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MY Self-Care to MY Self-Cure from an Acidic Condition Called LUPUS!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

“Hi, my name is Ida Kolader from Amsterdam.

It always amazes me that people are so skeptic, almost afraid it seems, about a natural approach. And yet, have complete faith in traditional medical doctors, synthetic drugs, the pharmaceutical industry and their search for a miracle cure or better yet THE miracle cure.

My Life Before The pH Miracle & Dr. Robert O. Young

My Lupus symptoms included severe inflammation of my palms and soles, sometimes so extreme that I could hardly hold a pen or put on shoes. A symptom my doctors hadn’t seen before and couldn’t properly manage with medication.

I also had Raynaud’s for 10 years which again is very painful and uncomfortable, and I started wearing gloves to prevent attacks.

Unfortunately, MY medical doctors failed to mention that nutrition and exercise are a huge influence for your over-all health and fitness. Within 2 weeks of transitioning to The pH Miracle alkaline lifestyle protocol my palms and soles cleared up and didn’t hurt anymore. This was the first winter (2013) I only needed gloves just once! And yes, I know, it wasn’t a cold winter but that never really mattered before. I could barely go outside without gloves and had several pairs lying around the house and in my car just to make sure I always had a pair available!

Below, you will see several pictures of me and my hands.


Because Hands NEVER LIE!

The first picture of my hand is me before starting the pH Miracle Protocol and after chemotherapy, plaqeunil and monthly IVIG iv’s!

The second picture is a picture of my hand 1 week before I went to Dr. Robert O. Young’s pH Miracle Detox Retreat Center at the Ti Sana Resort, in Areta/Como, Italy, to start His alkaline lifestyle and diet.

The third picture is a picture of my hand after 2 weeks of following Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Detox Protocol. The third picture is a picture of my hand after 9 months of following Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Protocol.

The last picture is a picture of me after 12 months of following Dr. Robert O. Young’s pH Miracle Detox PROTOCOL free of ALL LUPUS SYMPTOMS and completely free of ALL CONVENTIONAL DOCTORS AND ALL BIG HARMA DRUGS! It has now been over 20 years since my diagnosis and I have been free for over 10 years from any of the acidic conditions called Lupus!

I probably won’t win a beauty pageant but I am so freaking glad it doesn’t hurt anymore! And, ALL I did was restore my body’s natural alkaline healthy state by following Dr. Robert O. Young’s pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.”

One last thing! Please watch and share my documentary on Lupus with the World so the millions of Lupus suffers can NOW KNOW there is a SELF-CURE FOR LUPUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overcoming Lupus with Dr. Robert O. Young's New Biology

After 10 years of chemo and other experimental treatments of which none of them worked, Ida Kolader found the work of Dr. Robert O Young and her self-cure for Lupus. Learn more about the research of Dr. Robert O Young at:

YOU NEED HELP from Dr. Robert O. Young's pH Miracle Protocol and Dr. Robert O. Young NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Please Support Dr. Robert O. Young with YOUR PRAYERS AND DONATIONS!

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Yuka  Yamashita
Yuka Yamashita
25 cze 2022

日本の千島学説もヤング博士と同じ見解です。内部発症説。赤血球は腸から毎日40CC,10の19剰誕生している。 赤血球は幹細胞となり体細胞となる。まさに、新生医学宣言の道はここにあります。コラボレーションを希望しています。ヤング博士の著作の日本語翻訳。教育コンテンツへアップロード。ZOOM会議で日本人にミラクルPH治療プロトコルを紹介したい。私は、修復的医学の研究者。幻の体液循環装置は、経絡の温熱療法として優れた治療結果を出しています。井穴刺絡と共に、脳溢血の四肢麻痺からの神経の再生を実現してます。井穴刺絡は脳の中枢神経系に直接アプローチする針の技術

Robert O Young DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner
Robert O Young DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner
25 cze 2022
Odpowiada osobie:

Hi Yuka,

Thank you for your interest in my work, research and findings in the pH Miracle Protocol and Lifestyle. I have selected a few case studies on cancer, covid and lupus for your review:







There are millions of pH Miracle testimonies around the World that have been shared that the pH Miracle Protocol and Lifestyle is safe and effective - it is a TRUE GIFT from GOD!

All the best of health,

Dr. Robert O Young


24 cze 2022

What a great story and testimony from Ida!! It would be something if all the people you have helped would make videos like this! Maybe then people would really start to see what you have done. God bless.

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