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Return to Faith, Love & Light

Updated: Nov 11, 2021


Several months ago I was shopping at the Acme grocery store in our neighborhood. My shopping cart was filled with toilet paper, paper towels and other bare necessities. The woman in front of me filled the plastic shopping bags with her items as the young man at the register grabbed each item, swiped the bar code and then slid the item down the stainless steel ramp.

“That is forty-six dollars and twenty-nine cents,” the young man slurred behind a plexiglass barrier and a mask covering his nose and mouth. The woman smiled while she finished bagging her items. Then her fingers danced across the touch-screen and she inserted her credit card into the card reader. A buzz from the card reader echoed throughout the grocery store for her to remove her credit card. “Have a nice day,” the young man muttered from behind his mask handing her the receipt.

“Thank you,” the woman smiled and went on her way.

I placed my items on the black conveyer belt. “Hello, how are you today?” The young man greeted me.

“Hi. I’m good thanks. How are you?” I smiled.

“I am good. It is a great day! Did you hear?” His words were muffled from behind his mask.

“No, what?” I responded while I placed my items on the belt.

“Did you hear that they just announced that teenagers will soon be able to get the vaccine!” He enthusiastically stated.

Realizing he was autistic, my heart sank when I heard his words. I unenthusiastically replied, “Oh, I didn’t know that.”

“Yes, my parents are going to get me the vaccine when it is available. I want to be the first one!”

“Have a nice day. Thank you,” I commented in a tone of sadness, took my groceries and went on my way.

I was happy to see this young man working, but I was infuriated and sick to my stomach! How could this young man be so excited about this?

Note: You may find the following remarks hard to handle.


I am writing this article because I am furious! I am angered when I see the damage and devastation caused by vaccine manufactures. I am saddened when I see parents of vaccine damaged children still get vaccines for their children and even themselves.

You should be furious after reading this. And if you are not, then it is time to wake-up. A learning disabled, autistic, child expressing unbridled enthusiasm about getting a COVID-19 jab! Do you see the irony!?

Let’s reframe this. Assume your son or daughter was abused and sexually assaulted by an adult over and over again. So much so, that your child was so damaged, they would never have a normal relationship, never hold a stable job and find it difficult to fit into society.

Despite knowing who the abuser was, you still allowed them to continue the abuse and damage to your child. Sound insane? Yes, it certainly is.

When you wake-up to the truth about the abuse continually being inflicted upon our children and loved ones by vaccine manufacturers with absolutely no ramifications for the damage caused you would be FURIOUS!

You would not rest until the person who was sexually assaulting and abusing your child was caught and locked behind bars. But, when it comes to the abuse inflicted upon our loved ones by vaccine manufacturers, most people do absolutely nothing. Even worse, they come back for more abuse year after year allowing the damage to continue.

I hate to break it to you, but these vaccine manufacturers are getting away with assault and premeditated murder! This is precisely what the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act1 and the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act)2,3 allow them to do.

These acts protect vaccine manufactures. They are immune from retaliation and litigation for a product that DOES NOT even provide immunity from disease. When you pull back the curtain, you will see with your very own eyes the reality; that vaccines cause more harm than they help (both over the short-term and long-term); Autism, ADD, ODD, ADHD, cancer, diabetes, allergies, you name it. By treating dis-ease with dis-ease they are creating customers for life!

The brilliance of this is that primary care physicians and pediatricians know very little about the immune system and next to nothing about real healing. They are taught to diagnose and prescribe. And, in fact they are excellent at practicing medicine by prescribing and injecting. By no means are they practicing anything remotely in the realm of healing.

If doctors heal and actually cure disease they will have less patients, they will get paid less money, and the vaccine manufacturers’ and pharmaceutical companies’ profit engines will collapse. They are creating customers for life by treating disease with disease. A brilliant business model!

Economics will Follow the Hype

Dr. Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance offered the following assessment:

“Daszak reiterated that, until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process, Daszak stated.”4


Fear is a very powerful emotion. The fear of getting some horrific disease and dying from it scares the shit out of people. Even worse is when they are clearly uninformed and misinformed about the immune system and the true reason why people get sick.

The theories we have all been led to believe are theories at best. It is laughable to see all of these obedient, slave like, people walking around wearing masks because they are afraid of a germ or virus floating in the air waiting to kill them.

We have been brainwashed from birth to stay away from germs believing we get sick because of germs.5 Ha! Another brilliant fear mongering idea which leads us to the doctor’s office for a prescription and injection. Customers for life!

Western medicine attacks and destroys disease. In effect we love going to war; war on cancer, war on diabetes, war on terrorism, the fight for peace. Huh? Fight for peace! Really?

Oncologists kill cancer with cancer causing chemicals. They do not heal, nor would they want to cure cancer because they would be out of work.

When you go to war you clearly kill. There is no healing when we go to war. Even if we kill the enemy and still do nothing to change the enemy for the better there will never be healing and there will always be war.


Did the parents of this young man know the cause of his disability?

Did they ask their doctor?

Did their doctor reply saying it must have been something he was born with or other causes? Even if they did ask if the vaccine cocktail he was injected with as a baby was the cause, did their doctor disregard their comments as nonsense?

Unfortunately, they are probably still misled by their family physician and still allow their vaccine damaged child get a flu vaccine every year. Now are injecting him with the deadliest vaccine in the history of vaccines. Although, it is not a vaccine in the traditional sense of what we understand vaccines to be.6

I personally know of families whose children were normal, happy and healthy until around two-years of age after receiving a cocktail of injections. One child became unresponsive and erratic after receiving a cocktail of vaccines. Today, he is in his early twenties and lives at home with his parents. He has a job. He cannot drive. He will not go to college. He will never live a life of independence. The Love of his parents is what makes his life enjoyable. He is a wonderful young man who is doing great things despite the set backs.

Another close friend’s son was damaged after receiving vaccines when he was a toddler. Because of his parents’ Love and determination to find a way to reverse the damage, after more than decade and spending well over one-hundred thousand dollars to cleanse his system of the toxins from the vaccines, he now leads a normal life and is in college! This is a miracle of sorts. Fortunately, his mom and dad had the financial means to do so. Most people do not.


The next time you go to your doctor and they urge you to get a vaccine, ask them what is in the vaccine. Ask them if they got the vaccine themselves. Ask them if they would give it to their own kids and loved ones. Ask them what the side effects are. Ask them what happens if damage or death it the result of the vaccine.


Let’s say that they in fact are administering a vaccine to provide apparent immunity from a virus. Your next question should be, has anyone has ever proven the existence of a virus by isolating a virus and purifying a virus? It has never been done!7

Another thing, it is not possible to patent anything that occurs in nature.8

If germs and these apparent viruses occur in nature, i.e., from the human body, why aren’t you asking why the Coronavirus is patented!? Hello? Wake-up!


You do not have to be a doctor or even a college graduate to figure this out. Just ask a child, “When the goldfish is sick, do you treat the goldfish or do you change the water?”9

Dr. Robert O. Young – The New Biology -


Love is our salvation. The power of a parent’s Love of their child is unmatched. Love will shine a Light on the truth.

For if it were not for this Love, this young man’s life would be much worse. If it weren’t for this Love, people would not write about it in an effort to help and heal. Thank God for the healing power of Love.

The Love Protocol

Whatever your stance is. It is entirely ignorant and irresponsible that we have been injecting ourselves and our children for decades with inoculations of which we have no idea what is in the inoculation until after the fact and the damage has been done. And most primary care physicians and pediatricians have no idea what is in the inoculations. They are simply following protocol.

What is the Real Cause of Dis-ease?

With practically every human being on earth inoculated, over decades, it becomes entirely impossible to link cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autism and other illnesses to vaccines. This is another brilliant business model. People have no idea what the causes of disease are, but the medical industry, pharmaceutical industry and vaccine manufacturers are providing the cure to the disease they caused. Then they launch a campaign to fight the disease, not heal the disease, and make money off of disease.

Going back to the goldfish story, the answer is clear. Just ask a child, “When the goldfish is sick, do you treat the goldfish or do you change the water?”

Still NO Cure!

Don’t you find it surprising, that after all of these years, the millions of dollars raised and the advancements in medicine and technology that there still is not a cure for cancer. Come on! Wake-up!

Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. In 2018, there were 18.1 million new cases and 9.5 million cancer-related deaths worldwide.10 Cancer is a Plague of the Human Body: Look at the Cancer Fact Sheet and all of the areas of the body cancer thrives.11

You have to ask yourself; Why? How? How can the human body be plagued by such a disease? Poison on our food, poison in the air, poison in the water, poison in our thoughts? Then you have you ask yourself why do we treat this disease with toxic treatments. Why do we treat cancer with cancer causing treatments? Going to war on cancer with cancer. Hmm.

Why do we treat disease with disease? How many people have died from the treatment rather than the disease?

This one will sting a bit and I apologize in advance. Autism, and Mental Retardation: How can it be that the medical field still has no idea what causes autism?12, 13


Small Pox: The cure for Small Pox was the removal of shit in the form of sanitation, plumbing and infrastructure. Not a vaccine! 14,15

Polio: The cure for Polio was the removal of poison from the environment, which was DDT. Not a vaccine!14,15

The vaccines were introduced after the fact and received the credit as the cure.

Maybe we are the one’s who are mentally retarded for believing the lie. I warned you. Do not be mad at me. Be mad and stand-up, but do not be mad at me. And do not go to war. War does not heal. LOVE HEALS!

We even cruelly label our loved ones damaged by vaccines. Yet, I have not met a child or adult who I would label as damaged. Yes, I firmly believe their health and mental acuity was certainly affected by toxic vaccines, medications, air, food, water and thought. And what I see in each and every one of them is a gentle kindness.

This is the Love I speak of. This is the Love that will bring us back together. The is the Love that will heal. This is the Love that Marianne Williamson write about in her book, A Return to Love.

In my book Assholes to Angels – A Change of Mind in the Workplace (And the World) I wrote about the Angel in each and everyone of us. We just have to be willing and able to see it, even through all of the hatred and fear.


In the end, what you really should be asking is, What is the true way to heal?

Once again, going back to the goldfish story, the answer is clear. Just ask a child, “When the goldfish is sick, do you treat the goldfish or do you change the water?”

Clean your thoughts, clean your water, clean your food, clean your air, clean your medications (Actually remove your medications).


In the preceding pages you read about an encounter I experienced about a year ago. Ever since then, I was deeply bothered by it and wrestled with the idea of whether or not I should even write about it. But, the more I saw people getting sick. And the more I witnessed people behaving in ways that were contrary to their beliefs and rational behavior. The more I saw people acting out of fear and confusion. The more I saw people obeying mandates laid down by the mindless and somewhat ignorant and self-serving leadership of our schools, our counties, our employers, our states and our country, all of which were incited by fear and confusion, I had to speak up.

My Righteous Indigation is an Intensity of Love for Others!

In the preceding paragraphs, after the opening story I led off with FURIOUS! Please, do not mistake my intensity for anger. It is easy to yell at someone, point the finger, and tell them they should not be angry. This is foolish. Righteous Indignation is a perfectly normal emotion. When anger stems from hatred it is a very different result and experience versus anger or righteous indignation stemming from in intensity of love.

“Perfection lies in all of our tiny imperfections.”

Thank you for being here now.

In Faith, Love and Light.

PS - Watch the Following Interview


12 Source: Autism Cases on the Rise; Reason for Increase a Mystery – Scientists are scouring genetic and environmental data to find a cause for the rise in autism.

13 Source: What causes autism? Scientists don’t know exactly what causes autism spectrum disorder (ASD),

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Daniel Miner
Daniel Miner
Nov 11, 2021

Greetings! I would not call it anger, Dr. Young, I would call it “righteous indignation”. So many in our world now live without their conscience, without their connection to God, and whether that is because they suffer under the sins of their fathers leaving them without a veil to protect their minds and are lost to the Alien Mind, or because they have been led down that path through the Seven Deadly Sin of fear, hate, shame, greed, lust, guilt and prejudice and continue on that path with others of that kind to take the peace from the earth, either way it leads to its own destruction, because that is the nature of evil. It continually compounds itself until it…

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