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CoVid Vaccines Based on Graphene, Nanonetwork and Internet of NanoThings (IoNT)

It is now practically established that the element graphene, a derivative of graphite and based on carbon, forming nanotubes (CNT) is present in sera, in addition to the presence of other materials derived from it, such as graphene oxide (GO). Graphene is a nanomaterial that possesses exceptional physical, thermodynamic, electronic, mechanical and magnetic properties; it can be used as a superconductor, transducer, absorber of electromagnetic waves, emitter and receiver of signals.

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It has also been observed that by taking a vial of Pfizer vaccine and allowing the hydrogel to dry, after 3-4 days the presence of nanocircuits can be seen under the microscope: it is the graphene that reacts to electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic microwaves, self-assembles, according to DNA-based nanopatterns to mark the order of construction and electrophoresis/teslaphoresis to trigger the process in the solution materials (hydrogel) into electronic nanocircuits, with real nanoscale components, such as nanorouter, nanoantenna, etc., formed of graphene, which acts as a signal repeater, since it is radio modulable, i.e. able to absorb electromagnetic waves and multiply their radiation; these electronic components are organized in Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs) and Quantum Cellular Automata (QCA), particles that enjoy the above properties of graphene, exponentially greater, thanks to the Quantum Hall effect, especially in environments such as the human body.

Self-assmbled Graphene Oxide into GrapHene Antennas Transmitting a Frequecy that is Viewed as Multiple Waves as Seen Under pHase Contrast Microscopy - Dr. Robert O. Young Hikari Omni Publishing - Copyright 2024

It will thus create an intracorporal network or nanonetwork, which will detect every vital parameter, but also every slightest variation inside the body, thanks to the advanced and compressed electronics, superimposed on 3D. The collected signals would then be sent, through a gateway connected to the 5G network, on the Internet, to be stored in a huge cloud database and processed by software based on Machine Learning, exploiting the computing power of quantum computers. The ultimate goal could be to store and eventually reproduce what we call "consciousness", in perpetuity or Transhumanism!

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Emerging Technologies for

Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism and

So-Called Precision Wireless Health Care

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May 09

Is their a way to remove or flush Graphene Oxide out if the body?

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