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Dr. Robert Young

20th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. College of Ministers and Laity
138th Annual Science and Spiritual Awareness Week
Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel 
Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia
Thursday, March 31, 2005

Curriculum Vitae

1) Eagle Scout November 11th, 1966

2) East High School Salt Lake City, Utah 1968 - 1970

3) Ecclesiastic LDS Mission London, England 1971 - 1973 (image below)

Dr. Young's Eagle Scout Certificate
Dr. Young's Salt Lake City High School Diploma
Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 3.56.24 PM.png
Dr.Youn's LDS mission certificate

4) University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah June 1970 - 1976 (image below)

Dr. Yong's University of Utah Salt Lake City Transcripts

5)  Professional Tennis Athlete - 1976 to 1981 

6)  Pleomorphic Microbiology, Bradford Institute, Chula Vista, California and Ammtac, Mexico January 1990

7)  B.Sc, Bachelors in Nutrition, American Holistic College of Nutritional Birmingham, Alabama, June, 1991


8)  M.Sc. Masters in Nutrition, American Holistic College of Nutrition Birmingham, Alabama, June, 1993


9)  DSc. Doctorate in Biochemistry, American Holistic College Birmingham, Alabama, October, 1995

Dr. Young's The Clayton School of Natural Healing Transcript

10)  Dissertation for DSc, Doctorate in Biochemistry, 1995: Pathological Blood Coagulation

Dr. Young's Pathological Blood Coagulation Dissertation

11) Certified in Live Blood Examination, Darkfield Microscopy, Enderlein Institute, Dr. med. Maria - M. Bleker Essen, Germany March 1995

12)  Honorary Recognition in Medical Microbiology Academia Mexicana de Medicina Tradicional, A.C. Mexico Huehuetcapa Calpolli January 1996

13)  Ph.D., Doctorate in Philosophy in Nutrition, American Holistic College of Nutrition, Birmingham, Alabama June 1997 (image below)

Dr. Young's American Holistic College Transcript

14) Became a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association

Dr. Young's Naturopathic Practitioner License

15) Dissertation for Ph.D., Doctorate in Philosophy in Nutrition, 1997: Sick and Tired, Reclaim Your Inner Terrain (image below)

Dr. Young's Sick and Tired Dissertation

16) N.D., Naturopathic Doctor, American Holistic College of Nutrition, Birmingham, Alabama, June, 1999 

17)  Dissertation: The pH Miracle, Balance Your Diet Reclaim Your Health, June, 1999

18)  Invitation from the Minister of Health and Education, Beijing, China, March 2000. 

Dr. Young in c. China 2000

19)  Appointment to the United Nations, New York, New York 2000, Dr. Neil Solomon, MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

20)  Honorary Recognition in Biology & Chemistry Central University for Nationalities Department of Biology and Chemistry Beijing, China, March, 2000 

Dr. Young China Honorary Recognition c. 2000

21)  Honorary Recognition in Biology & Chemistry China Women’s College College of Biology Beijing, China March 2000 

Dr. Young recognition China women's college c. 2000

22)  Research Scientist, Innerlight, Inc. 1993 to 2001

23)  Dissertation, Sick and Tired, Reclaim Your Inner Terrain was Published: Woodland Publishing, 2001 (image below)

Dr. Young with his dissertation Sick and Tired

24)  The pH Miracle, Balance Your Diet Reclaim Your Health, Published: Time Warner Books 2001

25)  Research Scientist, The pH Miracle, Inc. 2001 to 2013

26)  MoreHouse College, Honorary Recognition, 20th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. College of Ministers and Laity, 138th Annual Science and Spiritual Awareness Week,  March 31st, 2005 (image below)

Dr. Young Morehouse College honorary recognition

27)  Harvard Invitation, Towards the Ethics of Healing: The New Biology, July, 2006  (3 hour lecture available upon request) (image below)

Dr. Young lectures at Harvard on CD

28)  Key Note Speaker, Acidosi E Patologie Degnerative: Il Ruolo Dell'Acqua, Alcalinia Ionizzata, Milan, Italy, 2011 (image below)

Keynote speaker Dr. Young in Milan

29)  Professor/Instructor at Integrated Nutrition College, New York, New York, 2012

30) Invitation to the White House to meet with President Barack Obama on Obama Care, Washington, DC, 2011 and 2012

Dr. Young meeting President Obama

31) Certified Phlebotomist National Health Career Association (NHA) Certificate #T4J2Z6T9 April, 2018 (image below)

Dr. Youn Phlebotomist certificate

32) Key Note Speaker at the 3rd International Conference of Liver Disease and Pancreatic Cancer, June 18-19, 2018

Dr. Young keynote speaker pancreatic cancer

33. Key note speaker at the Annual Conference for Bacterial, Viral and Infectious Diseases in Dubai, UAE, December 5th and 6th, 2018

Dr. Young and Dr. Miglko Dubai conferece flyer

34. Placed on the Editorial Board of a peer-review scientific journal, Scivision Publishers. January 12, 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 4.14.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 3.59.01 PM.png

35. "Cystic Fibrosis and Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer Both Metabolic and Dietary Acidic Conditions". Presentation at the 14th Global Summit on Oncology and Cancer, March 18th and 19th, 2019 in London, England. 


36. The King of Kings Suma Suma of Jakarta, Indonesia presents Dr Robert O. Young with the Kings a special pin honoring his work and research in cancer and infectious diseases. June 19, 2019


37. Sworn in as a commissioner of the International Tribunal of Natural Justice to help in bringing to justice the crimes against humanity and crimes against nature. Bali, Indonesia, June 29, 2019.


Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 7.40.02 AM.png

38. Fellow at the New Earth University - School of Health and Wellness. Teaching courses on the new biology. A new way of eating, living and thinking. Sept. 2, 2022.


39. Expert for TNT Radio. TNT Radio is a global, 24/7 live radio broadcasting station with exceptional Presenters from all over the globe who have a passion and commitment to honest and truthful reporting

40. Review Certificates from ACTA Scientific

Review Certificate
Review Certificate
review (1).png
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