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What Is A Virus?

In Latin, the word “virus” means poison or toxin and the word “inflammation” means “I ignite or set alight.”

Like gasoline, when metabolic and/or dietary acids are collected and retained in the interstitial fluids or what is called the Interstitium organ or the the ‘third kidney’. If the acidic cellular and dietary waste is not removed from the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium via the lymphatic system and then out through urination, defecation and perspiration, this waste can remain in the Interstitium fluids or be pushed out and collected in the connective tissues or the ‘acid catchers’ of the blood and interstitial fluids. When this happens the organs, tissues and glands will ‘light-up or ignite” with inflammation or pain.

Simply put viruses are metabolic, dietary, respiratory and environmental acids that are the only cause for any sickness and disease in the body.

The first micrograph below, using pHase contrast microscopy shows a green crystal of solidified acid called lactic acid which causes inflammation and soreness. These acid crystals are always found in the blood in elevated amounts of patients with diagnosed heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Elevated amounts of lactic acid were also quantified using non-invasive blood and interstitial fluid tests.

The second micrograph shows a yellow and orange crystal indicating sulphuric and uric acid crystals in the blood and found in excess amounts in patients who ingest animal flesh on a daily basis and have symptoms of digestive issues, bowel congestion, diabetes and gout.

What is a Viral Poison

A virus or poison in not just a chemical poison but can also be a vibration or electromagnetic frequency (like 5G 60 to 300GHz pulsating V or Viral frequency) that disturbs and damages the cell membrane causing the cell to biologically transform from a healthy state to an unhealthy state such as with the "Corona Effect" or the spikes or knobs that appear when the cell is breaking down. These electromagnetic poisoning frequencies are called radio waves, microwaves, X-rays and gamma waves. (refer to the electromagnetic frequency field below)


When you add the viral poisonous chemicals (glyphosate, carbon monoxide, lactic acid, etc.) from vaccines that contain aluminum oxide, mercury, alcohol, and mercury injected directly into the blood these poisonous chemicals are pushed out of the blood into the interstitial fluids and then into the connective tissues and act like antennae that attracts radiation poisons (like viral WiFi, Cell phones, hair dryers, computers, refrigerators, smart meters, satellite beams, cell towers, 1G to 5G, electric cars, etc.) directly to YOUR body.

The equation is as follows:

vaccines + radiation = sickness and then death. Add acidic meat, eggs, vinegar, mushrooms, corn, peanuts, dairy, coffee, tea, alcohol with emotional stress and it is any wonder that any of us are still alive.

New Equation for Stupidity, Sickness, Disease and Death

Ignorance + Diet + Vaccines + Radiation <=> Stupidity + Sickness + Disease + Death

This is why so many are dying around the world from the "Corona Effect", Radiation Poisoning, Food Poisoning, Vaccine Poisoning and the symptoms that are called diseases such as, CON-vid-19 or infectious diseases or in truth infectious lifestyles, heart dis-ease, cancer dis-ease, dementia dis-ease, diabetes dis-ease, medical treatment dis-ease, vaccination dis-ease and death dis-ease.

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