rural places, real rural places, they are really definitely the safest place to be in this age and they tell the people to be inside a small city or inside a 50 minute city, and that's definitely the most dangerous place to be according to to these statistics.

DY Dr Robert Young1:31:35 If you're looking at when Five G was introduced to the world, which was in March. Where in your excess mortality charts, you're seeing a spike, a huge spike. In this, but check out Montana.

AB Anders Brunstad1:31:56 See that again. The dream place to be ill, say, but also New Hampshire, Okay, South Dakota is not bad.

DY Dr Robert Young1:32:08 New Hampshire, Yes.

AB Anders Brunstad1:32:15 Maine is quite okay, too.

DY Dr Robert Young1:32:18 What about Rhode Island? Was Rhode Island a part of this? Because Rhode Island, you know, I'm seeing. You know some examples of a sanctuary in Rhode Rhode Island?

AB Anders Brunstad1:32:31 I haven't studied that, so I had to be limiting. So I don't know everything. But basically if it's a real rural place, let's say you can't really build five G in Montana because you would it take so much money to build. Infrastructure. So it will never be done. You will have it in Helena or something. But you will not have it in the rural places and they might have four g four g plus and they might have. Fiber.

DY Dr Robert Young1:33:03 You know, I I'm so happy with what you're saying. Andrews I'm, I'm so happy that we're having this discussion. Because now we're going down to the questions that every man and woman You know of themselves, every married couple, every family, you know, and their families are asking, where can we go? So I would. I would encourage you to check Texas, Florida, and Rhode Island.

AB Anders Brunstad1:33:42 If we now do the same on New York City. We had a story of minus sixteen now fifteen percent in rural eighty five plus and it was twenty four the average of Metro States, which includes upstate New York. So it's not really a clean story. But if you take, if you take the big Metro States, which is a mix of rural and city, and you compare that to New York City, so you have a fifty percent mortality increase in new york city in the eighty five plus and minus sixteen in montana So if you want to be old and be getting older, you need to get out of New York City and the big metro cities, and you need to find a rural place. And I'm going to do the same. I'm not going to be burnt up close to Sydney.

DY Dr Robert Young1:34:52 Now we're getting to, I think, the major points, you know. The world population needs to know Well, for people in California, for people in New York, for people in Florida, you know, are these sanctuaries? To protect themselves from the primary assault on humanity. Where can one go than you know. Get on one of the lawn mus rockets, and and go to Mars, which is not a solution.

AB Anders Brunstad1:35:30 you know I have a friend in Tacular. It's half an hour from you in the direction. Coroner If you live up in the hill there, you don't have five G, you have a brother pool four G.

DY Dr Robert Young1:35:45 Yeah I I know that because tmac is next to uh valley center I I experienced twenty five years poor wi fi connection It just, you know, you just say thank you, you know, but it makes work a little more difficult.

AB Anders Brunstad1:36:08 but the point is uh if you're living in the mountainside okay but you have more pollution there you have more of many things but it's not that bad uh so you need to get out of the city in the reach of the five g anten if you are on the four g four g plus in the area I think It is the use, how much you use it and how, what you do inside your phone, do you turn off the router, do you turn off the phone at night, etc. But I think there is ways to reduce exposure. Sure, but you can't really reduce exposure if you live in the city.

DY Dr Robert Young1:36:56 Great.

PH Per Halle1:36:58 Well,

DY Dr Robert Young1:36:59 That's been my,

PH Per Halle1:36:59 I have to.

DY Dr Robert Young1:36:59 that's, that's been my message to the world and that's what I've been communicating, to the world and answers. The question is why are they kem traveling rural areas? Is it because of the farm land? Is it because you know the food is being compromised? Is it because of the fact that there aren't these towers, this technology,

AB Anders Brunstad1:37:36 The statistics doesn't show,

DY Dr Robert Young1:37:36 the rural areas?

AB Anders Brunstad1:37:38 you know, we had, you know, pair and many like pair they were very, let's say.

PH Per Halle1:37:44 Christmas.

AB Anders Brunstad1:37:45 aggressive against this Rms, this automatic measuring and and they have probably some bad effect for some part of the population who are sensitive, hypersensitive to it, like me. I'm one of those, But let's say there is no sudden increase in mortality. What really is very clear is that in the middle of march twenty twenty when you put on g you have an explosion in mortality that what was in the last thirty years of chn trail did not kill us very fast but it could be a contributing factor when you put on the five G, but it did not show up in the all cause mortality as an event any single year. All events I've been seeing connected to ems events it is twenty ten eleven four g it is twenty fifteen seventy eighteen four g plus and twenty ninety twenty etc. So it is Ems events which is the The real killer and the environment and other factors may contribute. And I think especially big contribution did Js do in combination with four G plus five G. That's my understanding.

PH Per Halle1:39:15 I think you're quite right on the show.

DY Dr Robert Young1:39:16 Well, thank very much. You're, you're right on. I, I think Perry is gonna say he agrees too. Go ahead,

PH Per Halle1:39:23 Oh, sure, I agree with what you have said. What's my uh thought in the longer run? Age perspective. Now we're seeing these dramatic changes with, with the new technology and you have exposed earlier also is this. The Spanish flu and such things in in in earlier days. What we also should should know is that There is this slow, kind of of stressing that that's going on, develop different diseases. We're looking forward with a time perspective. How long can we handle this as humans? As the the environment is, is electro polluted. We know, for instance, that when digital broadcast came, it also affected us in some part. And a researcher called Arian Holberg, a Swedish researcher, he, he was a excellent statistical. He found out that when the Am radio no, the yes, that the Am radio was introduced. In a country.

DY Dr Robert Young1:41:13 Awful.

PH Per Halle1:41:14 He saw that more diseases came in connection with with with different things. But I think it is um, an illusion to believe that you, you can get away with it. If you reduce, if you move to Montana or when the sanctuary places, because you will still want to have connection with the world and So you will have some kind of technology. If you're not uh wise and are using fiber all the way, so the wireless will, they're using their Mobiles and and so on, and they get the radiation too. My point is there over the over a longer period of time we will have this exposing. Not only the the four G and five G, but but we have to reduce. All the over stuff Wearables and child give care. Watcher What What We Call. Very much all the wireless technology has to be be taken out because it's human technology, so, so. In the long run we have to see how, how this is working out in the long perspective. We don't know about the, the, the long term effects of, of, five g at all. But we also don't know about the long term effect of G, for instance, because it hass been established just ten years ago. And Leonard to Dell he has done research that does prediction that this is not going to go wellll with the cancer rates that's rising up. So. The world need to not only take out the four G and five G, but also to take out very much all the over wireless technology.

DY Dr Robert Young1:43:37 Thank you.

PH Per Halle1:43:37 Yes.

DY Dr Robert Young1:43:37 Per Uh my. Congestion now is, is that uh schedule another uh meeting? Either later in the week or next week, after we've had more time to review the articles of association. As it relates to the organization, I think today's meeting has turned into a very valuable conversation concerning, you know. All of our contributions, all of our work, and especially Andrews, you know, I want to thank you for your efforts in compiling this evidence. This very important evidence that's helping us to see clearly.

Understanding the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Human Health

DY Dr Robert Young1:44:35 Our theories are matching the stat. Statistics and giving us understanding of what is causing, you know, this excess mortality. That's reassuring. It helps us to focus on at the cellular and the molecular level. What we can do to help ourselves and to retain our our unique humanity that we have Who would like to alter that with artificial intelligence, even though that can be used for good, as we all know, and that we have become creatures? That have somewhat been reliant on this technology to move forward.

We're also realizing that maybe we've stepped over the boundary. Of this, with this technology that is going to do Harm to our most treasured asset, and that's for our children. I think, I think the numbers stack up for this from a level of when we're looking at those in eighty five plus in their understanding and their psychology so I'm not a psychologist but looking at this and reflecting on my father and my mother and their response to these changes having been born prior to nineteen thirty which just based on observation that was the year that antibiotics was introduced.

Uh was around that time and from that time going forward, these compromised, compromised our ability to maintain homeostasis within our body fluids, thus setting up an environment that was conducive under the germ theory of cellular breakdown and then classifying cell fragments as bacteria or cell fragments or pleomorphic transformations of organized matter into yeast or what have you? And literally classifying diseases like tuberculosis. Which is nothing more than an inflammation caused by a polluted interstitial fluid environment in a declining ph, and not a disease but a symptom of cellular breakdown.

And that those bacterias, those yeast, those molds are a results. So what we're talking about pneumonia, pneumonia is not a disease. Pneumonia is a symptom of a transformation. An environment that requires you know a certain biochemistry this is being altered by three g four g five g we go all the way back because it was mentioned to the spanish flu what we're talking about radio waves once again here again All of these so called epidemics and pandemics, going back even several centuries, have been a result whether natural occurring or man made, of the increased magnetic fields and electrical fields that are causing people to have certain symptoms the symptoms are related and andrews has posted that beverly rubik talks about this we published a paper in two thousand one on research that I did in nineteen ninety eight are the effects of at that time it was two gd nineteen ninety eight three g the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on the human bio field.

That was a double blinded placebo study was done in nineteen ninety eight london england it was published in two thousand one the lead publisher was doctor beverly rubik I'm happy to provide any information on that rubik hass also published a new study in twenty twenty one it's actually a paper it's not a study but a paper on the effects of electromagnetic fields on the humid bio field relating that directly back to four and five g you know Putting the virus aside The virus argument aside.

Even though it's mentioned in there, Covid is a psycho, you know, dark but sponsored, Dod sponsored. You know initiative. Upon the whole of humanity. The bottom line here is we're on target. The more that I walk down this road which has been twenty five years now I can see the effects of what's going on. And it's it, it no longer matters if you've been vaccinated or not vaccinated, because there's too many other trans, there's tooo many other vectors. And you mentioned pair Pcr testing, you know?

Andrews has mentioned several things. Kem trills not a star, but But a co star to this aluminum is not a star, but a co star to this amping up, you know. The goal, which is to reduce the surplus population. Kissinger of Useless Eaters Clo That's their goal. But before they destroy all of humanity, they're carrying out a huge study. A worldwide study to see the effects of electromagnetic fields because they have more technology than they know what to do with. They have they have within their grass you know six g seven g and they're writing about it now as if it's sustainable it's not sustainable we know that just with the steps you know of the different so called pandemics or epidemics that we've been having all related specifically to the elephant in the room, which is electrical emphasis on magnetic fields, magnetics that is affecting the context.

Of which we live in, both outside and inside our bodies. I see that on the cellular and molecular level, i've identified it identified it over twenty five years ago I continue to identify it. I can think of no other b better co uh collaborator of that work besides Andrews is Laquinta Columna and their organization are the only group of researcher Richard which I don't know personally, but Ricardo Delgado, Richard Delgado, The University of Seville, Sevilla and their work. In actually validating once again in another part of the world, with different researchers coming to the same conclusions.

That Emf is the elephant in the room. Move away from that. It's the major contributor. And to amplify that experiment has been going on. The experiment is how do we inject Graphene, ferric oxide And okay, side note, we'll put some parasites in there too and see what happens to them, okay, Trypanosoma Cru. Let's see and let's, let's, let's, let's roll this out. Wuhan Milan. New York City. In the metro areas where we have the technology as we're building this five G. This is why we were quarantined.

We were quarantined to continue the construct of the matrix both on land At sea and in the air, all orchestrated by governments, all are orchestrated, you know. The various agencies, it seem to be autonomous to we, the people. So it's a very, very trying time right now. I would like to say, you know, as it relates to Dr., Bahi, God bless his family. And my condolences to the, the, to his family, he, he was a, a voice. The medical field, speaking out based on his information, and I honor him for that.

You know, and you know, and and I hope. Respect the fact that he took many, many risks, as any of us who are speaking out Not for ourselves, not for money, but for humanity as a whole and for our future of this planet and those who reside there, which are, who are. Children who are being abused, manipulated and controlled in every aspect, from their education to the various, you know, Psycho Wok programs. The Black Lives Matter, You know, I mean it, it's just And here again black lives do matter.

Every life matters, regardless of your your your your your country, your creed, your color. Matter. And these, these psycho programs that are going on that are literally changing the whole nature of society and that that foundation of that society is the family, is the family. It's been destroyed, it's being destroyed. It has been destroyed, and especially in America, you know. I hope we can continue Uh, this narrative, I hope we can continue to use platforms, put us, you know, at physical risk.

And we share this platform with as many people as we can. We can. And hopefully there'll be some representative voices besides ourselves that will stand up, speak out and share the truth. Because that's, I believe, is the only thing that's gonna bring our sovereign rights of freedom back. So that was more philosophically. I think we have the evidence. All we do is bolster that evidence of by looking at states like Texas, states like Florida, because And others will be the experts that the humanity as a whole will begin listening to as they are being cold.

Increased Engagement The amplification of electromagnetic frequencies from megahertz to gigahertz to terahertz. And people are still talking about viruses, or people are still talking about King Cobra. I'm sorry. It has to stop. We need to focus on what matters these other narratives and debates. Become confusing to the masses. I don't think we gain anything from that.

AB Anders Brunstad1:58:53 I fully agree. We have to focus on this virus versus the Emf narrative, and I do believe that with this evidence that we now have created and more to come, it is not a shadow of doubt that This virus theory is not consistent with the facts. I have a fact for Norway, for us a, for Canada, the virus theory does not apply to the facts. And we did. We need to get that information out to the people so that I can see it and it will be a tough match.

DY Dr Robert Young1:59:35 So we, so we've, we've come full circle. Then Anders, we go back to. Antoine Bach. His book The Blood. The 3rd anatomical element which is the precursor to every organized Being every cell, every genetic matter that can be altered based upon its environment, that the train is everything. The germ is nothing, nothing, and that the real virus is right behind me to off my shoulder. You're looking at the virus. And if we take, if we take virus. Latin. Translated correctly, it means There's the poison. Poison is the magnetic field. Why the magnetic field over the electrical field? Because magnetic field Will permeate any barrier except for one that's lead lined. Our governments know this. Our embassies are lead lying. Our cars are lead lying, not our cars. You know, So there are solutions. Guess what one of those solutions is. Paint your ha house leaded paint. You can get it a Home Depot. I believe it's a source. There's, you know, there's other solutions. That's just one, but this is how others are protecting themselves from electromagnetic fields. There's other solutions you mentioned. Andrews of vitamin Dd, That is a solution. More light. Pry You mentioned that sunlight, You mentioned the pineal gland. You know excellent pineal glands. People ask them You'll get well. We're not sure what that the use of that gland for. I would like to think of it as the light meter. It controls our bodies and electrical conductivity. It's being interrupted. Tech technocrats by this technology, the magnetic field,

AB Anders Brunstad2:02:27 I have a question Can it be reinstated,

DY Dr Robert Young2:02:28 yes,

AB Anders Brunstad2:02:31 or is it permanent? What do you think of that?

DY Dr Robert Young2:02:39 Anything that has been organized can disorganize. Anything that's been disorganized can be organized, because there is no death. The law of physics is, the matter can only be Organized or disorganized, it can only change. It knows it knows nothing else. You cannot destroy matter. Matter can only be organized or disorganized. God Himself understands His principle.

AB Anders Brunstad2:03:10 I can drive out the poison.

DY Dr Robert Young2:03:11 He didn't create the earth, he didn't, he didn't, yeah, he didn't create the earth, he organized the earth. So how do you reorganize, how do you protect, how do you build new blood? That's the key to your survival. It come, it started with blood, it started with one drop of blood. It's the solution to the pollutions. The solutions. The pollution is to manage and maintain the alkaline design of the internal fluids of the body through understanding. The contributing factors of environmental factors, metabolic factors, medical factors, respiratory factors, Our thought processes are contributing factors. These have to be understood and managed. As we understand that it's not about genetic material, it's not about the cell, it's about the indestructible matter That was discussed by Rolin. It was discussed by be champ. It was disc. It was discussed by Dr. Livingston Wheeler, It's been discussed by myself. Is how and where is the sources of protection one of the best protective mechanisms for electromagnetic pollution. Green plants They absorb a lot of this You know, chlorophyll is a protection. Chlorophyll is a purifier of radiation poisoning. What do they do in Chin Noble for gamma radiation? They planted more trees. They planted in Ukraine. They t planted an oil A plant is the sunflower. That's their. When you think of Ukraine, you think of sunflowers. They have fields of sunflowers around Chino. They like sunflowers? No, it's a protective against gamma radiation. It absorbs that radiation. The oil absorbs that radiation. There are other things that absorb radiation or cleans the body. You know, germanium. You know, you can wash your body with germanium. You can wash your body with Tarin These are are radiation detoxified, so there's more than just V Vitamin Dd. There's many of what are some other ones. Natural ones that are constantly being used as a protector within our bodies. What protects cell membranes? Glu tooth ion? What is the precursor to glue ion and acetyl cysteine? What are the byproducts of cellular breakdown? Sugar is one of the breakdown. Citric acid and lactic acid What causes cancer? Lactic and citric acid How do I protect ourselves or myself from a disease which is a symptom of increased the vicinity? Specifically, Lactic and citric acid An acetyl cysteine Glut thi. These are the protectors. What do the white blood cells do? They're just glorified janitors. Except for the lymphocytes that release reduced oxygen and reduced hydrogen So now we have the support when we have the environment support when we reduce the contributing factors, I. The magnetic field. How do I protect myself from a magnetic field? Am I Emf se sensitive, everyone's Emf sens sensitive? How do I protect my bio fields, you know? So this has been the subject of conversation for two and a half, three decades. Because this is when the technology was introduced, the question has been asked. We are getting more data, it's compiling and, you know, stacking up. It's being suppressed. Hopefully, the conversation will come up in London. Hopefully, the conversation will come up around the world.

Exploring the Impact of EMF Sensitivity on Humanity

DY Dr Robert Young2:07:57 I think rhino phobic. Our last interview that we did, I don't know if you've seen it or not. He was concurring with the fact that Emf is the elephant in the room. Of all elephants or the father of all is the magnetic field. So that's what we have to learn, that's what we have to continue to study, is how And and this has been going on for two and a half how can we help ourselves, our families and all of humanity protect themselves against these bad actors who are building Technology of Doom. Future whatsoever, other than in the illusions of our own mind. That this is sustainable. It's not so. Once again, thank you. For your contributions, let's, let's reconvene on this as soon as possible, because time is of the essence. Bring more voices. Who are, you know, pretty much moving that direction if possible. They're, they're realizing what we're dealing with here. I, I don't know that it's include everybody within this group. I really don't Unless they're they're being included just to learn themselves or to unlearn. Probably be better said unlearn. A lot of these ideas that they've been reading about in research, the propaganda publications, you know. I mean, here again, the science world is, is polluted with propaganda. Many of this is not even science, it's opinions.

AB Anders Brunstad2:10:20 Let me make a small comment. Okay,

DY Dr Robert Young2:10:23 Okay.

AB Anders Brunstad2:10:26 we all know about author Fiers Stenberg, and he was publishing a book five some years ago about this in Invisible Rainbow. So he tried to get this information out, but he did not succeed, and now he has. Kathleen Berg, who is She was his executive. Secretary and she is at this conference in England and and she seems to understand this fully. And and we need to build a team to get these people on board so that we can, those who fully agree on this Emf narrative, that we can join forces and to get this message out and to do let's say, more efficient communication than what Fister was able to. And it is very hard because power that maybe they don't want this information out, but the good thing with technology on our side is that there are loads of the outlets now alternative media outlets and I am been working a bit on payers promote well proposal to me and I've been working on that. And this is it's a huge possibility to activate positive forces in alternative media to get this message out. And we need to, to work on both locating and identifying and establishing contact with those, as well as to prepare materials so that they can be convinced that it's a need to communicate this message of the Emf narrative because the virus narrative should be completely dead, but it is going to prevail until we are able to do a good job in communicating that it is. The real reality is that The Emf explains almost everything, what we have seen in the last hundred years or so, called virus and pandemics or methodology, I mean. It is it is a it's a sad situation to see some of the so called best doctors in the usua being one hundred wrong on the narrative of the virus and it is going to be a battle to get through this but we need to fight and we need to focus to work on this fight And I think we will achieve with the help of God.

PH Per Halle2:13:26 I'd like to comment on that.

DY Dr Robert Young2:13:26 Amen to that.

PH Per Halle2:13:27 Thank you for Amen. Yes. Wonderful to here We we we have God on our side in in this work the truth will come forward. Mentioning about this list on the It's not my list actually, I just copied it from James Ruski. So He's the man to honor for that list and and it hass to be gone through and and some of it is useful and and obviously is not so usual. That's what. One thing the other thing. You mentioning A to Fischen Beg. I've been in contact with him, and he is one of these that you can hardly convince of anything.

He has to come to the answers by himself completely. For instance, he is. Eager to To fight conspiracy theories about Cam Trails. He doesn't consider that as in his word science. We have to. Step further at a time. A house will be built by putting 1 st. Or one and Ended to tomorrow. It has to take time. We must accept that this. Need, patient. It is about changing people's ideas and and and to freedom of illusions that they have. And this this is You mentioned Kathleen Burke. She is a very clever person, And She is that kind of people I think might be able to communicate this message. Good, so. When we're collecting, comparing Fischen Burg and and his ex assistant Kathleen Burke, I would put more energy on, on trying to convince her. 1st And and this is, this is, we have to deal with e on humanity, so as a whole we are. Individuals in this. We can change ourselves in in this process and and and we have changed ourselves now. Understanding the elephant in the room, and we spread it out, and and then, as far as we we know, with the divine, influence will come after the same track. I'm, I'm so convinced that it will happen in some way. There are a wisdom above us and around us that are helping us to get this out. It's not easy, but it will go further. Thanks

DY Dr Robert Young2:17:10 Thank you. And with that, I would say, until we meet again. God bless you and keep you, and keep you safe and protected yourselves and your family, your loved ones. God bless each and every one of us. God bless humanity as a whole.

A Scientific Hypothesis for the Primary Cause of Influenza, Long CV, CV Injuries & CV Excess Deaths Around the World for the Last 100+ Years!

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In this Breaking News Video & Article You Will See and Hear the Evidence that suggests that all major epidemics and pandemics in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries began with the invention and exposure of harmful electrical and magnetice fields of raditation (EMF) causing the Spanish Flu H1N1 Influenza Epidemic of 1918 with up to 100 million excess deaths to the latest CV Pandemic which was also caused by harmful radiation exposure from 4G and 5G pulsating microwave radiation as the primary cause for Influenza symptoms, long CV, CV excess injuries and CV excess deaths to insects, birds, fish, animals and humans around the World number is the hundreds of millions!

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The Concentration of Long CV, Excess Injuries and Deaths of Insects, Reptiles, Birds, Fish, Animals and Humans From 4G and 5G Radiation Poisoning Amplified Targeting and Transvecting All Living Things Including Plants From The Wireless 4 and 5G Networks Ilustrated Below That Was Built Beginning 2019!

Hot Spots in Yellow For Increased Radio and Microwave Radiation Expsoure Found in the Pacific Northwest and Southwest, Southeast and Northeast, USA and Pacific Northwest and Notheast, Canada and the UK, Norway and European Countries including Parts of Spain, France, Italy and Germany!

Excess Deaths in Canada for the Most Vulunerable 85 Plus Metro vs Rural Provinces

NOTE That 5G Was at 0% or Less for Excess Deaths in the Rural Provinces and as HIGH as 40% in the Metro Areas Where There Was High Exposure to 4 & 5G Radiation!

All Age Mortality for Canada's Metro Group vs Rural Area Group

Excess Death in All of Canada Compared to Metro Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia and Manatoba Show Greater Excess Deaths Caused by Early 5G Radiation Poisoning Starting in March of 2020 Rising to a Peak in April of 2020 and Then Rising Again in November and December of 2020!

New York City (Blue line), New York State (Yellow Line) Compared to New York Rural Areas ( Yellow Line)

A Statistical Analysis of Excess Deaths for New York State and New York Rural Areas vs New York City for Age Group 45 to 64 From 2020 to 2022 Related Specifically to the Launching of the 5G Network For Those Living in

New York City!

Excess Deaths for the Most Vulnerable Group 65 to 74 in New York City Compared to New York State Rural

Excess Deaths for the Most Vulnerable Group 75 to 84 in New York City Compared to New York State Rural

Excess Deaths for the Most Vulnerable Group 85+ in New York City Compared to New York State Rural

100 Precent Increase in Excess Deaths in Germany From March & April 2020 for Fit Line Birds Compared to All Human Age Groups Exposed to 5G Wireless Microwave Radiation Launched in March of 2020!

Animal Excess Deaths Compared to Human Excess Deaths on Four Continents in 2020

Excess Deaths in Norway for All Age Groups From 2000 to 2022 Caused by 5G Wireless Microwave Radiation

All Switzerland Excess Deaths for All Age Groups from 2020 to 2022

5G Wireless Microwave Radiation Exposure Conclusions

Excess Deaths Are Statistically Higher in US States and Counties with 5G Millimeter Micro Wave Wirless Telecommunications!

Havas_Covid and 5G (1)
Download PDF • 246KB

TsiangHavas_Covid related to 5G in US
Download PDF • 1.92MB

The Potential Dangers of Microwave Millimeter 4G 5G 6G & Beyond Radiation Pollution

Mordachev_Correlation Covid lethality with high RFR limit
Download PDF • 904KB

The Connection Between The Nano-technology of the CV-19 VAXXXination and 5G Millimeter Microwave Wireless Telecommunications!

The US Patent 11107588 B2

Please Read MORE about the functionality and pathology of the mRNA lipid graphene and ferric oxide and aluminum nanoparticles so-called vaxxxine by reading the US patent 11107588 B2, before reading the horrific sections in this patent that talk about the AI Alien Parasites.

The following is Section 28 taken from US patent 11107588 B2 talking about the COVID-19 VAXXXines and all COVID-19 preventative treatments can also contain a microorganism in a weakened or live state, a microorganism such as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) parasite (mRNA directed lipid hydrosol containing magnetic graphene ferric oxide and aluminum nanoparticles).

US Patent 11107588 B2 - For Graphenated VAXXXines!

US11107588 (2)
Download PDF • 6.05MB

An Alien Trypansoma Curzi Parasite Composed of Carbon with Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Hydrosol Containing Graphene and Ferric Oxide and Aluminum Viewed Under pHase Contrast Microscopy and Analyzed with Directed Energy X-ray Spectroscopy from a Live Unchanged Capillary Blood Sample of a 45 Year-Old Male VAXXXinated and Boosted!

Carbon, Iron, Copper Aluminum based I Call "The Thing" Found in the Blood of a 45 Year-Old Male CV VAXXXinated and Boosted! Copyright Hikari Omni Publishing and Dr. Robert O. Young, April 2023

Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) coupled with an x-ray microprobe of an Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) that reveals the particle size, composition distribution and chemical nature of the observed micro and nano particulates under observation.

The Mindset of Dr. Robert O. Young on Non-Disclosed Ingredients in the VAXXXines Activated by Wirelesss Microwave Radiation



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Pathological Blood Coagulation Book proof-2
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[1] Young RO (2016) Second Thoughts about Viruses, Vaccines, and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis - Part 1. Int J Vaccines Vaccin 2(3): 00032. DOI: 10.15406/ijvv.2016.02.00032

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[2] Young RO (2016) Second Thoughts Concerning Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis - Part 2. Int J Vaccines Vaccin 2(3): 00034. DOI: 10.15406/ijvv.2016.02.00034

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Despite systematically targeted by a quadrillion dollar medical science establishment for decades, he continues to resurrect and claim ever higher ground in his understanding of human health and planetary welfare.

In so doing he elevates the mind and heart of millions of souls who cherish him as a Godly man and a brilliant scholar.

The coupling of Dr Young with the remarkable T.M. Ballantyne Jr. ignites a most inspired and formidable vanguard in truth and disclosure”. Sacha Stone -

Canada Loves YOU Dr. Robert Young

"Thank-you Dr. Robert Young for being the Camelot of our Time in these days where the balance of the Earth is at stake against the fight of this Dark Regime.

"The Fall of the Olden Ones is finally at hand, and your message to the world brings a desperately needed repose to all the voices that have been silenced.

"Your voice resonates through our hearts as your sound words reassures us and heals our wounds of despair & distraught endure these

many years & life times for those who have walked this Earth since it’s beginning.

"Thank you for bringing in the love of humanity as a messenger of hope and deliverance for the many awakening from the grip of falsehood in this duality of reality we call life.

"Perception has many signs of deceit by the spoken word of what we call the English language.

"Perhaps the reversal of this language will finally be exposed and the Rosetta Stone of Truth will finally allow us to walk this elevation of New Earth in peace and harmony with all of humanity.

"We thank you Dr. Robert Young for being our Anchor in the worst of storms, for being our light in our darkest hour.

"Your support is your true crown of loyalty to Source and it is recognized with such admiration.

"We thank you for every word spoken which brings upon a smile on humanities heart & soul.

"You are a true soldier of our days!!!

"As we watch our loved ones decay in these precious times of hope, YOU have brought comfort in knowing that even if the battle is lost that what is coming will finally bring an end to this life we call war!" - George Boulet - Canada

Solutions to Pollutions

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