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Understanding Colloids & Nano Colloidal Systems in Health & Nutrition

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Colloids and colloidal systems are essential to life!

They are extremely useful, even indispensable, in many commercial and industrial situations as well. They function in every body cell, in the blood, and in all body fluids, especially the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium, formerly known as “humors.” Therefore, increased understanding of colloids and their attendant phenomena, as well as the application of their operating principles, to enhance human health considerably important.

Colloidal science is relatively young, however, and the number of qualified experts are few compared to other areas of science. In addition, most study in colloids has been confined to industrial processes. Having found use in agriculture, the concrete industry, horticulture, the floral industry, mining, electroplating and cosmetics, to name a few, colloids may have specific application in almost every form of human endeavor.

What Is a Colloid or a Colloidal System?

The term colloid is usually applied either to a particle of matter falling within a specified size range, or to a colloidal system, which is a combination of particles and a containing medium, i.e., a dispersion. Therefore, colloid refers to particles only, and colloidal system to the dispersion.

A colloidal system may consist of one kind of colloid or a combination of solid, liquid or gas colloids dispersed in the medium which is generally water. Essentially, particle size distinguishes colloidal systems from other material systems, such as suspensions and solutions (suspensions have larger particles and solutions have smaller.)

How is the Nano Colloidal System Technology Different?

By using state-of-the-art technology, I created a nano colloidal system technology that creates a colloidal solution that is more stable than any colloidal elemental system. It starts with nanoparticles less than 0.1 microns in diameter ⁠— or one-billionth the thickness of a human hair.

Our nanoparticles are coated in the specific element being used, such as silver oxide that protects the silver particle, resulting in a smooth outer surface. The coated particle is then electrical impregnated into double-distilled water molecules to create the our nano colloidal system.

The resulting nano colloidal element structure (like silver, gold, titanium, lithium, etc.) is so light and has only smooth edges without jagged protrusions, there’s nothing to force its separation from the double-distilled water. If you look closely you can see the projected light reflect off the nano colloidal particles of silver, gold, copper and titanium in the second glass of water.

Because our pH Miracle and Innerlight nano colloidal products are heterogeneous and stable, it’s also easier to formulate combination of nano colloidal elements for customized natural whole body health and nutritional care solutions, such as DepHense, OsteoPlex 1, NAC, Glutathione, Lithium Orotate, Prime pH and puripHy, just to name a few. You can now add our nano colloidal health and nutritional products to every step of your daily health and nutritional care regimen.

Oral Solutions

The most direct parallel to traditional colloidal solutions, like colloidal silver, is to start taking our nano colloidal system products orally or rectally being the most effective ways to use any of our nano colloidal supplements. Our original DepHense is the perfect entry-level product for those who want to experience the healing benefits of silver, titanium, copper and gold in a nano colloidal system for themselves.

Now you can experience the effective benefits of all of our pH Miracle and InnerLight nano colloidal products today by going to:

To learn more about colloids and nano colloidal systems read the scientific peer-reviewed article below:

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Jim Girouard
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