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The 'Trojan Horse' Viral Theory

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Virologists are continually operating under the assumption that viruses are foreign infectious agents that “hijack” the human cell.

Virologists give details of mechanisms of how the virus works, and constantly superimposes this idea on top, despite, they do not make logical sense based on the information that they are explaining.

Example, the virologist will go into great detail to explain the complicated coupling procedure that does not just require an ACE2 receptor, but requires host proteins to be embedded into the phantom virus in order for the membranes to merge so that the contents of the RNA are delivered to the interior of the cell. The virologist will state that this process is tightly controlled! At this point, the invisible so-called virus essentially ceases to exist as it dumps a little bit of its genetic material, “messenger RNA” into the cell!

It requires a leap of faith to believe that a bit of messenger RNA information would be harmful to any cell, or anything other than a report that it reads so that it can make an intelligent decision on how to proceed with its daily activity!

There are 5 other issues that are quite disturbing when YOU Choose to Believe in the Viral Theory!

1) Virologists attempt to show electron micrographs of the exosome which are all identical to each other when suggesting that the HIV exosome is different from the Coronavirus exosome.

2) Virologists completely ignore the idea of XMRVs which are foreign coronaviruses from a monkey or mouse. Do these coronaviruses have the embedded host proteins? Are they able to merge with “host” cells?

3) Virologists call HIV an “exosomal virion” which is the admittance that they are a normal part of human physiology! This is a huge problem when an entire field of science is based on an assumptive, lie, error or belief that requires faith NOT scientific evidence. This makes virology a religion and not a science. The whole basis of the virologist is to differentiate “viruses” from “exosomes” but they cannot because they have NO anatomical, genetic or biochemical evidence of its existence let alone its infectivity.

4) Virologists also state that dindridic cells that transport the so-called HIV virus from one place to another do so without being “infected”. Clearly this is another fact that supports that the human body is intelligently driving and cooperating with the function of these vesicles. This makes the dindridic cells pawns in a game that they can do little about. Acknowledging this fact by virology would be the logical jump rather than calling dindridic cells the Trojan Horse.

5) Exosomes share the surface proteins, they carry RNA, and they use the same pathways for use, but if you buy-in to the virus theory you have to make the distinction that viruses have an “evil genius” behind the scenes that cause them to be infectious.

My recommendation is to dismantle the viral theory and focus on the real 'cause and effect' relationships between health and disease. May I suggest the 'terrain theory' and that all dis-ease is born in us and from us due to personal choices of what we eat, what we drink, what we breathe, what we think, what we feel and what we believe.

Bottom-line the viral theory is ONLY a concept that exists on a piece of paper!

To learn more about viruses, vaccines and the viral theory read the following published research paper, "Second Thoughts About Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis."

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