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Damning Leaked Vaccine Contracts with Pfizer & Governments Around the World!

This week, the vaccine contracts with Albania and Brazil signed with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer for the supply of “vaccines” were leaked.

The agreements confirm our suspicion that governments worldwide, in the delusion and illusion of a “pandemic”, have agreed to the most insane deadly terms for-and-in-behalf for the whole of humanity!

In addition, Big Pharma decides, that the citizens of their respective countries with pay for these 'death shots'!

A huge gamble is being taken with the public health, especially that of our children at the hands of 'Luciferians' who want to reduce the surplus human population and redistribute wealth to themselves without accountability!

So What Are the Agreements in these Vaccine Contracts?

[1] Pfizer does not accept any responsibility for any side effects, injury, including death related to the CoV - 19 inoculation.

[2] The buyer (each government) pays any claims for damages due to side effects, including death.

[3] The purchaser (each government) must acknowledge to Pfizer that the long-term effects of the “vaccine” are unknown!

[4] The purchaser (each government) must acknowledge to Pfizer that the effectiveness of the “vaccine” is unknown!

[5] The purchaser (each government) must acknowledge to Pfizer that unknown side effects, including death may occur after administration of the “vaccine”.

[6] An unknown device (Artificial Intelligence - AI) and/or other technology (adjuvants of graphene oxide - GO) falls within the definition of the Pfizer “vaccine”.

[7] Cheaper and more effective medication that comes on the market or appears to be on the market, such as ivermectin or hydroxychlorquine (HCQ), for example, should not be a reason to cancel the contract. In other words, the Pfizer 'death shot' must be marketed anyway, even if there are much better alternatives.

The 'Vaccine' Contract

Albania's and Brazil's contracts with Pfizer are virtually identical!

Are the Vaccine Contract the Same Around the World?

The People Want to Know What They Have Signed Up For!

It is highly likely that the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands have signed to the same terms of agreement just like Albania and Brazil! This is ALL the more important considering that Carlos Murillo, Pfizer's CEO of Latin America, has stated under oath that, "Pfizer has set the same terms in the supply contract for each country".

Thierry Henri Philippe Baudet - Leader for the Forum for Democracy

On behalf of the 'Forum for Democracy' (Dutch political party), Pepijn van Houwelingen puts parliamentary questions to Minister Hugo de Jonge of the Worlds Health Organization (WHO) Concerning the 'Vaccine Contract'

Here are the Questions that Need to Be Asked by the Citizens of Every Country and Answered by Their Respective Governments, Especially the USA Congress and Senate.

This Must Be DONE NOW!

[1] Are you aware of the agreements Albania(1) and Brazil(2) have entered into with Pfizer for the supply of “vaccinations” to fight COVID - 19, whose contracts have recently been leaked?

[2] Are you aware that Carlos Murillo, Pfizer CEO of Latin America (3), has stated under oath to the parliamentary COVID-19 Inquiry Committee of the Brazilian Federal Senate that Pfizer has the same conditions for every country has stated in the supply contract (4)?

Carlos Murillo, Country Manager, Pfizer Brazil, Latin America

[3] Do you acknowledge that Pfizer's two leaked contracts with Albania and Brazil, respectively, do indeed contain the same terms and conditions, as Carlos Murillo has stated, "despite being two completely different countries on two different continents?"

[4] Has The Netherlands (and/or the EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc.) signed a supply contract with Pfizer with the same or similar terms as stated in Pfizer's leaked supply contracts with Albania and Brazil?

[5] Why did you agree to confidentiality of the supply agreement with Pfizer?

[6] Why did you agree to secrecy of the supply agreement with other pharmaceutical companies?

[7] For how long has confidentiality been agreed with Pfizer?

[8] For how long has the confidentiality been agreed with Moderna?

[9] For how long has confidentiality been agreed with AstraZeneca?

[10] For how long has confidentiality been agreed with Janssen? For how long has the confidentiality been agreed with Curevac?

[11] What purpose does the secrecy of supply contracts with pharmaceuticals serve, based on the interests of the Dutch population?

[12] Are you prepared to make the contracts public after all? Are you prepared to request this permission on behalf of the Dutch government, if permission is required from the relevant pharmaceutical company?

[13] Do you see the social importance of making the Dutch and European contracts with Pfizer public soon, now that after Pfizer's leaked contracts with Albania and Brazil there is a lot of speculation about the content of the contracts, and the Dutch are worried about either their health after taking the Pfizer “vaccine”, or about the possible financial consequences of possible damages claims for Dutch taxpayers?

Director for the Brazilian Ministry of Health Roberto Ferreira Dias Resigned and Arrested for Bribery for the Procurement of the Pfizer CoV - 19 Vaccine

[14] Are you aware of the resignation and arrest of Roberto Ferrera Dias, a former director in charge of logistics for the Brazilian Ministry of Health and also a signatory on behalf of the Brazilian government of the supply agreement with Pfizer, for allegedly being bribed in the procurement of a vaccine and lied to the Brazilian Federal Senate's parliamentary COVID-19 Commission of Inquiry (5)?

[15] Who is authorized to sign contracts with pharmaceutical companies on behalf of the Netherlands (and/or the EU, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, etc.) for the supply of “vaccines”?

[16] Which persons were directly involved on behalf of the Netherlands (and/or the EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc.) in the negotiations with Pfizer and other suppliers of “corona vaccines”?

[17] Can you rule out the possibility that bribery has taken place in the purchase of “vaccinations” in the Netherlands (and/or the EU, USA, UK, Canada, etc.,), as may be the case in Brazil? If so, how? If not, why not?

[18] What is meant by “any device, technology, or product used in the administration of or to enhance the use or effect of, such vaccine”, as the Pfizer vaccine (in part) is defined in the contract with Albania under Article 1.54 and in the contract with Brazil under article 1.57?

[19] Which technology and/or which devices are part of the “vaccine” delivery to the Netherlands, EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil and other countries inoculating their citizens with the CoV - 19 'vaccine'?

[20] Do other “vaccines” also use technology or devices? If so, which “vaccines”? And what kind of technology is it?

[21] How would you rate the clause under Article 2.1(b), which both Albania and Brazil have accepted, which states that even if cheaper and more effective drugs against COVID-19 come on the market or already appear to be, such as ivermectin, for example, this should not constitute grounds for terminating the contract with Pfizer?

[22] Has the Netherlands (and/or the EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc.) agreed to an identical or similar clause?

[23] Have other pharmaceutical companies included an identical or similar clause in the supply contract with the Netherlands (and/or the EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc.,)?

[24] Does Pfizer advise or has it in the past advised the Dutch government (and/or the EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc.) about which drugs that could constitute a cheap and effective alternative to its “vaccine” should necessarily be discouraged, in order to break the multi-billion dollar contract between Let the Netherlands (and/or the EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc.) and Pfizer hold out politically?

[25] How do you reconcile your firm statement “I can be clear about long-term effects, there are none” (6), with the acknowledgment demanded by Pfizer of Albania and Brazil that the long-term effects are unknown, as is made clear in both contracts under Article 5.5 ?

[26] How can you convince Dutch (EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc.,) people, especially Dutch (EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc.,) children, that the “vaccine” is safe in the long term, if even the manufacturer of the injection, at least in some countries in the world, does not bear any responsibility dare to take?

[27] Have you yourself acknowledged in the supply contract between the Netherlands (and/or the EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc.) and Pfizer that the long-term effects of the Pfizer injection are unclear?

[28] Have you (also) had to acknowledge to the suppliers of other “corona vaccinations” that the long-term effects of the relevant “vaccine” are unknown? If so, which “vaccines” are involved?

[29] Has the Netherlands (and/or the EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc., on behalf of the Netherlands) reserved money for any claims for damages resulting from large-scale and drastic side effects of the Pfizer injection? If so, why and how much? If not, why not? Is this different from other “corona vaccines”?

[30] Can you indicate for each “corona vaccine” to what extent the Dutch state, the EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc., is liable for damage and/or injury as a result of its administration?

[31] Can you send an overview of the concrete standards that the Netherlands, EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc., uses to control the (production) quality of a specific batch of mRNA injections, such as that of Pfizer?

[32] Which so-called Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) apply in the Netherlands/the EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc., with regard to mRNA injections?

[33] Are these CGMPs up to date at the time of the first shipments of the Pfizer “vaccine”? If so, how does this prove? If not, why not?

[34] Can you indicate under what conditions the Netherlands, EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc., can return a delivery/batch of Pfizer vaccines in case of doubts about the quality? In which cases will a refund be made?

[35] What price has the Netherlands, EU, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, etc., paid per dose of the Pfizer “vaccine”?

Additional Questions from Dr. Robert O. Young

[36] WHO ultimately SHOULD have RESPONSIBILITY for the potential and anticipated injury and death to NOT MILLIONS but to BILLIONS of innocent souls around the World![9][10]

[ 37] Why cannot each citizen choose for themselves their own doctor and their own treatment protocol for CoV - 19 since the so-called 'vaccine' is experimental and unproven.[7]

[38] Why are the ingredients of the so-called 'vaccines' left off the inserts in the boxes containing the CoV - 19 vaccine? [8]

[39] How is mandating or forcing any human against their free-will to be inoculated with an experimental 'vaccine' not a violation of human rights under the Nuremberg Laws?[8]

[40] Once again, 'Who' should be held accountable for 'crimes against humanity' for injury and the loss of life directly related to the CoV - 19 inoculation? [8]

Please send these article with questions to your Major, your, Governor, your State representatives, your Congressman, your Senator, your President, and especially your loved ones. Time is of essence in order to STOP the mass injury and deaths to billions of souls around the world.

STOP the 'killing fields' of the '4th Wave' of pulsating microwave radiation that will activate the graphene oxide contained ALL the so-called fake 'vaccines', coming this fall.

Watch, listen and learn and then care enough to share to everyone to love and care about NOW![9][10][11][12][13][14][15]



[12] A Community Conversation with Dr. Robert O. Young and Sacha Stone - Part 1 -




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Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips
Aug 05, 2021

Wow! I didn't know that flesh eating bacteria was a fraud. I saw a video by Dr Mercola he described it has deadly. He said, it is found in the warm sea coasts such as, Florida and southerly Australia. That it seems to attack people with high iron levels. But, Dr Robert O' Young is saying it is a fraud. It is merrily "systemic poisoning." That can come from: "Glyphosate", commonly known by its original trade name Roundup (manufactured by Monsanto), is the world's most widely used herbicide (weedkiller). That we know now is carcinogenic. Dr. Young, also mentions "lactic acid", which I understand from a comments reply he says, causes cancer. The video I'm watching is the "ITNJ Testimony…


Steven Starfield
Steven Starfield
Aug 05, 2021

hank you for another fantastic article Dr. Young. Things are escalating and getting out of hand. I'm strongly considering taking a case against the government of Ireland and the Chief medical officer asking them to prove the virus in court. I know that this cannot be done, since a 'Corona Virus' does not exist. I know exactly what is afoot around the world, thanks to you and other real doctors of health. I'm too stubborn to relent, I have not worn a mask since the start of the hoax, I will not go to any venue that requires ID, name, address etc... because if someone there 'thinks' they have covid the authorities will come looking to harass anyone else whose…

Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips
Aug 07, 2021
Replying to

It's sad you are not able to see your daughter, but good think she follows your example not taking the poisonous vaccine. I tend to keep quiet about places that break the stupid made up rules. It's like war time, when they had posters, "she is not so dumb she knows how to keep mum". I have not gone along with any of it either, I have stayed "normal". It is only the people that are holding back on normality. If they wish to go back to normal it must start with them, and drop the masks and obeying wicked man-made rules. Many people might keep these rules not because they believe in them they just do not wan…


Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips
Aug 02, 2021

One moment things look like they maybe picking up them more disaster strikes Did you see this cartoon Dr Young. I have just shared it on my Facebook;


Aug 01, 2021

Thank you for all this info, please keep them coming!


Aug 01, 2021

It will be interesting to find out who in the U.S. was given the authority to sign these contracts.

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