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The Plandemic is Real!

Wake Up Humanity! The Plandemic is Real!

Tyrants are suppressing and destroying the truth and the lives of millions of souls worldwide for money, power and control!

What happened to Dr. Robert O. Young for his discoveries of the cause and cure for cancer[1][2][3] and other degenerative diseases such as lupus and Type 1 diabetes[4] and the cause and cure of HIV and other infectious diseases, including Polio and Coronavirus,[5][6][7][8] is the same thing that happened to Dr. Judy Mikovits for her discoveries of what was causing HIV and the millions of lives injured and lost due to genetic and chemical poisoning.[9]

Watch and listen to Dr. Young's testimony before the International Tribunal of Natural Justice:

After you watch Dr. Young's testimony watch Dr. Judy MIkovits's testimony to the World as she names, names who are behind this silent and luciferian war on humanity and the injury and deaths of millions of souls!

Here is the link:

To learn more about thw work, findings and published research of Dr. Robert O. Young go to:

Please watch the following videos:


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Jihoon Kim
May 13, 2020

Dr. Mlkovits video not available. So what are the names behind this ? The luciferian elites?


Nigel Waddington
Nigel Waddington
May 07, 2020

Part1 of the Plandemic doco is available on Bitchute -


Samy Taylor
Samy Taylor
May 07, 2020

Dr. Judy MIkovits's is not available anymore.

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