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Tom Brady Won 7 Super Bowl Championships & 3 MVP's After 23 NFL Seasons!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

What Is Tom Brady's Secret to Health, Energy, Vitality, Youth, Fitness & Longevity?

Tom Brady, even at 43, was the healthiest athlete in his game and WAS a problem for ANY team in the NFL until he retired earlier this year after 23 Seasons!

Tom Brady made an emotional return to New England on Sunday as he declared himself a “Patriot for life.”

Brady retired from professional football earlier this year after spending three seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the three-time NFL MVP will always be remembered for his time in New England with the Patriots.

While playing for the Patriots, Brady was able to bring six Super Bowl titles to New England and turned the franchise into a footballing powerhouse.

“When Tom Brady announced his retirement after 23 NFL seasons, there was only one place I wanted him to be on opening day – right here at Gillette Stadium with 65,000 fans,” said Patriots owner Robert Kraft as he introduced Brady to the packed-out venue for a special half-time ceremony during the match against the Philadelphia Eagles to honor the quarterback.

“In the 103-year history of the NFL, nearly 27,000 players have appeared in games, and we know the greatest one ever to play in that time is right here in Tom Brady.”

The good NEWS for his fans in Boston is HE is NOT going away anytime soon because as an Alkalarian HE can be part of the game that HE loves for as long as HE chooses!

What is HIS Secret?

TOM BRADY - The Greatest Athlete in the World Shares HIS pH Alkaline Lifestyle and Diet in HIS NEW BOOK!

Tom Brady and his family have been living a pH miracle alkaline lifestyle and diet since 2016. They are very aware of the pH Miracle Lifestyle Diet and the teachings of Robert O. Young PhD through his health coach Alex Guerrero.

On the sidelines of the football field you would see Tom drinking his greens or drinking his alkaline water.

Green fruit and vegetables are fundamental in building healthy blood that in turn builds strong bones, muscles, organs and skin.

When you go green you will experience an increase in energy and vitality and a younger healthier body.

Stay young, stay energetic stay healthier and fit just like Tom Brady and his beautiful family - eat your green fruit like avocado and green vegetables like broccoli, spinach and wheat grass and especially drink alkaline water with 1 or 2 scopes of Innerlight SuperGreens, iJuice Super Fruits and/or iJuice Chlorophyll Greens. You can find these concentrated juice powders at:

And NOW Tom Brady reveals his health and fitness secrets in his book released September 17th, 2018.

To learn more about Tom Brady and his family's pH alkaline lifestyle and live-it protocol read his book, The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance by Tom Brady and The pH Miracle revised and updated by Robert O. Young PhD., DSc., Naturopathic Practitioner

You will find a wealth of health and fitness ideas that will help YOU stay young, feel young and look young!

Powered by Alkalizing Plants and Water

Listen to the following lecture of his trainer Alex Guerrero as he shares the work and research of Dr. Robert O. Young and the secret to the Fountain of YOUTH - the alkaline lifestyle and diet!

To learn more about the work, research and findings of Dr. Robert O. Young go to:

To learn more about the Solutions to the Pollutions Read

The pH Miracle revised and updated:

"For the life of ALL FLESH is the BLOOD" Hosea

"My People Perish Because of Ignorance"


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