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CDC HIDES 18 Million Serious VAXXXine Injuries From the American People!

Updated: Feb 11

A USA Court Orders the CDC to Release Data Showing 18 Million Seriously Injured by the Corona VAXXXine!

What Happened to Informed Consent?

The Court Records Showed More than 18 million people were seriously injured by their first GRAPHENE-LACED COVID-19 VAXXXination from Pfizer or Moderna and had to be taken to the hospital for emergency care.

That’s according to the CDC’s own internal data, which a US Court just ordered a federal agency to release to a watchdog group.

Instead of alerting the public to the incredible dangers of these shots and completely shutting down Joe Biden’s mass vaxxxination mandates, the CDC covered up the information until it was forced to be release by a US Judge.

Everyone in a position of authority at the CDC should have been fired for this blatant coverup. What good is a “public health” agency if it fails to alert the public that 8% of VAXXXine recipients were being hospitalized?

The CDC started a VAXXXine injury monitoring program back at the very beginning of the GRAPHENE-LACED COVID bioweapon clot shot, rollout in December of 2020.

You might remember it?

The program was called V-safe

People were asked to install the V-safe app on their smartphones and then self-report if they had any negative effects from the experimental mRNA shots, which were released to the public under an 'Emergency Use Authorization' from the FDA.

There were many people who were eager to help, because World governments had seriously scared these folks over this so-called novel corona virus which had never been scientifically purified and isolated. In other words, the novel corona virus was never shown to exist!

Many people thought that the so-called corona virus shots were a medical miracle in late 2020. More than 10 million people downloaded V-safe on their smartphones, and then proceeded to get VAXXXinated with a non-disclosed graphene-laced gain-of-function bioweapon clot shot.

Ten million people is a huge sample size for a medical study. With ten million people participating in the V-safe self-reporting system, it gave us an extremely accurate statistical model to use when studying the 230 million Americans who had received at least one COVID bioweapon shot.

The CDC tracked data in the V-safe program for the first 18 months of the vaccine’s public availability, up through July of this year. But then, strangely, the CDC never published any data from V-safe. You couldn’t see the data. So, you just had to trust the CDC, which in the past had been caught lying repeatedly.

The CDC’s main webpage concerning the mRNA Corona virus bioweapon shot still says, to this very day, “COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective and free.” That’s the very first sentence on the website.

"Safe and effective!"

That’s been the CDC’s position for the entire time. The VAXXXines are safe, and they cannot hurt you.

Share this truth with your Pro-VAXXXer families and friends!

The big question is why wouldn’t the CDC release the data freely instead of the court ordering the CDC to do so following a lawsuit by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)?

The Data Speaks for Itself

Of the 10 million people who participated in V-safe – again, a massive sample size – 3.3 million reported Adverse Health Impacts (AHIs) immediately after their first VAXXXination which contained graphene oxide, PEG, and parasite eggs. That’s 33% or one-in-three. Of those 3.3 million people, 1.2 million reported that they were unable to perform daily activities for a time after being VAXXXinated with the so-called corona virus shot. 1.3 million reported getting so sick from the clot shot that they had to miss school or work. And, about 800,000 reported being hospitalized as a result of receiving the COVID VAXXXination!

Causes of Death: UNVAXXXinated people (2021 - 2022) Age <=65, Died > 2020

Hospital Treatments for COVID WERE the #1 KILLER!

People who died suddenly, pulmonary embolism, and turbo cancers were all very low. There are no unknown causes of death. No myocarditis deaths.

Causes of Death: VAXXXinated People (2021 - 2022) Age <=65, Died > 2020

Died suddenly was now the #1 cause of death, followed closely by cardiac-related death!

Stop right there! This should be a showstopper!

Cancer is next. Turbo cancer is now significant compared to what it was before. Myocarditis is now a player and is killing more than COVID.

That Last Figure is the Most Troublesome!

800,000 hospitalizations out of 10 million people? That’s an 8% hospitalization rate. It means that as many as 18 million of the 230 million people who received at least one shot may have been hospitalized with a serious adverse reaction.

A study published in June of 2021 by the National Institutes of Health – where Tony Fauci works – found that the hospitalization rate from COVID-19 for the total population was 2.1%. If you are under the age of 40, the hospitalization rate from COVID-19 is just 0.4%.

For the GRAPHENE-LACED BIOWEAPON SHOTS in the USA, the Hospitalization rate has been 8% or higher!


YOU ARE 4 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE HOSPITALIZED BY the Graphene-laced Jibby Jabb BIOWEAPON or SO-CALLED VAXXXINE SHOTS THAN BY a so-called novel corona virus that has never been scientifically shown to exist!


You Can ead the NIH-published study HERE!

ICAN has set up a website where you can finally view the CDC’s V-safe data online. The data was released on October 3, 2022, under a court order.

You can see the data for yourself HERE!

The CDC AND OUR GOVERNMENT have been lying to the American people about the GRAPHENE-LACED BIOWEAPON CLOT SHOTS THEY CALL vaccines all this time!

Biden Ushers in Transhumanism for ALL Americans With His Executive Order

September 22, 2022


There needs to be legal consequences for this crime against humanity, Public trials and long jail sentences are necessary for anyone at the CDC who participated in this huge international cover-up! Click on the references below in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research.


Only when you can understand the history and the drawbacks of human beings, will you wake up and fight against tyranny!

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Extraordinary and riveting account of healing from terminal lung cancer and recovering from COVID symptoms on the pH Miracle Lifestyle healing program of alkaline diet, exercise, and healing foods from Dr. Robert Young, who describes the healing power of the right foods and actions to maintain the right pH balance in the interstitial fluids of the body, and encourages all to learn more about how disease is not transmitted by germs—as Virology would have it—but cultured in acidic environments, and how switching our diets and lifestyles from acidic to alkaline can transform our lives.

Transhuman Nightmare Graphene Nanowires Torturing the VaXXed and the UNVaXXed Around the World!

Important Peer-reviewed Scientific Articles Published in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccinations

Published September 20th, 2016 in the International Journal of Vaccines & Vaccinations

Pathological Blood Coagulation Book proof-2
Download PDF • 2.53MB

Second Thoughts About Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis

Peer-reviewed and Published June 20th, 2016 in the Journal of Vaccines and Vaccinations

[1] Young RO (2016) Second Thoughts about Viruses, Vaccines, and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis - Part 1. Int J Vaccines Vaccin 2(3): 00032. DOI: 10.15406/ijvv.2016.02.00032

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Published in1999 by Woodland Publishing

Published in the Early 90's One Sickness, One Disease, One Treatment

One Sickness, One Disease, One Treatment First Edition Published in1996 - OUT of PRINT

"There is only one sickness and one disease, the over-acidification of the blood and then tissues due to an inverted way of living, eating and thinking." Dr. Robert O. Young - 1996

"There is only one treatment, restore the alkaline design of the body fluids with an alkaline lifestyle and diet." Dr. Robert O. Young - 1996

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Download PDF • 2.17MB


Thirteen YEARS of Peer-Reviewed Research Articles on Graphene, Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Hydroxide Describing USE in Humans and Animals and the Negative Effects of Graphene-Related Materials on Transfecting and Transhumanizing Humans and Animals

Article 1

Graphene oxide disrupted mitochondrial homeostasis through inducing intracellular redox deviation and autophagy-lysosomal network dysfunction in SH-SY5Y cells – ScienceDirect

August 2021

Graphene oxide (GO) nanomaterials have significant advantages for drug delivery and electrode materials in neural science, however, their exposure risks to the central nervous system (CNS) and toxicity concerns are also increased. The current studies of GO-induced neurotoxicity remain still ambiguous, let alone the mechanism of how complicated GO chemistry affects its biological behavior with neural cells. In this study, we characterized the commercially available GO in detail and investigated its biological adverse effects using cultured SH-SY5Y cells. We found that ultrasonic processing in medium changed the oxidation status and surface reactivity on the planar surface of GO due to its hydration activity, causing lipid peroxidation and cell membrane damage. Subsequently, ROS-disrupted mitochondrial homeostasis, resulting from the activation of NOX2 signaling, was observed following GO internalization. The autophagy-lysosomal network was initiated as a defensive reaction to obliterate oxidative damaged mitochondria and foreign nanomaterials, which was ineffective due to reduced lysosomal degradation capacity. These sequential cellular responses exacerbated mitochondrial stress, leading to apoptotic cell death. These data highlight the importance of the structure-related activity of GO on its biological properties and provide an in-depth understanding of how GO-derived cellular redox signaling induces mitochondrion-related cascades that modulate cell functionality and survival.

Article 2

Biodistribution and pulmonary toxicity of intratracheally instilled graphene oxide in mice | NPG Asia Materials ( April 2013

Graphene and its derivatives (for example, nanoscale graphene oxide (NGO)) have emerged as extremely attractive nanomaterials for a wide range of applications, including diagnostics and therapeutics. In this work, we present a systematic study on the in vivo distribution and pulmonary toxicity of NGO for up to 3 months after exposure. Radioisotope tracing and morphological observation demonstrated that intratracheally instilled NGO was mainly retained in the lung. NGO could result in acute lung injury (ALI) and chronic pulmonary fibrosis. Such NGO-induced ALI was related to oxidative stress and could effectively be relieved with dexamethasone treatment. In addition, we found that the biodistribution of 125I-NGO varied greatly from that of 125I ions, hence it is possible that nanoparticulates could deliver radioactive isotopes deep into the lung, which might settle in numerous ‘hot spots’ that could result in mutations and cancers, raising environmental concerns about the large-scale production of graphene oxide.