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What would Dr. Wayne Dyer do? “I Need to Know Who the Men in the Shadows Are”

I have wondered what Dr. Wayne Dyer would do!

Dr. Wayne Dyer spoke of the absurdity of war in The Essence of Being in Balance. He spoke about World War II when humans were killing humans, yet during Christmas they ‘took a break’ from the killing. They took time off from murder, broke bread together to spend time with friends and loved ones. But, once the holiday was over with, the killing resumed!

What’s worse; if you kill someone on purpose with intent, or if you kill someone from a place of ignorance and fear? Hmm.

Well, the latter is happening right before our eyes, and you don’t even know it! Adolf Hitler (Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich, as well) looks like an amateur compared to the mass genocide taking place right in front of our eyes today.

Welcome to the holocaust of the 21st century!

Adolf Hitler (Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich) somehow convinced fellow Germans that Jewish people were an inferior race and should be extinguished form the earth. And they attempted just that. Mass graves, firing squads, gas chambers, and concentration camps. Huge Nazi rallies and symbolic acts such as the public burning of books by Jews, Communists, liberals and foreigners helped drive home the desired message. Similar to the deleting, or censoring, on social media and Wikipedia re-writing history as they choose.

Now that the holocaust has passed, and has been studied in schools across the world, I am not so sure sure we learned much from the evil deeds of Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich, and the Nazis. Not to worry, if you live long enough you just might learn from the present-day holocaust. Most human beings on this planet, most likely you, have no idea what’s going on although it is happening right before your eyes.


Are you afraid of being wrong?

Does anyone know what the truth is any longer?

Do you become enraged when someone challenges the narrative of the virus, of masks, of vaccines?

Do you scream and respond in anger?


Perspective is a powerful thing, for both good and evil. Stop arguing for your limitations. I’m willing to bet that you really have no idea what COVID-19 is. You have no idea how many people died because of the COVID-19 virus. All we know is that people died, but the causes of death are in question. The information has been manipulated and bastardized and no one truly knows who died of what. I am sure we can agree on that. Although, the number of people who died in the past year is known and those numbers are not much less, or greater, than they were in prior years. (For more information click here )

For those who speak up and question this insanity, which is often backed by proof, evidence and facts, you still disregard it.


The Dark Side of Louis Pasteur

While you are trying to prove me wrong and gathering your statistics and facts, why don’t you gather all of the data confirming all of deaths from influenza in the past year? Please let me know what happened to the flu, I would really like to know. Watch the following (Video)

The following is the entire interview of Dr. Robert O Young with Dr. Judy Mikovits and Sacha Stone. Just click on the arrow below!

I am past providing the facts. I mean, what’s the point if you ignore them anyway?

Clearly you have already made up your mind or allowed someone else do it for you. We are well past facts and figures, all of which have been manipulated or deleted anyway. No one knows fact from fiction any longer.

How does someone divide and conquer?

Mass confusion divides the people who then become distracted fighting for their causes and all the while, unbeknownst to them, they are slowly being conquered.

I wonder what Dr. Wayne Dyer would do. In The Essence of Being in Balance Dr. Wayne Dyer spoke of the millions of Americans on anxiety, anti-depressant, and other pharmaceutical drugs. He challenged the need for these drugs in the first place. When you allow all the headlines and ads on television validate your apparent anxiety, or your depression, then you believe for a fact that you need an anti-anxiety drug, or anti-depressant. Side note: There is a place for these drugs when they do in fact help those who truly have extreme anxiety or depression. But, all he was really talking about was perspective. Read his book, Gifts From Eykis.

Here are a few questions for you to ponder:

  1. What is the Coronavirus? Have you seen it? Has anyone been able to isolate and replicate it? (Koch’s postulate)

  2. When you are tested for the virus, do you know what they are testing for? Do you really know exactly what they are looking for? “Well, uh, they’re testing for COVID.” If that is your reply, you need to do better. Seriously, what are they looking at under the microscope or in the test results? Do you really know? Hey, I don’t even know. Yet, you will take their word for it when they tell you you have COVID. Hmm. So, what exactly is COVID anyway? Do you really know?

  3. When you test positive for the virus, what did you test positive for? “Well, uh, I tested positive for COVID.” Once again, if that is your reply, you need to do better. Did you even think to ask what you tested positive for? Did you ask to see the results and proof the virus? I bet you didn’t. Why would you? What right do you have to question your doctor?

  4. What other poisons, or toxins, cause people to lose their olfactory senses? DYK? the term virus originates from Latin, meaning poison.

Humans will believe anything when it comes to avoiding illness and death. Let’s assume, miracle of miracles, you have poked holes in what you have read so far and you have proven me wrong. Good job! I am curious to learn more about what you know.

Considering you were able to poke holes in what you read and proved me wrong, it only makes sense to consider the 'option' of getting vaccinated.

  1. First question, what is in the vaccine? Do you even know? Probably not! Because if you did, you probably wouldn’t inject yourself with that shit, would you?

  2. Have the vaccines been tested according to established vaccine protocols? Allow me to answer that for you; NO!

  3. Were the vaccines approved by the FDA before they were deployed? Please don’t say anything. The answer is, NO!

  4. Have you heard of someone dying or being injured by one of these untested and unapproved vaccines? If you answer ‘No,’ then you are truly ignorant and you need to get your head out of the sand. Although, it might be too late. Let’s pray.

Do I sound angry?

You even got this one wrong. But I bet you are angry at me for writing these words.

Please do not mistake the intensity of these words for anger. Sometimes Love can be so intense, people easily mistake it for anger.

Human beings oftentimes can be the most mindless creatures on the planet, maybe the universe. Sure, we are intelligent, but what this pandemic has clearly proven is that humans are ignorant creatures and clearly have a herd mentality. Which makes sense in theory, intended to keep us safe. And when it comes to the threat of illness and death, we will do practically anything and believe practically anything to stay alive. So, we follow the herd.

Are you still there?

If so, thank you for your persistence and curiosity. Those reading this, who are not among the mindless and do not follow the herd, are most likely in tears; maybe tears of laughter. You chuckle because you know the Truth and are relieved to know that you are not the only one who is awakening.

This mass Global Genetic Genocide (GGG) is being executed at the hands of the many uninformed, ignorant, and often fearful brothers and sisters; friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

Why do I keep speaking of Mass Global Genetic Genocide and a Holocaust?

Brush up on the holocaust or watch one of the many documentaries about the mass murder of fellow humans. To this day, it still seems unfathomable and impossible, but it happened.

Even most doctors truly believe they are helping when they urge their patients to mask-up, to social distance, and to get vaccinated. In addition, teachers, colleagues, friends, and coaches are infecting everyone else through fear mongering, telling others to mask-up, to social distance, and to vaccinate. (Video)

The most common question I hear is the following:

“Did you get your vaccine yet?”

Did you get your vaccine?

The Answer: You mean the one that has not been tested, the vaccine that has not been proven effective, the vaccine that was not approved by the FDA prior to being cascaded across the planet. That vaccine?

The same vaccine that killed my colleague’s 23-year-old nephew. That one?

The vaccine that incapacitated an otherwise energetic and healthy 85-year-old woman? A woman, who prior to getting ‘the jab’ never had any heart issues and was suddenly rushed to the emergency room with heart issues and never heard from again? That vaccine?

All it takes is one!

When an acquaintance or loved one is injured or dies after getting ‘the jab,’ isn’t it time to start asking questions? Are you asking questions?

It really is brilliant! Scare the shit out of people. Confuse them. Sprinkle in a threat of illness and death and they will do the inanest things.

After urging a family member to strongly reconsider getting the vaccine, she replied with the following words: “Well, I could either get sick from COVID or get sick from the vaccine.

These are difficult questions.” Confused? Scared? Like I said, brilliant!

When a son urged his mother to get the vaccine and she politely declined, he began to interrogate her. He could not understand why anyone would not get the vaccine. Smart guy, but clearly uniformed and ignorant. A week prior to that his daughter called, out of the goodness of her heart (I hope) and offered to sign her grandmother (his mother) to get the vaccine. She politely declined.

If someone walked into your house, handed you a revolver with a single bullet loaded in the chamber, and offered you a chance to live by putting the gun to your head and pulling the trigger, would you? Probably not. So, why are you playing Russian roulette with your life by taking the vaccine? Fear. Ignorance. Uninformed? Could it be your perspective?

The mass Global Genetic Genocide of the 21st Century will be at the hands of everyday men and women who don’t even know they are doing it! They attack those who don’t mask-up. They chastise those who don’t get ‘the jab.’ They respond in anger to articles written with the intent to awaken humanity.

Deep down people believe they are helping by telling loved ones to get the vaccine. I mean, if your doctor says you should do it, well then, he/she must be right.

They know what they are doing, right?

Did you ask your doctor if they got the vaccine?

Did you ask your doctor what’s in the vaccine?

Of course, you didn’t! Why would you?

Adolf Hitler and his henchmen will look like amateurs after the holocaust of the 21st Century is finished with.

Are you pissed off, yet? Well, you should be! I hope you are so mad that you do your research and prove me wrong. Please do. I want you to prove me wrong. Although, I am sure you won’t, and you can’t. The easiest thing to do is to censor people. To say their words, do not align with ‘community standards,’ that they are not facts and therefore deleted. The Nazis did something similar with the Huge Nazi rallies and symbolic acts such as the public burning of books to help drive home the desired message.

The only way I will be proved wrong will be through censorship. There will be no questions. There will be no debate nor dialogue. Just zero tolerance for the truth and for using our God given right to ask questions. A friend of mine had her LinkedIn account cancelled and all her contacts deleted because she asked questions, challenged the narrative which apparently ‘violated’ LinkedIn’s ‘community guidelines.’ She was not talking about killing. She was not talking about rape. She was not demeaning others. All she was doing was sharing her views and the views of others. Yet, they deleted her account and all her contacts. Hmm.

By now you should be so upset that you will investigate what I have said and challenge it.

Even better, you have awakened and after reading this you are motivated to help awaken your friends and loved ones. More of us need to pick-up the proverbial pen and start sharing our words and speak up.

By the way, after you read this article, it will probably be censored from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Because it just might be questioning one of the biggest lies in human history. It will most likely be banned after being ‘fact checked’ for violating the community guidelines on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Facts, ha! Censorship is not about facts, but about hiding the truth from the masses. This is all about human perspective and all I am trying to do is set you free. Sadly, those who are imprisoned and given the key which will set them free, often do not use the key. Their perspective is so messed up that they know of no other way and, although free, they remain imprisoned.

People clearly don’t want the facts.

You deserve the truth. You deserve, we all deserve, to have the freedom to choose. Knowledge, wisdom, and the questioning of everything. I do not harass people who wear masks, but I have frequently been harassed for not wearing a mask. Why? Because it is a law? Because it is a mandate? Here’s my all-time favorite, “because it’s your private business and you don’t have to serve me.” Puppet!

I will end where I began; What would Dr. Wayne Dyer do? I am sure he is laughing, but most likely crying at the sight of humans killing humans. Listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s audio book, The Essence of Bieng in Balance. “I want to know who the men in the shadows are,” Dr. Wayne Dyer quoted Jackson Brown. Dr. Wayne Dyer challenged the narrative. He may not have been as abrasive as I am, but none-the-less he saw through all the fear and deceit. Stop doing the bidding of these apparent ‘leaders’ while they sit back and watch the mass destruction unfold.

Was Dr. Wayne Dyer a conspiracy theorist? “How dare you!” You might reply in anger. I am not saying he was. All I am saying is if you follow the teachings of many of the world’s spiritual leaders throughout history, they are/were speaking the same language. It is a language of alignment, a language of awakening, a language of Love.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. Dr. Wayne Dyer knew how to break through. He knew, as does Eckhart Tolle, Abraham-Hicks, and many more leaders that ‘pain is a wrong perspective’ (A Course in Miracles). Change your perspective, change your experience.

I really do not care if you are angry.

Because if you are, this is a good thing. You should be angry, for the right reasons. All I intend to do is help awaken people. Because once you see clearly, and the Truth sets you free, your mind will be blown! There will no longer be anger, hatred, prejudice, or pandemics. These words are written from an intensity of Love, not anger.

This is a time of awakening.

With Love, Light and Healing to You and Your Loved Ones!

PS Watch the following interview of Dr. Robert O. Young on disease, germs, viruses and vaccinations!

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Franklin E. Tompkins Sr.
Franklin E. Tompkins Sr.

If you truly want to know "who the men in the shadows are", research "the Jesuits, and the Jesuit Council."



Dr. Robert Young, Your next venture in learning truth is delving into real history. You should find out about the number 1 known historian on World War 2 - David Irving - and why he had to renounce his life work or stay in a German prison for the rest of his life. A good start would be to watch Hellstorm (if you can stomach it.) or read the book. Or watch a more sanitized version that is longer, The Greatest Story Never Told (6:32:13)

As they say, if we don't know our history, we will continue in this loop.

We (and many other) have attempted to rectify this issue on the vaccine front by memorializing the history…

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