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My Mother has COVID…for the last Seven Years!

The following is a true story.

Note to the reader: If you want to get the real meat of this story about the COVID lie and the negligence of the medical establishment, skip ahead to the section COVID Diagnosis.

The opening paragraphs provide the reader with the background of the story which leads up the the COVID misdiagnosis of a loved one, a ‘Kevorkian’ COVID treatment protocol and the steps that were taken by loved ones to prevent a fatality at the hands of medical 'professionals.'


My mother is an amazing, loving, kind, caring and always positive woman who has graced us with a wonderful 84-years thus far. But old age has caught up with her. It has a way of catching up with the best of us, reminding us of our mortality. None the less, we forge forward with an unstoppable will and determination to live and flourish, despite the many obstacles we face while on our journey.

Where does this power, or force, come from? How is it possible that this same power resides in each and every human being? Whatever this ‘Power' is and wherever it emanates from, it is the One thing that will save humanity from quite possibly one of the biggest acts of Genocide since the days of Adolf Hitler.

My mother is an excellent athlete who participated in various sports throughout her high school and collegiate days. She played tennis into her 70’s until her body began showing signs of wear and tear; knee replacement surgery, back problems, fractured discs, and other physical ailments from years of athletics and other activities.

A little over ten-years ago I was concerned about her longevity. She was a smoker of fifty-years and developed a chronic cough which was so loud it could be heard three doors down. I am not talking about doors, as in rooms, but doors as in houses.

Her growing and chronic discomfort from the nagging cough accompanied by the phlegm she coughed up became so bad that she fractured a rib from coughing so hard!

Miraculously, and to my pleasant surprise, she stopped smoking in 2011 at the age of seventy-four after persistent urging from loved ones. Today, she lives with COPD which has made it very difficult for her, but I am thankful she found the strength to stop smoking over a decade ago. The Anxiety Report (Gifts from Eykis, Dyer 1989) Anxiety is another unseen force that causes illness for my mother, as well as thousands (if not millions) of other Americans. Since it is not tangible, we do not give it enough respect as a culprit of disease. One of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s first books is entitled, Gifts from Eykis which is a parable about our perception of the world and how much we unwittingly pay homage to anxiety. ‘The gifts that Eykis…brings to the people of Earth help them see themselves in a new light, and compel them to rethink their negative actions. i.e., anxiety, stress, doubt, and so on.’

Frequent Visits to the ER

For the past several years my mother has made regular visits to the Emergency Room because of chronic issues of dehydration and low sodium levels. The cause? We do not know, but I can surmise it is from the combination of old age, COPD, anxiety and improper nutrition.

Dehydration is an awful experience and the symptoms seem contradictory to what someone would expect when dehydrated. One of the symptoms is vomiting which makes it very difficult to get fluids and food into the body.

I can nearly predict the times of year she will go into the ER; the holiday season which is chock full of stress and anxiety from planning a big holiday dinner on both Thanksgiving and Christmas at her home. She prepares for about twenty-five family members and friends in a frenzy of excitement. Additional bouts typically occur with the change of seasons from spring to summer.

When she visits the ER, the doctors run the same battery of tests, starting with an X-ray, followed by a CAT Scan, blood tests and other procedures. Each time, they come back with the same findings; her scans are clear and they cannot find anything wrong with her. After giving her fluids and increasing her sodium levels they typically send her on her way.

During the thick of the pandemic my mother's bouts of dehydration and low sodium levels persisted, but she was not about to step foot in a hospital after hearing the horror stories about patients dying in hospitals because of the 'Kevorkian' COVID treatment protocols.

When her dehydration and low sodium levels returned we had to find a way for her to re-hydrate and increase her sodium levels, which was very difficult task. The nausea and vomiting was difficult for me to watch, but much worse for her to go through.


Experiencing extreme discomfort, she moaned and groaned as she attempted to throw up in the kitchen sink. Nothing came up, she had the dry heaves. It was time to begin rehydrating.

Once she was comfortable enough and settled on the couch, I gave her a cup of shaved ice with a spoon. She battled through the nausea, but didn’t throw up even though she wanted to.

We approached my mother’s rehydration ‘protocol’ in gradual steps over several hours by taking tiny bites of the shaved ice in timed intervals beginning at thirty minutes, reducing the intervals by five minute increments until she eventually felt better. This gradual approach worked because it reduced the likelihood of her vomiting. Although it was not much, the little bits of ice in timed intervals allowed her to keep fluids in her stomach ultimately leading to rehydration.

After a few hours of this she was ready for bed. I left her with a cup of ice so she could continue eating spoonfuls of ice in small increments of time until she was able to drink water and eat food without vomiting. This ‘gradually and then suddenly’ approach to rehydration worked for her, but was not something we wanted to do on a regular basis.

There had to be a better way for her to remain hydrated while maintaining the proper sodium levels (She takes pHour Salts on a daily basis to maintain her sodium level as best possible).

Gradually, and then Suddenly

My mother, like most people, find it difficult to embrace the 'gradually and then suddenly' phenomena. When we do things gradually, it seems to take forever, and then suddenly we see the results and rewards of our effort.

This same concept applies to life. We are young, and then suddenly, we are old. How did it happen? Gradually, and then suddenly, we are no longer the young twenty something year-old who was taking on the world. If we approach and understand everything in life is a gradual process, then we will not be as discouraged when we do not see immediate results.

Another ‘gradually and then suddenly’ situation occurs when she feels good. Again, like most people, when she feels good she wants to take on the world and does everything she can because it feels great!

When we do this, we often throw caution to the wind, disregarding the consequences of such an aggressive approach. The result is often fatigue or pain. In my mother’s case, when she feels great she goes all out, disregarding the importance of remaining hydrated. Plus, when her appetite is not too robust, it leads to a lack of nutrition. She runs herself down until suddenly she feels like garbage, and is left wondering how and why she feels so awful. The core reason for this is a natural part of aging. Her 84-year old immune system is...well it is 84-years old.

If a hematologist were to analyze my mother’s blood, or the blood another eighty-year old, they would label her as having a ‘high viral load’. All this means is her body is acidic, out of balance, and no longer in harmony. Symptoms are often the result and we label these symptoms; flu, cold, cancer and so on. Thus, the natural healing miracle of the immune system must commence. But, it takes longer to repair and rebalance the body because of excess toxicity, old age or other factors.

The medical field, as well as the entire population, has been misled into believing we are being attacked by viruses, but truth be told these ‘germs’ or ‘viruses’ are really the result of the imbalance.

Germs, bacteria and viruses are a natural result of a toxic, or acidic, body. It is NOT because germs and viruses have attacked her by magically floating through the air waiting to attack. Rather, it is the result of improper nutrition, toxic food, water, air and thoughts which degrade the immune system resulting in sickness. This is referred to as, ‘I eat too much shit disease.’ (Dr. Robert Young 2021

It can easily be broken down into two processes; respiration and fermentation. When we are healthy we are in a state of respiration. When we are sick, i.e., cancerous, we are in a state of fermentation. (Read On the Origin of Cancer Cells, Otto Warburg and The pH Miracle for Cancer by Robert O Young MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner)

If you were to analyze your blood under a microscope, hopefully you would see round shaped blood cells. If you see anything other than a healthy, spherical blood cell, then you can consider it a precursor for disease.

Keeping things simple, whenever a cell becomes imbalanced, the healthy cells will heal the unhealthy ones, or clean up the garbage, to maintain the balance of the body’s immune system which is our true healing power.

So, if you were to feed, inhale and inject toxins into your body over an extended period of time, the result will be disease. The toxins compromise the healthy cells (which is the sanitation department) making it more difficult to heal, thus prolonging the healing process or worse, leading to death.

To sum it up, my mother’s eighty-four year old body takes much longer to recover and heal than when she had a robust, strong twenty-something year old immune system. Eventually she felt better and resumed her life and routine, but she did not change much of anything to prevent it from recurring. Each time she has these bouts with dehydration and low sodium levels, we talk about the things she needs to consider doing in order to improve her health, but she falls back into her habitual ways (human nature), thus the trips to the ER continue.

You might wonder why I haven’t forced her to see a specialist who could treat her for these recurring issues. Well, when you have a loved one who is 100% cognizant, aware, still active and able to make decisions regarding their health, at what point does one step in and take away their rights to decide what they should or shouldn't do?

When we spoke about it and discussed ways to prevent it, she did not know where to look or who to ask. Her Primary Care Physician was of very little help.

She made it through a couple bouts of dehydration through 2020 and into 2021 until we had no choice but to take her to the ER mid-2021 when she found out she had shingles. I repeat, the human body is a miracle in the simple fact that it heals itself. Shingles like any other disease is an expression from the body, tipping us off, that something is wrong and we need to be rebalance. When the immune system is imbalanced disease is the result, which is displayed in the form of symptoms. Yes, it is often as simple as that. When you reclaim the terrain of your body, disease will be mitigated.

Fallacy: The medical profession has been taught a lie and continues to be led astray by believing in, and brainwashed by, a fear of germs. This is pretty funny though! Watching people neurotically washing their hands, practically bathing in hand sanitizer and panicking when someone coughs or sneezes is quite humorous.

“The germ is nothing and the terrain is everything” were the words uttered by Louis Pasteur on his death bed. This was after years of lies and deceit which he spewed his rhetoric about the unproven germ theory. He admitted he was wrong and Antoine Béchamp was right; the terrain, i.e., the immune system, is everything and holds the key to health.

Again, I digress. Plus, I do not want to bog you down with something you most likely are ignorant of and will dismiss entirely because you have been fed a lie your entire life. And, if you don’t see it by now, odds are you never will. Although, I still hold onto a glimmer of hope for the sake of humankind.

You, too, have a choice and chance to see the light and wake-up. I get it, because it took me years to clearly understand and embrace the truth. But, once you learn the truth your entire perspective of the world, health and healing changes!

Back to the shingles diagnosis. After the doctor diagnosed my mother with shingles, she prescribed Valtrex to 'treat' the shingles. I acknowledge that it did help, but let me to be clear; a prescription drug IS NOT a cure. All it accomplishes for the patient is that it mitigates the symptoms, but it is the human body that performs the miracle of healing.

Then the nurse asked my mother if she had the shingles shot. My mother commented that the last time she had the shot, several years before, she ended up coming down with a bout of shingles.

The nurse’s insane response was, “Well, that’s what happens. The shot does not prevent you from getting shingles. In fact, you will most likely get shingles after the shot. But, don’t worry, it protects you from the shingles, building your immunity.”

Huh? The ignorance and stupidity that spewed from the nurse’s mouth was astonishing. I am not sure what was worse, the lie about the shingles shot or the fact that he sounded so convincing. In effect, he was basically saying, “we treat disease with disease so you never get sick.”

I do believe that nurses and doctors embrace a deep seated belief that they are healing and helping people. Sadly, unbeknownst to them, they are administering drugs and treatments which, in fact, cause more harm rather than actually heal. Many of these treatments and medications cause more disease and often lead to death, if not suddenly, then gradually over time.

My mother had a difficult time recovering from shingles. This would prove to be one of her toughest struggles.

COVID Diagnosis

On Wednesday, December 15th my mother entered the Chester County ER once again. The doctors ran the same battery of tests. Her sodium level was 121, which needed to be at 135 or higher. The doctors hooked her up to an IV to give her fluids. It was determined that my mother would stay over night so the doctors could monitor her progress. My brother, who took her to the ER, decided to leave for a couple hours to run some errands, then come back that evening.

Between the time he left and returned to the hospital, the doctors tested my mother for COVID using the faulty PCR test, which ‘has no legitimate role in diagnosing any person with illness.’ (See section below: Truth About the PCR Test). If she had not been so fatigued and nauseous, she would have declined the test. Truth About the PCR Test

Dr. Kary Mullis who invented the polymerase chain reaction technique (PCRT) which earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, admitted over and over again that his PCR technology invention was not a quantitative test for determining infectivity for any theoretical genetic protein fragment or protein spike endogenously created and found in the blood of asymptomatic or symptomatic humans or animals. (Source: / YouTube:

This means PCR instruments have no legitimate role in diagnosing any person with illness or a nCoV-2 or 19 infection. The mere presence of a single viral fragment, multiplied trillions of times through PCR cycling, does not indicate anything of scientific or diagnostic value! The court stated, the test’s reliability depends on the number of cycles used and the viral load present. Citing Jaafar et al. 2020, the court concludes that:

“if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the USA), the probability that said person is infected is less than 3%, and the probability that said result is a 'false positive' is 97%.”

Similarly, the Austrian court has ruled that PCR tests are not suitable for CoV - 19 diagnosis and that lockdowns has no legal or scientific basis.

The court pointed out that “a PCR test is not suitable for diagnosis and therefore does not in itself say anything about the disease or infection of a person”.

If the same approach were used in breathalyzer tests for possible drunk drivers, every living person would be arrested for a DUI, since there is at least one molecule of alcohol circulating in the blood of everyone. (Link to article: HERE)

As of December 31, 2021 the PCR test was no longer being used to test for COVID.

COVID for 7-years

Newsflash! My mother has COVID...for at least seven years! I can almost guarantee you, if she was tested for COVID seven years ago she would have tested positive. Yes, the PCR test was available seven years ago. As a matter of fact, COVID (aka: Coronavirus) has existed for more than seventeen years. The Patent for Coronavirus was filed on April 12, 2004 (Patent: 7,776,521 I am not exactly sure how a patent was issued for a virus! If viruses truly occur in nature, how in the world could it be patented when things that emanate from nature CANNOT be patented?

She has COVID, for 7-years now, if not more. Therefore, you most likely have it and I most likely have it (or its many aliases; the flu, bird flu, swine flu, SARS, a cold). (Article: Are we making ourselves sick? A story about toxicity, sickness and recovery.)

If we use a test that tests for the presence of a single viral fragment, multiplied trillions of times through PCR cycling, well then I guess we all have it and most likely we had it long before the 'Plandemic."

When the positive test result came back, they immediately sent her to the COVID ward! Knowing that my mother was in the hospital for her usual dehydration and low sodium, I was happy to hear the doctors were administering fluids. But, after the ‘positive’ COVID diagnosis, they shifted their focus away from the real issue of dehydration and low sodium levels to a ‘Kevorkian' COVID treatment protocol which ultimately would have caused irreparable harm, possibly death, if I did not intervene.

I needed to get into the hospital to see her, but I was up against time, up against stringent visiting hours and, sadly, up against other family members who abhorrently disagreed, and still disagree, with my approach to the entire COVID lie.

On Thursday, December 16th I faxed the Medical POA to the hospital confirming my assignment as the Medical Agent for my mother. This was the first critical step in what, I believe, averted disaster. I will explain later.

The second positive step was the awareness of the symptoms caused by my mother's recurring condition of dehydration and low sodium levels. The added bonus was having been awakened to the truth regarding the root cause of disease, how people can truly heal and even reverse disease. Lastly, being able to see my mother the following day during visiting hours was critical, as well. I wanted to confirm that they were still treating her for dehydration and low sodium levels. More importantly, I needed to make sure they stopped administering Remdesivir.


Before I entered the hospital room in the COVID ward, I was required to gown-up in a plastic biohazard gown, wear a mask and surgical gloves.

Upon entering the room, I saw my mother in a very weak and tired state. The nurse, Geena, was very pleasant as she greeted me. I asked her what treatments they were administering. She confirmed they were using Remdesivir.

Oh no! I had to stop the Remdesivir immediately, but wanted to double check to make sure it was the right thing to do. I immediately texted my wife and a friend, who is a nurse and has been handling COVID patients for the past couple years. They both said that the Remdesivir must be stopped! As a matter of fact, my nurse friend mentioned the more she saw Remdesivir used on patients, which resulted in adverse affects, the further she wanted to be from the drug.

“What’s the Remdesivir for?” I asked the nurse.

“Its a treatment for COVID,” she replied.

“Are there other treatments you can offer her?” I asked.

“No. This the only treatment available.”


“Well, we can only administer what the FDA approves and Remdesivir is the only FDA approved treatment for COVID. I can only do what the doctors tell me and what the FDA says we can do.”

It had to stop! Especially after learning that Remdesivir had a 50% mortality rate in the Ebola trials. Yep, you heard that right. It was not proven to be a drug that cured people of Ebola, but rather it was removed from use because it resulted in a 50% kill-rate.

"After results from the first 499 participants had been reviewed, the trial’s safety monitors recommended that two drugs—ZMapp and remdesivir—be dropped from the remainder of the trial. These two drugs were much less effective at preventing death."

"Overall, about 50% of people who received either Zmapp or remdesivir died during the trial. In contrast, only about 35% of people who received either Mab114 or REGN-EB3 died. Three participants died of side effects thought to be related to treatment—two in the ZMapp group and one in the remdesivir group."

Article: Two drugs reduce risk of death from Ebola I am not sure which is scarier; that Remdesivir killed 50% of people or they decided to use a drug that had a 35% kill-rate instead. (Research Study: A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Ebola Virus Disease Therapeutics)

Below is a long list of common Remdesivir side effects (

Back pain

chest tightness



dark-colored urine

difficulty swallowing

fast heartbeat




hives, itching

light-colored stools

nausea and vomiting

puffiness or swelling of the eyelids or around the eyes, face, lips, or tongue

stomach pain, continuing

trouble breathing

unusual tiredness or weakness

yellow eyes or skin

That evening around 9:30pm I received a call from the infectious disease specialist, Dr. Shafinaz. She was surprisingly pleasant and agreed with my decision to stop the Remdesivir, which came as a surprise!

The following are snippets from the conversation with the Infections Disease Specialist:

“From a COVID perspective, She’s on Remdesivir which I don’t think is going to do anything. If you are comfortable with it I think she should stop it...There’s not much else we’re doing here except trying to fix the sodium and I see your point this is sort of a chronic issue for her...,” Dr. Shafinaz said.

“..taking her off the Remdesivir is a good step...the second thing is they really want that sodium number to be better…the hospital feels liable, God forbid something happens with her heart. They don’t want to discharge her with low sodium.” She continued. “As long as those two things are done, I’m fine with her being discharged.”

“I have to ask you one thing though..I looked at the advanced directive…and she is clearly a DNR, DNI and I want to verify that with you…God, with those lungs it would be a horrible thing to intubate her..she’ll never get off…its just a bad thing. She’s never coming off, she’s going to die on a machine…I’ll make her a DNR DNI, Do Not Resuscitate, Do Not Intubate, okay? And we’re going to do everything else.”

We initially averted the tragic and possibly deadly COVID treatment protocol the hospital was administering by requesting the doctors to stop administering the Remdesivir. Secondly, when the Medical POA was faxed to the hospital and they saw that my mother was DNI (Do Not Intubate), this meant they were not legally allowed to put my mother on a ventilator, therefore putting an end to their treatment.

Because of the simple fact that the DNI and DNR were on the Medical POA, it was the spoiler which put the kibosh on the deadly ‘Kevorkian’ COVID treatment protocol, which hospitals continue to administer.

Dr. Shafinaz, the Infectious Disease Specialist, realized she could no longer continue the treatment, so she conceded.

Especially after I explained to her that my mother falsely tested positive for COVID. She was simply experiencing her usual symptoms of dehydration and low sodium levels and they needed to refocus their attention on treating the real issue instead of treating for COVID.

TIP: If you want to ensure hospitals to not use the same ‘Kevorkian’ COVID treatment protocol make sure you set up a Medical POA with a DNI. Fax it to the hospital and all of your doctors so they have the document on record.

Are Patients Being Used as Guinea Pigs?

The next day, Friday, December 17th, I visited my mother again. The nurse on duty, Jennifer, walked into the room. She notified my mother that she was going to give her a shot.

“What are you giving her?” I asked.


“What’s that for?” I asked.

“It’s an antibiotic,” she replied.

My mother interjected in a soft voice, “When I was around 20 years old I had a cyst removed from my spine and I had an allergic reaction to the drug. My skin broke out and I began to itch everywhere.”

“So, what’s the drug again and what is it for?” I asked the nurse.

She responded in an annoyed tone, “It’s Amoxicillin which is a form of penicillin, an antibiotic.”

“But, she’s allergic to it. What are you giving it to her?”

“Yes, she is allergic to it, but we’re only giving her a little bit to see if she’s no longer allergic.”

“Okay, but isn’t there another drug you can give her? One that she’s not allergic to?”

“Yeah, but we are going to give her this one. She doesn’t really need it any way.”

“Okay, but if she doesn’t need it, then why are you giving it to to her?”

“To see if she is still allergic!” She responded again in a tone of annoyance. “It was along time ago. The drugs have changed and improved, so we want to test it on her to see if she’s still allergic.”

“Okay, but considering how run down and weak she is, I am not so sure I would want to risk it. Although it might only be an itchy sensation, with her immune system so run down I don’t think it’s a good idea to subject her to something that could reverse her progress and make her even worse,” I paused and looked toward my mother. “Mom, I am going to have them not give you the shot. Is that okay with you?” “Yes,” she replied. “I think that makes sense.”

“Okay. We won’t give it to her,” the nurse commented in frustration.

I immediately texted my wife and my nurse friend to get their thoughts. Once again, they both agreed. This was really strange, but not surprising. It seemed as though the doctors were using my mother as a guinea pig by administering a drug she did not need and was allergic to! Decades later and after dozens of visits to the hospital, she never needed Amoxicillin. Why in the world were they wanting to see if she was still allergic to the drug now? It did not make any sense!

The night before I had, what I thought was, a positive conversation with the Infectious Disease Specialist about the proper care for my mother. During that conversation, she clearly stated the hospital did not want to discharge my mother until her sodium levels improved, because they did not want the liability. That made sense to me and we agreed.

So, when I learned the Infectious Disease Specialist wanted to give my mother Amoxicillin, I was blown away! They were willing to take on the liability of injecting my mother with a drug that she did not need and was allergic to, just to test and see if was no longer allergic? Something is rotten in Denmark.

Disaster Averted!

Once Saturday came around, I had accomplished the things I needed to ensure my mother's safety; 1) stop the Remdesivir and 2) treat my mother for her real issues; dehydration and low sodium levels.

The following are comments from text message updates received from family members about my mother's status in the days that followed:

Her doctor commented that she is doing remarkably well considering everything. He is going to order an additional COVID test just confirm. Other patients he's managing who have been vaccinated are not doing so well.

He said the CAT scan from Wednesday does look consistent with what you would see for someone with COVID.

Allow me to repeat the aforementioned words: ’She is doing remarkably well..other patients who have been vaccinated ARE NOT DOING SO WELL.’ Hello! Really? ‘He is going to order an additional COVID test just to confirm.’

This reminds me of Anita Moorjani’s true story, Dying to Be Me. She was in complete remission from end-stage cancer and the doctors would not accept it. So, they continued poking, prodding and testing her determined to find the cancer so they could treat it.

Read the following excerpt from the book:

Dying to Be Me, Anita Moorjani

The doctor came into my room with a whole team of hospital personnel, looking concerned. Then he spoke: “We have the results of the bone-marrow biopsy, but it’s a little disturbing.” For the first time in days, I felt some anxiety. “Why? What’s the problem?”

My family members were in the hospital room with me, and all of them looked worried.

“We can’t find the cancer in your bone-marrow biopsy,” he said.

“So how is that a problem?” Danny asked. “Doesn’t that just mean she doesn’t have cancer in her bone marrow?”

“No, that’s not possible,” the doctor said. “She definitely has cancer in her body—it can’t disappear so quickly like that. We simply have to find it; and until we do, it’s a problem, because I’m unable to determine her drug dose.”

So, the doctors sent my bone-marrow sample to one of the most sophisticated pathology labs in the country. Four days later, the results returned negative—there was no trace of cancer. I felt an overwhelming sense of victory upon hearing the news.

Not to be defeated, the doctors then wanted to conduct a lymph-node biopsy to find the cancer. Dying to Be Me, Moorjani 2014

Doctors will neurotically poke, jab, test, re-test just to find a reason to administer a drug or treatment. People have instantaneously healed, leaving no trace of disease, and yet, the majority of doctors have a very difficult time accepting these miracles of healing. So, they will continue performing tests, scans or whatever it takes until they find the problem so they have something to treat. If you are looking for a definition of insanity, well this is it.

Home for Christmas!

Eventually they discharged my mother on Monday, December 20th and she spent Christmas at home with family!

Disaster was averted because her Advance Directive Medical POA prevented the hospital from intubating her.

Stopping the Remdesivir was another critical step taken to prevent a potential fatality. Because I was familiar with my mother’s health history, this helped me identify the trend in her recurring issues in order to get the right treatment for her and avert the all but guaranteed disaster with the 'Kevorkian’ COVID Treatment Protocol.

My mother has COVID...and she's had it for seven years or more. We all have some form of COVID or whatever the current label of fear they are using; flu, swine flu, bird flu, SARS, a cold, etc.

We Are Miracles of God.

We can all heal, and will heal, the moment we understand, respect and embrace the miraculous healing powers of the human body and we reclaim our terrain!


Of the dozen or more visits to the hospital and appointments my mother had with her primary care physician over the past decade, not once did they offered her a suggestion or way to prevent this from happening.

NOT ONCE did they step back and look at her records to notice the pattern of recurring issues to offer an actual solution or, God forbid, a cure. Instead of cutting, removing, prescribing and injecting (which is not a cure but rather a band-aid to cover up the real issues), if the medical establishment reveals the truth by unveiling real healing, human existence will change as we know it, for the better.

Through proper nourishment, proper hydration, proper energetic levels (mindsets) and removal of toxins, which are too prevalent and the cause of all disease, the world as we know it can be transformed.

We are miracles of God. The cure to disease resides within each and everyone of us.

Love and light.

Suggested reading, listening and viewing:

Power vs. Force, David R. Hawkins M.D., Ph.D

The Eye of the I: From Which Nothing Is Hidden, David R. Hawkins M.D., Ph.D

The Biology of Belief, Bruce H. Lipton

The Blood and Its Third Element, Antoine Béchamp

The Origins of Cancer, Otto Warburg

A Course in Miracles. Foundation for Inner Peace

The Bible

The Passion of the Christ

The Buddha

The Bhagavad Gita

Dying to Be Me, Moorjani 2014

Century of the Self


Event 201, A Global Pandemic Exercise

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John Hanek
John Hanek
Jan 09, 2022

Wow. Ever wonder why the US Gov is paying hospitals for every Covid death they report? De-population?

I read it's $15k and $30k if patient was on a ventilator. No wonder they always seem to be rushing to get the patient on a ventilator.

I am currently living with a hernia. IMO if I went to the hospital they would just kill a 67 year old guy for the money.

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