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What is the Universal Cause of Edema, Swelling and/or Inflammation (Stage 4 Acidosis)

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Edema, swelling and/or inflammation is the abnormal accumulation of acidic wastes in the interstitial fluid of the Interstitium organ manifesting as edema or swelling and/or inflammation.

The amount of metabolic, respiratory and/or dietary acids deposited into the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium is determined through non-invasive chemistry testing. The test is called the Non-invasive Living Interstitium Fluid Environmental test or the L.I.F.E. test. The L.I.F.E. test measures the complete chemistry of the Interstitium fluid compartments, the largest organ of the human body, including the pH, to determine compensated and decompensated acidosis. The L.I.F.E test uses electrodes that sends a current through the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium that passes through every organ, gland and tissue of the human or animal body. The L.I.F.E. test will also determine the balance of interstitial fluid homeostasis, which controls the proportion of plasma and interstitial fluids in the extracellular matrix to a range of (20% - 25% for blood plasma) and (80% - 75% for interstitial fluids) respectively.

The increased secretion of metabolic, respiratory and/or dietary acids from the blood plasma and/or intracellular fluids of the body cells into the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium, or the impaired removal of acids from the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium compartments, can cause the condition of edema or swelling and inflammation. The acidic edema, swelling and/or inflammatory symptomologies varies according to the location where the excess acidity is being accumulated or stored in the compartments of the Interstitium.

The pictorials below show a case of leg swelling caused by the increased metabolic, respiratory and/or dietary acidic waste which is being held in the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium of the ankle, until it can be removed through the lymphatic vessels or capillaries of the lymphatic system out through the channels of elimination, i.e. perspiration, urination, respiration or defecation.

The reversal of any excess metabolic, respiratory and/or dietary acids being held in the compartments of the Interstitium, within the interstitial fluids can be resolved through an alkaline lifestyle, including diet, as outlined in Chapters 5 and 11 of the pH Miracle revised and updated book.

To learn more about the multi-dimensional context or internal environment of the blood plasma, interstitial fluids, the intracellular fluids and the universal origin for all sickness or disease and how to maintain, restore or achieve extraordinary health and fitness read, The pH Miracle revised and updated, Reclaim Your Inner Terrain - or

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Franklin E. Tompkins Sr.
Franklin E. Tompkins Sr.
Jan 01, 2021

Please list the 7 stages of acidosis.

Debbie Yeates
Debbie Yeates
May 07, 2022
Replying to

Here are the 7 stages of acidosis (body holding on to toxins, non-alkaline environment)

1) lethargy – tired all the time, no energy.

2) irritation – body hurts, allergies.

3) mucus buildup – sinus, lungs, etc.

4) inflammation – any type of inflammation in the body is an acid buildup.

5) solidification of acid – plaque in the arteries, calcification of joints (gout, arthritis).

6) ulceration – ulcers, tumors, cysts

7) degeneration – MS, dementia, cancer, diabetes……. etc.

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