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'We The People' Have Had Enough!

Reclaim Your Body, Your Life and Your Sovereign Rights!

Report, Analysis, Op-Ed (RAE) | Ramola D.| Young RO | September 20th, 2022

Long before the anti-Human and anti-Health “World Health Organization” (WHO) unleashed the perfidy of the yet-alive COVID-19 hoax on deliberately misled world populations, they’d made plans to tie down every single country in the world with mindless pledges regarding putative “pandemics,” locking in this stellar infamy with the Health Agreement of 2005.

Prior to that, WHO and Central Bankers' spent half a century sterilizing, paralyzing, and decimating Africans and Indians as well as people from every country on Earth, using that one-trick pony of VACCINES, now known by all educated (but not indoctrinated) and aware to be filled with POISONS, as covered here recently:

HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World/Oller, Shaw, Tomljenovic, Karanja, Open Access Library Journal, 2017, ResearchGate

Download PDF • 2.59MB

Big Harma's Attack on Millennial's From the CoVid Jab in the Fall of 2021 With Over 61,000 Deaths! Safe and Effective? Absolutley NOT Unless the Outcome is to Reduce the Human Population!

Bill Gates Stopped Trump From Investigating the Safety and Efficacy of Vaccines!

The IHR 2005 however was a very clever way to bind nations to pre-planned agenda and Pharma profits, ensuring more billions for billionaires while also rolling in that Long Plan of Permanent Human Enslavement to Novel Tech/Nano Tech/Wifi/Digital ID Pharma Fascism, step by deathly step.

Essentially the IHR ensured that countries’ governments—governed by their Central Banks, and as bound to fiat currency and debt notes as US INC. whose enslavement by the Federal Reserve Board in 1913 and FDR in 1933 is well-known–promised to abide by the edicts of the WHO.

Add in the strategic policing of a WHO-UN-WEF Global Pandemic Monitoring Board, and you have the makings of classic street theater.

COVID Mayhem was Unleashed on the World Based on the IHR 2005 & WHO GPMB Agreements with 196 Countries, as a “Live Drill”

The GPMB’s Annual Report of 2019 records the carnage:

Download PDF • 9.15MB

Not really a report but a demand-document, the GPMB demands that the UN, the WHO, and all 196 countries signing the IHA 2005 run live training and simulation exercises to run “Pandemic-Theory Mayhem” on the world, which then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed as a “live drill” in a now-famous press conference on the never-proved-to-exist “Virus.”

Yes, the CoVid - 19 Pandemic started out as a live drill:

The Putative SARS-COV-2 Virus Has Never Been Isolated: By All Definitions of That Term “Isolated”

And it’s true, no SARS-COV-2 virus has been isolated, despite virologists’ claims that mix-and-mess and synthetic-genome-sequencing means virus-found, and both Public Health institutions worldwide and numerous skeptical scientists record this fact:

Dr. Tom Cowan describes the vast scientific fraud of what is being termed “Virus Isolation” in a new interview at Ramola D Reports, published on May 8, 2022:

Report 284 with Dr. Tom Cowan is at Ramola D Reports channels at Rumble, Odysee, Brighteon, and Bitchute

What is in the COVID Vaccine (apart from the massive IN Toxification of Graphene et al, now proved by optical and electron microscopy as well as energy spectroscopy) is not a “virus” after all but synthetic material concocted from a computer-generated genomic sequence (of the kind Dr. Cowan describes in Report 284) for a supposed spike protein on the supposed SARS-COV-2 virus, as science researcher Frances Leader established early on, from her correspondence with MHRA UK, covered here:

Like many other true-media journalists, Ramola D has followed this subject of Supposed-Virus-Isolation very closely, and has now published several interviews, panels, and articles on this subject with highly esteemed physicians, scientists, science researchers, and naturopathic and holistic practitioners with a keen awareness of the entire medical, science, and pharmaceutical-industry landscape; articles can be found here at ECC and video interviews posted at all Ramola D Reports channels, please check the Ramola D Reports Broadcast Center for links.

Thanks to these educative fora, and the work published separately by many scientists, I have felt quite confident for decades that:


3. The entire science of supposed “Virology” —and therefore the entire projection by the WHO-UN-WEF-DARPA-White House crowd of Pandemics-Forever-Prevention-Forever-Testing-Forever—is based on Scientific Fraud and is an artificial False-Reality-Construct which does not explain Disease and in fact projects a false and unproven confabulation of Contagion.

(Like many, I too have concluded the entire COVID pandemic has been fraudulent–and if there indeed have been cases of deathly upper respiratory disease from 2019/2020, they can be attributed to the varied biowarfare conducted by EMF radiation (4G and 5G) and nano graphene in vaccines, water, saline, et al, as described here by many doctors, and as discussed by Dr. Robert Young in several podcasts, including this one.)

Anti-Health Agreements for Communist Lockdowns, Masking, Quarantine, Isolation, Forced Testing Have Been Unleashed by IHR 2005 and the WHO’s GPMB

That first-release of public awareness on UN-WHO-WEF complicity in binding nations to idiotic anti-Health agreements was covered by myself here in Newsbreak 81, in a video which went viral around the world a couple weeks after it was published, from India, where I was just preparing to fly back to the USA after 4 months of lockdown-enforced stay–I personally witnessed the great harms of lockdown to the poor people of India (impoverished across a few centuries by the same ravening British Empire which is currently nibbling at American heels) who rely on street stalls, farmers’ markets, migrant work in restaurants, farms, construction sites, and domestic labor in homes, schools, public buildings for their livelihood:

In reports from Bangalore and Chennai I covered the situation on the ground in India from mid-February to July 2020, these reports can be found now at my Odysee channel as numbered Rad Reports and Newsbreaks 64 and 77.

So the entire unleashing of COVID-19 in late 2019, early 2020, although being connected now to bioweapons labs and gain of function research et al, and being exposed as radiation/wifi sickness or graphene poisoning from previous vaccines by others, was written into the requirements of the GPMB’s Sep 2019 annual report A World at Risk as one of two needed live drills.

Planned Pandemic Mayhem, Disguised as “Public Health Precautions”

The entire IHR 2005 in fact comprises pages and pages of slavish submittal to an unproved dogma of Viruses-Causing-Major-Pandemic-Disease, with much gory detail on how best to restrain and restrict populations from travelling freely, breathing freely, working freely, and living freely.


Excerpt, Screenshot from the IHR 2005, Third Edition, just a tiny glimpse into the profound abrogation of all God-given rights and freedoms intended for all living people seeking to travel across nation-state borders by this document.

The unleashing of COVID-19 to disappear 2020 off the map of normalcy, we also know, was preceded by the hubris of "Event 201" run by all the aficionados of Global Terror masquerading grotesquely as Global Health, including several highly educated physicians from such seemingly erudite institutions as the Johns Hopkins Institute of Public Health.

EVENT 201: A Global Pandemic Exercise, October 18, 2019:

Earlier there was Tabletop Clade X and Operation Lockstep, wargaming and world lockdown scenarios aimed at using Pandemic-Theory–never-proven, as Virus-Theory and Germ-Theory also have never been proven–as the Magic Key to convert a world believing in Democracy, We the People, Freedom and Happiness for all, Health Freedom through multiple modalities including traditional medicine, herbal medicine, exercise, yoga, meditation step by step into a propagandized world reliant on Pandemic-Experts, Virus-Experts, WHO and CDC figureheads, Pfizer and Moderna bobbleheads, Bill Gates and Bezos making billions while "We the People" lost their modest businesses, and a non-Vaccine filled with Poisons rose like an Evil Phoenix designed to destroy the natural human genome and induce sterility.

CLADE X, May 15, 2018

Screenshot, Clade X, a Pandemic Exercise, a Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Production, replete with world-class players from NWO Hollywood: Check out their beaming faces

OPERATION LOCKSTEP, 1 OF 4 NARRATIVES IN THE Rockefeller Foundation Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, Published May 2010

Screenshot, the Scenarios report published by the Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network, PDF Here

Pfizer’s complicity in unleashing a Toxic Brew on the world despite 1223 deaths in clinical trials is now being widely publicized but points to the inescapable fact that Pfizer–funded by DARPA, as Moderna too was–knew the COVID shot was a 'Death Shot', carefully modulated in dosage, across states, across demographics, as researchers such as Craig Paardekoop and Albert Benavides have now proved for us.

Newsbreak 146 is at all Ramola D Reports channels

We mustn’t forget that earlier, as many physicians and health professionals have detailed, we have been treated to a slew of other “pandemics” and “epidemics”, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, et al, covered comprehensively by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny here:

Depopulation by Vaccines and Enslavement of Humans Predicted and Whistle blown and Accidentally Revealed by Many Scientists, Global Economists, Politicians


Earlier there was Pierre Gilbert exposing a century-long plan to literally colonize the human body through the mediation of Vaccines.

“In the biological destruction, there are the organized tempests on the magnetic fields. What will follow is a contamination of the bloodstreams of mankind, creating intentional infections. This will be enforced via laws that will make vaccination mandatory. And these vaccines will make it possible to control people. The vaccines will have liquid crystals that will become hosted in the brain cells, which will become micro-receivers of electromagnetic fields where waves of very low frequencies will be sent. And through these low-frequency waves, people will be unable to think, you’ll be turned into a zombie. Don’t think of this as a hypothesis. This has been done. Think of Rwanda“–Dr. Pierre Gilbert, Video of this speech here:

Download PDF • 509KB

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Dr. Robert O. Young in February, 2020 found graphene in the vaccines with its links to pulsed wifi, ie 4G or 5G, would seem to relate directly to that plan:

Dr. Robert Young also discovered this manifesting of self-assembly (in COVID vaccines and vaccinated blood) of graphene nano particles into circuits and antennas on pulsed radio frequencies in a recent Newsbreak:


Jacques Attali, a WEF globalist, authored (among 60 books) “A Brief History of the Future” in 2009 which offers a rather dystopian vision of a technological- and capitalist-centric future where competition rules.

Typical of the Davos/Bilderberger set committed to transhumanism and prosthetics-as-inevitable for human health in the future, certain incendiary quotes on euthanizing the elderly and using viruses and vaccines to depopulate have been attributed to him, as spoken in a 1981 Michael Salomon interview, but examining this text does not yield those precise words. Nevertheless, this technofuturist expresses bleak views of the future and a globalist-centric top-down view of all people in all countries, not a humanist vision, not a spiritual vision.

Jacques Attali: WEF’s Evil Architect/A commentary by Wretched Watchman


US Incorporated, President John F. Kennedy is widely quoted online as having exposed a century-long plan to most fully enslave every American and indeed every human on the planet, both financial and physical slavery at Columbia University, a week before his assassination; his 1961 speech to the American Publishers’ Association does address an awareness of secret societies and speaks against secrecy.

JFK Speech to press, 1961, where secret societies are mentioned here:

Transcript of this speech here:


Proto-globalist from another time, the Colonel wasn’t a Colonel but a politician and diplomat who advised US Inc. President Woodrow Wilson and influenced many others, helping Wilson draft the Treaty of Versailles, Covenant of the League of Nations, and set up the Council of Foreign Relations, although it seems he fell out with Wilson later; perhaps his Intimate Papers will reveal more of his true affiliations. The quote below regarding biological takeover of Americans by the Bankers is widely attributed to him.

WHO-UN-WEF-World-Bank heist at Syringe-Point on a carefully-kept-powerless world?

Many other markers of course across the past century point to the current unfolding situation of an increasing bid for totalitarianism.

Apposite to all is the fact that various ancient predators and modern maniacs and monarchs keen on Empire and serfdom are running this entire WHO-UN-WEF-World Bank heist at Syringe-Point on a carefully-kept-powerless world by their paid goons in Big Tech, Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Slavery running Censorship and Fact-Burials (especially regarding the Vaccine Deaths and Damages) all over the Internet and physical world.

Global Health, Public Health, Global BioSecurity, “Individual BioSecurity,” and now Pandemic-Preparedness-and-Response have become catchwords for Control from On High while in actuality Pandemic-Theory is still and yet only a theory, Virus-Theory and Germ-Theory have never been proved although well-paid virologists have tried hard to convince us that mix-and-mess and synthetic-genome-sequencing mean Virus-found–and one has to wonder whether and if all virologists are secretly in the thrall or pay of the misbegotten Pharaohs playing Human-Capture on all of us.

Report 283, part of the Series on Terrain, at Odysee

So, while many are looking at this dismal scenario worldwide and sounding an alarm that “WHO is taking over the world,” it appears that WHO-UN-WEF-World Bank and friends have Already taken over the world–i.e., all 194 countries of the world which signed that IHR 2005, and bound themselves to the billionaires backing the WHO crowd.

Compliance with Kickbacks from Bought-Out Government Heads

In actuality, the governments of the world have all proved to be treasonous Complaints, kowtowing to the demands of a private Harma- and Billionaire-propped-up Corporation (I mean the WHO), and helping build the profits of this corp. and its affiliated network of corporations, some playing Biotech Research like Pfizer and AstraZeneca and some playing Govt Regulator like the US FDA and CDC and the MHRA in the UK.

Ursula von der Leyena - Alber Bourla -Stephane Bancel Making Deals in Secret

Side-deals, kickbacks, promotions, mergers, bonuses and bribes have looped in Presidents and Madmen, Prime Ministers and Queens: witness Ursula von der Leyen’s betrayal of Europe, and the whistleblowing of Lukashenko, the President of Belarus revealing large-scale bribes for an entire country’s lockdown!

Those who demurred were assassinated: President Magafuli of Tanzania comes to mind.

There is great news from Tanzania though, now, after a compliant-to-WHO government head was placed in power yet the people in Tanzania dropped compliance to WHO demands (Looks like Tanzania is a Key Destination for all lovers of freedom worldwide!):

Zanzibar Beach, Tanzania

World Governments Have Been Inclining Toward World Government For Quite a While Now

We need to take that on board: all our nations’ governments have committed themselves to world serfdom, they have already given away your rights and mine.

James Roguski has been sounding the alarm on what the Billionaires-and-Buddies are planning, and especially calling attention to the amendments to the IHR 2005 made by local traitors in US INCorporated., which may be coming up for vote in an Assembly shortly, in mid-May.

His latest calls for action: Send This Email to Congress/NOW!

Our national sovereignty is at stake and the ability of nation-states to define their own health freedoms and rights for their people is at risk, with these new amendments, which offer a kind of steamrolling of rights and point to rapid takeover on “Public Health” imperatives by the large behemoth of the WHO-UN-WEF crowd, who get to cry Wolf! (sorry, Virus!) (or maybe Virus Virus Virus!!!) and announce World-Lockdown-Pandemics just about whenever they please.

(National sovereignty actually does not really exist in the global debt-based economy however, please see the sections on Sovereignty below, especially see the 1930 Geneva Agreement and the Clearfield Doctrine: As private corporations using debt-notes (FRNs/US Dollar), governments have lost their sovereignty status. We have been subject to a layered worldwide deception, since 1913 in particular.)

The WHO has published a (specious) agenda marking time periods for rumination, assembly, drafting, finalizing, and sealing the deal. This arcs across 2022 to 2024, when, it is anticipated, the set-up “World Pandemic Treaty” will be rolled out like a spiky bandanna, throttling everyone alive.

Crying “Wolf!” to be a privilege then the chosen World Governors will reserve exclusively for themselves, by which the lives and freedom of all on the planet are to be forever subject.

World Government, many suggest, will happen then and only then. But in actuality the IHR 2005 has already rolled in World Enslavement, and numerous other world-government initiatives: Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Smart Cities, Sanctuary Cities, Resilient Cities have also brought the UN and the WEF into our cities and counties worldwide, to our doorsteps really.

Behind all of this UN/WEF action also are numerous agreements and treaties stretching across the last century initiated and set in place by motley groups of the most mendacious banker-species known to have manifested among us–and who have been working toward ending-humanity’s-freedoms for eons apparently.

Geneva Agreement of 1930, by Treaty–Created a US Bankruptcy and thence a nation-state bankruptcy for all countries’ governments, via central banks and the Federal Reserve!

Excerpt, Who is Running America, Barefoot’s world: PDF Here

Download PDF • 622KB

Bretton-Woods Agreement, 1944–Replaced the gold standard with the US dollar as global currency, created the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, gave US sole rights to print the US dollar!

Download PDF • 622KB

Mary Elizabeth: Croft’s book reveals many aspects of the entrenched and everlasting fraud which has been committed on all peoples worldwide by a very nefarious syndicate of bankers who have generationally maintained slavery-relations with the people across Time and taken over all or mostly all national governments:

What we are seeing happen now is merely a further unrolling of that Seal-the-deal Plan, a wicked and surreptitious means to tie down every single living being on the planet through national governments acceding to repressive IHR amendments and sweeping WHO treaties!

Blue Gloves and Poisons-in-Vaccines Forever for Non Existent Viruses and Rumors of Pandemics is the (Bankers’) Plan -

The Answer is Sovereignty and Free-Will for All!

And here’s where it seems each and every one of us on Earth needs to make a decision.

Do we keep going and let all these central-banker-owned-governments keep muzzling our rights and freedoms while consenting to their Mega Lies on Viruses-Forever and Pandemics-Forever, or wake up and say No with some power that sticks?

From Gods' mouth to YOUR ears for all of us, at base of the Mega Fraud committed on one and all by the Federal Reserve crowd — and apparently maintained by every government corporation to the present day — is also the key to freedom.


Movements have sprung around the world to return power to the people, to reify the individual human being as sovereign, to return to “land and soil jurisdiction” from the “sea jurisdiction” of Maritime/Admiralty Law–aka Contract Law, now run by the Uniform Commercial Code, to reveal the Birth Certificate and Legal Person/Legal Fiction/Strawman/All Caps Name Fraud, to help people reclaim themselves as alive, living beings, not in “joinder” with the NAME, a government-created entity & corporation.

(Please see the Truth About US Govt posts and the links and info at the Restoring America tab for more information on these subjects here; there is a tremendous amount of information elsewhere online too.)

Is this the time then for everyone to learn what this is all about, and make a conscious choice, each for themselves? I rather think it is.

This is the only way to refute the treasonous actions of governments that I can see. (Because it is entirely possible all those 196 countries will simply go ahead, go through the motions–of drafting, back-and-forthing, editing, reviewing, finalizing, gaslighting us all–and Seal-the-Deal with that Blue-Glove-Plan of theirs, the Pandemic Treaty, despite oodles of Public Comment, Public Petitions, Public Emails, begging, pleading, rallying, protesting, flag-waving, sign-holding et al: This is how they’ve been running things for a good long while now.)

But here’s what’s on our side:


Consensus facit legem. Consent makes the law. A contract is a law between the parties, which can acquire force only by consent. (Living in the Private/PDF Here)

Download PDF • 1.44MB

It is only Consent, your Consent, which permits any Law to be “Enforced.”

No statutes of a corporation — and all governments are corporations — can hold except by your consent to them.

Need proof? Check out the Clearfield Doctrine.


The Clearfield Doctrine is a series of conclusions derived from a 1942 Supreme Court ruling on a US case Clearfield Trust Co. Vs. U.S. and a couple other cases, which essentially establish:

1) That governments using debt-notes or fiat currency (the Federal Reserve Note aka the US Dollar) have forfeited their sovereignty and no longer have sovereign status as governments but are operating purely as private corporations engaging in commerce which makes them “entities” not governments — this means ALL governments run by central banks today–including those 196 countries which signed the IHR 2005,


2) That since they are entities engaging in private-corporation commerce with private/corporate rules and statutes, they cannot compel performance on any one of their 60 million statutes (the case in the USA, cited in Mary: Croft’s book, link above) from Anyone unless they have a wet-ink-contract between that Someone and themselves–which means: they can’t enforce a damn thing on anyone, such as You, without your consent and your joinder via that pesky Name of yours they think they own. (Because they’ve run a Birth Certificate fraud on you, worldwide, grabbing your family-given Name, capitalizing it, corporatizing it, securitizing it, bonding it, enslaving it–and hoping you won’t notice.)

Also read: Baron David: Ward’s affidavit, proving no government can enforce a statute on you unless you consent.


Remember, “governments” are nebulous, non-existent things which exist only on paper (documents listing laws which are only private corporate statutes) and in contrived performances by clowns and paid actors (in Congress, Parliament) held up by lying media (owned by oligarchs and billionaires running government corporations) and “Law Enforcement” (under-educated policy officers working for a private corporation, not the people, and desperate to enforce statutes no-one is obliged to keep except government-corporation-employees).

Affidavit of Truth and Statement of Fact by Baron David of the House of Ward, 2015, a fascinating read which enumerates the presumptions of law and public office and refutes them, PDF Here

Download PDF • 1.26MB


In America, people waking up to the Birth Certificate Fraud and subsequent enslavement to the private corporate entity of US Inc. have the option now of reclaiming their birthright American status as a free and sovereign people by returning to the land and soil jurisdiction and helping build back America by joining their state assemblies and declaring their status as living men and women and American State Nationals, now that all 50 states have set these up and are helping guide people back to the founding principles of American freedom from colonial enslavement: true community, true justice, and true sovereignty, a venture accomplished by Anna von Reitz and James Belcher.

More on this subject can be found at the Restoring America tab here, and especially from this post:

Also see:

Standing up for yourself and denying jurisdiction over your body and brain seems to be the right thing to do when large private corporations are attempting to steamroll us all into abject slavery, blitzing some with technological dazzle. We have Radar! We have Biometrics! We have Infra-Red Cameras! We have NanobioSensors! We have BioHacking Weapons! We have NeuroHacking Weapons!

We are Hackable Animals! while defrauding all–for decades!–on the silent, unspoken, undiscussed Birth Certificate and NAME Fraud!

21 Demands for True FREEdom and Statement of Current Governmental Offenses

The Dominion granted by our Creator in the Breath of Life values freedom above all other virtues. Despite this fact, history has shown a near constant struggle between supposed powers of government and the Rights of the People. During these conflicts, Mankind has too often been willing to suffer the hardships of tyranny instead of claiming their rightful position. The same choices are upon us now.

Like our Revolutionary ancestors; we must not be timid. Each one of us has something inside which demands respect.

We are created to be free, to live our lives, and make choices to shape our righteous destiny without interference—we want the same for our children.

The American Dream is an individual idea limited only by the depth of our imagination.

The enforcement of government rules which restricts our potential are dangerous burdens to ignore. It often has been said; “Government, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master…”

At its finest government is a necessary nuisance and at its worst a horrific and destructive parasite.

Government builds nothing and creates no profit…it is a corpse which only gains life by taking it from the People.

Our Founders gave government limited authority to serve our needs. We have allowed it to grow past those limits. Every time unjust taxes are imposed; our countenance falls. Every time we are forced to pay a fee or ask permission to use our own property, we feel like little children. Every time we get a sinking feeling in our stomachs from blue lights in our rear-view mirror, we know something is wrong.

Where the people fear the government you have tyranny.

Where the government fears the people you have liberty. -- variations attributed to Thomas Jefferson; verified to John Barnhill

While redeeming our land from British occupation the Founders relied on absolute truths to justify their cause. A certain moral ethic based upon experience and Spiritual awakening was the driving force of the War for Independence.

By loving Liberty more than their lives they forever sealed the Declaration of Independence with their blood. They left an inheritance of political and spiritual freedom which made the United States the envy of the whole world. Perhaps the most remarkable ethic passed from our Revolutionary ancestors is Rights do not originate from government. In fact, one can say it is THE American ideal: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed… This sentence flamed a Revolution. Rights were so sacred the States would not approve the Constitution until it was agreed a Bill of Rights would be attached...until government was severely restricted.

As a fulfillment of the Declaration’s mandate, it was settled that no “law or statute” in any State can ever override the Bill of Rights. It was the SUPREME law of the new Nation as it is today (Article 6 Section 2 & Marbury v Madison).

Any action, by any public servant or legislative body, which contradicts the Bill of Rights is null, void, unlawful and accurately called tyranny. Without liberty, law loses its nature and its name, and becomes oppression. -James Wilson

In Patrick Henry’s famous speech of 1775, he gave a certain pattern to follow; “I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past.”

How can any Patriot chronicle the past 100 years and believe the United States is moving toward greater Freedom, Virtue or Liberty?

If our government was formed…”to secure these rights…”then isn’t it obvious it has betrayed its only moral purpose?

The “self-evident truths” proclaimed by our Founders are being ignored, and so is the Bill of Rights. If violations continue, these Offenses will bring into question the legitimacy of National, State and local governments. There are only two things worth fighting for. Defense of our homes and the Bill of Rights. -Smedley Butler Statement of Offense

The following list details points of conflict between FREEdom, our Law, the Endowment of Mankind and defacto practices of local, State and Federal government.

1. They have never provided a verified, audited accounting of the Federal Reserve.

2. They have declared financial information a National Security Issue, refusing to give basic information (FASAB 56)

3. They are endangering Americans by failing to secure our borders.

4. They have stopped Churches and fellow Americans from feeding homeless.

5. Courts have illegally reinstituted debtor’s prison; incarcerating People for owing money to corporations.

6. They have forced Americans to pay for immoral procedures, like abortion, against their personal beliefs.

7. They unlawfully surveil almost every aspect of our lives against the Fourth Amendment.

8. They have dragged our best and brightest into near endless wars on marginal evidence without Congressional approval.

9. They have forced the People into admiralty traffic courts without the protections of the Bill of Rights.

10. They have forced risky medical procedures on children. They have harassed parents who don’t comply; refusing to let their children into schools’ parents pay for.

11. They have restricted medical choices for Americans and destroyed alternative options which compete with corporate medical conglomerates.

12. They routinely detain vehicles and seize property by threats and coercion. Calling it civil asset forfeiture, they take without due process.

13. They take children from their families without due process.

14. They force sexually immoral teachings on schoolchildren without parent’s knowledge or approval.

15. They make possible abortions for minors as young as twelve without parent’s knowledge or approval.

16. They use the IRS to target individuals for political reasons.

17. They have pledged parts of our sovereignty to foreign bodies like the United Nations.

18. They have failed to stop censorship on electronic platforms; ignoring First Amendment protections, allowing corporations to unlawfully impact politics and society.

19. They introduce and execute “Red-Flag” and gun confiscation in gross violation of the 2nd Amendment.

20. They have favored corporate interests making it difficult for the People to start and run businesses.

21. They have attacked Private Property in the name of environmentalism and foreign agendas like Agenda 21 & 2030.

It is impossible to reconcile these dealings with a government of the People, by the People and for the People.

To correct our destiny, we are forced to look in the mirror.

Is this the behavior of a friend or a predator?

How long can we soothe ourselves with the siren of political indifference while forced to bear these indignities?

Success, Happiness, innovation, worship and love cannot flourish in this environment. Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel.

Unfortunately, nothing will preserve freedom but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.– Patrick Henry

The justifications we have heard from public servants are dangerous and hollow. The excuses sound eerily like past dictatorships.

Can we be expected to hand over authority to a central power and believe a collectivist utopia will appear?

Our ancestors knew better, and hoped more for us, as we hope for our children. Our Founders proved that our only safety is in FREEDOM. We do not believe in a socialist or globalist future—we believe in our Revolutionary past.

Liberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us, at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood. – John Adams

The real questions we are asking—Are we Endowed by our Creator or aren’t we; is the Bill of Rights the Supreme Law or isn’t it? If it is the Law, then we demand public servants obey it. If they do not feel restrained by the Bill of Rights, then when exactly did we disavow our inheritance or abandon our Constitutional protections?

We demand a valid answer. We do not come as dogs begging for scraps from the table of our masters, else our ancestors died in vain. Are we to be like Esau, and trade our Birthright for a mess of pottage? If government’s only just cause is to protect the individual Endowment of Mankind, then isn’t that what we should expect?

While these offenses go unaddressed; the continent our Fathers conquered hangs heavy with the stench of tyranny’s putrid breath. Let it be known, no longer will the People sit idly by and allow the destruction of our glorious Republic.

So, help US God!

I invite all fellow Americans and all fellow humans around the World to acknowledge this document and to let the World know that the American Spirit is still alive in ALL of US!

Thanking you in advanced,

Commissioner for the International Journal of Natural Justice

The Reward for Discovering the Cure for Cancer

Dr. Robert O. Young, Commissioner International Tribunal of Natural Justice

The International Tribunal of Natural Justice

This statement by Dr. Robert O. Young provides a brief history of how and why the State Department put him out of business and into jail, and addresses the responsiveness to his natural treatments for health, including successful treatments to cure cancer. Please comment on the petition above and share with everyone that you love and care about!

You can support Dr. Young's work with your prayers and generosity at:

For those who do not know what changes are being made to the 2005 International Health Regulation during the meeting starting May 22, 2022, that will tighten the noose around our necks, below is the web address for a PDF copy.

Pay close attention to page Article 59 page 12 where they are changing the rejection time frame from 18 months to 6 months on any amendments to the regulations. They are in a real hurry to put anyone in jail or contract elimination for disobedience to their unholy and unlawful regulations.

Download PDF • 576KB


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David Howard
David Howard
24 sept 2022

Steven Mosher: Dr. Tom Cowan = trustworthy.

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