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The Truth Is Coming Out About CoVid - 19 Injuries and Deaths!

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

While you may have been distracted by Russia's Invasion of Ukraine, the UK Government released a Report confirming that fully vaccinated people NOW account for 9 out of 10 CoVid -19 deaths in England.

One-hundred percent of all CoVid - 19 Injuries and Deaths Were Caused by Five Percent of the So-Called CoVid - 19 Vaccines!

Please click on the following link to read and/or share the entire article with everyone you love and care about:

Does The Vaccine Batch Matter? YOU DECIDE! It's YOUR Body, YOUR Life & Should Be YOUR Choice!

Reports of Death to CDC VAERS from 1990 to 2022, meaning, Reported Deaths to CDC post any vaccine. The 2022 bump carries 23,615 deaths due to the COVID vaccine, as of Feb 4, 2022 – And the Vaccine has still not been stopped!

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) publish a weekly Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report, the most recent of which was published Thursday 24th Feb 22, and it can be viewed here.

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It is a matter of life and death!

May God Protect YOU and Keep You Safe!

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