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The Havana Cuba Syndrome is Caused by Directed Pulsating Microwaves Being Used on Everyone! - Update

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

August 28th, 2022


There is an advanced method to control, silence or even cause pain, suffering and death to anyone anywhere in the World! This microwave weapon is called a 'Directed Energy Weapon' (DEW) and the Dis-Ease is called, "The Havana Method" or the "Coronavirus"!


“In space, Moscow and Beijing have turned a once peaceful arena into a war fighting domain. They have weaponized space through killer satellites, directed energy weapons, and more in an effort to exploit our systems and chip away at our military advantage."

“We are advancing critical technologies to maintain our military edge in areas such as hypersonic weapons, directed energy, and autonomous systems.”Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

Through-wall RADAR, "The Havana Method" or "The Havana Effect" is a bullying and intimidation electromagnetic frequency[EMF] device on steroids to modify human behavior and to force compliance by terrorizing a person with pain and injury with the intent to incite, provoke and aggravate, and designed to humiliate, shame and even kill![1][2][3]

There are more than just the diplomatic corps that are being clandestinely assaulted with electromagnetic microwave energy!

Joint Congressional Hearings & DOJ Investigation on Electromagnetic Microwave Frequency Assaults are NOW being DIRECTED on U.S. Citizens![1]

The Havana Syndrome is caused by a Pulsating, High-Power Microwave Radio Frequencies Directed Energy Weapons or 'DEWs' or Neurological Directed Energy Weapons or 'NDEWs' NOW Being USED on US Citizens![2]

The Havana Syndrome ... Caused by Pulsed, High-Power Microwave Radio frequencies Called Directed Energy Weapons or DEWs! or NDEWs![2]

There are more than just a handful of diplomats and undercover special agents that are being assaulted with pulsed microwave radio frequency Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs or FDEWs).

More! Thousands and thousands more; countless numbers more in the United States of America and all over the world are being targeted! And now, anyone who has been inoculated with contact tracing radio activated reduced graphene oxide contained in the the nano lipid capsid of the CoV - 19 vaccine is at risk for directed injury or even death if targeted by Directed Energy Weapons by 'bad actors' or those in 'high places' who deem you a risk for ANY reason![3]

Dr. Beatrice Golomb, teaching medicine at the University of California, was the first medical professional to recognize the symptoms of the U.S. diplomats, stationed in Havana, Cuba, to the radio frequency microwave radiation assaults.

Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD, professor of medicine at UC San Diego School of Medicine

Dr. Galomb has also been wanting to call attention “to a larger population of people who are affected by similar” assaults and to explain and address the symptoms experienced by " ..... large numbers .... outside the diplomatic corps ..." struck by identical trauma. “Researcher links diplomats' mystery illness to radio frequency/microwave radiation” [4][5]

[ "Diplomats' Mystery Illness and Pulsed Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation"]

[ 5b7f95930e2e7262c9be0455/1535088022263/Cuba+2018-08-23c+-NEJM.pdf]

Senator Marco Rubio Investigation of Radiolocators and Intentional Radiators

Senator Marco Rubio (FL) arranged a hearing when the news of the invisible, yet devastatingly destructive assaults roiled the nation, that U.S. citizens (diplomats) stationed in Havana, Cuba were being assaulted, surreptitiously with a heinous, debilitating, directed energy weapon, that left them with neurological dysfunction, including traumatic brain injuries, balance issues, as well as other health harm.

The FCC calls these devices radiolocators and intentional radiators; they are motion sensors, very much like the speed RADAR that most people are accustomed, which measure motion in MPH. These radiolocators and intentional radiators are even more effective when resonating at 41.3 gHz with graphite oxide or GO that has been inoculated into the human body and held in the fatty tissues such as the brain.[3]

These 'slightest of motion' speed detectors, measure the motion at a person's wrist and for those inoculated with graphene oxide via the CoV-19 vaccine, the whole body to detect heartbeat; measure the breath rate by detecting the motion of a person's chest heaving; pick up leg, hand and arm motion for gesture and gait recognition; pick up eye motion with gaze tracking recognition and even detects the vibration of vocal cords and reads the motion of lips, to discern speech (articulation) - through multiple walls. These markers are our individual and unique bio-identifiers, when being observed and targeted by 'Bad Actors', from a distance, through any obstructions, except lead-lined structures.

From Land Sea Air or Space YOU Can Be Located Targeted and Radiated with DEW's!

When pulsed at 2.4 gHz (microwaves) and higher frequencies, at embassies, offices, homes and even humans containing reduced graphene oxide or rGO, they can then specifically be used for 'listening-in' espionage devices. There is no need to do a 'break and enter' to place a hidden microphone; the eavesdropping can easily be accomplished by pulsing a microwave radio frequency (MWRF) signal into a building, through walls, directing to a rGO inoculated human with or without direct line of sight. The device can pick up any conversations and locate anyone and everyone, anywhere in the World from any DEW cell tower on land or over 20,000 DEW satellites from space.

The RADAR guns are widely available to First Responders, law enforcement and firefighters. MWRF Through-The-Wall-Surveillance (TTWS) RADAR devices were designed to be used during catastrophic and exigent circumstances, like after an earthquake to find the tiniest, micro-motion of a barely alive person under a big rubble or during a mud or snow avalanche or during a SWAT or hostage situation, where law enforcement has to quickly determine a building’s layout and the number of people inside, their location and where the weapons cache is, if any. Are you beginning to understand why 'bad actors' in power are saying that 'things will NEVER go back to normal until everyone receives the CoV - 19 vaccine inoculation!"

Firefighters use the pulsed radio wave "echoes" or "noise" returns to the RADAR gun's computer screen, to find their way out of a smoke filled structure. But these devices are being MISUSED and have been co-opted and re-purposed.

When the device's low power (power density) is increased (because after all, they are computers that can be reprogrammed), you have a low to medium frequency, but high-power microwave device (HPM), to pulse directed energy at a singled-out target and a specific body part of that target, surreptitiously, for revenge and retaliation, to settle grudges, burning, hurting and vibrating that target's body part and carrying out the assassination of one person or an entire population!

This seems to have developed into a VIRTUAL REALITY belly laugh pastime. It is 'CRAZY-MAKING' and it appears to be 'COLD-BLOODED INJURY and even MURDER' of animals and humans!

The ACLU recognizes that TTWS surveillance devices are being rampantly used and abused by law enforcement and have asked for everyone's involvement and help, to create laws and oversight.[6]

The Definition of RADAR

The definition of the acronym RADAR, is Radio Detection And Ranging + Radio Direction And Ranging, so the devices can locate people and lock on to them and track them. Dielectric constant (also called relative permittivity), software is loaded on the RADAR gun's computer to have the capability to identify anything.

Everything has a dielectric or relative permittivity property, whether it is a solid, liquid or gas or a composite.

Dielectric Properties of the Human Body

What are the dielectric properties of the human body and where is the research that demonstrates human tolerance?[7]

By definition dielectric properties of materials are defined as a molecular property that is fundamental in all the materials that are capable of impending electron movement resulting in polarization within the material like human organ when exposed to an external electric and magnetic fields of energy (EMF).

Research was published in July of 2021 on these dielectric properties by the Bioelectromagnetics Society in the journal of Bioelectromagnetics.[8]

If the MWRF power is increased and is pulsed, through walls at a target, the RADAR TTWS device WILL Deliver 'Shockwaves' or 'Pressure waves' causing imbalances in the dielectric fields of the human body causing sickness and diseasel

The MWRF can be adjusted to deliver the slightest of touch or adjusted to deliver brute force shockwaves, that bashes the brain up against the inside of your hard skull-bone, causing brain bruising, concussions and traumatic brain injury (TBI), accompanied by an excruciatingly unbearable 'brain ache'; the MWRF causes burns; incredible bone crunching pain; RF Ablation (necrosis or destruction and death of tissue); RF Anesthesia – putting you to sleep; causes auto-immune diseases and neurological deterioration, cataracts, cancer and death. All are well known biological effects of microwave RF. All the symptoms are similar to high altitude sickness disease and CoV - 19![9][10]

Research on Microwave Radio Frequency Radiation Biological Effects (Bioeffects) Are Abundant

At the Ford Presidential Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan alone, there are about 8000 pages, in 10 boxes, of researched and cataloged information by Nicholas Steneck in preparation for his, "The Microwave Debate" book.[11]

Paul Brodeur started writing about microwaves for The New Yorker, after serving in the United States Army Counter-intelligence Corps, in Germany.[12]

Paul Brodeur

In 1977, he compiled his extensive knowledge and research to publish, "The Zapping of America: Microwaves, Their Deadly Risk and the Coverup", because even to today - unbelievably - especially today, there is a cover-up.

Back to the Havana Cuban Syndrome

Around 2016, both the United States and Canadian diplomats, their spouses and children, and some eight CIA undercover officers, stationed in Havana, Cuba, were targeted with debilitating pulsating microwave radio frequencies, causing low energy, fever, breathing difficulties, light headedness, dizziness and severe traumatic brain balance injuries. All symptoms were caused by radiation poisoning and NOT some phantom viruses like influenza, Zika, Ebola or the fake corona virus!

The complaint mentions sonic and microwave assaults, then settles in calling the targeted attacks as 'mysterious' and then collectively refers to the injuries as 'The Havana Syndrome'.[13][14][15]

Carl Zimmer

What’s a Science Reporter to Do When Sound Evidence Isn’t Sound?

There is a terrific article by Carl Zimmer, in the New York Times, published in 2017, dispelling the mystery of 'when sound is NOT sonic', because the sound is microwave, which is in the radio frequency range of the EMF Spectrum.

It is the Microwave Frey Auditory Effect that delivers the clicking, chirping and hissing noise and other sounds in your head!

What’s a Science Reporter to Do When Sound Evidence Isn’t Sound?[16]

A view of the United States Embassy in Havana. Some American diplomats have fallen ill in Cuba due to a “sonic attack.”Credit...Alejandro Ernesto/European Pressphoto Agency -

A ‘Sonic Attack’ on Diplomats in Cuba? These Scientists Doubt It[17]

The American Embassy in Havana. The State Department withdrew nonessential personnel after diplomats were found to have mysterious medical symptoms.Credit...Alejandro Ernesto/European Pressphoto Agency

After the Canadian families returned from their post, they filed a lawsuit which describes in jaw-dropping detail, the current modern day, cover-up of this deadly targeted technology. The complaint names "Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada" (Canada) as the Defendant, who owes and is in breach of contractual, statutory and common law duties to the Plaintiffs; consisting of six families with children, one of them a preschooler.

The Canadian families were kept in the dark about the cause of their assaults and have been thwarted at every turn when they tried to seek medical attention; unimaginably, were even restricted from sharing information with their family members after coming home from work, at the end of each day.

According to the complaint: "Despite belatedly acknowledging the existence and harm of [The Havana Cuban Syndrome' or Chemical and Radiation Poisoning, Canada has actively interfered with the ability of the Plaintiffs to seek appropriate and necessary medical care for their injuries. Canada has greatly restricted the information that the Plaintiffs are permitted to share with health care professionals, placed restrictions on who the Plaintiffs can seek medical care from, and withheld information from the Plaintiffs and medical professionals regarding 'The Havana Cuban Syndrome' and its possible causes that would help in the diagnosis and treatment of the Plaintiffs.

In one particularly egregious case, Canada used diplomatic channels in the United States to instruct the University of Pennsylvania Centre for Brain Injury and Repair to “stop testing the Canadians”, despite the fact that the affected individuals were seeking testing and treatment at a world-renowned brain injury and trauma center at their own initiative and expense. As a result of Canada’s intervention, testing was immediately halted."

In another instance, one of the Canadian families traveled to the University of Miami to undergo testing. All members of the family were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries, akin to concussions. "Senior officials with Global Affairs Canada contacted the physician and asked him to alter his assessment ....... specifically to downgrade the injury rating ...."

It is mind-blowing that the Canadian government would interfere in medical treatment of their employees by going as far as "instructing hospitals to stop testing and treating them" and by picking up the phone and calling their doctor and asking to change the diagnosis![18] Sound familiar. Yes, that is exactly what is happening in hospitals across the United States of America - The Land of the Unfree and the Home of the Grave - especially when CoVid 2 and 19 is not being caused by a so-called virus but is being cause by DEW's directed by Cell Towers I now call Death Towers!

On February 7, 2019, one day after the Canadian's filed their lawsuit, Attorney Mark Zaid filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit on behalf of The New Yorker and the James Madison Project, seeking the production of documents from the U.S. Department of State, namely the report of the Accountability Review Board addressing circumstances surrounding medical and health problems reported by U.S. Government officials (the diplomats and CIA Special Agents) working in Havana, Cuba, as well as steps that will be or have already been taken to implement the recommendations of the report.[19]

The New Yorker called Mr. Brodeur, their former employee and investigative science writer and microwave expert, when the news of the mysterious targeted attacks in Havana, Cuba hit the news?

But they did displayed their sense of humor when they published, "The Freshest Tinfoil Hats for Conspiracy-Theorist Fashionist" as though the pulsating, microwave radiated targets felt the piece derided their torture and pain.

It has been reported that Senator Jeanne Shaheen (NH) is working as a 'social worker' for the United States employees who were working in various cities in China, as the State Department has refused to acknowledge or recognize their heinous pulsating microwave radiation were targeted DEW attacks, in order to preserve international trade relations.

This is exactly what happened in Wuhan, China in December of 2019 and has been happening around the World for the last 2 years by a phantom virus called CoV - 19 and a political Plandemic to reduce the surplus population of "useless eaters" and a Power Grab" and redistribution of the World's wealth directly to 'Bad Actors' and 'Luciferians'! All from injected GO chemicals and pulsating microwave radiation poisoning causing worldwide injury and death.[3][13][14][15]

The US American Embassy in Moscow, Russia

So the Obfuscation Continues or Blame It On The Russians?[21]

When the pulsed high frequency microwave radiation is directed at a specific body part, it can stimulate that body part, using either a wider band MW RF assault or a very tight, pin-point focused beam directed at an individual target - like YOU!

If the MW RF is directed at your nostrils, you will sneeze uncontrollably; if a portion of your body is pulsed (stimulated) where the nerve endings are close to the skin surface, like your toes or feet, the synapses will rapid fire, which will feel like zapping or electrocution; dial back the MW RF power and you will feel a phantom touch. Hit a nerve reflex point, you will experience restless leg or involuntary extremity movement.

The burning and stinging are well known effects of RADIO WAVE SICKNESS; it feels like thousands of pin-pricks or bee stings. Pulsed vibrating stimulation directed at our lower intestine causes involuntary defecation; pulsed stimulation directed at the bladder causes you to pee your pants; if the pulsed, stimulation is beamed at our genitals or rectum, it is rape.

When the MW RF pulse is directed at your digestive tract, you will feel nauseous or will downright projectile vomit. If your gag reflex or esophagus is pulsed and stimulated, you will feel choked and cough to near asphyxiation. If your heart and lungs are pulsed and vibrated, you will have a panic attack or you feel like you cannot breathe.

When pulsed at your brain, it causes brain bruising, accompanied with a horrific ‘brain ache’ and you will feel light headed, vertigo and faintness and can loose consciousness; you will also excessively salivate and drip or drool cerebral brain fluid, indicating that the blood brain barrier has been compromised.

This is a bullying and intimidation weapon to modify YOUR behavior and to force YOUR compliance by terrorizing YOU with pain, with the intent to incite, provoke and aggravate, and designed to humiliate, to shame, to injure and even KILL!

The invasive microwave RF shockwaves are life destroying and hurt not only humans, but can be maliciously directed at YOUR pets. The MW RF will destroy (burn up) your vegetable and flower gardens, plants, bushes and trees; and will make you look like you can’t take care of your home or property or your affairs anymore.

The pulsed, vibrating pressure waves will tear apart and crack plaster and mortar; it will vibrate your home's copper pipes' solder loose and cause a waterfall in your ceilings and walls; it will melt and sag the lead surround of stained glass; it will at the most inopportune times, flash your lights on and off, uncontrollably, since RF thinks any wire is an antenna and finally because YOU were foolish to believe in the fake virus called CoV - 19, YOU have put YOUR very life at risk!

When pulsed and directed, through walls, from a large stand-off range, at either small or large electrical appliances, the wiring will burn up; your computer 'cooked' or at the very least the RF communication signal disrupted; your calls on your wireless D.E.C.T. handset or on your smart phone, will be dropped or at the very least be disrupted with interference.

Pulsed with MW RF, your vehicle will unexpectedly freeze-up and be locked in its tracks (WARNING - DO NOT BUY AN ELECTRIC MAGNETIC PULSATING MICROWAVE RADIATION CAR), when perilously going around a treacherously narrow and steep mountain bend. It appears that the FCC has lost control of monitoring these MW RF pulsed RADAR guns, that can 'see' though obstructions, that can track and lock onto a selected person (THEY DO NOT LIKE), that can be modified to hurt, burn and vibrate YOU TO DEATH.

After licensing the specifications, there is little to no oversight once the HPM device is sold. Although, there have been confiscations and fines relegated and imposed, there are just too many devices like these out there. FCC Part 15 Intentional Radiators.[22]

Trends in FCC Enforcement, Equipment Violations 2014 EnforcementUpdate.Equipment-Violations.20141.pdf

FCC Enforcement Monitor ~ November 2020

Equipment Marketing Violations

Don't let these equipment violation actions buoy your hopes. I am telling you; the FCC has truly lost the handle on these devices, they just simply do not have the manpower to send agents into the field, every time someone complains.

The FCC requires a “Stop Buzzer” point of contact when colleges, research laboratories and healthcare facilities, operate under an FCC Experimental License for RF technology, but gosh knows if it applies to targets.

In 1998, there was a joint Congressional Hearing, with warning of 'BACKYARD TERRORISTS' using handheld, portable, pulsed MW RF Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs).

"Hearings on High-Power MW (HPMW) Weapons", 28 February 1998


And there are several articles on MW RF Backyard Methods: Ray gun feared as America's biggest threat, by land, air and space.

'How-to' for EMP weapon stunningly accessible, by Michael Maloof [23]

This is a horrific, sadistic, atrocious crime. It is unbelievably awesome and heinously exact, deadly, surreptitiously delivered technology.

If the TTWS HPM RADAR device uses pulsed ultrawide band (UWB) also known as 'baseband' or 'carrier-free' or 'impulse' radio beam; it is inherently difficult to measure, extremely difficult to intercept, has great immunity to interference (or jamming), but has high, laser-like precision characteristic.

These beamed frequencies are also known as Micropower Impulse RADAR (MIR). Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories on some of the capabilities and the stealthiness of MIR technology[24]

The DOJ and NIJ, Sensor, Surveillance and Biometric Technologies Center of Excellence has published multiple reports on TTWS MW RF technology[25]


On page 26 of the 2012 Market Survey Report, prepared by ManTech for the DOJ and NIJ, is the most capable TTWS RADAR device that I am aware of, called STORMS (Sense Through Obstructions Remote Monitoring System).

It has a 300 meter (about 1,000 feet) standoff range to pick up your speech (a private conversation in your living room or while talking to your spouse in bed), pick up breath rate and heart beat, through multiple walls, available as a handheld model since Q2 of 2012.

The STORMS operates between 3.3 and 3.8 GHz at low power levels.[27]

Through-The-Wall-Surveillance devices eliminate any assurance or possibility of retreating into the quiet comfort and 'privacy and safety of your VERY own home'.

FOIA requests to the FCC for the complete list of all Doppler RADAR and/or pulsed RADAR, of all stepped-frequency, continuous-wave (CW) RADAR, of all ultra-wide band (UWB) RADAR and/or the combination of these intentional radiators and radiolocators, produced a spreadsheet of only UWB devices.[28]

The last item on the spreadsheet that the FCC sent in response to my FOIA request for RADAR devices'[29]

This UWB device will locate, map and track multiple people - providing 3D mapping and personnel location inside buildings, underground and in other areas where GPS is not available. GPS' weak signal cannot penetrate buildings, Ground Penetrating RADAR (GPR) can, which these pulsed MW RF directed energy devices are.

An article describing 'shockwaves' and 'cavitation' and brain trauma[30]

And an article on 'pressure-waves': “Clandestine eavesdropping using microwaves - gigahertz audio snooping system”[31]

There is only one case that I am aware of where a home was searched using radio waves, a TTWS radio locator and intentional radiator, microwave RADAR gun device, that has gone to court. In U.S. v. Denson, Neal Gorsuch, in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, wrote the opinion that allowed the search of Mr. Denson's home, to locate him before they busted the door down. Neal Gorsuch is now Justice Gorsuch.[32]

Searching a home with intrusive, pulsed microwave radio frequencies, has not been tested in our U.S. Supreme Court.

As a side note, Justice Scalia wrote the majority opinion in Kyllo v. U.S., that the forward looking infrared camera (FLIR) that detected the escaping heat from the building, shone at Mr. Kyllo's home was invasive and constituted a search under the Fourth Amendment and required a warrant, therefore the warrantless search violated Mr. Kyllo's Constitutional Rights, and the evidence that it produced, of the overheated marijuana growing room, was not admissible as evidence. KYLLO V. UNITED STATES (99-8508) 533 U.S. 27 (2001) 190 F.3d 1041, reversed and remanded.[33]

These eavesdropping devices have matured from the microwave RF devices that were beamed at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow for decades, from the 50's to the mid-70's, which caused various illnesses and cancers to the embassy personnel. NYT -1976- SOVIET DIMS MW BEAM AT U.S. EMBASSY

[ ][34]

Russia Halts Microwaves Aimed at U.S. Embassy


Recently, these eavesdropping, assault weapons have shown up more frequently in the news and now have been reported to be used on undercover NSA and CIA agents; used on diplomats and their children stationed in foreign countries; and used on United States Department of Commerce and Department of State employees and their family members in multiple cities in China; used on United States citizens in New Zealand, Australia, Uzbekistan and even pulsed or 'hit' (assaulted) a White House staffer while she was walking her dog in a D.C. suburb.

She has reported being hit (assaulted) with pulsed MW RF before this, in August 2019 when she was on a trip to London with John Bolton.[36]

The term “hit” (assaulted), is showing up in recent news reports, as there are a many of these 'assaults' of everyday, normal and ordinary, law abiding, United States citizens that these pulsed MW RF directed energy weapon (DEW) assaults are happening to everyone, including I have been targeted.

The sin is, that no one has paid attention to our research, articles, letters, reports and cries. I tried to ask for help from local law enforcement, to no avail, but they did recognize that the assaults were done with a “high-power-radio-wave” weapon and that it is a heinous crime. [37]

Radio Frequency Waves Ended a CIA Officer’s Career!

Please watch Marc Polymeropoulos' recent interview, "How radio frequency waves ended a CIA officer’s career", as there are thousands of us, too many to count, living on United States soil and those who have abandoned their homes, their careers, jobs and families; who have tried to run to save their health, escaping overseas, but are still being assaulted with target locking, target tracking, pulsed, MW RF RADAR DEWs.

What kind of people are these people, who make up their minds, to pick a person to destroy? To intentionally, select and isolate a person to sabotage their life, to disrupt a family unit? To clandestinely pulse a person with microwave radio waves, a directed energy, from which there is no shielding and no escape?[38]

Attorney Mark Zaid represents some of the U.S diplomats, CIA special agents and he also represents Mike Beck, a former National Security Agency counterintelligence officer, who suspected that he was exposed to microwave attacks, while on an overseas assignment with a partner in 1996. Both men later developed Parkinson 's disease.

In his effort to get Beck disability compensation, Attorney Zaid, persuaded the NSA to release a letter in 2014, which reads in part: “The National Security Agency confirms that there is intelligence information from 2012 associating the hostile country to which Mr. Beck traveled in the late 1990's with a high-powered microwave .... weapon that may have the ability to weaken, intimidate or kill an enemy over time .... without leaving evidence .... which is designed to bathe a target's living quarters, causing nervous system damage.”[39]

[ 665ff9158ffa09ed1e91/optimized/full.pdf#page=1]

The article from which the NSA document was taken: “Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers” [40]

In the first part of 2019, Nils Melzer, the United Nation's Special Rapporteur on Torture has taken up the investigation of these heinous assaults as a form of torture and has rightfully labeled the technology as CYBERTORTURE, because if you are experiencing pulsed MW RF DEWs, you are truly being cyber stalked and watched on someone's Atari, XBOX or Nintendo-type RADAR gun's computer screen.

At the request of the State Department, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, investigated and produced a 64-page report on the plausible cause of the diplomats' mysterious, but extremely serious and debilitating attacks, resulting in severe balance problems, neurological symptoms and brain injuries, among other dysfunction.

After pressure from Senator Jeanne Shaheen and other leading members of the Senate Foreign Relations and Appropriations Committees, the United States Department of State has finally released the Relman Report, as prepared by Dr. David Relman, Stanford University.[41]

The following links are several interviews covering the use of targeted microwaves against USA citizens:



The 3rd interview, where you will find more of the research, including some of the legal cases:



[5] How To Survive the Fiery Furnace of a Modern Day Medical Babylon! -

[6] The New Chemistry and Biology for Extraordinary Health, Energy and Vitality


What Can I Do To Protect Myself and My Loved Ones?


[9] The Effects of ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMF) on the Blood and Biological Terrain -

[10] The Brain is the Battle Field of the Future

If the world politicians or actual rulers will not manage to control the lust for power as a basic principle of their activity, we can expect that a new electronical totalitarian power will be established in the world, which will be impossible to "vote out“ or overthrow, because people will not be able to even think about it.

Are YOU Ready for the 4th WAVE? Coming to a City Near YOU This Fall Unless We Stop It With Our Voices and Our Votes! -

There are thousands of targeted emails, names and addresses (a very, very small list compared to other data bases). We are regularly sending research to all of them; all are being assaulted and terrorized with this horrific weapon.

Out of the Mouth of Two or Three Witnesses Shall Every Word Be Established!

We are emailing and calling on our Senators and Congressmen to hold joint Hearings on these heinous crimes that has become ubiquitous and pervasive in our society, in this United States of America (as well as all over the world). In fact the entire World is NOW being targeted!

The Administrative State has a Temper Tantrum. Open Letter to Dr. Robert Malone MD MS. Targeted Individuals

The Administrative State has a Temper Tantrum. Open Letter to Dr. Robert Malone MD MS
. Tar
Download TAR • 44KB

It is the responsibility of our United States Department of Justice (DOJ), our top law enforcement agency, to safe-keep and assure that American citizens are not tortured and are not assaulted in this manner (or in any manner) including with a so-called vaccine that contain an adjuvant of graphene oxide the resonates with pulsating microwave radiation causing injury and death![42][43][45]

Each states' prosecutors, in all 94 federal judicial districts should start intake of complaints of such assaults and order investigations and then schedule Grand Jury hearings, to bring these "Bad Actors" or criminals to justice and bring relief to normal, law abiding citizens who have been enduring this heinous, extrajudicial, surreptitiously met out from chemical and radiation assaults!

No one should have to live like this!

No one should have to endure this!

No one! Not Even The Birds of the Sky![44]


Thousands of Blackbirds drop out of the Sky at the US Army White Sands Missile Range and White Sands National Monument[44]

Dr. Martha Desmond from the University of New Mexico University Investigation the Cause!

Mobil 5G Where? US Army White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico?[44]

While Long Range Acoustic Devices or LRADs were seen as a visible acoustic weapon propped up in front of black-shirted police wearing ear plugs and battle gear and positioned in front of the Parliament buildings, it is clear from the reports of men, women and children present at the protest that many different effects had been suffered, suggesting the use of microwave weapons or DEW's and aerosol chemical weapons as well.

Those reporting the criminal and stealth use of 4G and 5G EMF weapons, DEWS of different kinds, LRADS acoustic weapons, and NEWS neuroweapons, have been targeted by Government-supporting Media for Life-Takedown as mislabeled “Paranoid Schizophrenics”– evidence of profound decay at the roots of Western Media beholden to 'Bad Actors' and 'Lucerficians' who control Big Government and Big Harma.

1) More than 200,000 Targeted Individuals in the U.S., are being tracked and attacked with High-Powered Microwave (HPM) weapons, from satellites and cell towers, 24/7.

These weapons are controlled from Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado.

See more pictures of microwave burns as proof:

This is the same weapon system, that was used on the U.S. Diplomats in Cuba, The "Havana Syndrome."

Many famous people are Targeted Individuals: Ed Snowden, Julian Assange, and William Binney. Also, Roseanne Barr, Van Morrison, Randy Quaid, and John McAfee (dec.). They are hit with painful microwave attacks every day.

2) Most people in the world, are being precisely tracked by microwave pulses using Lockheed GPS satellites, operated by the U.S. Space Force, Squadron 2, at Schriever Space Force Base in Colorado Springs. This is the largest satellite operations facility in the world.

3) Panel antennas on cell towers are part of a "global distributed weapon system." The antennas use digital beamforming to create microwave "bullets," that can be very painful, and even lethal.

4) Subliminal messages are directed from Cell Towers, at everyone, 24/7. Schriever Space Force Base is the control source. U.S. Patent 4,877,027. Senators, Congressmen, Judges, and even the President, are being hit with specific subliminal messages to affect their decisions.

US4877027 (1)
Download PDF • 510KB

U.S. Patents for Human Subliminal Directed Messaging

Download PDF • 115KB

This is the technology behind "Mass Formation Psychosis." (See the Joe Rogan interview with Dr Robert Malone at 2:37:00)

5) Approximately 1/3 of the global population is "highly suggestible" and easily manipulated by these subliminal messages, because many are effectively in a Deep Trance, even while their eyes are open. These people can be commanded to say or do, almost anything. Many secondary personalities are also involved.

6) The CIA controls and funds this illegal program, with direction from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The program is based on MK-Ultra mind control technology, and the FBI's illegal COINTELPRO.

7) Many people can feel the satellite-tracking microwave pulse, on the top-back part of your head – about one pulse each second. Many people can hear the cell tower tracking "popcorn," by cupping your hands over your ears for 60 seconds.

8) This article quotes NSA data - as of 2019, there are 200,000 Targeted Individuals in the United States, and more than 5.5 million worldwide. The FBI calls these people "Targets," or "Non-Investigative Subjects (NIS)."

9) Latest Videos from Targeted Justice:


[1] Joe Biden President of the United States of America Joint Congressional Hearing DOJ Investigation of Mircrowave Assaults on US Citizens

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[45] "How To Survive the Fiery Furnace of a Modern Day Medical Babylon!"

Additional References


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John Hanek
John Hanek
18 ago 2022

So now we know what was in the chemtrails, right? Reduced graphene oxide? Just sayin'...and I said "what WAS in 'em" because at least in NE Oregon we don't have chemtrails any more.

Me gusta
Robert O Young DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner
Robert O Young DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner
29 ago 2022
Contestando a

Graphene oxide and iron.

Me gusta

06 ago 2022

I haven't finished this piece yet, to get through the science, but in reality, I am going to suggest that US federal government is destroying its own diplomatic corps. Why do you assume a foreign government is involved? It is clear the US government is no longer in charge of itself. We are under foreign globalist occupation. I would look for evidence it's the US itself. Who else has this? It all starts with us. Anything Russia or China has was stolen from US by Israel or given directly by the US. Dr. Rob, please get with the political side of the equation more. But man, have you covered the science!!! Thanks.

Me gusta

Scott Siembida
Scott Siembida
05 ago 2022

5G is a trojan-horse weaponized system installed while the sheeple were sleeping, think about it . . .

The Electromagnetic Resonance from the older 3G and 4G systems was a mere 9 Millivolts, about the same as your typical household microwave oven.

The NEW 5G system creates a whopping 1,681 Millivolts of Electromagnetic Resonance . . .

Ask yourself WHY there was such a dramatic increase of Electromagnetic Resonance from 9 Millivolts to 1,681 Millivolts that was required for the 5G system when the 4G system that was previously in-place worked just fine to transmit information?

Want to know more about the 5G system . . . you will be astonished to find out what goes-on behind the curtain!


Me gusta

30 jul 2022

I record these criminals using a small spy voice recorder almost every day. I use it at stores and everywhere. I show it to the gangstalkers to let them know they are being recorded. I have a design t-shirt that says gangstalking is a felony in all 50 states and not to do it you will be killed and burn in the lake of fire.

On the back as a legal note I have warning gangstalkers you are being recorded for a court of law.

They lie about people call them all sorts of evil and none existing crimes they never committed and never would. v2k or Havana syndrome is real but instead of just clicks I hear a whole…

Me gusta

30 jul 2022

yes this crap exists and I am investigating them as far as I can. They are the tares of the bible and will be burnt soon.

here listen to this crap. Video link

the whole decent people of the world since cops and Govt are all corrupt need to form together and form tribunal Nuremberg Trials against these traitors to humanity and Those that play God when they aren't. They need killed and hung or force them to commit suicide like they want us to do.

Me gusta
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