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Kelly follows an alkaline diet and has revealed that she doesn’t drink alcohol. Earlier this year, she and Mark made headlines for running a 5k while in Michigan. 

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The Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water

Drinking alkaline ionized water on a daily basis helps neutralize the acid to maintain or restore the body’s optimal pH balance.

Athletic Women

Boosting Running Energy With Alkaline Diet + Its Happy Effect

Hong Kong-based ultrarunner Janet Shum believes running is an easy way to boost a person's physical and mental state.

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What Foods Are Bad for Your Teeth and Mouth?

Food plays an important role in maintaining good oral health. However, certain foods and drinks can severely affect oral health.

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What is an alkaline diet?

Is your diet acidic or alkaline? One needs to adopt a few healthy eating habits to make one’s body alkaline which will help to improve on immunity and overall health.

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Alkaline diet and foods on RHOA: What is it and how does it work?

NeNe Leakes and Gregg Leakes are trying a new diet for Gregg during his cancer battle.

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Kate Hudson’s Go-To Diet Includes Tequila, So Obviously We’re In

Actress Kate Hudson — whose rock-hard abs are nearly as impressive as her film career — considers a high-alkaline diet the starting point to getting fit and firm.

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Gywneth Paltrow, Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Aniston are already fans... now Victoria Beckham puts super-slimline figure down to new veggie-rich alkaline diet

If the New Year's resolutions of spending less, abstaining from alcohol and losing weight are proving to be a breeze, why not bump your diet up a notch?


Dieting for dummies: What you should know about the top diet trends for 2019

In general, eating a lot of fruits and veggies and avoiding processed foods will make you lose weight.

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Kate Hudson's Diet Secrets: The Star Swears by a High-Alkaline Diet

Kate Hudson has learned over the years what it takes to look and feel great. 

“Our bodies are one large chemistry experiment,” says the actress.

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Meghan Markle's diet secrets: Prince Harry goes on strict regime as he prepares to wed his Californian girl.

She is not, she has said in the past, a fan of diets as such. No, what Meghan practices is (cue LA term for diet) "lifestyle eating"

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Elle Macpherson Reveals Her Secrets to Looking Fab at 51 – and One Is Testing Her Urine!

The entrepreneur and supermodel told the London Evening Standard that she keeps a pH balance urine tester kit in her handbag at all times to ensure her body is in an alkaline state.


30 Fad Diets: Do They Work or Are They Just Wacky?

Before you do something crazy, like insert a feeding tube up your nose (there's a diet for that) here's a quick review of some fad diets.

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Kelly Ripa says trying a new cleanse has transformed her body and her life.


Get Glowing Skin by Boosting pH.

Reducing acidity is the first step towards healthier skin. With each glass of alkaline water had, beautiful skin is closer to becoming a reality.

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How the Elle is she 54? Age-defying supermodel Macpherson.

Supermodel Elle Macpherson celebrates her 54th birthday as a beautiful product of the pH Miracle alkaline diet and lifestyle. 


Robert O. Young, Ph.D. innerlight diet

Cancer tutor 
Article on Robert O. Young.

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The celebrity diet trend that may actually have some science behind it.

Celebrities aren't the only ones touting the effects of alkaline diets. The trend is backed by scientific evidence that different foods affect our body's pH balances differently.

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