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Things to Know About Victoria Beckham's Alkaline Live-it or Lifestyle!

What is The pH Miracle Alkaline Lifestyle?

For Healthy Weight Gain or Weight Loss There is a Sure Shot Way - The pH Miracle Lifesyle!

You need to know that your way through gaining or losing healthy body weight is a process NOT an event and takes commitment and dedication.

Therefore, whenever you plan to embark on The pH Miracle for Weight Gain or Weight loss journey, gather as much information as possible by reading The pH Miracle for Weight Loss by Dr. Robert O. Young.

What is The pH Miracle Lifestyle?


The pH Miracle Alkaline Live-It is based on the work and research of Dr. Robert O. Young that you alter the pH level or the acidity or alkalinity of the vascular, interstitial and intracellular fluids that can determine the health, vitality and life of every cell in the human body.

The hypothesis of Dr. Young's work is that the human body is alkaline by design although acidic by function. That there is only one health, one sickness, one disease and one treatment. The one health for the human or animal body is to maintain the alkaline design of the vascular fluids at a pH of 7.375, the intersititial fluids at 8.40 and the intracellular fluids at 7.40. You can achieve the ideal pH (Perfect Health) of the body fluids with what you eat, what you drink, what you breathe, what you think, what you feel and what you believe.

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Dr. Robert O. Youing's pH Miracle Lifestyle has helped millions people around the World to gain weight, losing weight to even reversing terminal cancer.

One of the most talked about celebrities when the discussion is around The pH Miracle Alkaline LIVE-IT is Victoria Beckham.

How Does Victoria Plan her Alkaline Live-it?​

70 percent of what Victoria eats is mildly to strongly alkaline and the remaining 30 per cent mildly to moderately acidic.

She follows this alkalizing live-it in order to maintain her weight and also to heal her body from chronic ailments like headache, bloating, muscle pain and insomnia.

So, if you are someone who has recently heard about The pH Miracle Alkaline Live-it and how Victoria Beckham swears by, just enrich your knowledge about this new way of living, eating and thinky with these followingamazing facts!



Due to their valuable ingredients, certain foodstuffs have an alkalizing, health-enhancing effect and are electron donators for cellular energy and vitality.

Learn the Foodstuff Which Should be on Top of Your Alkaline Menu.

Vegetables are the most important source of alkalizing, electron donating nutrients nature has to offer.

They provide alkaline-forming minerals, energizing proteins and a multitude of cell-protecting vitamins and secondary plant substances – with a really low calorie and sugar content. In addition, there are dietary fibers which we need to ensure regular cleansing and elimination. Greens such as leafy vegetables and salad should account for the major part of our diet as they reveal a wide range of nutrients and are good chlorophyll suppliers for building the hemaglobin of red blood cells.

Grasses unite all benefits of green vegetables in themselves even exceeding them. Edible types include types such as wheat grass, barley grass, oat grass, couch grass and field horsetail. Some of them are available in health food stores but they can also be taken in as food supplements.

Sprouts and germlings from the seeds of buckwheat, legumes and other plants are loaded with minerals, vitamins, proteins and are all electron donors for energy . In addition, they are more wholesome than raw or cooked peas, lentils and so on.

Homegrown sprouts and germlings can usually be harvested within a few days and guarantee absolute freshness all over the year.

Soy in the form of soybeans and soybean sprouts as well as tofu is an excellent source of proteins and contains a number of unique secondary plant substances protecting not only the cells but in reducing the acidic hormones such as estrogen.

Nuts, seeds and oils made of them provide valuable unsaturated fatty acids. If you soak almonds, sesame or linseeds, you can even increase their nutritional value as the water activates the enzymes contained therein.

Fish is valuable food as it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as in other vital nutrients and is advised as a transitional food for those who are starting out on their alkaline journey.

Like all animal products, it generates acids in the body though – this is why we should only enjoy it occasionally and in moderation. It is important that the fish is freshly caught. Advisable species are salmon, sea bass, red snapper. But you should avoid shellfish. Some of the shellfish species are really omnivorous and do not even spare feces of other fish.

Herbs and spices refine every dish and lend some extra health to it. Fresh green herbs provide us with an additional portion of chlorophyll. Garlic, onions and ginger in turn combat harmful micro organisms, and chilli, cayenne and cumin stimulate digestion.


A lot of widespread food takes an active part in making the body overly acidic and colonizing it with pathogenic micro organisms. In an alkaline diet we should avoid such food or eat it very sparingly.

Meat, milk and eggs as well as any products made of them contain protein which the body metabolizes are all acidic to the blood, interstitial fluids and body cells.

Moreover: Animal food is rich of saturated fats burdening the cardiovascular system and putting high demands on digestion. In addition, milk sugar or lactose, like any other type of sugar, encourages the growth of yeast.

Sugar is primarily responsible for the development of bacteria, yeast and mold as it is its preferred food. This is true both for white retail sugar and for brown sugar, fructose or the sugar contained in honey or syrup. If you abstain from eating sweet things can sustainably prevent fungal infections. Artificial sweeteners are no alternative either as the body also forms acids out of them.

White flour made of wheat grain is one of the strongest acids and – like sugar – allows the development of bacteria and yeast out of the fermenting body cells. It serves as a basic ingredient of a lot of bakery and pasta products – from bread via cake through noodles. It is true that types such as millet or spelt generate clearly fewer acids – cereals should not account for more than a maximum of 20 per cent of the daily live-it though.

Convenience products such as foil dishes, deep-frozen menus or canned soups are inconsistent with a healthy diet as even the few good ingredients lose their nutritional value in processing them. Mostly, they even contain sugar, hydrogenated fats or artificial additives which have and acid-forming effect. By the way, this also applies to condiments such as ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise as well as to pickled or marinated foodstuff.

Yeast refers to a certain group of quickly reproducing fungi which colonize our body and can make us sick and tired. This is why we should avoid yeast-containing products. Since yeast – in the form of brewer’s baker’s or nutritional yeast – is hidden in a multitude of foodstuff and beverages – from beer through bread to spice blends and broth – it is advisable to read ingredients lists carefully and look for alternatives, if required.

Fruit is not unhealthy but rich in sugar and therefore has an acidifying effect on the body fluids and can cause degeneration of the membranes of body cell. This is the reason why only small quantities of fruit with high sugar content such as pear, apple or banana should be consumed. Limes and grapefruit, instead, contain less fructose and have an alkalizing effect after consumption. Check out the chart below showing the fruit which are alkalzing to the blood and tissues and the fruit that is acidifying to the blood and tissues.

Luxury foodstuffs such as coffee, tea and spirits increase the development of acids. Coffee increases the production of gastric acid and fosters digestive problems. Beer, wine and a lot of spirits are produced with the help of yeast fungi which may damage the body in the same way as alcohol does.

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John Hanek
John Hanek
Oct 26, 2022

I just eat what God gives us in nature and don't worry about fancy do this don't do that diets. I've been doing that for longer than I can remember. 68 years old I don't get sick. Ever. I weight exactly the same as I did in high school. No chronic conditions, no aches or pains. Man's garbage, so-called "food" kills you slowly. Weston A. Price accidentally discovered that indigenous peoples around the world had no chronic conditions until they were introduced to refined flour and sugar.

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