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Free at Last, Free at Last! Thank God I am Free at Last!

Updated: Jan 16

Robert O. Young MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner - January 17th, 2022

These words of Martin Luther King, Jr, echo in my mind daily and remind me of OUR GOD GIVEN right to be free in ALL ways! THANK YOU Martin Luther King, Jr, for standing up and being a voice of freedom for ALL of us!

Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial Chapel at More House College, Atlanta, Georgia

Several years ago I had the beautiful experience to speak freely at the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Chapel in Atlanta, Georgia on the campus of Morehouse College by Professor Dean Lawrence Carter, Jr. (below I am pictured with Professor Lawrence Carter, Dean of the Martin Luther King Chapel at More House College, Atlanta, Georgia.

From left to right - Dr. Robert O Young, Professor Dean Lawrence Carter, Shelley Young where they lectured at the Martin Luther King, Jr Chapel, More House College, Atlanta, Georgia

When introducing me to speak at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Chapel, Dr. Carter stated, “Dr. Robert O. Young is the Martin Luther King Jr. of the 21st Century.”) It was one of my greatest memories to stand at the same pulpit where Martin Luther King, Jr., Ikada, Ghandi and Mandela delivered powerful messages of freedom, love and light.

There in front of thousands, I was blessed to have the opportunity to share my message of freedom, love and light.

A message that has now blessed the lives of millions around the World. Thank you God for the blessing of service in my life. Thank you all for the opportunities you have given me to serve you, my brothers and sisters – my friends.

One of my favorite quotes of Martin Luther King, Jr. is one that has impacted my life in so many ways, when he said,

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”

Yes, it was hard to be incarcerated for 5 months at the East Mesa Re-entry Facility several years ago, but I want you all to know that I have no regrets! Today, I am so grateful to be home with my family and friends. After almost 40 years of studying and learning about acid – base chemistry in vertebrates, and the same number of years attempting to share what I have observed and learned, I am enormously gratified to see the larger scientific community beginning to recognize and validate my work, research and discoveries. It has been a long journey out of darkness.

Almost every day now some new scientific paper is published that validates my work, such as the discovery of a new and the largest organ of the body called the Interstitium, which I have been studying for over 40 years.

Recently at a scientific conference I heard a noted scientist state, “In certain conditions, we believe it is better to have the tissues properly alkalized.” He did not give me credit, but his knowledge came from my work. You have no idea how far the journey has been from where I started to hearing those words from a distinguished member of the scientific community. 

To learn more about the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium read, "Alkalizing Nutritional Therapy in the Prevention and Treatment of Any Cancerous Condition."

I have lived with doubt and criticism for so long that I have come to understand it as actually encouraging and exciting. No one takes the time to write to a newspaper about something that does not interest them.

When people take the time to read, investigate and try to understand and then to sit down and write to an editor to complain, what they are really doing is asking questions; asking the author to explain his or her self; to defend their work. It is wonderfully energetic and encouraging to see people interested and asking questions.

Asking questions is the first step towards knowledge. It is a sign of courage and intellectual bravery to ask questions and seek knowledge.

We, as humans, live in such profound darkness. Not knowing what is in the dark is a very scary thing. We, like children, need to know there are no boogey men under the bed. The truth is adults are afraid too. We tell our children there are no boogey men, but we still look under the bed ourselves just to be sure. The truth is we don’t know any more than we do know.

We live in a Universe of what Donald Rumsfeld, the former American Secretary of Defense, called “Unknown Unknowns”. The more we learn, the more we realize how much we still don’t know. Albert Einstein once quipped, “Intelligence is a very humbling thing. It makes us realize that what the greatest of us knows, pales in comparison to that which none of us knows.”

Knowledge is always being accumulated. Much of it disturbs our serenity. We want to believe we know at least most of what is to be known. But, alas, we know so very little. We are much better off today than most humans were when they died in their 30′s, of things like outfected teeth, which dentists today deal with so easily, and from minor wounds, that surgeons today routinely stitch up in minor medical clinics. Our knowledge is greater than it was for even our parents. We continue to learn, in spite of our very human desire to believe we already know most of what we need to know.

Today it is said that all of human knowledge is compounding about every 3 years. In other words, we will learn more in the next 3 years than we have learned in our entire previous recorded history.

My work is in that record!

Today the medical professions, and healers around the world are just beginning to understand what I have been teaching for over 4 decades. The very thing that people complain about, is actually a result of the broader acceptance of my work in the scientific community.

When someone writes, “I…was shocked to discover a number of UK companies promoting practices and diets based on his theories.” It both excites and encourages me that people are finally beginning to “get it.” I can understand why “getting it” is so unnerving. It recognizes that all along there has been a boogey man under the bed that we did not know was there!

The good news is, now that we know that living an acidic lifestyle will make us sick, and accelerate aging and hastens death, we can do something about it! Just like now we can treat outfected teeth and stitch up wounds, that once killed us at a very early age. I still laugh every now and then about a joke I heard on the old American Hee Haw TV show years ago, “Junior” said, “A man told me he broke his leg in two places. I told him the thing to do was to stay out of those places!” It’s the same with an acidic lifestyle. If the things you are doing are making you sick, then stop doing them!

As it has been said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

I have had people object to my saying that an HIV, Ebola, Zika, Polio Virus and now Corona does not cause AIDS or disease and that vaccination cannot protect you.

A great percentage of the larger scientific community does not believe that either.

Are you familiar with the name Luc Antoine Montagnier?

Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier. University of Paris, France

He received the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering the so-called HIV virus.

Where is he NOW?

He was a World Famous Professor and Scientist at the University of Paris. In 2011, Dr, Luc Montagnier lost his position at the University of Paris and was exiled to China.

The GOOD NEWS is he has returned to Paris and has been very vocal about the so-called Corona virus and the negative effects of the Vaxx.


Because he reversed his position on the so-called HIV virus, its existence and cause of AIDS. How would I know this? Because we lectured together as the Key Note Speakers in October, 2011 in Milan, Italy and he shared his horrific story with me.

I am in good company!

The way to shut us all up is not to exile us or to throw us in jail, or even kill us like many of my colleges, but for someone to prove that HIV, Ebola, Zika or Corona actually causes AIDS or dis-ease, using the scientific method called, Koch’s or Rivers postulates.

That has NOT been done, because it can’t be done. HIV, Hep C, Ebola, Polio, Measles, Zika and CORONA are all phantom viruses - THEY DO NOT EXIST!

Scientists have never isolated these viruses or proven that they cause any disease or even exist!

In fact, everyone in Brazil knows that Zika is not a virus and does not cause birth defects. They know that these birth defects are being caused by eating fruit and vegetables that are laced with an acidic toxic chemical called Glyphosate (N-phosphonomethylglycine), a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide and crop desiccant.

Very few people object to my theory of biological transformation or pleomorphism and the origins of what are called bacteria, yeast, mold and viruses. But, you don’t have to know or understand the origins of these biological forms to understand that if your body is properly alkalized none of them can evolve out of the body cells and none of them can cause any of the ill effects thought to be associated with them.

How these biological transformations arise is, and has been for centuries, a great debate. The proof of my work is in the results!

For at least a century, it has been known that cancers transform and thrive only in overly acidic tissue. I did not develop this knowledge, I only explained it. Don’t blame the messenger for telling you the truth that all diseases are born in us and from us and are symptoms of cellular breakdown and NOT the cause of some fake infectious disease!

You do NOT catch disease YOU do disease with how you live, what you eat, what you drink, what your breathe, what you think, what you feel and what you believe! Nothing is the prey of death. Everything is the prey of life and what can be consumed to maintain life.

And NOW we have the So-Called Corona Virus!

What is the TRUTH About Corona and the Vaxx?

How these biological transformations arise is, and has been for centuries, a great debate. The proof of my work is in the results.

For at least a century, it has been known that cancers transform and thrive only in overly acidic tissue. I did not develop this knowledge, I only explained it. Don’t blame the messenger for telling you the truth that all diseases are born in us and from us and are symptoms of cellular breakdown and NOT the cause of some fake infectious disease!

You do NOT catch disease YOU do disease with how you live, what you eat, what you drink, what your breathe, what you think, what you feel and what you believe! Nothing is the prey of death. Everything is the prey of life and what can be consumed to maintain life.

Click here:

The biological transformation of a red blood cell into several forms of bacteria (#1 through #5) and finally into Y-form yeast as seen in micrograph #6!

The pH Miracle for Diabetes

Diabetes is another condition that has been largely misunderstood. For decades the way the medical community dealt with diabetes was only to treat the symptoms. The symptoms were targeted, because it was not known what causes diabetes. I like to say, we have always known what caused diabetes, we just did not like the answer. The answer has always been, change your lifestyle, and change your diet!

But, we humans like our cures to fit our lifestyles not to adjust our lifestyles to prevent the conditions.

You want to turn diabetes around over night? Get all of the animal proteins out of your diet, along with all of the simple carbohydrates and sugars, stop drinking acidic beverages, and eating highly acid foods, add back in the alkaline green plants and simply watch what happens. Learn the cause and the self-cure for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes by reading The pH Miracle for Diabetes!

Here is something fun for your family members to do. Go on the Internet and Google “Eggs cause Diabetes.”

I have been saying this for years to howls of criticism. Now the larger scientific community is beginning to understand what I have been saying, and my critics are stunned…


ALL animal proteins are acidic and cause degenerative conditions we like to call diseases. Sorry.. it’s the message that is not liked. I’m just the messenger.

One last thing!

I am criticized frequently because I did not receive my DSc. Ph.D. and ND from Harvard or Johns Hopkins, or some other favored institution. I wish I could have afforded those institutions, but the schools I attended were and are fine institutions. Snob appeal does not make a good institution. We just love to establish ranks of exclusions.

In the U.S. to have attended a fine engineering school you need to have attended MIT, or Stanford… most recently California Institute of Technology has taken the lead, but the truth is the Indian Institute of Technology in India is widely recognized as the finest engineering school in the World.

Institutions do not make the quality of their students. The students make the quality of the Institutions. In fact, institutions do not “teach” creativity or innovation.

All institutions do is teach what is presently known, not what is yet to be discovered.

More often than not, throughout time, our greatest discoveries have come from individuals with very little formal education. Unfettered by dogma and entrenched lore, visionaries look at the world with new eyes and see things others could not or cannot see.

Steve Jobs - Neighbor, Friend and Client

I am very proud of the knowledge I was given by the institutions I attended, but I am most proud of the work I have done that has expanded that knowledge and built on what was known when I was at the University… work, that after 40 plus years is finally being recognized and validated… work that is finally reaching the victims of ignorance, and making a difference in their lives. 

You can review a copy of my CV at:

Watch the following video and also read the following article of Inger Hartelius and how she reversed her terminal lung cancer condition!

Click on this link to read Inger’s story:

Is There Finally a Cure for Cancer?

On March 18th, 2019, I presented my cancer research at the Global Summit on Oncology and Cancer at the 15th International Conference on Cancer Sciences and Therapy.

This presentation took place in London, England on March 18th and 19th, 2019.

Also, in attendance were several of my clients/patients who were part of my research, including Inger Marie Hartelius from Denmark.

The following is what I announced to the World - The Cure for Cancer!

On February 3rd, 2019, I also announced the release of my new peer-reviewed scientific article for the cure for ANY cancerous condition which was published in the ACTA Cancer Biology Journal, Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2019.

The Title of this article: "Cystic Fibrosis and Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer both Metabolic and Dietary Acidic Conditions"

The following is the abstract:

Cystic fibrosis (CF) [1,2] and Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma (PAC) [3] have similar symptomologies and are chronic, progressive, and frequently fatal acidic conditions of the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium of the respiratory system (lungs), lymphatic system (lymph nodes), intestines, pancreas, urinary tract system, reproductive organs and the skin as the alkaloid glands (the salivary glands, stomach, and small and large intestines) produce and secrete alkaline compounds, such as sodium bicarbonate to buffer and preserve the alkaline design of the body and the specific organs and glands affected. These metabolic, respiratory and dietary acidic conditions resulting in the build-up of mucous [3] can affect any organ or organ system but primarily affects the respiratory, lymphatic system, digestive, and reproductive tracts in children and young adults with CF and the lungs and surrounding lymph nodes in PAC. I have suggested from own clinical research that both of these conditions are the result of latent tissue acidosis (LTA) of the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium from metabolism, respiration, diet and environment and have be successfully treated and reversed with an alkaline lifestyle and diet (ALD) [4].

The Acta Scientific Cancer Biology (ASCB) aims to promote current advancements in Cancer Biology and Oncology worldwide. The journal also aims to publish original work in all the areas of Cancer, Clinical Oncology and Radiotherapy. The journal provides a platform for advances in research related to Cancer Biology and Oncology medicine.

During my presentation I officially announced to the entire World the results of my cancer research at the Global Summit on Oncology and Cancer in London, England on March 18th and 19th at the 15th International Conference on Cancer Sciences and Therapy. Both Conferences were CME certified and recommended to all cancer researchers and doctors around the World.

I hope and pray that you will take the time to investigate my cancer and CoVid - 19 research and share it with everyone you love and care about.

Please read and share my peer-reviewed published article, "Fibrosis and Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer both Metabolic and Dietary Acidic Conditions" that brings a new perspective on how to prevent and reverse terminal Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer and Cystic Fibrosis!

ASCB-03-0092 (1)
Download PDF • 378KB

Also, enjoy reading one of my latest peer-reviewed articles, "What Causes Oxygen Deprivation of the Blood(DIC) and Then Lungs(SARS - CoV 2 & 19)?", published in the Integrative Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in July of 2020. Here is the PDF for your review:

What-Causes-Oxygen-Deprivation-of-the-Blood-DIC-and-Then-Lungs-SARS-CoV2and12 (1)
Download PDF • 1.32MB

One Final Peer-Reviewed Published Article in 2015 on the Prevention and Reversal of ANY Cancerous Condition!

From CoVid to Cancer

Watch, Listen and Learn How To Prevent and/or Reverse ANY Cancerous Condition in the Following Interview!

What I encourage everyone to do, especially my critics, is to continue to read, study, ponder, listen and learn; take charge of your own health and do what works! This is how I have come to all of my conclusions… watching and studying what works, and building on that evidence. Scholars can argue about WHY an apple falls from the tree, but the important thing to note is that it does!

Please watch and share my testimony before the International Tribunal of Natural Justice so maybe you can understand that the path I have chosen to walk has not been easy -

God bless you ALL and God bless America with the capacity to love one another and NEVER turn away from a soul who is in need of a helping hand. 

I promise you it will do your soul good.

In the words of the late Charles Krauthammer, in his book, “The Point of it All,” said something that I believe with all my heart, “You’re betraying your whole life if you don’t say what you think – and you don’t say it honestly and bluntly.”

So to all my loved ones, family, friends and even my critics and enemies, thank you for being in my life!

You have all, in your own way, taught me how to care more, love more, serve more, live more and to be grateful for this beautiful opportunity to learn and live together on Earth!

With Love and God’s Healing Light,

Robert O Young CPT, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner

PS What Does It Mean to be Truly Free?

What is freedom if it is not to be free in every way, from our most minute cell to our most expansive dreams? He is free who can afford to let the interactions between the cell and spirit take place in a most harmonious and loving way. There is no freedom in the philosophies of men. Freedom of that sort lasts for only a duration of a thought, of an act. To be truly free is to be able to establish peace between all opposition within us! To realize that the circumstances of our lives are not important as compared to the kindness, thoughtfulness, acceptance, understanding, and love we show to others.

The pictures below are micrographs of healthy and unhealthy live red blood cells and coagulated blood smears as seen under pHase Contrast optical microscopy and Bright field microscopy.

From Normal Red Blood Cells to the Abnormal Red Blood Cells Showing the "Corona Effect" and the "Spiked Protein Effect"

Currently Serving:

Commissioner for the International Tribunal of Natural Justice

Editorial Board Member of ACTA Scientific Medical Sciences

Vaccines or BioWeapons? Breakthrough Research on the Corona So-Called Vaccines!

To read and learn more about the work, research and findings of Robert O Young go to:

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