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Caravan to Midnight - Graphene & Nanotechnology: The Silent Body Invaders & Snatchers!

Updated: Mar 31

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Lifesaving information from Dr. Young focused on the nature and reason for widespread vaccine injury and sudden deaths from the COVID vaccines, the toxins found to be contained in the COVID and flu vaccines, the false theory of viruses, the true paradigms of health and disease which lead to vibrant health, and the healing and restorative practices and protocols of naturopathy which could immediately address vaccine damages, with special focus on natural clays, as well as Dr. Young's COWS protocols: Chlorophyll, Clays, Oils, Oxygen, Water, Sunshine and Exercise.

Dr. Young addresses the healing of vaccine effects such as convulsions, seizures, neurological disorders, all possible effects of pathological blood coagulation accruing from the coagulates of nano graphene and iron oxide destroying red blood cells and transgressing across the blood-brain and cytoplasmic barriers into the brain as well as into cells all over the body, advising the assistance of a naturopath or knowledgeable doctor to assist the de-acidification and detoxing of the body and re-alkalinizing of the tissues with healthful salts, minerals, vitamins, water as noted in his COWS program.

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YOU NEED HELP from Dr. Robert O. Young's pH Miracle Protocol and Dr. Robert O. Young NEEDS YOUR HELP!

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