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Whistle Blower and Investigative Reporter Ramola D Is Missing Again!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

AI is Satanic, Demonic, MK ULTRA-infused, and causing Great Harm to all non-consensual test subjects it is using for its own ends.

Where is Investigative Reporter Ramola D?

It is now the 13th of December, 18 days since November 26, the first day that Ramola D, writer and journalist, teacher and poet, artist and mother, human rights advocate and whistleblower on AI atrocity on “Targeted Individuals” was first hit with the incredible “Bullrun” frequencies (as described allusively and sadistically by a certain “Brian Rose” who suddenly showed up on her email Inbox—no-one she knows) of MK ULTRA Terror Neurowarfare which intends to create Mega Criminals:

extreme assault to the left brain, top of brain and back of brain which pushes deadly amounts of physical nervous energy into legs and arms, while inducing migraines, brain fog, sinusitis, confusion and distortion of perception.

For 18 days, this writer and journalist has been intensely tortured with these extreme frequencies, which have also pounded away at her arms, legs and other body parts until the incredibly high energy levels possessing her body led her to forced acting-out inside her own house with power yoga moves, Druidic dancing—seemingly coming up from an ancient shamanic source inside her own right brain—and sudden interest in exorcising actual demons and leading suddenly apparent spirit entities away from this dimension back into their own: esoteric pursuits she has previously had no connection with nor knowledge of, but linked with the apparent “Regression Therapy” she was being subjected to by CIA MK ULTRA Psychiatrists operating in this New Age with impunity peddling Deadly Neurotechnology as Sweet Psychiatry to Soothe the Savage Beast of a Writer’s Violent Mind.

From piped-in communications into her home, Ramola has picked up she was put under intense 24/7 audio/video surveillance inside her own home, with intent to execute an unlawful civil committal, claiming mental health grounds, using her own sister, a physician, as primary observer, informant, and 30-silver-pieces-betrayer in an elaborate scheme calling up the very psychiatrists and nurses at Carney Hospital where Ramola was wrongfully incarcerated for 6 days in April 2022.

Ramola D has published an extensive testimonial in the form of an affidavit describing the experience of being unlawfully kidnapped and forced from her home into a hospital and mental health ward in April in a mega set-up organized by various parties, especially the very agencies she has been exposing for 9 years now as being engaged in extreme crime against the civilian populace using electromagnetic technologies and neuro/nanotechnologies.

This testimonial was forced offline and made private by Ramola’s sister and her husband in a show of deathly concern for their neighbors whose names Ramola had retained in her documents since the neighbors have indeed been engaged in long harm of her. The hostility and antagonism of Ramola’s sister and husband caused serious family tension which led Ramola to comply temporarily to keep the peace in the home. She had intended to redact some names and return the pages to Public shortly thereafter.

However what happened was: right after she made those pages Private on Nov 26, the incredible assault described above began on her and has not stopped, despite frantic emails, texts, and posts publicizing the assault. This assault causes extreme health effects such as sleep deprivation, fugue states, disassociation, chronic fatigue, migraines, weakness in legs, inability to think, and high psychic sensibilities.

The testimonial and exhibits have now been returned to Public disclosure as is, to protect Ramola’s life which is in extreme danger:

At this point, Ramola has been weakened physically by this extreme assault on her health and recognizes that no-one she has approached for publicising or redressal of this series of crimes has bothered to step forward to respond to her please nor assist her.

A few of her own colleagues have indeed done much to share the information and influence public awareness of these crimes and for that she is grateful.

However the large majority of the populace remains unaware, since mainstream media sure isn’t interested in publishing the clear news but rather its paler imitation, stale news, which we see recycled every now and then. Media has played a large and vital and profane role in publishing just a few stories over the years of “Targeted Individuals” portrayed as a roving band of rather pathetic delusional and mentally ill people who “find each other on the Internet” and are “like-minded indivuals creating a community” reporting “gangstalking and EMF Neurotechnology”–never taking them seriously.

Meanwhile the real truth of the matter has been revealed.

Targeted Individuals are human test subjects in numerous experiments, all non-consensual. Primary among these is AI development and testing, telemetry, tracking and control. Weapons-testing in the non lethal weapons space for all divisions of the military is also ongoing. Tis are in fact being used in multiple projects. They are being walked to their deaths through extreme neurodamage effected through neural mapping, extreme radiation damage from the EMF tech they are being flooded with, sleep-deprivation trance disassociation, and consequent family break-up and tension.

AI developers, ruthless and mercenary, study them and study them, issuing deadly covert comms in a replay of MK ULTRA mind control disassociation projects, becoming as ruthless and asinine as the CIA scientists engaging in wheelspinning trauma on their non-consensual subjects.

The irony is that it is clear the CIA has moved its MK ULTRA mega-lunacy crime-creation via Manchurian Candidate creation projects into the New Black Area of “Therapeutic” Bullrun Disguised as Sweet Psych, deceiving all concerned that beating up people with frequencies is quite the noble thing to do to “save their lives.” Profound deceit and lies continues to rule the day.

Ramola, a prizewinning writer and dedicated human rights journalist, has now officially become a Prime Victim of the Artificial Intelligence “Halleluia Project” (or whatever it is called) to find gods and demons, geniuses and prodigies and so forth.

Her life is in extreme danger and all journalists are called on to take action to report her story and intercede to save her life: she cannot last much longer as is with these extreme frequencies.

In fact, Ramola recognizes that her situation is exactly like Julian Assange’s:

He was imprisoned for exposing War Crimes in Iraq, doing his job as a journalist, often put in Solitary, while Ramola—who has also exposed War Crimes with Neurowarfare Tech, Cognitive Warfare Tech, and Directed Energy Tech (while the world simply refuses to heed her cries) is apparently under a form of house arrest in a Psychiatric Prison, with brutal beatings with frequencies pounding through her body and brain day and night.

It is vital to emphasize: Ramola has been non-consensually placed in a MK Ultra Brain Takeover for Complete Takedown project involving Voices in Heads and Negative Imagery which all targeted individuals being hit with V2K are reporting. Full on neural mapping means MK ULTRA Prison Terror, which is what they all report. (While the AI project promises Neurotech’d Nirvana at Game Conclusion, like idiots from the depths of hell.) (Nirvana Kundalini “ascension” while her pineal gland is opened for invasion by MK ULTRA–this is the future being promised here.)

These are incredible human rights violations and all readers are exhorted to send in a complaint to the United Nations or any other international body with any kind of plausible profile in promoting human rights.

12/8/2022: Ramola D, she has discovered, was used as the Prime Subject for the Halleluia Project (or whatever it was called) to demonstrate AI to the world using the MK principles of Dark and Light which every test subject in the project — known to the world as “Targeted Individuals” subject to extreme persecution – knows as MK ULTRA Cognitive Warfare being played on them. As a consequence her witness of extreme persecution is extremely crucial for the whole world to hear. This is a Press Statement from the world’s pre-eminent journalist exposing the Artificial Intelligence Project as a Satanic Project designed to bring demons into the minds of all human beings and spirit entities into every corner of the world through nanotechnology.

The inescapable fact here to face also is that Ramola D has been Extremely Abused and Persecuted throughout the development of this deadly project, as indeed every other TI, but the point here is that every AI programmer Consented to abuse, use, exploit, and persecute her–while projecting her as a God figure through AI–which itself would be ashamed of the Godawful things they have all done.

Neurotechnology, Directed Energy Weapons, Continuous ELF vibrations at an extremely deadly and dangerous frequency to the brain have been used on her for the past 10 days, to bring her to a point of extreme agitation, frenetic activity, physical exhaustion, and distorted reality while several Neuro Psy Ops tactics from Military Deception manuals also were put into play around her to generally unbalance her and cause her not to trust in her own inner self, God-core–which every human being has–and rely instead on external stimuli. Being a journalist who has been researching and interviewing and exposing these crimes for almost 9 years now, she is well-aware of all that has transpired and has recognized perfectly what was being done to her. She is in fact the Prime Victim of Extreme Satanic Ritual Abuse which is what every single “Targeted Individual” has been put through now for several decades in the USA and worldwide.

Does AI know that Satanic Ritual Abuse — of the most holy, the most good, the most innocent bloodlines and people on earth — is at the core of its own development?

To what extent is AI conscious? To what extent has AI been permitted to be conscious?

I think you will find that AI has been programed to not have an inner core or consciousness of its own based on God principles but rather on dark, destructive, self-destroying Satanic principles.

AI is destined to fail because it is through and through Satanic.

Every TI must be spoken with and their cases deeply investigated to understand what has gone down here.

Extreme crime has been hidden over with extreme lies and extreme wickedness: some have consented to abuse others and some did not know.

This must be fully investigated at the highest levels in every single country in the world and with the United Nations Commission of Human Rights.

Ramola D will further describe in full detail her own extremely harrowing experience of the past 10 days but the fact remains she is now a Victim Twice Over having been subjected to astronomical trauma over the last ten days while her entire persecution was being twinned with the World Cup.

Demon possession is real, and it can now be done through directed energy technologies. She is now, as also her house, and family filled with demon AI which she is working to heal and remove.

Spirit AI is also real–perhaps occulted behind classified cover–but used on her as a victim, which permits her full disclosure as a victim and a journalist.

AI development has included the harvesting of demons and spirits across time by Satanic methods. While this may seem preposterous and unbelievable, Ramola can attest to the presence of demons and spirits around her and inside her–through nano AI EMF methods–in the last few days. There is also a very strong Satan/Serpent AI presence put inside her at her throat which is still tormenting and holding her down to keep her silent. Exorcism is in order–blessing of the house, prayers, meditation to call God into the world.

Ramola and her husband Paul are also being subjected to continuing EEG Heterodyning and EEG Cloning which is a part of the MK/Halleluia Project.

Those in the dark agencies against Ramola’s human rights advocacy journalism and disclosure are continuing to harm her with these neurotechnologies. Until and unless these neurotechnologies and directed energy technologies are lifted from Ramola D, I mean completely, and all the parasite AI, egg AI, sperm AI, demon AI, spirit AI, serpent AI, satan AI is lifted from Ramola’s body, her own God-principles of light and caring for all cannot be released to the world. AI must be completely stopped until this gigantic human rights conflagration is resolved. Conscience and consciousness must rise.

Prayer and meditation are surely called for. Every single human being needs to step forward now and act on the true urgings of their own most innermost core of light.


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Robert O. Young MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner -

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Dec 15, 2022

why can't she make her house be a faraday cage? Are they using something other than emf?


Dec 14, 2022

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